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NatureSpa showerhead review: Shocking things this showerhead does!!

NatureSpa showerhead review – Have you been treating acne, eczema, and skin rashes thinking the problem is from the inside? Have you also noticed your shampoo and soap lather less readily when you shower? If you’ve noticed this, it may be time to think along the path of hard water. Sincerely, water hardness may be difficult to detect at times especially when the hardness is temporary and hence seems to disappear when your heater operates to deliver warm water and reappears when you have a cold shower. 

Hard water has been proven as the culprit behind many skin abnormalities. It causes skin irritation, acne and brittle hair. It is also leaves a film on the skin and damages the appearance of your skin.

Do we then have to boil water every single time we want to shower? Boiling in itself has shortfalls in getting rid of water hardness. It completely fails if the hard water is of ‘permanent’ type. In addition, it adds to the electricity bills. We may not always desire a warm shower as in the hot summer times too. NatureSpa says no! The company has launched its debut product, NatureSpa showerhead, to effectively remove the hardness of water. It is also said to be successful in getting rid of water additives (including chlorine) which are harmful to the body, as shown by several researches. Furthermore, the filter delivers (and hence saves) water without compromising pressure, through what has been called the Smartpressure system.

Several 5-star reviews accompany NatureSpa showerhead with lots of customers testifying how they’ve been relieved of the skin diseases they battled for years, just by installing NatureSpa showerhead. 

Why has NatureSpa become successful among other showerheads? The review exposes interesting details of this product ultimately aimed to guide your choice. Let’s get right into it by first briefly looking at hard water.

When is water said to be hard? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

Water is said to be hard when it does not produce enough lather or foam with shampoo or soap. This is due to the presence in the water of certain chemicals (minerals). Depending on whether we can remove the water by boiling or heating, the water is said to be temporarily hard or permanently hard. Permanent hardness may just be a misnomer because permanent water hardness can still be removed by use of certain methods one of which is employed by NatureSpa showerhead. 

Water hardness predominantly comes in the permanent variety; therefore NatureSpa showerhead remains a vital device in delivering non-hard water for shower and other purposes. 

What is NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

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NatureSpa showerhead review

NatureSpa showerhead, simply expressed, is a showerhead with an in-built filter. It is an eco-friendly shower purifier that employs a technologically-advanced water filter built into a very high-quality showerhead to remove chemicals responsible for hardness of water and that lead to skin and health problems. NatureSpa showerhead is the first product of NatureSpa, a group of self-described “nature-loving” health enthusiasts.  

People living in municipal areas and those who get water from wells are usually faced with the problem of using hard water for shower and for other household purposes. Also, certain cities use reclaimed water that may not necessarily be hard but contain chlorine that was added as part of the water purification process. Either of these cases — hard or chlorine-containing water — could be injurious to health depending on the amount of chemicals contained. The danger could be as mild as skin irritation or as serious as skin diseases like eczema. Several studies have also corroborated the fact that continuous use chlorine-containing water leads to lifetime risk of cancer. No good comes from the use of hard or chlorine-containing water for shower.

The good news is NatureSpa’s showerhead. It is a dual-purpose filter that utilizes chemical-fighting agents (each containing anti-oxidant ions) to rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails. On one hand, it removes Calcium and Magnesium minerals that are responsible for hardness. And on the other hand, it eliminates chlorine that is potentially dangerous. Chlorine is added during water purification to kill microbes but it becomes harmful if not filtered out before use. Since these chemicals affect the acidity of water, the use of NatureSpa showerhead restores the pH of water to status quo.  

Additionally, There are three water filters settings — Rain, Massage, and Mixed/Combined — which can be selected to regulate the amount of water flow permissible by the filter. However, NatureSpa Showerhead utilizes Smartpressure technology to maintain a continuous stream of water, whatever be the setting, without sacrificing pressure. This is a cutting-edge feature of the product. 

By ridding us from hazardous compounds that cause many problems, such as chlorine, magnesium, and calcium, and others like nitrates, etc., NatureSpa showerhead remains a vital household component that everyone should have. 

NatureSpa offers a hassle-free, 100% money-back guarantee and a product return period of 30 days.

