Vibes XWatch Reviews 2021. Legit or scam cheap watch.

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Vibes xwatch reviews

Vibes Xwatch Reviews 2021

Vibes xwatch is waterproof and it is compatible with the smartphones of Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or Above. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and has a 1.54-inch TFT display. It provides a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.

It is built with a metal material, rubber strap, and sports a fashionable design.

The smartwatch has a tempered glass lens, the texture is clear, the mirror is as clean as new standard hardness, and that provides full protection of the wrist. The device can be worn during diving, surfing, swimming, or in the rain as it is IP67 Professional Waterproof.

Vibes x watch help you to record the state of sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, etc. It will analyze the sleep quality that will help you understand the sleep quality.

Vibes xwatch is available in various languages such as English, Arabic, Czech, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

The Vibe xwatch has a bright and colorful touch screen display showing all your stats and challenges – connected to a sleek and comfortable band.

It is Pre-loaded with a ton of features that will help you through your day – you can even set inactivity Alerts if you like to pause for a minute. Read text messages, calendar events, social media and email on the spot if you like.

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Vibe xwatch


  • Sporty design
  • Shock- and waterproof technology
  • A smartwatch for any adventure and workout routine
  • Sensors for monitoring health
  • Monitors sleep and activity periods
  • IPS display that has motion detection sensors
  • Works with both iOS and Android devices
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • LCD screen (HD touch screen display)
  • Set alarms, and speak to your calendar to schedule appointments

Vibes XWatch Tech Specs

Zeblase vibe 6 Specifications

Here are the Vibes XWatch’s tech specs, as mentioned on the official website that advertises and sells the product:

  • Compact in size at only 50.8 x 50.8 x 16mm
  • Lightweight and weighs just 67g
  • Features a 24mm strap
  • Screen resolution of 240 x 240px
  • Works with both Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.0
  • Proximity and heart rate sensors
  • Polymer battery with 380 mAh
  • Waterproof: certified IP67 standards
  • It can be used with Android and iOS phones.
  • It fully charges in only 1.5 hours and can last up to five days once charged.
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vibes xwatch

How to Use the Vibes XWatch?

  • According to the manufacturers, vibes x watch is easy to use:
  • Just Download the app on your smartphone
  • Language can be selected when the smartwatch begins functioning.
  • pair the device with the smartphone. Pairing is complete when the selection screen appears, and the available Bluetooth device is then connected to the watch.
  • When the pairing has completed,
  • Notifications on the watch need to be enabled so that the device is always up to date.
  • The watch can be connected to the Wi-Fi network available.
  • Tap the screen of the device to activate
  • The menu can be accessed by swiping down on the watch’s screen.
  • From there, Settings can be entered for watch configurations.


Wellness Tracker : Vibes XWatch can monitor health when wearing this device:

  • Monitor the quality and time of their sleep
  • Supervise their heart rate
  • Receive clinical data about their blood oxygen pulse
  • Monitor your overall health

Sports Mode

  • The Vibes XWatch features a pedometer and tracks the calories consumed according to the distance walked and the workout routines performed.


Here are the notifications that the Vibes XWatch sends in real-time:

  • Caution reminders
  • Call information
  • SMS and social media notifications
  • Bluetooth disconnects

Many Different Capacities

  • The Vibes XWatch also features a built-in timer, a search feature, a stopwatch, and a remote-control camera. It comes with a wristband, a charger, and an instructions manual.
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Monitor Blood Oxygen Levels and Pulse

It’s essential for people, especially those on prescribed medication, to monitor their cardiovascular conditions or track weight, keep oxygen levels and pulse in check, and the Vibes XWatch can be useful for monitoring.

Exercise Mode

The Vibes XWatch doesn’t only record the steps walked. It also continuously tracks the calories burned while performing any physical activity such as playing badminton, table tennis, lifting weights, and much more. This can be very helpful for those who are looking to become slimmer.

