Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews 2022: Work or Waste of Money?

Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews 2022: The ear is one of the most delicate parts of the human body as it is one of the 5 major human senses of the body. And just like every other hidden part of the human body, it should be taken care of strictly as most of these parts have connections with the internal body. The ear which is made up of 3 parts; the outer, middle and inner of which the outer and middle one are the main ones we take care of majorly because that’s the one that we could access ourselves. Most times, getting someone to help you get the dirt out from your ears could even be riskier as they could be chances of you getting hurt or injured. Accidents may also occur and could be as well detrimental to one’s hearing and painful too. So even though it is to help you out in this very regard, it should be a licensed practitioner.

There are so many reasons why you should be particular about taking care of your ear and waxing the dirt out once in a while. Allowing those dirt piles in your ears can be very detrimental to one’s hearing. You are prone to always feeling pains and having an itchy sensation in your ear likewise a smelly discharge even when it gets really worse and a feeling of your ears being full arises. If one doesn’t take cognizance of all these on time and do the needful, you might develop something worse that might require the assistance of an audiologist or an otolaryngologist because yes, it can be that severe. Moreover, the normal way or trend people go with majorly is the use of cotton buds to get rid of these dirts. In as much as it’s ideal, it still has its shortcomings of actually pushing some dirt in too in the process where you were trying to take it out. Now, progression in technology has done so good that manufacturers have been able to make a self-endoscopic device that helps you see your inner ear, know where the wax is and gently take it out.

A device that can look through your inner ears! Fascinating. You might have been finding it difficult to reach some areas of your ears and you can’t ascertain that solely because you can even see it. The right endoscopy device is here to help you do that with ease so you can get that dirts out completely. This self-endoscopic device gives you the ability to clean the wax in your ears while looking at the feedback video or footage on your phone screen. Isn’t that great! However, the device emits about 3 million pixels that are safe and clear.

This device is the Visucleaner Earwax Camera; an ear otoscope that is built with a camera that helps you capture the slightest detail when you are cleaning your ears. It is compatible with your phones both the iPhone iOS based and Android alike. The earwax camera is portable and lightweight. There is so much about the Visucleaner Earwax camera, its amazing benefits, features, and how it works to produce effective results. All this is for you to be in the know of this product and make the wise decision of getting yours today!

What is the Visucleaner Earwax Camera? 

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Visucleaner Earwax Camera Reviews 2022

Visucleaner Earwax Camera is an ear otoscope that has a camera lens allowing one to see real-time images of even the thinnest details inside one’s ear canal. This endoscope camera device provides you with a clear view while you are waxing off the dirt from your ear. It’s the first ear hygiene tool with which you can be 100% sure you have wax-free ears. The Visucleaner Earwax Camera is lightweight and portable, it is designed and built with a 3mm camera lens with about 6 LED light which is attached to it allowing you see those real-time images inside your ear.

This Visucleaner ear wax removal comes in a pen like shape and its sized 6.69*2.48*0.67 inches weighing about 41.1 grams. The Visucleaner Earwax camera is also water resistant and comes with a IP67 camera that helps you clean it or wipe it with alcohol when youre done cleaning your ear. The camera device is compatible with your mobile phone as well as Wi-Fi compatible except from laptops. It is packed with a camera which captures 1080p video quality as well as emit 3 million pixels that are safe and clear. It comes packed with 6 silicone ear spoons, you find the one that fits and functions perfectly for you.

Features of the Visucleaner Earwax Camera (Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews 2022)

Silicon-made ear spoons:

The earwax pen/spoon instrument used to insert into the ear canal is made of smooth silicon material which is neither too hard nor is it too soft. It has perfect angles of tilt which cleans the earwax effectively and also doesn’t scratch the auditory meatus.

Easy to use:

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera is a very simple device to use. Just one button press and you start using it easily with clear images. It’s portability and compactness with the mini-sized design makes it possible for traveling and while you are engaging in outdoor activities. It is expected that you do not use it more than 30 times per ear spoon.

High video/image quality:

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera has a high video image quality of 1080P FDH  and its wireless ear scope has 360°wide-angle professional grade lens. This creates a large coverage view to help you remove the earwax in a much easier way. With high quality 1080P, 3 mm camera lens, full HD resolution can provide superior clear image.

How does the Visucleaner Earwax Camera work? (Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews)

Visucleaner Earwax Camera Reviews 2022

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera works by streaming the picture right on your phone by being Wi-Fi connected when you are cleaning your ears. It does it on a full HD resolution as the camera is equipped with a 360-degree wide angle lens which clearly streams a view of your ears like you have never seen them before. When you now have that better view of your inner ear, the Visucleaner Earwax cleaner uses its silicon ear spoon to comfortably remove these wax from your ears. The grade lens which is IP7 waterproofed makes it easy to clean with water or wipe down with alcohol, and its versatile size makes it ideal if you need to check teeth, the nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots, or other hard-to-see body parts. And the 350mAh battery gives you up to 1.5 hours of continuous use.

How do I use the Visucleaner Earwax Camera? (Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews 2022)

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera is a simple device to use and it’s swiftly like magic. You might get stunned at how dirty your ear canal has been all these while and it is why the Visucleaner Earwax is here to show you how you can effectively get rid of it. Below are some steps to help you set up your Visucleaner Earwax camera and get it going effectively.

