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Hoarder TP Game Review 2022:  Isolate in a fun way!

Hoarder TP Game Review 2022- Tissue papers as a source of fun for people? Learn more.

What if someone told you the tissue paper could do more, would you believe? Personally, I wouldn’t. We all know tissue papers for doing the nice job of keeping our butt clean but they always end up down the drain, don’t they? 

Well, I’ve got news for you! An interesting one. Toilet tissues are being used to catch fun by many families today. 

So, what’s changing the narrative of tissue papers? It is the Hoarder TP Game! 

The Hoarder TP Game is a fun way people use tissue papers. It is a game many families engage in and they love so much. I too have played this game and I can’t just get bored of it. It keeps me relaxed and excited and ready to go about the day with all energy.

So, when you buy the tissue paper next time, seize a moment of leisure by putting it into more fun use as we’re going to see.

Because several people love and play this game, I decided to compile a review for you if you’d want to check it out yourself.

In this article, Hoarder TP Game Review, we shall take a detailed look at Hoarder TP Game, how to play, who gets to play, and benefits. The pros and cons of this game have also been compiled just for you. Don’t go anywhere if you want an honest review on Hoarder TP game. 

Sit tight, for fun!

What is Hoarder TP Game? (Hoarder TP Game Reviews)

Hoarder TP Game is an interesting way people have found for the use of tissue papers. It is a game where you wear and inflate a rim shaped like a toilet bow and people can throw tissue paper rolls trough it to score points. The TP in Hoarder Game stands for tissue paper. 

This game was born during the COVID-19 pandemic out of the desire for people to sustain their social life while ‘staying safe’. Nevertheless, it has come to stay because the game is getting more admirers and participants by the day. Therefore, even when the pandemic is no more, people will still find TP Hoarder Game interesting because it is. 

Hoarder TP Game provides an easy way to relieve you of stress – mental or emotional – by simply engaging in this basketball-like game: the inflatable rim is like the basket and the tissue paper roll is like the ball. 

Unlike the basketball basket which is hung unto a support, high up, the inflatable rim is worn around the waist and players can aim for it. Interesting right?

Hoarder TP Game helps you socially isolate and stay safe. You’ll easily deal with the sickly feeling of isolation because there’s now a solution for it.

One interesting thing about Hoarder TP Game is that it supports multiple players. A lot of players can participate in this game and all catch fun. By standing at some distance from the player wearing the rim, you can aim for the hole and score a point.

The inflatable ‘toilet bowl’ is space efficient and easily storable because you can deflate it after use. Simply remove air from the rim and keep it in a safe place for another day of fun.

The inflatable rim and the tissue paper roll can be purchased together. The company offers a 30-day return-policy duration. Hence, you can return the product within a month of purchase for a full refund.

Is the Hoarder TP Game Interesting? (Hoarder TP Game Reviews 2022)

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The Hoarder TP Game is played by many families. This could mean only one thing – people love it and find it interesting. It is a good way of combating boredom and stress. Moreover, playing the game improves your health since is also a form of exercise.

There’s no age limit for playing this game. As long as you can stand and throw, you’re good to go. Children and adults can play to catch fun. The modalities can be a little different though. 

The Hoarder TP Game does not discriminate gender-wise as well. Both men and women, boys and girls can participate in this game and make the most of it. 

The toilet bowl rim is easy to clean. It is built with a material that doesn’t strongly adhere to dirt. It is a one-size-fit-all product that could be worn by anybody irrespective of body size. It is also easy to inflate as it is to remove the air.

Hoarder TP Game is a source of entertainment for family and friends. What a way to bond with your people! Get off the hook with Hoarder TP Game and you’ll be glad you did.

How do I play the game? – Hoarder TP Game reviews

Hoarder TP Game is an easy-to-play game that both the young and older find fun. To play the game and catch fun, what you have to do is simple.

General rules

  1. Fill the toilet bowl rim with air
  2. Hook it around your waist and stand some distance from other players
  3. Player with the TP roll has to aim for the hole 
  4. Successful throw equals a point or something equivalent

For Adults (Maximum of 2+ players)

  1. Each player has to throw the TP roll in turn
  2. The player with the toilet bowl rim sits or stands a distance of 10 feet away from the throwers
  3. Each thrower takes a turn to through the TP roll
  4. For every successful throw, the player has to take a drink
  5. Each player then takes turn wearing the toilet bowl rim

For Children 

  1. Choose a player to wear the toilet bowl rim
  2. The player with the toilet bowl rim sits or stands a distance of 8 feet away from the throwers
  3. Each thrower takes a turn to through the TP roll
  4. For every successful throw, the player gets 1 point
  5. The player with the most points after 5 rounds emerges as the winner

The Hoarder TP Game can be modified to be played in different ways like handball, or play throws, or play catch, or ball in a hole. You can modify it in anyway that suits you best.

Are there any benefits derived from playing the Hoarder TP Game? (Hoarder TP Game Reviews)

  1. Increases your aiming skills

The Hoarder TP Game is not just a game to catch fun, it affords you improvement in aiming for targets. If you fancy basketball and you love to participate someday, starting out with the Hoarder TP Game isn’t a bad choice at all. In a few weeks and months of participation, you’ll be marveled at how much you’ll improved on your aiming skills

  1. Relieves you of anxiety and stress

Because of the many challenging tasks we face on a daily basis, stress and anxiety are almost inevitable. Now there’s a fun way to deal with them without any medication. It is the Hoarder TP Game. 

