Invisicharge review: scam or legit wireless charger? Read below:

Invisicharge review: scam or legit wireless charger?


Wireless charging has been around for quite some time now. If you own a flagship smartphone released within the past three years, chances are that it supports wireless charging. This feature is also present on some mid-range devices, wireless charging is also used to charge some wearable devices and a few true wireless earphones as well. In fact, you can even charge smaller devices wirelessly from your phone’s battery. So let me explain what wireless charging is, how it works, and everything else you need to know.

One has to simply place a compatible device on a wireless charging pad, and the device starts charging. This can be extremely convenient, eliminating the need for cables. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the standard is identical and is independent of the port at the bottom of your device, this invisible wireless charger is known as invisicharge. 

What is invisicharge? (invisicharger  review)

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invisicharge wireless charger review

Invisicharger is the transfer of power from a power outlet to your device, without the need for a connecting cable.It involves a power transmitting pad and a receiver,This wireless charger is invisible. You never see it, yet all your devices stay chargedThis wireless charger is invisible. 

The invisicharger Wireless Charger keeps all your Qi-enabled devices fully juiced while never taking up a square inch of your desktop. These wireless Chargers are essential equipment. Because nobody is a fan of bulky plastic charging stations dominating their workspace or the gaggle of cables and connectors and cords that accumulate around them. 

The invisicharger delivers a fast-charging current for all of your Qi-enabled devices, yet leaves zero  footprint on your desk. The unit itself is understated and subtle, but it doesn’t actually become “invisible” until you position it on the underside of your desk, table or countertop.

How Does invisicharge Work? ( invisicharge wireless charger reviews)

The invisicharger works based on Nikola Tesla’s induction charger theory and uses similar technology to both superchargers and Qi. It is generally safe to utilize in your home and office, and even around pets and kids, for there is no risk of electrocution. You can use InvisiCharger straight out of the box, by simply sticking it under the preferred surface with a reusable adhesive and you’re ready to go! worry not, the adhesive won’t damage the surface, and you can use a handy sticker to see where you can place your phone for it to charge. There will be no issues trying to charge your phone regardless of what material the desk or table is made of, as long as it is not metal. InvisiCharger even works through quartz, plastic, granite, glass, and wood surfaces that are up to 32 millimeters (11/4 inches) thick. Simply put down your phone and it will charge super-fast. How convenient is that? No cords, no clutter, just modern technology provided comfort.

Technical Specification of InvisiCharger

Below are the technical details of InvisiCharger:

  • Size: 22.5 mm in height and 130 mm in diameter
  • Charging distance: 22 to 32 mm
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Inbuilt cooling system, that is certified to be safe, no need to worry about overheating.
  • Charging Power: 10-watt turbo sufficient for any smartphone and gadget.
  • Box inclusion: Manual and boosting pad

Features of InvisiCharger (invisicharge reviews)

Invisicharge review 2023
Invisicharge wireless charger review
  • Invisicharge Works on all Qi devices: InvisiCharger can be used on more than 150 different smartphones, tablets, or other Qi-supported devices made by different manufacturers, like Apple, Google, Asus, Samsung, Huawei, LG Electronics, Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony Etc .
  • It is easy to use: just place your invisicharge on the spot above the battery, as long as the table or desk surface is not made of metal and not thicker than 3.2 centimeters (11/4 inches). It works through most phone cases and Popsockets!
  •  Strong and fast : InvisiCharger is up to five times faster than other wireless chargers, a speed mainly seen in Tesla superchargers, so you can expect your device to have a full battery in no time.
  • Invisicharger is Safe and not harmful: you can keep InvisiCharger around pets and kids, and it won’t cause them any harm nor have the risk of electrocuting someone. The reusable adhesive won’t damage the surfaces it will be attached to, as well.
  • It Gets rid of clutter: no need for cords or multi-devices. Simply put any phone with wireless charging capabilities on your desk or table and watch it charge.
  • Invisicharger is simple to set-up: this wireless charger works straight out of the box, so all you need to do is apply some reusable adhesive under the non-metal surface, stick the battery on, and that’s it!
  • It comes with Guaranteed quality: on top of being relatively affordable, InvisiCharger also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if for some reason you’re not happy with the product.

How do I use the Invisicharger? (invisicharge review)

If your device supports wireless charging, then just position your phone or laptop in a landscape or portrait mode. You can very well text messages, receive calls or play games the entire time the model is placed on your charging station or stand.

Invisicharger wireless charger has a light indicator which turns on for eight seconds and then diminishes. The light turning off means the magnetic disc is entering standby mode and will remain there till the next charging session.

A blue light indicates charging at high speed, whereas a white light shows weak strength. Once your charging has attained 100% completion, the disc would hibernate automatically

Is invisicharge wireless charger worth my money?

You don’t need  to ask, if you enjoy the convenience that modern technology brings, then why do you need to continue surrounding yourself with plugs and cords? InvisiCharger is the future of device charging and you can be at the forefront of that. With this device, you no longer need to think if the charger your friend has suits your phone, or how to quickly find a plug to charge it, or to buy extenders so you could have your phone nearby. As long as there’s a desk or a small table around you’ll be able to charge any of your devices. With effectiveness and convenience going hand in hand, is there even a reason not to get it?

Frequently Asked Questions about invisicharge ( invisicharge review 2023)


How do I know if my smart  phone is compatible with InvisiCharger?

Check your phone’s specifications on the supplier website. If your phone is “Qi-enabled” then it will work with InvisiCharger wireless charger.

What other devices is InvisiCharger compatible with?

