Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022: you need to know about this non-toxic Laundry machine cleaner!

Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022: Say Goodbye to Mold & Bacteria The Natural Way!

Washing machine is the workhorse of the laundry room. It deals with dirty towels, sweaty gym clothes, and a whole lot of other gross stuff. Over time, detergent residue, bacteria, and dirt can build up in a washing machine, leading to musty smells in the machine and not-so-clean laundry.

An unpleasant whiff from your washer may mean you’re due for a deep clean. A washing machine cleaner is a reliable solution to clean the nooks and crannies of your washer. Washing machine cleaners are formulated for either internal or surface cleaning. 

Not many people realize they have to clean their washing machines. In a way, it seems counterintuitive to have to clean something that is often filled with soap and water. After all, wouldn’t the washing machine just be cleaned every time it washes your clothes? While that does help a little bit, washing your clothes in the washing machine is not the same as washing the machine itself.

Did you know that your washing machine is filled with detergent chemicals, minerals and soap residue? If you don’t clean your washing machine, then it begins to develop a thin film of those substances, which can actually trap bacteria inside it. Keep in mind that bacteria thrive in warm and humid environments, which is exactly what a washing machine is. The bacteria in your washing machine can clog up certain mechanisms of the machine, which can affect its performance. In addition, the filmy residue and bacteria can also release unpleasant odors, so your washing machine may start to smell. Not just that, but the smell may also get onto your clothing.

A washing machine cleaner is a formula that can help you get rid of the built-up film as well as the bacteria. Ideally, you should use the trulyfree washing machine cleaner to ensure the inside of your machine is spotless once a month. It’s also important to wipe down the outside of the washing machine with a wet cloth once a month as well. If not, you’ll begin to notice unpleasant stains from your dirty clothes or streaks from spilled laundry detergent. 

Overview of trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner reviews: what is trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner?

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Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review

Trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner is an effortless, safe, and all-natural way to clean and eliminate the build-up of detergent residue and lingering organic material inside your machine. It is made of citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, and sodium acetate. These natural salts and minerals break down the gunk that’s breeding bacteria in your washer. If used regularly, the cleaner leaves your machine sparkling, smelling fresh, and free of funk.

Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner is Made in the USA Bathroom cleaner with revolutionary plant-based chemistry. Using the power of natural citric acid (super-concentrated lemons), this formula eliminates the toughest bathroom messes. Free of all dangerous toxic chemicals.

Like all laundry products, the trulyfree cleaner is made of all-natural ingredients and is 100% non-toxic and safe. Trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner does not contain toxic surfactants, oxygen bleach, carbonic acid, perfumes, benzenesulfonic acid, polyethylene glycol, or glucono-delta-lactone. It works exceptionally well if you also use other MyGreenFills Laundry products.

Why You Need to Clean Your Machine with trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner?

If you are anything like me, you probably rinse your washing machine with clean water and wipe it dry after a wash. This is meant to keep it clean and mold-free until your next wash. But, unfortunately, rinsing with clean water alone is not enough to keep your machine in tip-top shape, and we will tell you why.

  • Accumulation of soil:

On average, a family runs three loads of laundry per week. Of course, it could be more depending on how many people live in that house and if they have little kids. This laundry includes towels, bedding, dirty clothes, underwear, and even shoes. By the end of the wash, all the dirt and soil from our clothes are left inside your machine drum.

If you want to know how much dirt that is, a professor from the University of Arizona found that there is a tenth of a gram of poop in every pair of dirty underwear. He also found that if you wash a load of underwear only, there will be approximately 100 million E. coli bacteria in the wash water. Shockingly, E. coli should be the least of your worries considering other germs like Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Salmonella, and Rotavirus found in the laundry.

According to the Professor, all these germs and bacteria cannot be cleaned away by a simple rinse. In fact, they continue accumulating inside the machine and can transfer to the next load and the next. The only way to clear this accumulation is to sterilize the machine using trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner.

  • Product residue:

Another issue plaguing today’s washing machines is residue from all the detergents, fabric softeners, bleaches, and products we use to clean clothes. These detergents are made of surfactants and other harmful ingredients that continue to build up inside your machine to the point of creating a biofilm. The residue ends up forming a microbiome that can be deadly, as was witnessed in one German hospital. The pediatric ward in that hospital had a domestic type machine which caused 13 newborns and one young child to be seriously infected. After a thorough investigation, K. oxytoca, a gut bacteria, was found on the rubber door seal of the washing machine. A simple way with trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner would have prevented that incident.