Firstly; When you must have received your package and unboxed it. It is ideal to charge up the Visucleaner Earwax Camera until it is duly charged, then you proceed to the next step. After it has been fully charged, you check for the OFF/ON button and you turn it ON.

The next step after it has been turned on is that it creates Wi-Fi when you turn on your mobile phone. Then you connect to the Wi-Fi it creates. When that is successful you move on to the next step. This is after you must have connected the Wi-Fi successfully, you download the Visucleaner Earwax camera app. The Visucleaner Earwax camera app is quite easy to navigate, after that youre all set to go.

Benefits of Visucleaner Earwax Camera 

Multi-Purpose Use: 

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera is suitable not only for earwax removal as you can use it conveniently for daily inspection of even the nose, mouth, throat, and other health conditions. You can take care not only of your family’s health but also your pets. A wireless endoscope is a high-end technology that is going to be an essential tool in every household.

Easy Connection with your phone: 

It is easy to connect a Wi-Fi ear otoscope with almost any Phone as it is compatible with both the android and iOS phones. You simply need to download and install a free app. Connect your phone with the digital ear endoscope via a Wi-Fi signal. Open the app, and you will be able to see live streaming video on your phone. 

Safe and High Definition: 

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera is equipped with a 3 mm camera, which can be used with adults and children. The ear endoscope camera features a non-heating chip, so it can be scalded for disinfection. What is more, the device has integrated led lights, which enhances the brightness and sharpness of the image in the ear canal. It has never been easier and safe to remove earwax.

Pros of using the Visucleaner Earwax Camera 

– It is simple to use and navigate

– Made of high quality material.

– It is quite affordable

– It is compatible with both the iPhone/ iOS, iPad and Android.

– It is lightweight and portable.

Cons of using the Visucleaner Earwax Camera (Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews)

– It can only be purchased online from the official website

– It is limited in stock atimes.

– It cannot be purchased at local/physical stores.

Where can I purchase the Visucleaner Earwax Camera?

The Visucleaner Earwax Camera can only be purchased online from the official website thus it cannot be bought at local stores. So when ordering for this ear- cleaning device, it is best to do so from the official website directly from the manufacturer as outside the numerous benefits associated with getting it directly from the manufacturer, you also avoid falling the risk of getting imitated or substandard product of the original from other sites. You also enjoy up to 50% – 60% discount on these sales with a fast domestic shipping service too. The company also offers you a 100% money back guarantee in case you want to make a return if you are not satisfied with the Visucleaner. There’s no hassle return of any form, you return within 30 days of purchase and get refunds on purchase aside from the S&H. The company’s website also offers you a swift shipping service after you have placed your orders. Just within 2 weeks and you should have gotten your parcel shipped to you. You have various payment methods that are safe while paying for the product like using PayPal or credit cards.

Pricing of Visucleaner Earwax Camera

Visucleaner Earwax Camera is sold at a quite affordable price which currently even goes on a discount. Below are the price ranges on the different quantities available.

1x Visucleaner Earwax camera @50% $59.00 = $59.00

2x Visucleaner Earwax camera @55% $54.99/each = $109.98

3x Visucleaner Earwax camera @60% $49.66/each = $148.98

Return Policy:

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee on purchases made which have been made and shipped to you within 30 days of collection. So, in case you want to make a return if you are not satisfied with the Visucleaner, you can return it within 30 days of purchase and get refunds on purchase aside from the shipping fee. There’s no form of hassle return with the Visucleaner Earwax Camera device.

Frequently asked questions about Visucleaner Earwax Camera 

Why does this otoscope ear wax cleaner become a little hot?

This is one of the questions most buyers or current users normally ask and it is important to note that the Visucleaner Earwax Camera has a constant temperature that tries as much as possible not to be too cold or too hot. However, the constant warm temperature which it stays at appears more comfortable for use

How do you clean this earwax cleaner kit?

A:  The Visucleaner Earwax camera comes with a IP67 waterproof grade that makes it easy for you to clean with water as it’s a wireless digital earwax removal device so it won’t be affected

Visucleaner Earwax Camera Customers Reviews 

Joan Jones Denver, US

Excellent product. Ear hygiene is really important for me. I always persuade my family to clean their ears too. But with the newborn, it became too much of a struggle, and I had to elevate my play. Ear cleaner with cam was an excellent choice. Both my older boys even ask to get their ears checked.

 Joseph White Michigan, US

I always check for the latest technology, and when I heard about Visuclean, I was amazed. I had to try it out. I was not disappointed. The product is a great example of high-tech entering our daily lives. I highly recommend it.

Donna Scott Detroit, US

Excellent product. Ear hygiene is really important for me. I always persuade my family to clean their ears too. But with the newborn, it became too much of a struggle, and I had to elevate my play. Ear cleaner with cam was an excellent choice. Both my older boys even ask to get their ears checked.

Conclusion: Visucleaner Earwax Camera reviews

You must have been stunned at this point and having seen no reason whatsoever as to why you shouldn’t purchase this earwax camera. Don’t just imagine the dirt which you must have been harboring inside your ear or pushing inside more as a result of ignorance. Now you know better and should likewise act better by getting the Visucleaner Earwax Camera today to help you identify that tiniest dirt and eliminate for good finally and be sure to have wax-free ears.


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