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MaiCharging review 2022 – Is this charging station worth the buy?

MaiCharging review 2022: Mobile phones are devices we’ve become emotionally attached to for professional and personal reasons. It has become our mini home, office and means of socializing, apart from the primary purpose of phone calls. We spend a great deal of time with our phones daily. As a matter of fact, the average American spends 70 – 95 hours per month on their phone.

Mobile phones, whatever be their make or model, are powered by chemical cells or batteries. Luckily, these batteries are rechargeable and we can therefore reuse them over and over again by simply connecting them to an external power source by means of a cord (usually USB). However, cords are becoming old-fashioned and less appealing because of the power they draw which reduces the efficiency of the charging process. In addition, cords can tangle with one another making their separation difficult and painful. Moreover, the constant pulling and pushing in an attempt to unplug or plug in our devices cause the wearing of the associated ports and terminals, ultimately leading to their damage. Because of these, wireless charging stations are becoming popular. 

Frankly speaking, wireless charging pads are not the newest products in the market. But experience shows that most of these are not as efficient as the wired chargers in charging up our devices. And their connections could be a pain in the neck. 

Finally, breakthrough! The good news today is the MaiCharging station, a multi-charging power hub that charges up not just mobile phones but rechargeable phone accessories as well.

Is this device worth the buy? This review is a research-based review of MaiCharging power station aimed to expose the features, specifications and all whatnots of the device. Sit tight.

What is MaiCharging? – MaiCharging review 2022

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MaiCharging Review 2022

MaiCharging is an innovative, portable charging station that enables multiple devices to be charged at the same time. It is a wireless multi-charging power hub for all your devices. MaiCharging makes it possible to completely recharge your device – smartphone, airpod, smartwatch – from a zero level in a short period of time. Interestingly, you don’t need to completely recharge one device before plugging in another because MaiCharging has provisions for multiple devices. In fact, up to 3 devices can be plugged into this charging station at the same time without compromising charge speed. 

MaiCharging is a product of a group of Engineers in Hong Kong who adopted the original AirPower design in building the device. 

It is common today to see smartphones, ranging from Android to Apple products. The good part is that MaiCharging is compatible with many phone makes and models. Therefore, whichever one you have, you can easily charge up your device with ease with MaiCharging.

MaiCharging’s fast connection by far sets it apart from contemporary wireless chargers and charging stations. Unlike these, MaiCharging connects quickly so you don’t have to wait for ages to charge up. Furthermore, at a power output rate  as high as 75W, you can be sure to pick up your fully-charged phone in no time. No more regrets and teary eyes in the morning if you forgot to plug in your device the previous night. While on breakfast for work or school, your smartphone can be charged up very quickly.

MaiCharging’s sleek design makes it comfortable to carry about. It is a compact device that hardly takes up any space on the shelf or on the bedside table. 

You can purchase MaiCharging from the official website. The company allows a 30-day return period and either replaces the product or completely refunds you if you don’t like the product.

What sets MaiCharging apart from other charging stations? – MaiCharging review 

Several wireless power stations are on the market today. They are not the newest products in the market of gadgets. However, most of these chargers have met with considerable shortfalls so much so that wired chargers are more preferred in many situations. MaiCharging came out with a difference. Its features account for the very high performance of the gadget.

  • Compatibility

MaiCharging is compatible with smartphones of various makes and models. Apple smartphones and newer Android phones can be charged by MaiCharging with ease. You don’t need any cord to recharge your phone. Simply place it on MaiCharging and have a fast charge no wired charging device can give you.

  • Multiple charging 

More than one device can be charged simultaneously using MaiCharging power station. Specifically, MaiCharging features a 3-in-1 wireless charging unit for your smartphone, airpod and smartwatch. All 3 devices can be charged at the same time and at a fast rate

  • High Output Charger

MaiCharging supplies as much as 75 watts power to your device. This has the capacity to charge your smartphone to 50% power in about an hour without damaging your device. This fast charge feature enables you recharge your smartphone in the least possible time.