  1. Keeps you active physically

Although Hoarder TP Game is not as intense as basketball (where you’ll have to run around in between players, trying to break the defense and score a point), the game is a form of physical activity. You can decide to play in the morning to loosen off those stiff muscles. You can also have fun playing in the evening when everybody is at home.

  1. Improves your health condition

Hoarder TP Game is a form of physical activity as already established. By playing this game, you can derive the benefit of better blood circulation. It also helps you keep your body weight in check because excess fat is not only aesthetically displeasing but also has health wise risks.

  1. Ward off the sickly feeling of isolation

Getting through the lockdown can be miserable especially when you’re all alone. It doesn’t have to be. You can isolate and catch fun too. Invite your friends over for Hoarder TP Game. Each player stands some distance apart and so isolation rules are not breached. 

  1. A way to bond with family and friends

The get the most of the Hoarder TP Game, you can play this game with your family and friends. Socializing is a great way to bond. Don’t let the lockdown severe your relationship with family and friends. You can isolate and stay safe and still socialize and bond.

  1. 30-day return policy

The company offers a 30-day duration for return of the product after purchase. You’ll get a full refund for the product as the company gives a 100-% money-back guarantee.

Who should play the Hoarder TP Game? (Hoarder TP Game reviews)

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Hoarder TP Game Review

The Hoarder TP Game is meant for everybody. There’s no restriction on age or gender. Whether a child or an adult, you can play this game and have all the fun. 

The Hoarder TP Game is meant for home entertainment. When you’re with friends and family at home, you can play this game to bond and socialize better. 

Choosing the Hoarder TP Game for office parties is a great choice too.

What do I like about the Hoarder TP Game?

  • Easy way to have fun
  • Bond with family and friends
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves aiming skills
  • Gets rid of the sickly isolation feeling
  • Can be played by people irrespective of age, sex, and class
  • Keeps you physically active
  • 30-day return policy

What I don’t like about the Hoarder TP Game (Hoarder TP Game reviews) 

  • The rim can be deflated easily.
  •  It is only available online 
  • There’s only one colour available. It doesn’t come in a variety of colours. 
  •  though it claims to be a one-fit-size product, bigger or obese persons can find the rim difficult to wear

    Where do I buy the Hoarder TP Game rim and TP rolls? (Hoarder TP Game reviews)

These can be bought from the official site. The manufacturer does not sell this product through third party companies. Beware.

What is the pricing of the Hoarder TP Game? (Hoarder TP Game reviews)

3x Hoarder TP Game – Only $49.99
(Friday Night Pack)
(Recommended Deal)

1x Hoarder TP Game – Only $19.99
(The Throne Game)

2x Hoarder TP Game – Only $39.99
(Double Date Pack)

4x Hoarder TP Game – Only $54.99
(Party Pack)

Return Policy (Hoarder TP Game Review 2022)

The company offers a 30-day return policy for this product.

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Customer’s Reviews And ExperienceHoarder TP Game Review 2022

Scarlett H.· Reno, NV

I picked up one of these as a joke for my roommate, but who would have thought we play with it all the time. It’s actually really fun and we come up with different rules for different days of the week. We’ve even started making up a cool new drinking game for our parties!

Michelle L.· Madison, W

I honestly didn’t know I needed this game. But apparently, I do, because my family and I can’t get enough of it. We’re a large family of six so I ordered the Friday Night Pack for us. It’s perfect. We take it out in our backyards on weekend afternoons and spend the day running around after each other. We even hear the neighbors laughing with us, not at us, we think. We don’t care. We’re having too much fun.

Heidi S.· Durham, NC

Ok, I have two small boys and all they ever do is make poop jokes. They’re obsessed! So I knew that they would love this game. Well, they sure did. All they do is run around the house with these on and throw TP ‘rolls’ at each other and make obscene noises. Perfect for younger boys.

Hoarder TP Game Review
Frequently Asked Questions

How does it help to reduce stress?

It surely allows to reduce stress as it is a fun activity and after playing this game, the happy hormones are released which make you feel better.

How do you fasten the rim to your waist?

The rim comes with a velcro belt which can be easily fastened around the waist and thus adjusted according to the waist size. make sure you do not fasten it too tight.

Is this game boring?
No, not at all. Different versions of the game can be played and you can make it interesting every time you play

Does the Hoarder TP Game work or Is it a Scam?

No, it is not at all a scam if you are wondering. This game surely provides you the entertainment that it promises. I myself have been playing with my family and friends and now this has become my best Christmas gift for my loved ones as it is such a big hit.  

I am an adult, can I play this?

Yes, definitely you can play this game. This game can be played by age group. Thus this game is equally enjoyed by elders and kids.


Final Verdict ( Hoarder TP Game Review 2022)

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Hoarder TP Game Review 2022

Catching fun hasn’t been made easier during the lockdown. You can do so with just a toilet bowl rim and a tissue paper roll. The Hoarder TP Game affords you that!

The Hoarder TP Game is a way of having fun with friends and family by throwing tissue paper rolls into an inflated toilet bowl rim. You can’t just get tired of this game. To purchase the items and engage in this game, head over to the official website. The customers are already testifying to how fun this game is. 

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