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light socket security Camera Reviews 2022: work or Scam Security bulb Camera?

Overall, light socket security camera reviews are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers say that a light socket security camera is an eye in the sky watching over your building. How true is this? Our experts have reviewed the light socket security camera to uncover every detail about the product. 

A house may provide you with shelter but we know that when it comes to security, we need more. Almost every building can be broken into by burglars and therefore you need to equip your house with a reliable security camera. 

This isn’t as easy as we think, however. Getting the right security camera is a pain in the neck at times. You have to consider the quality of the camera and you need to pay attention to your spending plans as well.

Are you looking for ways to tighten up the security of your home without having to sell a fortune? If you do, consider yourself lucky because we are about to introduce Light Socket Security Camera, a top-of-the-line surveillance camera in its value range. 

Light Socket Security Camera is a standard panoramic camera that you can obtain at the cheapest price. It is a steal! Take a look at the various features that make this camera one-of-a-kind. Light Socket Security Camera Official Website!

Light Socket Security Camera Features

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light socket security camera reviews
  • 110-deg field of view
  • Full angle rotation. Camera shows 360-degree panning
  • 1080P HD camera lens
  • Intelligent motion sensor 
  • Automatic tracking
  • Universal E26/E27 light bulb plug
  • Full color night vision
  • SD Card and Cloud Storage
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Smart app compatibility
  • Voice intercom

About Light Socket Security Camera 

light socket security camera reviews

A break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the US according to Burglary Statistics & Research 2022. This amounts to 2.5 million break-ins every year, with more than half of those burglaries occurring in homes.

In most of those cases, the burglars are hardly ever caught either by human or technology because the same buildings lack a trusted surveillance camera system.

We evaluated a list of security cameras and picked out the Light Socket Security Camera. This camera is a standard panoramic camera with several features that put it at the forefront of surveillance. In fact, reviewers are so impressed with the Light Socket Security Camera that they tagged it the eye in the sky watching over your building.

Looking at its design, you may think that it is a light bulb. It actually has LEDs like every light bulb but in addition it functions as a world-class security camera built with a high-resolution camera lens.

Light Socket Security Camera plugs right into your E26- or E27-type light bulb socket and therefore you can install this security camera just about anywhere. You don’t need any special socket for Light Socket Security Camera.

Is a Light Socket Security Camera Better than Other Security Cameras?

According to our evaluation, Light Socket Security Camera possesses features and several benefits that easily make it the most preferred security camera.

Apart from the fact that it plugs into a regular E26/E27 light bulb socket, the camera has an intelligent motion sensor and auto-tracking ability. Intruders will never be aware that the Light Socket Security Camera is watching their every move because this camera is activated whenever it senses motion.

At the same time, it starts to follow the intruder thanks to its auto-tracking feature. Data generated from the camera is sent right to your smartphone which you can use to monitor every activity as in crisp-clear HD videos in real time.

Light Socket Security Camera is a top-tier panoramic camera. This camera will produce no blind angles because it pans 360 degrees. At whatever angle the intruder is, rest assured the Light Socket Security Camera will capture them.

Over the years, cloud storages have been the only way we store data generated from the security cameras. But Light Socket Security Camera has evolved with a new storage option – an SD card. Instead of monthly charges to maintain your cloud account, you can make a one-off investment in an SD card. Luckily, the surveillance camera will support up to 64 GB SD card capacity.

If you want intruders to be on the run, you can do this right from your smartphone without ever coming close to the Light Socket Security Camera. Simply tap on the alarm icon and the built-in alarm system of the security camera will be activated. 

You can also hear directly from your kids and family or from the security personnel thanks to the voice intercom integration. Both a mouthpiece and a speaker are built into the gadget for two-way communication.

Light Socket Security Camera works both in the day and at night. In the darkness, it continues to watch over your building with the help of the LED lights which are responsible for the camera’s full-color night vision.

