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Ice Towel review 2022: You went out on a workout because you know you need to lose weight else it will  result in health problems, Doctor says you have to spend at least 1hour and your friends say they’ve become so addicted to keeping fit that they spend up to 2 hours or more working out. Then you venture in, a few minutes into the exercise, you’re all heated up, the sweat pouring out could fill a whole tank, your chest thumping loudly and you just need some cool but no, you have to keep working, but then this condition makes you burn out quickly. You see, that’s the irony and that’s dangerous.  What I think you need is not just any towel, but an ice towel. It will not only ensure that your temperature is an optimal level, it will keep you feeling cool longer than you would without an ice towel. Now, to what an ice towel actually is.

WHAT IS AN ICE TOWEL? ( ice towel Review 2022) 

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Ice towel review 2022

An Ice towel simply, is a piece of  cooling fabric that was made with a microfiber technology designed to keep you cool and regulate your body temperature during sports. It comes in different colours ranging from blue, red, orange, yellow, brown, ash, etc.  It is high-quality, does not contain chemicals, absorbs water and eliminates heat when in usage. It is ideal for sports and getting cool on very hot days. The cooling towel comes in a transparent compact carrying can, ideal for keeping them stored safely while on the go!


  • Product name: Ice towel
  • Product category: Fitness
  • Towel form type: Cooling Towel
  • Size: 40”x 12”
  • Color: 6packs
  • Material: Polyester and Polyamide
  • Fabric Type: 100% Acrylic
  • Style: Novelty

USES OF ICE TOWEL ( ice towel Review)

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ice towel reviews

An Ice towel can be used in the following purposes:

Sporting – jogging, golf, hiking, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball

At work – mechanics, gardeners, firemen, construction workers, engineers

Personal – yoga, dancing, cold therapy, bathing, medical conditions, massage or myofascial release, meditation.


So to get the best out of an Ice towel, you follow these simple steps:

  • Soak the cooling towel under the water for 1 minute and rinse 2-3 times.
  • Wring the excess water out, snap to keep cool. This action activates the cooling, moisture-wicking technology—no drips or puddles in sight.
  • Keep the cooling towels cool by soaking intermittently.
  • Then wring it out and then wear it on any parts of your body that need cooling refreshment. 


  • Material: Just any towel can be wet and wrung out for a cooling effect, true cooling Ice towels are made with a unique super-evaporative fabric. Material of which the towel is made should be the first consideration because it determines if the Ice towel would be lightweight, pliable, breathable, and soft-to-touch, as this will feel the best against your skin. Most ice cooling towels are made of a synthetic textile (usually microfiber or mesh). The ultra-absorbent material can hold a substantial amount of moisture while remaining dry to the touch, and it stays cool for two or more hours. It is highly essential that an Ice towel is made of a thin material so it can be rolled or folded up into a compact shape.
  • Size:  Similar to standard towels, microfibre towels come in different sizes. However, there are sizes that are definitely better suited to backpackers than others. This particular Ice towel is measured 80 by 30cm in size. It is advisable to put the size into consideration to enable you to determine which exact purpose it would serve. Larger cooling towels (measuring 30 or more inches long and 12 or more inches wide) are good for placing on top of a yoga mat or draping over your head after a strenuous workout. They’re also ideal for wrapping around your neck during or after an intense session. For females, when bathing, you’ll want your towel to be able to comfortably wrap around your body while that of males are more flexible.  If you’re looking for something to take with you on a trip to the gym or a boutique fitness class, you might want to get a slightly smaller towel. If you’re travelling, the space in your bag will be your greatest limitation, it’s best to opt for a travel towel that is smaller compared to a standard towel, yet large enough to cover all the important bits and pieces.
  • Sun Protection: No matter what time of year it is or where you live, sun protection is a must when working out outdoors. For this reason, we recommend getting a cooling towel that offers UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50 or higher. UPF is like SPF, only for fabrics. It measures how much UV radiation from the sun can penetrate through a material.

Ice towel Customer reviews 

“I was skeptical of these towels. I wasn’t sure if they would genuinely help cool you off. But I can say after using them, they actually work. The towels were able to help cool me off on some very hot days. I just got them wet, snapped them a few times and boom, the magic happened. K C , United States.

“Purchased these for my daughter for summer soccer tournaments and camps. She said they worked perfectly. You wet them down and it cools you down quickly without being heavy, or getting hot, like a regular towel. The color assortment is great too.” Sooner Mel, United States.

“I’m not much of a reviewer. I’m extremely busy and very rarely ever provide input for any products. Therefore, I’ll be extremely brief. I’ve purchased other cooling towels in the past, all of them made of other materials than this one. All I can say is I’m impressed.” William Murnahan.

“I love these and will buy more. Extra long length works great for tying around our heads or wearing as a scarf. Excellent quantity, holds up to multiple use and abuse and washes without falling apart or the threads coming loose. I will also use these at the dog park too.” Karen D. United States. 

“I bought these for a vacation that was going to be very hot. These were lifesavers! I even use them at my house when working outside in the heat. If you are questioning whether these are worth it, don’t question it. I can’t recommend these enough. They really do work.” Rockhelle, United States. 


The simple answer lies in its microfibre technology. What is it all about?