  • Hidden gunk:

When we rinse the machine with water, it only cleans the main drum. Unfortunately, bad stuff like bacteria, mold, and germs hide in hard-to-reach places like rubber seals and water inlets. The way you utilize trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner helps to reach those hidden places and break down any build-up of organic residue or contaminants.

The more laundry loads you run without cleaning the actual machine, the more gunk accumulates. With time, you will realize your clothes have a funny odor and be forced to use more detergent and products to get rid of that smell. This gets worse for machines kept in the basement or dark, cool areas because of humidity.

The machine will also become less inefficient, and if this has gone on long enough, it might break down. The worst part is that with every load of laundry you put in, you take it out with more germs and bacteria.

What’s hidden Inside Your Laundry Machine?

Chemical “suds makers” and thickeners found in conventional laundry detergent build-up in your washing machine.

These bacteria have even been linked to outbreaks of serious illnesses in hospitals 1

They prevent your clothes from ever truly smelling clean and fresh, so you start using more and more laundry detergent!

You and your family deserve to break free from this cycle…

Is trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner any good? 

Yes, because trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner is an effortless, safe and all natural way to eliminate these built-up residue and lingering organic material (like fecal matter…gross!).

It leaves your machine smelling fresh, sparkling clean, and free of funk. 

It is perfect when starting to use Truly Free non-toxic products for the first time, and just to keep your machine smelling fresh and working right.

Benefits of trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner 

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Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022

Some of the benefits you will get from using trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner include;

  • Protect your washing machine: Cleaning the machine with a laundry-free cleaner extends its lifespan by removing damaging sludge and gunk. As a result, the machine will be more efficient, and it will not struggle to work through all that residue.
  • Eliminates funky odors: using trulyfree to Clean the machine ensures your clothes come out smelling clean and fresh. When you open the machine after a while, you will not be smacked in the face with a terrible stench.
  • Save money: Because the machine is clean, efficient, and odor-free, you don’t have to use so much laundry detergent. A little goes a long way, with detergent and fabric softener. Maintaining the machine also means you won’t spend money on repairs or buying a new machine anytime soon.
  • Protect your family: A sterilized machine ensures your clothes are clean and germ-free. You don’t have to worry about nasty bacteria and other harmful stuff transferring from the machine to your clothes and then to your body.

What Makes trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner special?

Many things make trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner stand out from the pack. For example, the cleaner is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and natural. It does not contain any perfumes, preservatives, dyes, or toxic dyes.

What stands out to most people however is that you can reuse its muslin bag for a long time after you finish cleaning the machine. This goes with all MyGreenFills Laundry products that come with one container, and you only need to get refills on your subsequent orders.

How to Use trulyfree Laundry Machine Cleaner

  • Using trulyfree non-toxic Laundry Machine Cleaner couldn’t be easier.
  • Set your washer to the highest temperature setting and throw the bag of MyGreenFills Laundry Machine Cleaner into the wash.
  • Run a heavy and hot cycle or machine cleaning cycle if it has that option.
  • Discard empty sachet after cleaning Enjoy a squeaky clean washer free of chemical residue & funky smells!
  • According to the instructions of their official website, you should repeat this process once every month or every 30 wash cycles, whichever comes first. This will control the soil and detergent accumulation rate in the washer and keep it running at its best.

Ingredients used in trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner

  • Citric Acid (plant-based cleaning agent) Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral based alkalizing salt) 
  • Sodium Acetate (mineral based cleaning agent) 
  • Sodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner) 
  • Sodium Chloride (salt) 

Customer’s reviews: trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022 

Below are what customers are saying about this non-toxic Laundry machine cleaner:

Jessica K.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I had horrible pink grime inside the rubber rim of my washing machine. I was so impressed at how the Laundry Machine Cleaner worked!! It completely removed that gross build-up and made my washing machine so fresh and clean.

Michelle F. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I use Truly Frees Laundry Machine Cleaner every 30 days to keep my washing machine sparkly clean and funk-free. My clothes also smell way fresher and get cleaner since washing machines often get moldy from all the water and cracks.

