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Sure Sleep Mask Reviews 2022: Is this sleep Mask Any Good?

Sure Sleep Mask Reviews 2022- Don’t drug yourself to sleep; try this natural way!

Have you exhausted all your options in trying to get a good sleep? If you’re looking for a natural way to sleep without any side effects, then this review is for you.

A healthy living depends greatly on sleep. Scientists say that adequate sleep not only keeps one healthy but prolongs one’s lifespan. 

Technology has brought a lot of things to us, including sleep-inducing gadgets and pills. However, the question is, how effective are these for each individual? Again, how safely can we use any of these products?

Many people are caught up in the web of drug abuse all in a bid to fall asleep. Although sedatives, sleep-inducing drugs, are not necessarily bad, there’s a tendency to use them indiscriminately in the process of addiction.

Sadly, the dangers of drug dependence and overdose can be very fatal. 

Several gadgets claim to put one to sleep in a natural way but only few of these have been tested and the scientific basis of their working confirmed and understood. Little wonder scam products are ubiquitous in today’s market.

However, geniune sleep-promoting gadgets exist and are only difficult to come by. Recently, one of such products hit the market and has been receiving tons of positive reviews. It is the Sure Sleep Mask.

Are these reviews genuine? What makes the Sure Sleep Mask different? I had these questions and many more until I used this product and cleared my doubts.

Reviewers will not tell you all so I compiled an honest review on the Sure Sleep Mask if you’re interested in promoting your sleep. 

This review will expose the features, benefits, pros, cons, and other details about this mask. Whether it truly works as reviews claim or not will also be discussed.

Right off the bat, let’s see what Sure Sleep Mask really is.

What is Sure Sleep Mask?

Sure Sleep Mask
Sure sleep Mask Reviews

Sure Sleep Mask is an innovative sleep mask that improves your sleep by ‘tricking’ the brain into sleep. The gadget uses three scientifically proven methods to achieve this task. It is a natural, drug-free means of making you fall asleep even when you’ve tried all other options to no avail. 

Sure Sleep Mask puts you to sleep whenever you want to. It works at night and in the daytime. By blocking out external noises and light, Sure Sleep Mask serenades you to sleep like a nightingale.

Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep is a problem for many people including students, security guards, and long-night workers. Although stemming from a formed habit of sleep deprivation, poor sleep can also result from other cases. 

Be it as it may, not having enough sleep imparts greatly our health and can lead to disease conditions or even death.

Sure Sleep Mask is an advanced-technology sleep mask designed to combat sleep disorders. Insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome are some medical conditions that rob you of sleep.

The gadget doesn’t contain drugs. It has hypoallergenic and made of premium quality breathable memory foam that allows for free circulation of oxygen.

Sure Sleep Mask is a Swedish product that has become popular in the native country and in several other places including the U.S. 

The Sure Sleep Mask is worn over the head and covers the eyes. It creates a complete blackout effect that simulates nighttime conditions no matter the time you wear it. It is perfect for anyone who wants to have a deep sleep even during the day. 

Additionally, Sure Sleep Mask brings cool music, podcasts, and soothing sounds to your ears through its built-in speakers. The gadget is battery-operated and lasts for several hours before needing a recharge. The included universal USB-C cable is used to deliver high voltage for a fast recharge.

Sure Sleep Mask connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone. You can listen to your favourite playlist while catching some “zzz”.

Once put on, the Sure Sleep Mask touch pressure stimulation brings a calming effect. It has 3D designed eyecups that’ll exert no pressure on your eyes and is one-size-fit-all.

You can hand-wash Sure Sleep Mask or put it in the washing machine. It’s high-quality material offers it great durability.

Sure Sleep Mask comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s included in the Sure Sleep Mask Package? (Sure Sleep Mask reviews 2022)

  • SureSleep Mask (x1)
  • Resonant Frequency Device (x1)
  • Charging Cable (x1)
  • Sleep Manual (x1)

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What the buzz over Sure Sleep Mask is all about?

Sure Sleep Mask reviews 2022.jpeg

A state-of-the-art mask that naturally puts users to sleep, the Sure Sleep Mask is a 5-star rated products with tons of positive feedback reviews.

You may be wondering for what reasons the Sure Sleep Mask is hyped. If so, here’s the answer.

  • Works on a fascinating combinatorial technology

The Sure Sleep Mask utilizes not one, not two, but three scientifically-proven methods to improve sleep. This device can be connected to your smartphone to transmit soothing sounds to your ears, making you fall asleep faster.