  • Compact design

Unlike some charging pads, MaiCharging is very compact. It does not take up much space on the shelf or on the bedside table where it’s usually placed. Furthermore, its small size and lightweight design make it very portable.

  • Wireless charging station

The use of MaiCharging power station completely eliminates the need for wired chargers. You don’t need connection to the mains power supply to charge up your phone again. Goodbye to the frustrating tangles cords make with one another.

  • Easy to use 

MaiCharging is a very simple gadget that requires no expertise to use. It can be used by anyone.

  • Fast connection

One of the cutting-edge features of MaiCharging power hub is its fast connection with your smartphone, airpod or smartwatch. This is because connection is a problem for many wireless chargers. In a few seconds, MaiCharging establishes connection with your device and starts to charge it up.

  • Ergonomic Design

MaiCharging’s design is such that makes it sleek and ergonomic so much so that it matches your room decor or office and gives it a unique and classy look.

What’s inside MaiCharging’s package? – MaiCharging review 2022

After purchasing the product and unboxing, the following will be found within the package:

  • MaiCharging station (x1)
  • Power cable (x1)
  • User manual (x1)

Product details of MaiCharging – MaiCharging review 2022

  • Product: All-in-one charger
  • Mains connection: 230
  • Slots: 3
  • Category: wireless charging station
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with both Apple and Android phones and gadgets.
  • 3 in 1 Wireless charger: it charges your phone, Apple Watch, Airpods at the same time.
  • 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging: MaiCharging is engineered to charge all devices at the fastest possible speed with an output of 7.5W
  • Eliminate Cord Clutter: You can free up desk space with three integrated chargers powered by a single charging cable.
  • It can connect quickly to the devices you want to charge.
  • It has a nice and sleek design.
  • It has a compact design and is light weight, it does not take up much space on the shelf or on the bedside table
  • Extras: EMI and EMC. Like all chargers, the wireless charging station must follow the rules for EMI and EMC. With this product, every buyer can be sure that all safety measures are in place with this charger.
  • An alarm clock is included

How to Use MaiCharging – Review of MaiCharging

MaiCharging is a very simple device to use. It does not require an expert to use the device. There’s is also an instructional manual in the package in case you’d want to look up anything.

To use MaiCharging, simply connect the wireless charging station to a socket and place the smartphone on the round surface. It adheres by itself and connects to the charging station. In the space next to the charging pad, you can put your Apple Watch and your AirPods.

The construct on the right is specially designed for the Apple Watch, which can be place around it. The Airpods can easily be placed on top. 

All devices are charged together at the same time. Fast and very efficient. It could not be easier. You do not have to worry about the position of the cell phone, as the entire area can be used for charging.

How does MaiCharging work? – Review of MaiCharging

The working mechanism of MaiCharging involves an advanced technology featuring magnetic induction which is a relatively new feature for powering iPhones and popular Android phones.

A total of 3 charging stations are available. Thus AirPods or Apple Watch may be charged simultaneously together with your personal iPhone or Android phone. The whole tool is supplied with power via a strong cord. An absolutely discharged cellphone maybe charged up to 50% in less than hour. It is very fast and also includes an alarm clock.

Historical background and inspiration behind MaiCharging – MaiCharging review 2022

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MaiCharging review 2022

In 2017, Apple wanted to bring out back a new innovation called AirPower, a wireless charging mat that could charge all your devices at home. But they kept pushing back the release date, until this year 2020, they announced that it was cancelled. They could not just figure out a way to make the design work.

a group of engineers in Hong Kong took the original AirPower design and re-worked it into a wireless charging station called MaiCharging. This all-in-one charger for Apple and Android devices is a high-quality product. The device is much more than just a charging product. Rather, it is a multiple charging cable that can be used for all Apple and Android devices.