Essentially everything can be controlled from your smartphone. The process is hassle-free. Installing a Light Socket Security Camera is even easier because you only need a regular E26 Light bulb socket to get the camera up and running. Light socket security camera Review

Technical Specifications (Light Socket Security Camera reviews)

330-deg Panning degree: affords Light Socket Security Camera full rotation

Camera lens of 1080-P resolution: rest assured the security camera will capture images and record videos in high-resolution

110-degree Angular view range: No blind angles, no dark peripheral view. Light Socket Security Camera sees 110-degree wide for any direction the camera faces

15-meter linear view range: Light Socket Security Camera can detect objects as far as 15 meters away from the camera

Light bulb compatibility; E26/E27: Forget devices that clutter your space with wires. Light Socket Security Camera is wireless and plugs right into your E26/E27 light bulb

Dimension: 65mm x 150 mm


Does the security camera really work? (Light Socket Security Camera review)

light socket security camera reviews.jpeg
light socket security camera Review

Light Socket Security Camera has been tested at homes, offices, and commercial places. All reviews confirm that the security camera does work. Light Socket Security Camera is a state-of-the-art surveillance camera that requires only an E26/E27 socket to work. 

It uses electricity directly from the socket. The era of wires came to an end with the production of this camera. It is wireless and requires no batteries.

Homeowners who have been looking for ways to make their home safer found an answer in the Light Socket Security Camera. Because it really works, the security camera has had millions of sales since its production.

Features of Light Socket Security Camera

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light socket security camera

Motion Sensor & Auto-tracking:  Light Socket Security Camera is sensitive enough to tell a moving and a stationary object. Nothing ever goes past this light bulb camera unnoticed. Credit to its built-in intelligent motion detection feature.

Upon detection of an object, the Light Socket Security Camera starts to track it. Within 15 meters range, Light Socket Security Camera can sense moving objects and focus on them.

At the same time, it alerts you by way of notifications and automatically follows the object. You can view the footage in real time and sound the built-in alarm of the camera to tell the intruder to back off.

App integration: Use of this camera is so easy because you can control it from anywhere and at any time. The smart app integration beautifies the working of the security camera system. You can see videos in real time from the camera right from the camera app installed in your smartphone without ever having to be close to the camera.

In addition to live viewing, you can adjust the auto-tracking feature, sound the alarm, and manage notifications through your smartphone.

1080P HD Camera Lens: Having a camera that produces blurry content is of no use. Before buying a security camera, the camera lens resolution is one thing you really want to check out because this affects whatever you will get out of the camera.

Light Socket Security Camera has a 1080P HD Camera Lens unlike most regular security cameras. Light Socket Security Camera will produce high-quality recordings in the day and at night as well which you can access from your smartphone.

Built-in alarm: Put burglars and intruders on their heels and make them back off by using the built-in alarm system. When the Light Socket Security Camera detects motion, it sends notifications to your smartphone. This is to draw your attention to a potential attack on your home. 

You can take the suspects unawares and safeguard your home by setting off the alarm of the camera. Interestingly, you can do this from your smartphone and it works just fine.

Full-angle rotation: Forget Security cameras that produce blind angles. They are unable to have full video coverage.  Regular cameras are known for blind angles because of their limited pan range. 

Although the Light Socket Security Camera has a 110-deg viewing angle, the 360-degree rotation ensures that the camera comfortably covers every area.

Two data storage options: Data generated from Light Socket Security Camera is stored in either of two modes: the cloud storage or SD card storage.

To store data in the cloud, you need to have a cloud account and make monthly subscriptions for maintenance. Otherwise, you want to consider the SD card option that allows you to store data up to 64GB on a single SD card without having to pay a dime.

Voice intercom: Sometimes you can’t be sure your kids at home are safe and you want to hear directly from them. Light Socket Security Camera makes it easy to speak with people at home through this camera.