Additionally, it blocks light to create a complete blackout effect that makes you feel it’s nighttime. Lastly, Sure Sleep Mask, as a result of the construction material, uses a touch pressure stimulation to calm you as though you have a blanket placed over you.

By combining three effective methods to improve sleep in a single material, the Sure Sleep Mask stands by far as a highly effective sleep-promoting gadget.

  • Operated by rechargable batteries

Sure Sleep Mask is designed to keep you asleep for long hours until you feel refreshed again. It comes with long-lasting, high-capacity batteries with an 8hr+ runtime. The USB-type C cable included the package is a universal USB cord you can use to recharge Sure Sleep Mask. Interestingly, you can charge it up again in just few hours ready to use the gadget again.

  • Bluetooth feature

Music is soothing to the soul. If you’re a fan, now you can have your favourite playlist throughout your duration of sleep. Sure Sleep Mask connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. After connection, you can play music or listen to podcasts, audiobooks and soothing sound.

  • Compatible with all Smartphones

You won’t have a problem with compatibility with your Smartphone because Sure Sleep Mask connects to them all once the Bluetooth feature is enabled. Whether you use an Android or iOS device or even a bluetooth-enabled PC, Sure Sleep effortlessly connects to transmit your audio.

  • Memory foam core

Sure Sleep Mask is designed with premium quality breathable memory foam. As a result, this device promotes free circulation of air which is important for temperature regulation. Sure Sleep Mask won’t make you sweat or feel hot. Rather, it wicks off any sweat to bring a cooling sensation.

  • Hypoallergenic 

When pieces of bedding material stick into your nose, you know you’re bound to have an allergic reaction. Nobody wants that. After all, you want a good sleep. Sure Sleep Mask is designed with hypoallergenic materials. It is entirely safe to use and you won’t complain of hypersensitivities.

  • Drug-free

Unlike sedatives, Sure Sleep Mask puts you to sleep in a natural, drug-free means. The gadget simply creates the ideal conditions that favour sleep as you’d have by nature. There’s no abuse or dependence with Sure Sleep Mask unlike drug options.

  • Simple button controls

Sure Sleep Mask is operated with easy-to-clean buttons. They include the power button, pause-and-play button, and volume control buttons. Anyone can use this device.

  • One-size-fits-all

Sure Sleep Mask comes as only one size designed to fit snugly every user. It therefore has adjustable band. It also has 3D eyecups that accommodate the eyes and allow you open them within the mask.

  • Machine-washable

There are two options available for you when it comes to washing the mask. You can either hand-wash it or let the washing machine do that for you. Sure Sleep Mask is designed with high quality materials to withstand twisting and stress. However, you have to take out the speakers and the Bluetooth converter box before washing the mask.

What’s the Science behind the working of the Sure Sleep Mask?

The Sure Sleep Mask is designed to work on the principle of Pavlovian conditioning. 

In a simple sense, Sure Sleep Mask causes the body to develop a habit if the mask is worn for a certain duration, typically longer than 21 days.

The body associates wearing the mask with sleep. According to the mask designer, the mask gives the brain a mental cue that it is time for sleep. In addition, it creates the required conditions for sleep by shutting out light and background noise, bringing in soothing music, and causing a touch pressure stimulation,  all geared towards adjusting the body’s hormones in a direction that favours sleep.

Full details of Sure Sleep Mask Working

To “trick” your brain into the sleep mode it needs is the central concept of the Sure Sleep Mask. This mask utilizes three laboratory-tested methods to accomplish this task. These methods have been verified by research and have been used to support anxiety and stress individuals.

  1. Music

Music is central to our lives. It is soothing to the soul. According to researches and studies, music has been shown to have the ability to alter moods and create particular states of the mind.

Music can create physiological changes in the body. It can ease tension in the nervous system and reduce the heart rate. It can also slow down the user’s breathing. It can also improve sleep quality. Music has many positive effects that make it easy to fall asleep quickly and not spend hours awake.

  1. Light blocking effect

The Sure Sleep Mask also uses blocking light. Even the slightest amount of light can affect melatonin levels, which is the hormone that the body releases to aid it in sleeping at night. 

Even if an individual spends 8 hours sleeping in bed, light exposure can instantly make them feel tired. The body can produce more melatonin by blocking out light, which helps users fall asleep quickly.

Sure Sleep Mask fits snugly to keep out every ray of light from meeting the eyes.

  1. Touch pressure stimulation

The last option is touch pressure stimulation. The stimulation is extremely relaxing, and there is no massage. It’s actually the mask’s gentle weight on the skin that soothes. This is similar to using a blanket.

