QuadAir Drone reviews: Fake Product or Cutting-Edge Drone?

QuadAir Drone Reviews is rated 5 out of 5 stars! What is special about this drone?

Ever wished to capture sweet memories and interesting events and shows with a camera, just like in the movies? You know very well your smartphone or any hand-held camera won’t give you exactly what you want. 

You need the altitude, a reasonable camera height to make the shot worth it. Even your tallest of friends cannot help you with that.  That is why you’ve got to go for a drone. Yes, you need a drone.

Drones come in various sizes and with various features. What you need is a drone with high stability to capture high-quality photos and videos, long-lasting battery to support prolonged recordings, portable drone to carry about anywhere you want, and easy-to-control drone you won’t have any issues controlling.

Unfortunately, most of the high-quality, multi-feature drones come with alarming prices. Unless you’re using drones for professional purposes, you’re not likely going to afford these drones.

So, when we found a drone that offers quality and is reasonably priced, we couldn’t believe our eyes. 

We decided to review this drone ourselves to make sure the Ads are not gimmicky. We also carried out intensive research to validate the 5-star ratings and positive reviews from several customers.

What we found out will be a shocker to you.

Before buying, follow us closely on this review of QuadAir Drone. We’ll expose every single detail you need about QuadAir Drone, including its features and specifications, working mechanism and operation, how to use, benefits, applications, pros and cons, and others. We also have a link where you can order this product without getting scammed.

About QuadAir Drone

QuadAir Drone Review.jpeg
QuadAir Drone Reviews

QuadAir is a high-tech, precision-engineered drone for limitless exploration. You’ll never have to miss any important moment or event with this drone. It is a flying quadcopter that sits high in the air, bringing you high-definition photos and videos which you can view with your smartphone. 

Having QuadAir is like having a very long arm which you can extend high up, anytime, and take a shot from a reasonable altitude. It makes capturing moments and reliving them easy and fun.

QuadAir Drone’s four blades make for excellent flying of the device. You can use this drone even at windy beaches or disaster zones to take photos and video recordings without affecting quality.

The 12-MP, high-definition camera lens on the drone captures excellent 360-degree images. It also makes videos at full 60 frames per second using its 1080P WiFi-enabled streaming video camera.

QuadAir Drone is battery-operated. It comes with a 3.7-volt, 500mHAh Lithium battery that lasts up to 25 minutes before needing a recharge. Interestingly, this battery is rechargeable using a USB cable.

The manufacturer of QuadAir Drone makes carrying this gadget easy and hassle-free. The blades are foldable, making QuadAir Drone excellent for travels, for camping, field trips, just anywhere. You can easily transport this drone in your backpack or briefcase without affecting its functionality.

The construction of QuadAir Drone makes its operation simple. Whether a novice in flying drones or a pro in photography, you won’t have any problems using this device.

QuadAir Drone serves many purposes. It is for personal or professional use.

You can use QuadAir Drone for capturing memories either personally or with family and friends. Similarly, QuadAir finds applications in movie industries and is also used by Professional photographers, videographers, and surveyors.

QuadAir Drone comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return this product for a full refund or replacement.

What makes QuadAir Drone special?

QuadAir Drone

QuadAir Drone is a state-of-the-art drone that brings life to every moment by making for you High-Definition photos and videos.

Though not the only drone out there, QuadAir Drone is exceptional for a drone due to the following special features.

  • Advanced Gravity Sensors

To remain high in the air, taking HD photos and videos, QuadAir Drone’s downward thrust has to be equivalent to the gravitational pull. QuadAir Drone is built with advanced Gravity sensors that detect the ground and adjust its route. 

  • Slo-mo mode

QuadAir Drone can be operated in slo-mo mode. This allows you replay highlights of your moments in high-definition slow motion

  • HD camera

QuadAir Drone is like an Eagle’s eye when it comes to camera quality and resolution. Now you can take excellent 360-degree images and videos at full 60 frames per second using its 1080P WiFi-enabled streaming video camera.