Product details (NatureSpa showerhead)

The specifications of NatureSpa showerhead are:

  • Color: Silver
  • Dimension: 3″ x 4″ x 3″
  • Weight: 6 ounce (172.93g)
  • Overall package wright : 431g
  • Materials: Plastic, Bio Active Stones
  • Chlorine filtering efficiency: 80-90%
  • Product return period: 30days

The filter of the Showerhead can be used up to 6-8 months before you ever think of replacing it.

What are the features of NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

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NatureSpa reviews

NatureSpa showerhead, though a debut product of NatureSpa, gives an edge to several existing water filters for which it has earned the trust and attachment of a lot of customers. The awesome features of this filter include the following.

  1. Easy installation

There are several household gadgets today and new ones are being produced. However, for a lot of these, you need to be technologically savvy to install them. NatureSpa showerhead is unlike that. It requires no expertise to get up and running. A pair of pliers and 5 – 10 minutes of your time may well be all you need to set up this filter. Moreover, there is a well-written manual to guide you through the step-by-step process of installation. Worry no more about additional cost in hiring experts. NatureSpa makes the task easy for you.

  1. Dual-purpose filter

There are two major groups of chemicals that potentially cause harm when found in shower water: chemicals that cause hardness and the ones that cause various degrees of skin damage. NatureSpa showerhead is built to take care of these chemicals. It serves a two-purpose filtration role through its ceramic balls and ultrafilter system. In the end, the water that flows out of the filter is free of harmful chemicals and is no longer hard and hence is safe for shower. 

  1. Three water filter settings

NatureSpa showerhead has three (3) water filter settings which include the rain setting, massaged setting and the mixed setting.

  1. The Rain Setting: 

Just like its name suggests, the flow of water in this setting makes one feel as though they’re under the rain. It is alternatively called as rainfall or waterfall showerhead settings. It is a type of shower setting that allows water pour down vertically in the form of a rainfall. 

  1. The Massage Setting: 

This is another setting found in Nature showerhead. It is a kind of setting which clears one’s skin and hair as usual but also helps in easing sore muscles with a targeted spray of water on one region of the body. It helps to relax and loosen up stiffened muscles.

  1. The mixed Setting: 

This is also called the combined setting. It is the type of setting comprise of both the rain and massage type of setting. So with this, any type of setting at all can be achieved with the NatureSpa showerhead.

The settings can be adjusted according to the needs of the user, making NatureSpa showerhead very customizable.

  1. Smartpressure technology

Water wastage is a concern for most homes, making several families opt for water-saving devices and systems. Most shower filters reduce water wastage through their filter settings but they cause the water to be excessively weak so much so that it hardly washes of the shampoo or soap. Therefore pressure is compromised. 

NatureSpa showerhead in contrast works on Smartpressure technology which affords the device the feature of maintaining water pressure while saving water. Excellent! The Smartpressure technology is said to save as much as 30% of water.

  1. Made of high-quality materials

NatureSpa showerhead is made of transparent, high-quality materials which enable the device perform efficiently. Its alkaline ion ceramic balls and micro-porous PP cotton which are integral to the filtration function of the gadget are harmless materials. Therefore, NatureSpa showerhead is friendly to life from an ecological perspective.

  1. Compatible with all shower types

Whether digital Shower, electric Shower, Mixer Showe, or power Shower, NatureSpa showerhead effortless fits into these shower types. You simply need to follow the instructions given in the manual to do it the right way. It is a painless process that takes few minutes to complete. 

  1. Removable filter

The filter of the NatureSpa showerhead is highly durable. It could last up to 6 – 8 months before you start making plans of finding a replacement. This also relates to the cost-effective feature of the product.

Get the NatureSpa showerhead from the official website here

What is the working mechanism of NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa showerhead uses a special ionic filtering technology to remove all injurious impurities. Its major components are two high-quality materials:

  • Alkaline ion ceramic balls; and
  • Micro-porous PP cotton mesh

The alkaline ion ceramic balls create a negatively-charged ion layer. 

