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Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review 2022: A must Read Buyers!!

Ultrasonic Pest Resister review 2022

Household pests can be very annoying to put up with, Household pests include flies, bed bugs, wasps, termites, cockroaches, spiders and the most annoying- rodents.

Pests are animals that are unwanted in a particular environment. These pests do a lot of damage to our house which might get unbearable.

Some pests destroy furniture, food items, clothing. Roaches and rodents are known to litter everywhere and eat through furniture, books while spoiling floors and walls with their urine and fecal matter. I have seen videos of a rat eating through metal using this TV caster. Most of these pests are vectors of one disease or another ranging from malaria, salmonellosis, dysentery, Lyme disease, Lassa fever, stings and bites which can be very painful.

Some people also manifest different forms of allergic reactions to contact with these pests or their excreta. These people do not need to experience these pests around them in any form. If you are suffering from pest infestation in any form or you do not even want to experience pests at all, take your time to read through this review.

What is Ultrasonic Pest Resister? (Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review)

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Ultrasonic Pest Resister review

Ultrasonic Pest Resister is an ultrasonic, standard pest control device that repels pests. The device has a wide area of coverage; it repels pests up to an area of 200 m2 away from its point of installation.

Ultrasonic Pest Resister is the newest way of dealing with insects and rodents that doesn’t involve harmful chemicals and is 100% safe for your health. Ultrasonic Pest Resister utilizes low frequency sound waves, inaudible to humans and pets, which drive pests out of your home which makes it the most reliable and technologically advanced pest repeller to hit the market today.

Up until recently, there have been quite a number of conventional methods used to achieve pest control. These include mechanical methods, chemical methods and biological methods. Mechanical methods are things like laying mouse traps, squishing that spider, clapping your palms to crush that mosquito. These methods require a lot of effort, are unsafe and to a large extent, unreliable.

Chemical methods include the use of pesticides, rodenticides and insecticides. These chemicals are uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. They are foul-smelling and require constant application to maintain pest control.

Biological methods involve the use of certain animals to ward off pests. Like the use of cats to pursue mice and rats. This method is absolutely unreliable.

Pest Resister is a technological advancement and improvement on these already existing methods. It uses ultrasonic technology to achieve pest control. It has so many cool benefits which you will find out as you read on.


About Ultrasonic Pest Control ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister review) 

Ultrasonic pest repellers are electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds designed to repel, injure or kill household pests, such as rodents and insects.

The use of audible sound to deter pests is an old strategy; the ancient Chinese used a number of mechanically operated sensory-repellent devices to deter rodent infestations in agricultural crops and buildings. Ultrasound, which is defined by sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing, has been used as pest control only over the past few decades, however.

The ultrasonic devices are plugged into a home’s electrical receptacle outlets which then purportedly emit high-frequency sounds that are disruptive to pests. The sound supposedly causes a physiological response known as audiogenic seizure response, which is characterized by non-directional running, convulsions, and possibly death from cerebral hemorrhage. The theory behind the devices is that confused rodents eventually flee when the disruption prevents them from gathering food, breeding, building nests or communicating. Ultrasonic devices are popular and appealing to consumers because of their ease of use and the fact that they are silent to human ears and allegedly eliminate the need for traps and poison, which are thought by some to be inhumane forms of pest control. Electromagnetic and subsonic devices are also available, and all designs vary by signal intensity, rate and frequency.

If you have young children and pets, dealing with an insect or rodent infestation can be a hassle and even dangerous.

Noxious poisons and traps left around your house and yard could be a hazard, and replacement can be a hassle. Ultrasonic Pest Repellers can be effective against mice, rats, moles, snakes, bugs, and even cats and dogs (certain products only).

For an ultrasonic repeller to be effective at pest control, you need it to provide sufficient coverage. Most of the best ultrasonic pest repellers provide somewhere between 800 and 1,200 square feet of coverage. While they may be effective in a wide-open basement, understand that your walls and ceilings can limit this range.

In this case, you may need a few of these pest repellers spread throughout your home for full coverage. A good practice is to place them in troublesome areas like the kitchen, near drafty doors, and in moisture-laden rooms like bathrooms. By placing two or three repellers throughout the home, the range of each will likely overlap, providing adequate coverage for most pest problems.

So… What Does This Have That Others Don’t?

Pest Resist is the no 1 RATED Pest Repeller IN NORTH AMERICA! Numerous home and health publications, organizations, and users have all recommended Pest Resist for its functionality, effectiveness and price. I mean, that’s why we’re doing this article, because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE RAVING ABOUT IT!

It blows its competition out of the water – especially with the amazing 50% off sale they are having!