  • Mobile App Support

While QuadAir Drone hands up there, doing the good job, it allows you exert control through its transmitter and Mobile App. The Mobile App is installed in your smartphone. QuadAir Drone’s Mobile App supports both Android and iOS versions. You can down this app from Google Play or App Store for Android or Apple smartphones.

Specifications — QuadAir Drone 

●    Brand Name: QuadAir Drone 

●    Color: Black

●    Aerial Photography: Yes

●    Control Channels: 4 Channels

●    Gyro: 360° / 6-Axis Quadcopter

●    Camera Integration: Ultra Wide-Angle 120° Lens Camera Included

●    Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording and Photo

●    Micro SD card compatible: YES, store your photos & videos on SD card (not included) or record directly to your phone)

●    Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection, Remote Control, APP Controller, Real-Time Video Transmission from Drone to a smart device (phone or tablet)

●    Pixels: 2 – 3 Million (2MP-3MP)

●    FPV Operation: Yes

●    Frequency: 2.4G

●    Sensor Size: 1/3.0 inches

QuadAir Drone Package List

QuadAir Drone Reviews
  • 1 QuadAir Drone
  • 4 x prop guards
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x USB Charger cord
  • 2 replacement props
  • A little screwdriver
  • 1 x 500mAH battery

Features Of QuadAir Drone

After self-testing QuadAir Drone, we were impressed with its performance. QuadAir Drone out-performed other drones we tested in the past. Here are some of the features that make this cutting-edge product worth the buy.

  1. Ease of Operation 

There’s no hassle operation when it comes to QuadAir Drone. This drone is simple to install and use. You can use QuadAir without employing the services of a technician. Moreover, you can always refer to the well-written user guide that comes in the package.

  1. Four Blades/Propellers

QuadAir Drone’s 4-blade feature accounts for its excellent flight. The drone is hangs in the air, stable enough to take clear HD photos and videos without blurs. You can use QuadAir Air even in windy beaches and disaster zones to achieve the same result.

  1. Foldable Drone

Whenever you want to embark on a journey, whether for camping, field trips and tourism, events and shows, don’t leave QuadAir behind. You won’t have to worry about inconvenience because this gadget is made to be highly portable. You can fold the drone for easy transporting your backpack or briefcase. 

  1. Multiple-purpose gadget

QuadAir Drone finds use in many occasions. Don’t let beautiful memories and events slip by because QuadAir is there to keep them for you. You can use this drone for surveying, and filming, photoshoot. QuadAir’s construction makes it easy to use by starters. Its features are also relevant to the professional photographer and videographer.

  1. Light-weight and Durable

Drones have to be lightweight because they work on the air. Interestingly, QuadAir Drone is exceptionally light-weight. This device is only 3 Ounces in weight, making its take off easy and allowing it remain in the air for the duration of filming or photography.

QuadAir is also made of high-grade-quality materials that make it highly resistant to physical damage from trauma. Its foldable feature also protects it from harm.

  1. Removable, rechargeable battery

QuadAir Drone is battery-operated. It comes with a 3.7-volt, 500mHAh Lithium battery that lasts up to 25 minutes before needing a recharge. Whenever it runs down, you can simply recharge this battery using the USB cable included in the package.

  1. Wide angles of lens

We all know how challenging covering a large area with mobile phones or other devices could be. Luckily, QuadAir Drone makes this task easy. With the 120-degree wide-angle lens on the Quadair drone, you can get a better natural panoramic view, as the lens opens to fit the view and can cover the full location at a go.

  1. One-key operation

In some situations, you fly your drone too far that it gets out of sight. When this happens, you can easily “call” the drone home — home being its take-off point— by pressing the one key button.

By so doing, you safeguard your device from getting lost, hitting obstacles, or getting trapped in trees and getting damaged.

  1. High speed

QuadAir Drone has a 6-axis gyroscope with calibration function for smooth, level flying and top speed of 30 miles per hour.

QuadAir Drone Transmitter

The Transmitter functions as a remote control. With the Mobile App, this remote brings about fine control of QuadAir Drone.