When water is passed through the NatureSpa showerhead, the alkaline ion ceramic balls, through the process of electrolysis, filters water and raises its pH. The included micro-porous cotton mesh brings about finer filtration to remove more chemicals. It splits the water between acidic and alkaline components, only releasing the latter. The micro-porous PP cotton mesh is stable and leak-proof, ensuring that none of the collected acidic ions will be released in any way.

Finally, the water that passes through this unit and onto consumers is fresh, toxins, and particulates-free and safe for one’s skin, hair, and scalp health.

Who is NatureSpa showerhead meant for? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

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NatureSpa Showerheads reviews

NatureSpa showerhead is a technology that promises freedom from injurious effects of hard water and harmful chemical-containing water. Through its ion-removal mechanism, the product takes us a step further to getting a healthy, beautiful skin like everybody wishes.

Hard water may be the only major source of water for a given population of people. Therefore, they have to take extra care in seeing that this hardness is removed before use.

NatureSpa showerhead is meant for everybody who is exposed to hard water or water that contains harmful chemicals. Such water is found more commonly in use by the following people who need the showerhead more than anyone else.

  • People living in municipal areas

Most people who use municipal water experience some amount of hardness, and therefore, many do not notice the effects of hard water because for them it is normal. Municipal water contains dissolved ions of calcium, magnesium, iron, and other materials that above certain levels are considered “hard water”. The hardness contents in municipal water vary and can range from about 50 to over 250 parts per million (ppm).

If you’re an inhabitant of municipal areas, you should consider water filters like NatureSpa showerhead for a safe shower and healthy skin.

  • People living in cities that use reclaimed water

Reclaimed water means water derived in any part from wastewater with a domestic wastewater component that has been adequately and reliably treated to remove impurities and injurious agents. In a stage of the water purification process called disinfection, chlorine is added to kill microbes in water. Usually, the final, treated water contains little amount of chlorine. However, the amount can be significant at times. In such cases, the chlorine has to be removed before use and NatureSpa showerhead does it perfectly well.

  • People who get water from wells

Although well water is not hard in its original form, but it is more likely to be hard because the water is coming from the ground instead of dedicated reservoirs. Water stored in the ground will take on the attributes of the soil surrounding it, meaning well water may have excess minerals stored in it. Therefore, eventually, hardness builds up and it is unsafe to use this water before its hardness is removed. NatureSpa showerhead is your best bet in removing the chemicals that cause this hardness.

What do I stand to gain by using NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa showerhead is an excellent device when it comes to eliminating harmful chemicals that cause hardness and skin problems. Its benefits to consumers are not just health-wise but cut across other areas of their lives. The benefits of having NatureSpa showerhead include:

  1. Improved skin and decreased risk of diseases

Hard water irritates the skin and causes skin to dry up. It also leaves a film of minerals on the skin after shower. This causes discomfort to the individual. Furthermore, water containing minerals that induce hardness of chemicals that are harmful can precipitate acnes and eczema which are undesirable skin conditions. The hairs could also be affected as they become brittle. According to a research conducted years ago, the lifelong risk of cancer is high in showing in water chlorine and even more than drinking chlorine-containing water. Overall, these minerals and chemical damage the appearance of skin and can cause more serious effects. This is why  “nature-loving” NatureSpa manufactured the showerhead to efficiently and effortlessly removing these bad chemicals.

  1. Reduced water wastage

NatureSpa showerhead employs a Smartpressure technology to conserve water while delivering steady water to the consumer without compromising pressure. It is one of the most interesting features of the product and accounts for why the product has an edge over its competitors. Several filters attempt water conservation by lowering the pressure which is undesirable since the water runs with pressure too low to bring about adequate cleansing, the primary purpose of having a shower.

  1. Causes soaps to lather more readily

Because of the presence of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water, soaps and detergents find it hard to lather or produce foam. This is because these ions form scum with the soap which prevents lathering. This causes more wastage because it now takes much more soap use to bring about the same level of lathering as obtainable with soft water. Because NatureSpa showerhead removes these ions before they get in contact with the soap, scum is not formed and soap produces adequate lather.