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What are the upsides of MaiCharging? – Review of MaiCharging

  • It is compatible to your Android and Apple devices due to the Qi technology.
  • It has a charging output of 7.5 Watts, hence fast charging is possible.
  • It is also suitable for charging your Apple Watch and AirPods
  • It has a compact design and so does not occupy too much space when in use.
  • It prevents cable clutter
  • Only one power connection is required
  • An alarm clock is included in its design
  • It is easy to use
  • It loads several devices at the same time
  • There is a 30- Day money back guarantee. This is to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction
  • It is currently available at a discount making it cheap and affordable.

What are the downsides of MaiCharging? – Review of MaiCharging

  • It can only be bought online, though it is not really a problem because most people already purchase different products online.
  • Stock is quite limited. It is already sold out in Europe. The only stock left are mostly in the warehouses in America and they are going out fast.

Where to buy Maicharging from?

If you wish to purchase the product, it makes great sense to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. 

 Numerous payment options are offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. A further advantage is the fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

Maicharging Price – Review of MaiCharging

The MaiCharging is currently available at a 50% discount. This is a huge sale. This might be your only chance to this 3 in 1 charger at a crazy low price. Also there are numerous bulk offers available, so do not wait until it is too late.

  • 1x MaiCharging Station (Increase your charging power) is $49.99 + Shipping Fee $8.95
  • 2x MaiCharging Station (Double your charging power) is $91.99. Shipping fee is free *Recommended Deal*
  • 3x MaiCharging Station (Triple your charging power) is $124.99. S & H is free
  • 4x MaiCharging Station (Quadruple your charging power) is $159.99. S&H is free
  • 5x MaiCharging Station (Maximize your charging power) is $187.99. S&H is free

Note: Shipping fee only apply if you order one unit. Ordering more than one unit will lead to shipping fee being free.

Return Policy 

30 Day Guarantee: if you are not completely thrilled with your MaiCharging, the suppliers are offering you a 30 Day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the items back to them for a full refund or replacement less S&H



By Phone: United States and Canada (Toll Free): 609 414 7087

United Kingdom and Ireland: 08708 200084

Australia and New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316

Frequently Asked Questions (Maicharging Review)

Is it safe to use wireless charging?

Yes, Wireless Chargers must follow the same rules as all other devices for EMI and EMC. All safety measures are in place with MaiCharging.

Why is Wireless charging better than traditional cable chargers?

MaiCharging lets you charge your phone without fumbling around with any cables or plugs. Simply set your smartphone down on the wireless pad and it will begin charging immediately.

Do I have to remove my phone case before charging?

MaiCharging is designed to charge through the standard 3 mm phone cases, but if you have a particularly thick case, you may need to remove it.

Is it normal if my device feels warm after wireless charging?

Yes, the induction coils in your phone heat up slightly during wireless charging. It will not damage your phone.

What does Qi-certified mean? ( MaiCharging review 2022)

Qi is the wireless standard protocol for charging. Products using the Qi standard are tested rigorously for the safety, interoperability and energy efficiency. You can trust Qi-certified devices like MaiCharging.

Can I charge my Android phone with MaiCharging?

Yes, any Qi-enabled Android smartphone can use the MaiCharging phone base.

What happens if I put a piece of metal on the charger?

The charger doesn’t start charging. The transmitter of a wireless charging system can identify if a piece of metal is placed on its surface (unfamiliar item recognition). For this situation, the transmitter either doesn’t begin charging at all or it stops charging.

Can I wirelessly charge a phone that doesn’t support wireless charging?

It depends. To wirelessly charge a phone that doesn’t support wireless charging, you need a case for your phone that supports wireless charging. Attach the Qi wireless charging phone case and wireless charging is enabled for your phone.

How would I know if my gadget is charging?

If your gadget is charging, the charging symbol shows up on the screen of your device. A few ZENS wireless chargers have a LED light that additionally indicates that your phone is being charged.

Bottom line: ( MaiCharging review 2022)

Conventional chargers are becoming unpopular because of their extensive cord system that reduces efficiency and that is prone to tangling. This is why wireless chargers have been produced. MaiCharging power station is a portable wireless charging system that gives an edge to other wireless chargers. 

Overall, the MaiCharging reviews have received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers, with most customers giving it a 5-star rating as the product has been very useful.

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