 It causes the brain to release serotonin and inhibits the production of cortisol. The user is quickly calmed by the extra pressure.

These natural reactions are directly associated with the wearing of the mask and better sleep. The user’s brain is trained to associate the mask with better sleeping because it causes these natural responses in accordance with Pavlovian conditioning.


How to use Sure Sleep Mask – Sure Sleep Mask reviews 2022

Sure Sleep Mask comes with simple control buttons that anyone can easily operate. There’s no hassle operation whatsoever when it comes to Sure Sleep Mask.

Additionally, the included instructional manual contains step-by-step guide on how to use this gadget. It’s simplified further as follows.

  • Step 1: Unbox the Package. Take out the Sure Sleep Mask from its box.
  • Step 2: Charge up the gadget. Use the included USB cable to charge up Sure Sleep Mask. The cable is of type C and compatible with most devices.
  • Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth with your smartphone
  • Step 4: Turn on Sure Sleep Mask. Press and hold the ‘on/off’ power button on the mask until a red/blue light starts flashing.
  • Step 5: Pair your Bluetooth-enabled mask with your smartphone. Find ‘BT-01’ on the Bluetooth list on your phone and connect it. 
  • Step 6: Enjoy your sleep with your favorite music

Note: Please disconnect all paired devices in the first place. Then pair the mask.

What to benefit from Sure Sleep Mask

The benefits of this breakthrough-technology mask are worth noting.

  1. Sure Sleep Mask puts you in a deep sleep. Having a sufficient and deep sleep comes with a lot of benefits. It eliminates brain fog and keeps you relaxed and refreshed to take on any task.
  1. For all sleeper types. For whatever position you normally sleep — on your back, stomach, or side, or any combination of them — Sure Sleep Mask works to improve sleep. Side sleepers won’t worry about the speaker because the mask has enough padding in the speaker areas and the speaker position can be adjusted to properly fit into the ear without any harm.
  1. No pressure on eyes. Sure Sleep Mask covers the eyes and the bridge of the nose and across and behind to the back of the head. It is designed to snugly fit the user. It creates a complete blackout that simulates nighttime and at the same time has 3ad designed eyecaps that allow you open your eyes within the mask.
  1. Puts you to sleep in the shortest time. Sure Sleep Mask creates the conditions that favour sleep. Interestingly, it does this quickly to put you to sleep within 15 minutes averagely.
  1. Reduces tension, migraines, and fatigue. Tension, migraines, and fatigue are a result of inadequate sleep among other causes. By improving your sleep, Sure Sleep Mask contributes to one of  alleviating factors for these conditions.
  1. Portable and light-weight. Like every mask, Sure Sleep Mask is light-weight and can easily be slipped into your traveling bag. When you’re done to embark on long journeys be it on air or land, or when you go for camping or excursions, don’t leave the Sure Sleep Mask behind.

Who is the Sure Sleep Mask meant for?

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The Sure Sleep Mask is for everyone. It can be carried with you to help you sleep better while traveling. The mask can be worn anywhere they go, even when they need to take a break from work. Some users find the mask can even improve their skin and help prevent them from using pillowcases.

The Sure Sleep Mask is perfect for persons who desire the following conditions:

  • To Block out sleep disturbances. To Silence snoring partners, noisy roommates, neighbors, street noise or mask annoying tinnitus.
  • To have a deep sleep/put an end to light sleeping.
  • To Listen comfortably to anything. Play your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, soothing music, nature sounds, white noises, guided meditations or have a “brain-gasm” with ASMR.
  • To Travel & combat jetlag. Drift off in an airport, long nights, road trips or hotel rooms.
  • To Sleep anytime, anywhere. Sleep during the day for nightshift or enjoy power naps.
  • To Ease pain & discomfort. Relieve migraines, restlessness, tension, vertigo or just escape into your own head + no more earbuds hurting your ears!
  • To Promote lucid dreaming. Calm night terrors and control your dreams with sleep meditations and hypnosis.
  • To Improve your skin. Prevent the formation of wrinkles around your eyes and never wake up with ugly marks on your face from the pillowcase.
  • To Wash off the mental dust. Just unwind and escape into your own head after a long day.