The term “microfibre”  or “microfiber” in American English as the name implies means that the fibres within the towel have been split into very fine strands. You can imagine when a piece of thread has been split into a couple of other fine strands or you can also imagine how a fluffy cosy teddy bear feels to touch. You don’t need further descriptions. This microfibre texture tends to make the towel more porous and fast-drying. From my research, I have discovered that most microfibre  towels contain a combination of the following synthetic materials: Polyester, Polyamide /Nylon. Some schools of thought believe that Polyamide and Nylon can be used interchangeably, meaning that they’re a similar kind of material, if not the same thing. Polyester helps to give the towel some structure while Polyamide adds density and absorption. Even though Ice towels are made out of Polyester and Polyamide, the exact percentage of each according to hypothesis gathered claim they are in a ratio of 85% polyester and 15% polyamide. It is advised that when looking for the best microfiber towel for travel, the general rule of thumb is to look for a 80/20 or 70/30 ratio of polyester to polyamide. This can be tricky to determine, given some brands don’t list the material makeup. Instead, they simply call it “microfibre”. Their ability to dry quickly and come in different sizes that suit every taste is why outdoor enthusiasts prefer them to regular towels.  The micro-fibre structure of these towels can absorb water to a multiple of its own weight, which allows you to rub your body perfectly dry. Additionally, this fine-synthetic-fibre-towel exponentially increases the fabric’s surface area and the fibres have excellent moisture transport — or wicking — capacity. This means moisture will evaporate faster over a larger surface area, leading to a faster and greater cooling effect. This material is particularly popular among swimmers for it can be wrung out easily and carried in a bag without soaking it. Of course, the microfibre structure is also fit for trips around the world, backpacking, camping, or for excursions with little equipment. The texture of the towel has made it easily compressible in a small pouch which can be attached to your backpack or put inside. Talk about how foams squeeze into moulds bigger than its own volume. 

Varieties of other microfiber cooling products such as cooling towels, cooling neck bands, and cooling bandanas utilize the same concepts.  The microfiber is also very soft to the touch which makes them popular solutions for athletes. The microfiber cooling towels do not become rigid/stiff when they dry out so some people prefer them simply due to this fact. However, the microfiber cooling towels generally do not provide the same duration of cooling as the PVA towels. Microfiber is still a great option for they can be easily reactivated by dipping in cool water.


  • Reusable: The ice towel is reusable and machine washable, but should be rinsed after each use. Since it’s machine washable, you can toss one in the laundry and then grab a fresh one for your next workout. The towel hardens when dry so is easy to store in its tube, ready for your to soak it and use it again! Before first using your ice towel rinse it 2-3 times in water of 70 degrees or cooler. 
  • Washing requirements:  It is highly advised that users wash their microfibre travel towel before the first usage and on its own too for about 2- 3 times to confirm that it doesn’t bleed colour before combining it with other fabrics. Generally, you should only wash your travel towel on a cold and gentle washing machine to prevent any damage to the fibres. Not with harsh detergents or concentrated liquid soaps.
  • Instant Cooling effect: Thanks to its hyper- evaporative cooling technology, you’ll get instant relief and a long-lasting chill. Evaporative technology is built right into the thin, breathable fabric, keeping your body heat regulated while you sweat. The towel can also be used to provide cooling relief in therapeutic or rehabilitation situations. This is the singular reason why this keeps endearing athletes  and sports men. 
  • Multipurpose: One beautiful thing about the ultra soft Ice Towel is that it has multiple uses. The anti-odour moisture-wicking fabric is designed with four-way stretch to be soft and comfy against your skin. Whether you rock it as a mask, face towel, headband, wrist wrap, scarf, or bandana, it’ll keep your head cool for hours. It can even be presented as a great gift for one who is into sports. They’ll be grateful forever.
  • How to purchase: It is available only online, you can buy it from its official online store. You just have to place the order and you will receive it at home. Take advantage of the introductory offer they currently have and enjoy a 50% discount. There’s also a 100% lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, this cooling towel made from PVA chamois material that remains soft and dry to the touch. 
  • Synthetic: PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) is a material used in many of the cooling products. This material is super absorbent, which means that it will retain water for a long period of time and thus provide cooling for much longer than standard fabrics. What’s even better about PVA is that it is often dry to the touch. As long as the material isn’t completely saturated with water, you can wrap it around your neck without getting soaked! PVA towels are great options for activities where you will be exposed to the heat for an extended period of time. If the PVA towel starts to get warm or dry out, you can simply wet it, wring it out, and wave it in the air like a helicopter to re-activate the cooling properties.
  • Antiseptic: The towel is antibacterial, made of non-chemical hypoallergenic materials, dries quickly and you can repeat the cooling process several times for a longer lasting effect during long excursions. For this we think it is an interesting and useful product that is worth trying. The specially woven mesh structure of Ice towel and the synthetic material combined makes it inhabitable for microorganisms to thrive.
  • Portable: Pack it up and take it anywhere, e.g. hang it in a bag. Soak for 1 minute, wring out excess water, tap a few times to use. Simply repeat the steps to reactivate the cooling effect. Machine washable, easy to clean. 

CONCLUSION ( Ice Towel Reviews)

Literally everyone on the world needs an ice towel. Many are yet to discover this product while some of those aware a still hesitant towards purchasing one for reasons best known to them. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a household item just like the standard towel. This article has been written to guide every intending user into all they need to know ahead of their purchase. In any case of further clarifications, I don’t think you need any more articles to address that, instead one smart trial would clear your probes. 

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