While away, you can check up on your kids and pet at home thanks to the voice intercom feature. Light Socket Security Camera has a built-in speaker and microphone which allow you to get in touch with anybody, anytime.

Regular E26/E27 Bulb Socket: To install the security camera, you have to insert it into a lightbulb socket. Since it plugs into an E26 or E27 socket, Light Socket Security Camera can be used in many buildings and locations. 

No need for battery or wires. The camera is powered directly from the lamp holder.

Full-Color Night Vision: Light Socket Security Camera features two types of LEDs – 4 white LEDs and another 4 IR LEDs. 

The IR LEDs automatically turn on at night and are essential for night vision. The White LEDs, which are like regular lightbulb LEDs, provide full-color night vision which allows for high-quality video transmission at night.

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How to use Light Socket Security Camera

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light socket security camera reviews

Installing and using a Light Socket Security Camera is like a walk in the park. You will not spend more than 2 minutes getting this camera up and running. 

To use the camera, connect your camera to your phone by following the simple steps:

  • Step 1:  Ensure the light bulb socket is switched off before plugging in Light Socket Security Camera.
  • Step 2: Unbox the package to take out the camera. You will find a user guide alongside the camera. 
  • Step 3: Connect the E26/E27 socket of the camera to your regular light bulb socket. Then screw the camera in place.
  • Step 4: Turn on your WiFi. Light Socket Security Camera is compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • Step 5: Download the app from Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS devices) and Scan the QR code on the camera in order to connect it to the app. Add your camera to your account.
  • Step 6: Now you are connected to Light Socket Security Camera and ready to watch recorded or live videos on your phone.

Where is the Best Place to Position a Security Camera?

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light socket security camera reviews

There are several positions to place a security camera for optimal surveillance because Light Socket Security Camera plugs into the regular E26- or E27-type socket. 

The following are common position for your security camera:

At Home – Install Light Socket Security Camera at places commonly used to gain entrance by burglars. These include your staircase, driveways and garage doors, off-street windows, back, front, and side doors, and your living room, master bedroom, and so on.

Gas Stations – to prevent gas robberies and keep the employees of the gas station safe

Learning institutions – to protect students from everything from bullying, to vaping, to emergencies like natural disasters or active shooter situations,

Malls and smaller stores – against burglars, preventing them from making away with valuables.

How does the security camera store data?

While you watch the footage from Light Socket Security Camera in real time, this camera also stores the information in either of two modes for future use. The cloud storage option is the older mode that stores data on cloud after creating a cloud account. For this, you have to sign up for cloud storage and renew your subscription every month to be able to store and access data.

Now the story is different. You can store data from Light Socket Security Camera in an SD Card without having to pay monthly services or maintenance fees.

The process is simple. All you have to do is slot in your SD card into the camera and you can pick up footage and images on it. The SD card slot will accommodate external storages up to 64 GB capacity.  

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Panoramic Cameras and Regular Cameras Compared

Our Light Socket Security Camera review tested the various features of Light Socket Security Camera, a panoramic security camera. Then, we compared its performance with that of regular security cameras. 

One important thing to note is that the Light Socket Security Camera used a high-resolution HD camera lens to capture crisp-clear videos. A 1080-P HD camera lens surely has an edge over regular security cameras which almost always have a lower resolution.

Furthermore, the Light Socket security camera was able to provide 360-deg monitoring, with zero blind angles. 

Light Socket Security Camera also has a wide view range of 15m in contrast to the 10m range of regular cameras. Several other advantages of Light Socket security cameras include affordability and ease of use. As per overall performance, Light Socket Security Camera is equivalent to five regular security cameras put together.

How does Light Socket Security Camera Work?

Light Socket Security Camera needs only to be plugged into a light bulb socket to work. Then you have to connect the camera to your smartphone via WiFi to access the recordings.

You can watch footage live and therefore have real-time monitoring of your area. Otherwise, you can access the data via the SD card or cloud storage. 