This transmitter features:

Antenna — a pair of antennae that transmit signals to the drone

Buttons — several buttons that control the auto takeoff, landing, flips, speed, and altitude of Drone

Batteries — The transmitter uses 3 AAA batteries

Scientific Basis of QuadAir Drone Operation — See How It Works!

QuadAir drone depends on its rotors (propeller plus motor) to attain heights. For QuadAir Drone to hover, its downward thrust of the drone has to equal the gravitational pull working against it — it climbs when the rotors produce an upward force greater than gravity and descends when when it performa the opposite and decreases speed.

To hover, two of a drone’s four rotors move clockwise, while the other two move counterclockwise, ensuring that the sideways momentum of the drone remains balanced. 

To avoid throwing its vertical motion off-kilter, the other two rotors on the drone will increase their spin. The same principle applies to moving forward and backward—the rotors of the drone must apply thrust while making sure the spin of the rotors keeps the drone balanced.

How to Install and Use QuadAir Drone

QuadAir Drone is one of the easiest devices you can install and use.. To further assist you on that, this drone comes with a properly-written instruction manual that will guide you on how to install (if necessary), and how to use this drone.

To install and use the QuadAir Drone, follow these six simple steps. 

Step 1: Unbox the package. Carefully unpack the drone from its box

Step 2:  Follow the simple instructions in the manual to assemble the drone. There is a screwdriver which can be used to set up the blades. It’s an easy process you can do without the help of any technician.

Step 3:  Charge up the drone using its USB cable.

Step 4:  Scan the QR code on the packaging with your smartphone and it will allow you to download the app for the drone on your phone. You can operate the drone using this app as well as the transmitter that comes in the package

Step 5: After you have scanned the QR code and have downloaded the application, you have to install the app on your phone and open it to begin operating your drone. 

Step 6: Enjoy high-definition photos and videos with QuadAir Drone. The results are displayed in your smartphone.

The App and the transmitter allow you adjust the flight path or direction of the drone as well as your desired height of which you prefer to fly. The Quadair drone comes with a GPS with which you can track and pinpoint its current location, so that you can tell the location of the drone at any given time. With this feature you can preprogram or preset the flight route of the drone and send it to a particular location of your choice.


QuadAir Drone Benefits

QuadAir Drone offers users benefits not found in other drones. With QuadAir, taking HD photos and videos becomes a walk in the park.

QuadAir Drone Benefits include:

  1. Drone for videographers and photographers — A high-quality drone like QuadAir is a must-have for  professional videographers and photographers
  1. High flight — Only few Drones attain heights seen with QuadAir Drone. This high altitude allows for wide coverage 
  1. HD photos and films — QuadAir Drone produces its videos and photos in high-definition
  1. Small and portable drone — QuadAir Drone has the festure of being compact and easily transportable. You can use this gadget indoors or for outdoor purposes in any weather condition
  1. Lightweight — QuadAir weighs only 3 Ounces which supports its high flight and portability
  1. Easy to Use — Whether a novice or a professional photographer, you can use QuadAir without any hitches. You can as well consult the instructional manual at any time
  1. 30-day return policy — Within a period of 30 days, you can return QuadAir for a full refund or replacement

Commercial Application of QuadAir Drone

  1. Commercial on-air surveillance

QuadAir Drone is used by:

  1. Farmer  to monitor livestock on vast spreads of land
  2. Fire departments to track and map wildfires
  3. Private companies to monitor their infrastructure such as buildings, pipelines
  4. The QuadAir can also be used to inspect power lines, towers, tall structures like chimneys and roofs.
  1. Film Industries

QuadAir Drone can be used in commercial and motion-picture filmmaking. This obviates the need for helicopters which would be more expensive

  1. Real estate and construction and Surveys

You can use drones to survey land and gather information at job sites. Realtors, developers, and builders have also begun using drones to gather video and imagery for home and building inspections and marketing materials to assist the selling process.