Vibrating Update

By downloading the TYOUPRO app, people who own the Vibes XWatch can receive vibrating updates on any of their phone notifications on their watch, notifications from social media and messaging included.

Dust-, Impact- and Waterproof

The Vibes XWatch can be used in any condition and while performing the most strenuous physical activities or going out for a run.

Why the Vibes XWatch?

For many years, smartwatches have become innovative gadgets and technological masterpieces. Nowadays, they’re the best gadgets for keeping one’s health in check and using smartphones remotely. And the Vibes XWatch promises to do more than just that, seeing it’s not the typical smartwatch that only tracks calories and wakes people up in the morning. It goes deeper, as it can also measure blood pressure and oxygen levels; it’s also one of the few gadgets of its kind to display messages, calls, and other phone notifications. Moreover, it comes at incredibly amazing prices and with a money-back guarantee and a 100% risk-free investment.

Purchase the Vibes XWatch

Vibes xwatch can be purchase with the official website. which guarantees that it’s the original product and that it comes at amazing, discounted prices. Customers who get it through its official website are also benefiting from the money-back guarantee. Here are the price selections offered:

  • 1xVibes XWatch for $99
  • 2xVibes XWatch for $66 each/ Get 1 Free $197
  • 3x Vibes XWatch for $59 each/Get 2 Free ($ 59/each) $ 297
  • 4x Vibes XWatch($ 62/each) $ 249

Customer Reviews About Vibes XWatch?

“Vibes XWatch is a decent looking savvy. Gotten it for my dad in law as a blessing who appears to be stricken by it. Like that it can peruse his heartbeat rate and track his means”

“This is an astounding smartwatch at the cost. It is an extremely pleasant watch and it accompanies two screen defenders which is amazing. I can read every one of my messages without pulling my telephone which makes it truly incredible for work. I can likewise download such a great amount from the play store. What’s more, I likewise love that it is extraordinary for my exercises, I can read my pulse and furthermore track my means. Can accomplish such a great deal with this watch and it is so reasonable. I love my Vibes XWatch” Israel

“I thought this Vibes XWatch like most other smartwatches will be manly and overwhelming in my little wrist. It isn’t. It’s very charming and functions admirably with my android phone. The band is decent tan cowhide and gives the idea that it will age well! I’m truly amped up for the watch’s capacities.”  David

Vibes XWatch Review
Best watch you can buy today.

Good news about vibes xwatch 2021

The good news about vibes xwatch smart is that they do much more than simply tell you the time (which they also do as well). Serving as a multi-functional device with the convenience of it being a small wearable gadget, right there on your wrist. No need to ruffle through your pockets or bags for your device; just lift up your hand!

Once properly set up and connected to your compatible smartphone; they can respond to text and check messages; answer calls, monitor your health and check your heart rate, set reminders and some even have good quality built in speaker to listen to music; which I’ll get into down further in this xwatch smartwatch review.

The downside of all this however; is that with high functionality can come with high price. Just like any other luxurious gadgets, the price can get very steep. I mean, just take a look at the official Apple smartwatch pricing and cost! It’s costs an arm and a leg.therefore, there’s such a thing as an affordable luxurious smartwatch and that’s why me and many other gadget reviewers are out there conducting Vibes XWatch test and writing about vibes xwatch. in order to give you the lowdown on the device. And with that, let me introduce to you my: vibes xwatch reviews

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Best smartwatch 2021

Is vibes xwatch better than other smart watches

Vibes xwatch is the best and also affordable among other smart watches because of it’s unique features. VibesxWatch is an affordable smartwatch with just about all the benefits of the more high-end and luxurious smartwatches. Here are some of the best features I wanted to include in this vibes xWatch smartwatch review.

The device comes with a HD touch screen that they call a Dynamic display. This means that when the screen and device is idle, it will black out and the screen will turn fully black. But, if you happen to live in a bright and sunny area, fear not; as the dynamic display will make sure your on-screen display is visable and usable even in the brightest daylight.