How does Ultrasonic Pest Resister work? (Pest Resister Review)

2022 best Pest Resist

The working principle of this ultrasonic device is super simple. The device emits higher frequencies of sound waves which are undetectable to the human ear but are unbearable for these pests. The device automatically adjusts the frequency of ultrasonic waves emitted to prevent adaptation.

Pest Resister will not kill the pest but will keep it from coming in the first place or repel it if it is already there and keep it from coming back. To achieve absolute pest control, continued use is recommended.

Notable features of Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review)

  • Immediate Repelling Action: The high frequency ultrasonic waves emitted by Pest Resister scares off or repels household pests by disturbing their eardrums, keeping them far away from your home. It can cover a wide area of 200 m2 and covers more distance if installed at multiple sites in the home or office. It is highly effective when combined in the same spot or placed in different rooms in the same house.
  • Stops rat reproduction:  It has been proven scientifically that the exposure of rats to certain frequencies including those from WiFi reduces their sperm count. The Pest Resister, as a matter of fact, reduces the sperm count of rats, reducing their fertility and thereby, the rate at which they multiply in your surroundings.
  • Multiple Pests Repellent: A lot of the common conventional pest control methods and even technological pest control devices work for a particular pest. This is unlike Pest Resister. Pest Resister works for a range of household pests including but not limited to rats, flies, bed bugs, wasps, termites, mice, cockroaches and spiders. This versatility in pest control is one of its strong suits.
  • Easy to Use and Recharge: When it comes to devices, we all prefer simple devices that are devoid of complex manipulations and require less expertise to operate. The Pest Resister is one such device. It is easy to set up, activate and recharge when required. All you need to do is find a power source and have it plugged in and that’s it.
  • Double Conversion System: Most ultrasonic repellents make use of a single conversion frequency which rarely does the job. Why? Adaptation. Most of the pests, when exposed to a single frequency over time, adapt to the frequency. This means that on first exposure, it will repel the pests but on subsequent exposures, the pests adapt to the frequency and it will be rendered ineffective. The Pest Resister uses a double conversion frequency which alters the frequency of the sound waves over time and this is absolutely terrifying for insects and rats.
  • Low power consuming: There is nothing more exhausting and stressful when it comes to devices than a device that gets flat quickly. It is one of your nightmares when buying a rechargeable device with inbuilt batteries. The Pest Resister is built in with high capacity batteries which ensure it lasts for a longer time and it might take days for another recharge after it has been fully charged.
  • Dual Speaker: The Pest Resister is equipped with a dual speaker for transmitting the ultrasonic waves. This is what ensures its seriously wide coverage of up to 200 m2 of space.
  • 360 degree protection: Pest Resister gives 360-degree protection which means that it does not matter which way the device is facing. It repels pests in a 360-degree away from the device.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Pest Resister Review)

High Performing Technology ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister review

Laying a trap for a rodent or spraying mosquito repellent relies on the pests entering your home and living area. This can make them a little too close for comfort.

With Ultrasonic Pest Resister technology, the ultrasonic waves emitted repel the likes of mice, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, horse flies, spiders, fleas, and more, and keep them away from you and your house, office or shop. It uses adjustable pitches to target pests via the high-frequency ultrasonic power that it emits using its dual speakers.

Undetectable to human ears, the ultrasonic waves are non-intrusive but pests hate it.

Easy to Install ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister)

If you want to get rid of pests in your surroundings and cannot wait for the results to take effect, not only will a proven method suffice, but also one that is easy to install. It is quite a hassle having to invite technicians or experts into your home, office or shop to install some complex systems. Some gadgets that claim to get rid of pests come with a long list of instructions and complicated buttons. Pest Resister’s manufacturers have worked to make their product easy to use and simple to set up.

Discreet Protection ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister reviews)

Rodent traps littered around the home can quite subtly become an eyesore. For a lot of people, the sight of rodent traps can really make a guest feel uncomfortable. Watch as your friends sit with their feet on the couch in case a rat runs under their feet.

Some people have been forced to install mosquito nets on all their windows and even doors to repel mosquitoes. This reduces the ventilation in most rooms and even reduces the amount of light filtering into the room. Wouldn’t you prefer to uninstall all those unsightly window nets and freely open your windows and doors as you like?

One of the best elements of the Pest Resister is its discretion. It has the appearance of a plug-in fragrance so it is great to use in commercial properties as it will not alert customers to its purpose. It makes no noise and goes about its business with minimal fuss.

Considering that most pests are actually within the walls of your home, the ultrasonic waves help to move them along so they don’t cause damage to your property.

Safe for The Family ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister)

Conventionally, laying cruel mousetraps and sticking devices are designed to harm rodents and bugs. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that these devices are especially harmful and can be very dangerous for your family. Not only would you feel awful if your young child had their finger crushed in a mousetrap but it could result in costly healthcare bills. Also, some mosquito repelling products can be toxic to the family.