  1. Coverage of Football and Other Sports

Drones are also being used to gather footage in sporting events because of their ability to maneuver into locations that cable-suspended cameras cannot reach.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Drone

  • Flying Time
  • Batteries
  • Flight Range
  • Cameras
  • Resolution
  • GPS
  • Speed

Pros of QuadAir Drone

  • Foldable propellers
  • 3D flip function slash headless mode
  • HD 1080p photos and videos
  • Remote control that is compatible with a 3×1.5AA batteries
  • Long flight time of about 15 to 31 minutes
  • High durability
  • Gravity sensor that helps it detects obstacles and avoid them
  • SLO MO mode that takes video making to a whole new level
  • RC distance of about 80 to 100 meters
  • Lightweight and portable
  • All skill levels
  • Wifi Enable
  • 500mAh battery
  • One Key Return
  • Fast charging time of about 60 to 70 minutes
  • It comes with a Gyro 6 axis
  • FPU range of approximately 30 meters
  • QR code that enables mobile control
  • Easy to control and navigate
  • Covers a wide range at 30 miles per hour
  • Shoots like a pro
  • Records videos at a full 60 frame per second
  • Beginner and user friendly

Cons of QuadAir Drone

  • It is extremely limited in stock
  • It cannot be purchased at your local convenience stores.
  • It can only be purchased via the QuadAir Drone official website

Where do I buy QuadAir Drone?

QuadAir Drone can be purchased from the official site. Head over to the official website for a good discount. You can make payment via MasterCard, Visa and other methods.

What is the cost of QuadAir Drone?

  • Buy 1 QuadAir Drone – $99 plus Fast shipping
  • Buy 3 QuadAir Drone – $65.67 each plus Free shipping
  • Buy 5 QuadAir Drone – $59.40 each plus Free shipping

Refund Policy

QuadAir Drone offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply contact the customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

For more information contact by

Email: support@quadairdrone.com

Or call 855-273-0491

Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm MST

Send all returns to:

QuadAir Drone

Returns Dept 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C

Denver, CO 80239

Frequently Asked Questions About QuadAir Drone

How long does a Quadair drone battery last?

The drone is equipped with a 500maH battery that lasts 20-25 minutes on a full charge of about 1hr. 30 mins. 

Is QuadAir a good drone?

For all it boasts of providing in terms of features highlighted in this review, it definitely is a good drone. 

How fast is a QuadAir drone?

The Quadair drone is reported to have a top speed of 30 mph.

Does QuadAir drone have GPS?

Absolutely! It has GPS and WiFi functionalities.

Does QuadAir drone have obstacle avoidance?

Yes, it does. With gravity and motion sensors, the drone makes it difficult to bump into obstacles.

How optimal is QuadAir Drone for users? 

The QuadAir Flyer is a compact, lightweight drone capable of taking excellent photographs. The new drone delivers an excellent blend of performance, mobility, and use. 

Will QuadAir Drone make a great gift? 

QuadAir Drone is the ideal present for all outdoorsy friends. They will be able to fly every day of the year if they purchase a package and a single ticket. 

Does QuadAir Drone come with a speed mode?

There are three distinct speed options for the drone. This makes learning how to control extremely simple. Beginners should begin with Slow Mode before progressing to Fast, Freestyle, or Turbo. The QuadAir mixer is standard-equipped with three distinct rates of speed, making it perfect for novice pilots seeking more practice time. 

Conclusion- QuadAir Drone Reviews 

QuadAir Drone Reviews.jpeg
QuadAir Drone Reviews

There are memories and events you want to capture and relive over and over again. Sometimes, you can’t achieve this with your smartphone camera. You’ll need a drone.

Drones that are of high-grade quality and come with several features are expensive. However, QuadAir Drone comes as a well-priced drone that offers features obtainable with many costly drones.

QuadAir Drone comes as an excellent drone. It is controlled by the transmitter and your Smartphone through the Mobile App. Installing the app is stress-free as is the drone itself. A well-written instructional manual is also available to guide you through the installation process. You won’t need to employ the services of a technician to do so for you.

QuadAir Drone is related 5/5 for its performance. It is for personal and professional use. Indeed, many photographers and videographers who bought this product are testifying to its high utility. 

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