  1. Eco-friendly

NatureSpa showerhead is made from high-quality materials that function efficiently to bring about water filtering. These materials are carefully chosen and ascertained free from harmful chemicals. Therefore, they do not contribute more harmful chemicals to what already comes with the hard water. Because of this, NatureSpa showerhead catches the interest of ecologists.

  1. Affordable

NatureSpa showerhead is affordable for a number of reasons. First, it is much cheaper than traditional household water filters. Again, the company offers cool discount for purchase of the product. Because NatureSpa showerhead saves as much as 30% of water, it saves money too for the consumers, indirectly.

What are the consequences of using hard water? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

Use of hard water without prior filtration puts us in danger in various ways. Hard water is known to have several negative effects.

  • Effects of Hard Water on Skin and Hair

Hard water causes the skin and hair to be dry and itchy. Because hard water is filled with positively charged ions (calcium and magnesium) that react with the fatty acids found in soap, forming insoluble lime soaps, they do not clean effectively.

The result is a layer of buildup and limescale on your skin and hair. This is what can cause skin dryness and itchiness, and the film around your hair follicles reduces the silky hair feeling that we all love.

  • Effects of Hard Water on Appliances and Plumbing

The concern for hard water goes beyond health and beauty. It continues now to the ways hard water affects appliances and plumbing in our homes. The minerals in hard water cause scaling. This is true in pipes, faucets, and water-using appliances, such as dishwashers, clothes machines, and coffee makers. This scaling will often contribute to a loss in efficiency and appliance breakdowns. 

Hard water will start to layer scale in all plumbing it comes in contact with, and in a span of 10 years, that layering can build up and cause a loss in water flow and pressure. It is also common for hard water to clog the water ports inside showerheads and other water faucets. This causes reduced water pressure and flow in the shower or jetted tub.

  • Effects of Hard Water on Dishes, Porcelain, and Glass

Have you ever pulled a clear glass out of the dishwasher and it seemed to be covered in a white film that cannot be washed away? This is most often due to hard water. That white film is actually the glass being etched away, the detergent reacts with the hard water producing this result.

  • Effects of Hard Water with Soaps and Detergents

As mentioned before, soap and detergents react negatively to hard water. Often instead of creating a rich and foamy lather (like it should), when used with hard water it forms a scum-like substance that is unpleasant and curdy. On the other hand, it is very easy to form a rich and foamy lather with soft water, and it requires much less soap.

When using hard water, one must use more soap and detergent to overcome the negative effects of the hard water. But when using soft water, the use of soaps and detergent is lowered in amount. Less becomes more.

  • Effects of Hard Water on Clothing and Fabrics

Hard water may be the contributing factor to the fading of clothes during washing or their being worn out easily.

The same molecules that damage your plumbing and appliances get washed into your clothing which is not good for the cloth and fabric. With soft water, colors and materials tend to last longer and brighter.

Get the NatureSpa showerhead from the official website here

What are the Pros of NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

  • Gets rid of calcium, magnesium, bacteria, and dangerous chemicals such as chlorine 
  • Decreases risk of akin problems, including dermatitis and eczema, as well as cancer.
  • Can help you save a lot of money on your monthly water bill.
  • The Nature Spa Showerhead is easy to set up and doesn’t require any additional tools or knowledge.
  • This item is available for purchase online and can be delivered to your home.
  • It has three filter settings that suit your interest
  • It is made of high-quality materials that last long
  • It is eco-friendly

What are the Cons of NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

  • The Nature Spa Showerhead cleanses the water that passes through it which is essentially for shower only.  
  • This item is only available for purchase online and not in stores.
  • It is limited in stock

NatureSpa Company Profile (NatureSpa showerhead review)

A subsidiary of Swell Ecomm Enterprises, NatureSpa company seeks to promote the quality of health through the manufacture of several eco-friendly household products.

NatureSpa is on a mission to enhance everyone’s showering experience. With their respective take on a showerhead, individuals are guaranteed utmost wellness, whether it be in terms of the scalp, hair, and/or skin health. Here are a few words from the team themselves:

We aim to invigorate, refresh, and purify, all while helping preserve the earth’s precious water. Our high-grade product removes harmful chlorine and volatile organic compounds, which can otherwise cause damage to your skin and hair. We wanted to create an eco-conscious product that helps”

Research to Validate the claims of NatureSpa (NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa, the company that makes Nature Spa Showerhead, makes some significant claims about what their product can do in terms of removing hard water and chlorine. They also mention the harm that hard water minerals and chlorine can do to your health. 