Light Socket Security Camera Benefits

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light socket security camera reviews
  1. Customizable – Smarty security bulb is a highly customizable camera. You can quickly and easily adjust the settings from your smartphone without having to come in contact with the camera. The alarm feature, rotation, and video recording can be easily adjusted.
  1. Multipurpose light bulb camera. Light Socket Security Camera can serve several purposes. You can watch live recordings from your smartphone and quickly and easily control the alarm feature, auto-tracking, and rotation without coming close to the camera
  1. Portable and lightweight – Made lightweight and with professional-quality materials, you can take the Light Socket anywhere without damage. This camera can easily fit into your bag when you travel. However, it is advisable to package it in its box and/or provide it with enough cushioning when you’re about to embark on a journey.
  1. For Indoor and Outdoor Use – You can use the Light Socket Security for both indoor and outdoor purposes. In the living room and balcony and building entrance or poles, this camera can be installed without any damage or affectation of its functioning. It is IP67 rated and so is unaffected by water.
  2. No service fee for apps – Apart from the money you’ll spend on buying this product, you won’t have to make any expenses. There are no monthly fees for apps.
  3. Voice intercom – Voice intercom making it easy to check up on family and kids and communicate with security personnel.

What to consider before buying a security camera

  1. Network Requirements

A high-quality stream begins with a reliable network handling the bandwidth to support HD video. Streaming clear audio and video requires a lot of bandwidth. It’s vital to make sure your equipment is current, especially your routers and network switches. We recommend a 1G-minimum system for a stable network.

  1. Resolution and Zoom

Knowing the distance of where you will mount the camera helps with field of view (FOV) and zoom ranges. PTZ cameras can have ranges of 10x, 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zoom for optimum FOV. Also, is an extender necessary for long-range signal transmissions? These factors are important when selecting the proper PTZ camera for your setup.

  1. Control

Before buying a surveillance camera, check out the ease of control. Can it be controlled from your smartphone? How easy is this?

Light Socket Security Camera Pros

  • Motion Detection
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity 
  • 1080-P camera lens
  • Connection to phone or tablet through 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Remotely view on the phone or tablet screen
  • Voice intercom 
  • Infrared and white LEDs for full color night vision
  • FD card Support up to 64GB
  • Auto tracking movement function
  • Cloud storage

Light Socket Security Camera Cons

  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi as against the higher 5GHz
  • Light Socket Security Camera is limited in stock
  • There’s no computer support (only smartphone)
  • You can only purchase Light socket security camera from the Official website

Where to purchase Light Socket Security Camera

Light Socket Security Camera is only available on the official website.

What is the return policy?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is in place for Light Socket Security Camera.

FAQs – Light Socket Security Camera Reviews 

How do I connect my security camera to the app?

To connect the Light Socket security camera to the app, you need a Wi-Fi connection. Download and Install the app and scan the QR code to connect it.

Does a bulb camera have night vision?

Definitely! Light Socket Security camera has Infrared LEDS that automatically turn on the White LEDs for full-color night vision which allows for high-quality video transmission at night.

Can the security camera work without electricity?

No. Light Socket Security Camera doesn’t work without electricity. You have to install this in an electrically-connected E26/E27 socket for it to work.

How do I turn on night vision of the security camera?

You don’t need to turn on night vision, because at night it will automatically turn on night vision.

Is there a service fee for the app?

No. It has a free download. You only pay if you use the cloud service to store your recorded video.

Conclusion: ( Light Socket Security Camera Review )

light socket security camera reviews

From our review of Light Socket Security Camera, we conclude that the camera is worth the 4.8-star rating. The various features of this state-of-the-art camera explain why it trends in many parts of the world.

Light Socket Security Camera outperformed its competitions and gives an edge over regular security cameras. This is the reason behind several positive customer feedbacks.

Overall, we recommend Light Socket Security Camera for anybody who wants to add an extra layer of security to their home, store, or any area of interest.

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