This is easily avoided with Pest Resister as it does not pose a risk to young members of your family, nor can it be to blame for accidents. Only simple, harmless ultrasonic protection.

The device is also highly suitable for families with pets. Pest Resister creates no odor, uses no chemicals and works incredibly well.

Ultrasonic Waves for Ultra Power (Ultrasonic Pest Resister review)

Conventional traps or sprays will only work in the place you put it. For most people, this can take quite some time, ranging from days to weeks, for the pest to take the bait.

With Pest Resister, you start getting protection from pests immediately you switch on the device. Moreover, Pest Resister works in spaces up to 200 m2 so an entire floor of your home can get protection. The dual speakers help to provide more coverage. It also gives you 360-degree protection so it doesn’t matter which way the device is facing.

Cruelty-free Protection (Ultrasonic Pest Resister review)

Trapping and killing mice and rats is a cruel way of getting pests out of your home. It is unhygienic and might result in dead rodents scattered all over your house in hidden places like behind a cupboard.

Of course, we all want to find a solution that works and the more humane, the better. Pest Resister uses its ultrasonic waves to disturb the thought process of pests and break their sense of smell and hearing to disorient them and send them on their way.

Brilliant design ( Ultrasonic Pest Resister review)

A lot of other gadgets tend to be bulky, tardy and do not fit into the home so well. This can be an eye-sore in your living areas which you definitely wouldn’t want.

Contrarily, Pest Resister’s design is neutral, compact and has appealing smooth edges. The dual speakers on the front give it a modern, sleek, cool look that protects its highly effective technology.

Pest Resister Specifications (Pest Resister Review)

  • Its product specifications are 4.52 in X 2.28 in X 2.09 in.
  • Plug and play
  • Power switch with power light.
  • AI chip
  • It is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom but can be shipped anywhere in the world.

How To Use Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Pest Resister Review)

First plug the device into a nearby socket in any room of your choice. After plugging it in, you only have to hold the button for 2 seconds and wait for the blue light to come on.

The device is a must-have for every home. It is irritating when you get ready to go out only to find out the dress you wanted to wear has been torn up by rats or when you keep getting ill due to the presence of disease vectors living rent-free at home. The tiny annoying buzzing sound from mosquitoes around your ear when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Or even the noise from rodents and cockroaches crawling around and disturbing what would have been a lovely sleep. The list is endless. These can be averted by using Pest Resister.

Pros of Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Pest Resister Review)

  • It is highly efficient
  • It is environment friendly
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Noiseless
  • There are no harmful radiations emitted
  • It is affordable

Cons of Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Pest Resister Review)

  • It can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s website.
  • It is quite limited in quantity due to high demand. Efforts are being made by the company to increase production and thereby meet up with the unduly high demand.

Where to Buy Ultrasonic Pest Resister (Pest Resister Review)

If you are interested in buying Pest Resister, you should buy it directly from the manufacturer’s website. The order is simple, uncomplicated and completes within a few minutes. Buying from the manufacturer’s website offers the flexibility of a wide range of payment options including but not limited to PayPal and credit cards.

Another advantage of buying from the manufacturer’s website is the possibility of returning the product and getting your money back, in the rare eventuality that you do not like the product.

Also, consider the prospect of fast despatch when you order directly from the manufacturer’s website. It takes between 1-3 working days for the product to arrive, depending on your location.

Why You should buy Ultrasonic Pest Resister now (Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review)

Reading up to this point means that you are interested in acquiring one Pest Resister for yourself. You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website using the link on this website and get an amazing discount.

The brand is actually running a promotion right now: Free shipping on ALL orders and a warranty with a 50% discount offer with free shipping, so you can try Pest Resister risk-free. There are also some mouth-watering special deals if you buy more than one. Click this button below to get your promo deal.

How does Ultrasonic Pest Resister work?

The Pest Resister uses Microchip AI double conversion frequency ultrasonic waves which are not audible to humans but can be picked up by small rodents like rats and insects. The Pest Resister emits the frequency waves continuously but keeps changing patterns so the pests can never adapt to them.