Susan V ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My washing machine was covered in a film that was not coming off and actually transferring to our clothes!! After using the Laundry Machine Cleaner, I instantly saw the difference!  My drum was sparkly clean and fresh.

How do I maintain my Washing Machine 

It’s best to clean your washing machine at least once a month to keep bacteria and odors away and prevent buildup before it happens. You want to clean and sanitize all surfaces: the drum, door, rubber gaskets, buttons, and other outer surfaces. Here’s how to deep clean and maintain a washing machine:

  • Detach any removable pieces, like control knobs and the soap tray, and wash those in hot, soapy water.
  • Wipe down the exterior of the washing machine. Dust and lint collect quickly in the laundry room, and a pass with a microfiber cloth can remove it from surfaces.
  • Wipe down the door, paying attention to rubber gaskets and seals. On front loading washing machines, the door gasket is notorious for harboring mold. Clean all the nooks and crannies.
  • Follow the trulyfree washing machine cleaner directions to clean and sanitize the drum. This step usually involves running your washer on a hot-water cycle. Some washers have a specific cleaning cycle; use that option when possible.
  • When you’re done, leave the door open so the washer can dry. A damp washer may mildew. It’s a good idea to prop the door open after each laundry load, too.

Commonly asked questions about trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 

HOW DOES THE trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner work?

This product uses all natural salts and minerals to break apart the gunk that is a breeding ground for bacteria.  

This sludge is left from conventional detergents and the Laundry Machine Cleaner will ensure that you are dissolving this nasty gunk!

WHEN WILL MY ORDER SHIP?: trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022

We will try our best to get it out next business day; however we are a growing family run business.  

As soon as your order leaves our facility you will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number.

HOW DO I USE trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner?: trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review

Simply set your washing machine for the highest temperature wash setting, throw the bag into the wash, and you are all set!

Remove the muslin bag when finished and reuse it for countless things around your home ?


You can!

All of our products are formulated for HE and standard washers alike! 

Does trulyfree  Laundry machine cleaner has ANY SCENT?


This product is entirely unscented and fragrance free.

IS trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner GUARANTEED TO WORK?

This product is formulated to dissolve all kinds of toxic slime from your washing machine.  

Older machines and hard water can make it harder to clean out all of the gunk, and so many of our customers will buy more to perform ongoing maintenance on their machine!

Why does my washing machine still smell after cleaning it?

Check for spots you may have missed, such as inside the door seal or soap dispenser. Your washer may need another run with a washing machine cleaner to remove any tough leftover residue.

Does trulyfree removes stains from the machine?

Yes and very effectively. It works best if used on a regular basis.

Will trulyfree remove mold from the rubber gasket?

Yes, trulyfree can do that. However, if you have a front loader you need to wipe it down.

Does trulyfree washing machine cleaner remove scum from the walls of the machine?

Trulyfree effectively removes soap scum and leaves a fresh smell in your washer. Don’t forget to leave the door open between the loads to prevent the smell.

Where can I purchase trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner? 

If you have gotten to this point of the review, a big thumbs up to you! Purchasing your trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner is very easy thanks to the company. All you have to do is to go to their official website.

Making a purchase directly from the website comes with lots of benefits. First, you are sure of enjoying the ongoing discount promo, which may be up to 50% off depending on how early you purchase.

Secondly, you get the exact product you ordered for. To buy your trulyfree Laundry  machine cleaner with the ongoing discount click the link below 

Finally reviewing: trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner reviews

Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review 2022.jpeg
Trulyfree Laundry machine cleaner review

Have you noticed a musty smell on your clothes when you take them out of the washer? Your washing machine might be the cause of the problem—but there is a solution! Trulyfree Washing Machine Cleaner helps remove odor causing residues in your washer leaving it looking clean and smelling fresh as new.

Trulyfree Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters Helps remove odor-causing residues in any washer; Supercharge your washing machine with trulyfree Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters. Have you noticed a musty smell on your clothes when you take them out of the washer? Your washing machine might be the cause of the problem—but there is a solution; trulyfree Washing Machine Cleaner helps remove odor causing residues in your washer leaving it looking clean and smelling fresh as new. Use one pouch once a month to help keep your washing machine clean. No more musty smells on your clothes. When your washer is clean, your detergent can work better and your clothes come out of the wash smelling like new. It works on both standard and high efficiency (HE) washing machines. 

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