What I like about Sure Sleep Mask — Pros

  • Sure Sleep Mask blocks out all sleep disturbances, lights, and noises.
  • It combats fatigue that results from long, exhausting travel hours.
  • You can listen to your favorite music while you sleep, without having to use earbuds.
  • It provides quality sleep wherever and whenever you need it.
  • It reduces tension and migraines.
  • This prevents the formation of visible wrinkles around your eyes from pillow.
  • Sure Sleep Mask is a premium-quality night mask for better sleep quality.
  • Sure Sleep Mask uses clinically proven and lab-tested relaxation techniques.
  • Sure Sleep Mask incorporates ultrathin Bluetooth headphones.
  • Sure Sleep Mask allows you to listen to sleep-inducing music and sounds.
  • Sure Sleep Mask should help you fall asleep faster and easier.
  • Sure Sleep Mask may alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Sure Sleep Mask should help you sleep deeper and sounder.
  • Sure Sleep Mask may help you wake up refreshed and energized.
  • It uses premium memory foam for comfortable wear.
  • It is compatible with machine washing.

What I don’t like About Sure Sleep Mask — Cons

  • The product is only available on the official site
  • It is limited in stock
  • Removing the Bluetooth connector box in order to wash the mask is a little time consuming

Where to purchase Sure Sleep Mask

You can only buy the Sure Sleep Mask from the official website

Price list of Sure Sleep Mask 

Order now on the Sure Sleep Mask website to receive an exclusive discount

50% off. Hurry now to purchase Sure Sleep Mask!

The company says that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Customers can also keep the mask if they have only purchased one.

Contact SpeedTech:

By Email:

By Phone:

United States and Canada (Toll Free): 855 741 9257

United Kingdom: 033081 80843

Australia: (02) 5133 5671


SureSleep Mask, Inc.

1084 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 19354

Sure sleep Mask Buyers Reviews and Experience 

This eye mask is extremely comfortable and convenient. It’s really comfortable to lay down with and play some music when trying to relax and it blocks out any light completely which makes it easier to take naps in the day time which I love. The mask itself is not noise cancelling in any way, it is very loose around the ears and has very thin fabric in that area, but with some music playing you can’t hear a thing. The volume does get really loud which is nice if you’re trying to drown out any other sounds.- Anna G Verified Purchase 

There is so much to be said about this product! First off I want to say that this sleep mask is far beyond what I expected. Upon arrival I immediately unboxed and the first aspect I noticed was how incredibly soft the material was and how light the mask itself was also. The first night with them I was blown away with how comfortable, cool, and adjustable they were. My main concern was whether it would actually block out all light fully and it performed perfectly. What really has to be praised is the audio quality!- Thomas B Verified Purchase 

The audio quality for these are superb! The nearly-flat mini speakers adjust easily to fit directly over my ears, and produce awesome sound that blocks out external noises. The eye cups make the mask extremely comfortable, even when lying on the side. I LOVE THESE!- Adam H Verified Purchase 

FAQs – Sure Sleep Mask Review 

Do Sure Sleep Masks need to be charged every night?

The Sure Sleep Mask’s battery technology guarantees that you will have three nights of uninterrupted play on one charge. The mask will go into standby mode if it is not receiving any sound or music after four hours.

Is Sure Sleep Mask really comfortable?

They seem to be adamant about the Sure Sleep Mask’s comfort. The lightweight, cool, and downright breathable material that is used to make this system so trustworthy has led to their confidence.

When Sure Sleep Mask’s battery is low, will a sound be made?

Yes, the Sure Sleep Mask will automatically go into standby mode when it reaches a low battery. It will not emit an alarm sound or disturb your sleep, but it will not emit any notification.

Is the Sure Sleep Mask washing machine compatible?

The electronic parts of Sure Sleep Mask are easily removed and can be put in the washing machine. After the electronics are completely dry, it will be necessary to reassemble them. The provided instructions manual must be followed exactly to ensure proper functioning.

Bottom line on Sleep mask Reviews

Sleep is a problem for a significant population. Sleep is also vital for all persons. Getting adequate sleep is the ultimate goal of Sure Sleep Mask. 

Sure Sleep Mask is an innovative, breakthrough-technology mask that uses Pavlovian conditions to bring about sleep. It utilizes three laboratory-tested methods to condition the body in a way that favours. Sleep.

Sure Sleep Mask is drug-free, hypoallergenic, and therefore safe for use. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to your Smartphone and bring you soothing music to facilitate sleep.

Several features and benefits of Sure Sleep Mask make it a one-stop shop product that has piqued the interest of reviewers. 

In conclusion, customers who bought this product are now able to sleep. They give it a high rating and have sent lots of testimonials and positive feedback because of how useful Sure Sleep Mask has been to them.

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