After a painstaking research process, the following were found:

  • A 1997 study from Finland found that drinking chlorinated water significantly increased the risk of bladder cancer in women. The study did not look at absorption of chlorine in the shower, but it does demonstrate the link between chlorine and cancer.
  • A 2006 study took it a step farther and looked at the risks of bathing, showering, and swimming in chlorine-treated water. It found that there was a significant increase in the lifetime risk of cancer associated with repeated exposure to chlorine.
  • Another study that determined that the minerals in blackboard chalk, which include calcium carbonate (a mineral commonly found in hard water supplies) could cause contact dermatitis in some people who used it. It stands to reason that calcium carbonate in water could have the same effect as calcium carbonate in chalk.

In summary:

  • skin and mucosa (mucus membranes like the ones in your lips and mouth, for example) could absorb chemicals that were added to water.
  • There is a definite risk associated with showering in hard water and in water that’s been treated with chlorine. Using Nature Spa Showerhead promises help to mitigate those risks.

Where can I buy NatureSpa showerhead? (NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa showerhead can be purchased from the company’s official website. The company offers a lot of payment options for users. Click on the link to navigate directly to the official website and make your purchase.

Pricing(NatureSpa showerhead review)

The current prices are as follows:

  • 1 NatureSpa Filtered showerhead unit: $39.99 + $8.95 in S&H
  • 2 NatureSpa Filtered showerhead units: $79.98 + $9.95 in S&H
  • 3 NatureSpa Filtered showerhead units: $89.98 + $10.95 in S&H
  • 4 NatureSpa Filtered showerhead units: $119.97 + $11.95 in S&H
  • 5 NatureSpa Filtered showerhead units: $139.97 + $12.95 in S&H

Return policy(NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa promises a hassle-free money-back guarantee. The product’s return period is 30days.

Even though NatureSpa showerhead has so many advantages, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if the consumer is unhappy with the results. For more information, customer service can be contacted via:

  • Email: support@naturespashowerpurifier.com.
  • Phone: +1 (855) 378 9408
  • Address: Prestige Alliance Limited, 48 Bi-State Plaza #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675

FAQs (NatureSpa showerhead review)

How many filter’s does it come with?

A: 1 filter comes with it

Does this filter filter out Chlorine? ( NatureSpa showerhead review)

A: The filter contains high-quality and efficient materials to filter out chlorine

What size is the NatureSpa Filtered showerhead?

A: The NatureSpa Filtered showerhead measures 3” by 4” by 3” and weighs roughly 6.1 ounces (or equivalently 172.93 grams). The package itself should weigh about 431 grams altogether.

What installation method is appropriate for the NatureSpa Filtered showerhead?

A: The most appropriate installation method for the NatureSpa Filtered showerhead is to have it mounted to the wall.

How much chlorine does NatureSpa Filtered showerhead filter out?

A: The NatureSpa Filtered showerhead can filter out anywhere between 80 and 90% of chlorine thanks to the embedded alkaline filtration system.

Final Verdict ( NatureSpa showerhead review)

NatureSpa Showerhead was created for consumers to enjoy  natural, clean water at home since various sources of water contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, nitrates, that can lead to problems like acne, eczema, brittle hair, and split ends. The product remains an easy and affordable way to restore your water to its natural, pure state. 

By using Alkaline ion ceramic balls and Micro-porous PP cotton mesh, NatureSpa Showerhead efficiently eliminates injurious chemicals while keeping your skin healthy and giving it the glow it deserves. Its Smartpressure technology is masterclass because it allows you save water without compromising pressure.

In conclusion, a lot of customers have given positive feedback on NatureSpa Showerhead reviews. They give it a 5-star rating because of how the product has been useful to them in preventing and reducing the risk of skin problems.

Get the NatureSpa showerhead from the official website here

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