Ultrasonic Pest Resister Price (Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review)

Ultrasonic Pest Resister originally cost $74.99 but when you buy directly from the manufacturer’s website, you will be eligible to buy at half the original price. That is 50% discount when you purchase from the website. The product also comes with FREE shipping when you purchase directly from the official website. Other benefits available include:

Ultrasonic Pest Resister discount price 

1 x Ultrasonic Pest Resister : $46.95

2 x Ultrasonic Pest Resister : $75.00

3 x Ultrasonic Pest Resister: $105.00


What are  the main advantages of pest Resister

Below are the reasons why you need to purchase pest Resister 


  • Uses low frequency technology to drive pests out of certain range
  • Uses low frequency sound waves, inaudible to humans and pets
  • No Batteries Needed! Plug N Go


  • Mice, rats, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, ants; None are immune to the sound and completely leave after a few short weeks of use.
  • STOP spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars of costly pest control services. Let the ULTRASONIC PEST RESISTER drive out pests for a fraction of hiring Pest Control services on a MONTHLY basis.
  • Drives pests out without killing them. No need to clean up dead insects and rodents.


  • Quick and easy 5 second setup
  • Simply plug in the unit and let the ULTRASONIC PEST RESISTER do the rest.
  • Use 1 unit per average-sized room with a pest problem. Additional units will be required in larger areas.
  • Areas such as attics, basements, garages and large storage areas may require more than one unit. Perfect Accessory for Indoor Rodent control.

Pest Resister customer Reviews 

Since Buying 3 of this Ultrasonic Pest Resisters it has taken care of our Mice and Stink Bug issues. We had mice in the Basement and they started to venture into our kitchen at night so I bought one of these for each floor of our home. We have a basement, Main floor and 2nd floor. I installed one on each floor including the basement. We had major Stick Bug issues especially on our 2nd floor and since installing this product on our 2nd floor we have not seen even one Stink Bug. We were dealing with them every few days. I wasn’t sure it would take care of the Stink Bugs but it has to my surprise. Also we have found no mouse droppings anywhere in our basement or in the kitchen cabinets. We have a very old home built in the 1900’s and have always had issues with various types of spiders and mice. By installing one of these on every floor including the basement our insect and mice issues have pretty much been eliminated. I would recommend this product to anyone with similar insect and rodent problems as they really do seem to work. I have had them for about one month and would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends. In fact my Mother’s Boyfriend asked me the brand of the ones I bought and he bought a few and also has no more mice issues.”

Jerry Hopkins from Indianapolis, IN

“I am finding the pest repeller helpful in my house. I HATE roaches and it seems to be chasing them out! It’s been more than a few weeks now, and I find these little, quiet, and handy Ultrasonic Pest Resisters are FANTASTIC! We have had 14 days of steady rain here in Palo Alto, which usually means Roaches and Ants and other creepy crawlies in the house… not a one! Not even a spider! I sooooo am thrilled that I went with this one… AND my 13 year old elderly dachshund doesn’t even know these are running in the house! LOVE LOVE LOVE these so much more than bug sprays!!!!”

Angela Kelley from Palo Alto, CA

Awesome, no more mice, better than the 600/year pest guy for 4 years that didn’t work, better than poison that they just keep coming back, awesome…needed two to cover the basement entries, working great for 3 winter months so far, doesn’t bother cat or dog.”

-Robert Goodwin from Chicago, IL

Customers experience with Ultrasonic Pest Resister

So How Did It Work For Me…

The more I read about this thing, the most I was excited to try it. I order 3 – at 50% off – I figured, overkill was better than no kill. Our 1000 square foot apartment, we put one in every major room – kitchen/living room, bathroom and bedroom. It’s just turning spring here so the bugs are starting to come out. Not to mention…. mice. We have a cat, who loves to chase the mice. But we do not love find dead mice carcasses on the kitchen floor or at the foot of our bed in the morning.

Day 1: I didn’t really notice any bugs today. But could be a fluke. No special presents from Major Tom (the cat) – but again, could be a fluke.

Day 2: Again, didn’t really notice any bugs. No nasty mice presents. Although Major Tom was a little more needy, possibly because he had nothing to play with at night.

Day 3: Management sent out a notice about roaches and cleanliness. Apparently there is still an infestation despite them spraying 4 times in the last 3 months…. Noticeably, we don’t see anything in our place.

Day 4: I’m starting to believe it’s not a fluke. We don’t have the roaches our neighbors have. I haven’t seen a single spider, silverfish, or ant. And Major Tom is acting like he is dying, my wife says we need to buy him some new toys to entertain him.

Day 5: Still a whole lot of nothing. I’m not really sure how long these things last, but I’m pretty sure it’s working for us. My wife and I are thrilled. Major Tom misses his friends, but seems satisfied with the hexbug mice we got him. Everyone’s happy.

Conclusion: After 1 week using it – despite having a building infestation, our apartment is free and clear. I feel fairly confident saying that this really does work!

Finally (Ultrasonic Pest Resister Review): 

product repeller
Pest Resister

Ultrasonic Pest Resister is an ultrasonic standard pest control device that repels pests. It is easy to use, has great design and achieves a wide range of pest repulsion. Our reviewers have assessed the product and give it a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

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