IP68 Waterproof rating means that your watch is water resistant for up to 1 meter deep and for up to 30 minutes. Great if you need to pop into the bathroom for a quick shower, or you just want to paddle around in a pool, but you will want to take it off if you plan to go deep diving.

Vibes xwatch is built-in heart rate monitor means that this watch will serve great for those that lead and want to start an active life. Monitor both your pulse and blood pressure easily with the this device

Continuing on the health topic of this vibes xwatch review; you can even track your sleeping patterns. Find out and monitor your vitals whilst you sleep. Pretty neat huh?

And most important of us (at least for me), I noticed during my vibes xWatch smartwatch review; that the vibes xWatch device has a really long battery life. That means less worrying about it dying halfway through your day. During my vibes xWatch smartwatch review and vibes xWatch test, the battery would last a good 4 days before I had to recharge it. This is a fantastic and positive point towards its xwatch review.

So, you’ve been wanting the Apple smartwatch for your IOS smartphone? But it’s too pricey? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on the Samsung Galaxy watch; or even their Watch Active series, but it’s going to put too much of a dent in your wallet? This is where the vibes xwatch comes in. Get all the functionalities and luxurious feel of those high-end smartwatches, but at a fraction of the cost. We call this xWatch luxury.

You don’t need to break your bank in order to get your hands (literally) on a good smartwatch. Vibes XWatch will do it all for you.

How to use your vibes xWatch

How to Connet your vibes Xwatch device to your smartphone:
Now we’re at the part of the vibesxWatch smartwatch review where I give you the details on all of the vibes xWatch UK gadgets uses and functionality. First things first; as it’s a “smart” watch, in order to really get the best use out of your vibes xWatch test; you’re going to need a smartphone (bet you didn’t expect that when you started reading this vibes xwatch review).

On your smartphone, you are then going to need to download the vibes xWatch app, which can be downloaded from either the Playstore (play store) or the App store, depending on which smartphone device you’re using, for my vibes xWatch review and vibes xWatch test; I did this on my apple phone.

Once you have your app downloaded, start up your vibes xWatch, select your language and then connect your vibes xWatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once they have been paired, I strongly recommend that you enable notifications for your vibes xWatch UK device on your smartphone, in order to really get the best out of your vibes xWatch test.

vibes xwatch reviews

How to connect vibes xwatch to wifi
To connect your vibes xWatch device to your WiFi, get start by quickly tapping on your vibes xWatch HD touch screen to activate your vibes xWatch device. Swipe in a downwards motion in order to access the menu and then tap to get into the settings. From Settings, go to Connectivity, then tap on Wifi and select “Automatic”. Then add and select your wifi network. Summary:

Activate Watch > Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Wifi > Automatic > Add Wifi Network

It’s as simple as that, follow my steps in my vibes xwatch review and you can get your device connected in under a minute.

How to activate your vibes xwatch
In get the best out of your vibes xWatch device, you’re going to want to “activate” your smartwatch. That way, you can get full access to their support via their app.

First, remove the sim card that is in the sim holder of your smartwatch.
There will be numbers on the back of that sim card; note down the last six numbers.
Insert the sim back into the smartwatch sim slot.
Activate the sim card via the app and wait for the activation email.

And then that’s it, you’re done. Your device should now be activated.

Best of vibe Xwatch

Where to get your very own vibes xWatch smartwatch?

After my investigation, I found out that this device can only be bought online. So don’t fall for any vibes xwatch scams where someone is trying to sell you one from a physical shop, as it may be fake. Buy from the official website of the manufacturer.

In order to ensure that you get the real thing, you can get it online via the online shop. The standard price for an vibes X Watch is around $270 USD. However; you can quite often find yourself online promotions where the price drops off by 50%.

Click here to buy

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