InvisiCharger can charge any Qi-enabled device. This includes tablets, smart watches, and wireless earbuds.

Does InvisiCharger charge through any kind of furniture?

InvisiCharger can charge through any surface that isn’t metal up to 32mm in thickness. This includes wood, plastic, glass, quartz, granite, marble, and more!

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging?

InvisiCharger is designed to charge through most phone cases and pop sockets, but if your tabletop is extra thick, you may need to remove accessories to get a successful charge.

Can I charge more than one device thesame time with InvisiCharger?

It can only charge one device at a time, but you can mount multiple InvisiChargers on the same table to charge all your devices at once.

Kinds of Surfaces InvisiCharger can charge through are : 

This wireless charger can charge through any non – metallic surface. It works through surfaces up to 32 millimeters (1¼ inches) thick. Notable examples are:

  • Quartz
  • Plastic
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Wood

Experiments on the Technical Features of InvisiCharger

In an attempt to make sure that InvisiCharger lives up to the features proposed by the manufacturers, a group of technicians used InvisiCharger to try and charge their smartphones.

This test was conducted for a space of one week using the InvisiCharger to charge their phones. They loved the product and had positive feedback. They noted how they can horizontally and vertically position their phones. The technicians loved that because that especially those who love reading eBooks on their phone. There was no need to hold their phones up just to read.

The compatibility of the device was also tested with both Android and iOS and was found to be highly compatible. This also means that users who have both Android and Apple phones do not have to purchase another wireless charger because both phones can be charged by the same device at the same time.

Another feature which was noted was the speed of charging. They noted that InvisiCharger can charge their phones faster than chargers with wires. It made them able to engage in other activities while their phones were charging. This only goes to show that InvisiCharger is one affordable yet very effective charger.

What are the Advantages or Benefits of using InvisiCharger? ( invisicharge review)

  • The main benefit of this wireless charger is self – evident as it is totally clutter free. InvisiCharger is just a magnetic disc without any wires projecting out of it. So, your space will not appear clumsy anymore with lots of many cables covering it.
  • It is very compatible with your Android and Apple phones. Any Qi enabled device can be charged with InvisiCharger.
  • It works with Pop sockets and virtually all phone cases. No need to remove your phone covering when charging with this device.
  • You also will not be restricted to a single charging point, where it is almost required to keep your phone or gadget stranded till the time they do become partially full
  • It is user friendly, intuitive and convenient to use. InvisiCharger can be used under any flat non – metallic surface as was mentioned above. Just attach the device to the underside of your desk with its reusable adhesive mount and you start charging.
  • Any average wireless charger would only project a signal length of 5 millimeters maximum but this innovative new product increases the distance by 27 millimeters.
  • It is safe to use around children and pets. No chances of electric shock being transmitted through the device to a person
  • There is currently a 50% discount on prices available if you buy InvisiCharger now and also wonderful bulk offers
  • There is also a 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This is to ensure high quality.

Disadvantages of InvisiCharger (wireless charger review )

  • It can only be found online
  • It cannot be used on metallic surfaces only on non – metallic surfaces.

InvisiCharger compared  to Other Wireless Chargers in the market, why should I choose invisicharge?

InvisiCharger when compared to other wireless chargers in the market now is better than them in more ways than one such as:

InvisiCharger is an awesome product based on the price line at which it is tagged.

The coverage area of signal strength is huge in comparison to other wireless chargers

It charges really fast, way faster than other wireless chargers. According to the manufacturers, at least 5 times faster.

It is way more easy to set up and install.

Why Should I Buy InvisiCharger?

If you own a smartphone that supports wireless charging, then this is one of the main reasons as to why you should get InvisiCharger. Also, you can position your phone in landscape or portrait mode depending on your preferences. You can use the stand to receive calls, read messages, type messages, play games, watch videos while you are charging your smartphone. Anybody that spends any significant amount of time on his device is advised to get this product.

 This device is indeed worthy of the title the “Best Invisible Wireless Charger of 2021”. Its features are top notch and cannot be seen on another device.  You can charge your phone without the endless hassle of cables. It works with any phone casing and also on any pop sockets.

It is compatible with virtually any phone out there as long as it is Qi enabled and to cap it off, it charges your phone 5 times faster than other chargers (both wired and wireless chargers.)

You can get it now at a discount or buy it in bulk with great offers available. There is also a 30 Day money back guarantee. This device is quite popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and many other countries because of its innovative performance. You can also get yours too.

What are Customers saying about Invisicharger (customers reviews of InvisiCharger)

After researching for reviews about InvisiCharger and finding only amazing and positive reviews, I believe this device is worth it. People especially loved the affordability because they no longer needed to break the bank just to purchase a nice wireless charger. Here are some of what they say:

Keeps my desk looking clean and beautiful!

“To be honest with you, I did not think the InvisiCharger would actually work through my heavy oak desk. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did it work great, it actually charged my phone much faster than my old fashioned charging cable. This is the best invention I have used in years” (Maddison C.)

Saved me a ton of money!

“I am kind of a heavy – handed guy, and I would burn through charging cables like they were going out of style. Of course, you can take the risk of buying cheap chargers and cables, but I did not want to burn my house down! I am so glad I discovered the InvisiCharger – I can’t mess it up because I never even have to touch it” (Aiden P)

Amazing technology at an affordable price!

“There are no cords or cables, but your phone gets charged faster than a lot of these cheap cables could ever charge it. Once I set the InvisiCharger up, I never even had to think about it again. It WORKS. That is just the kind of technology that I love” (Jack T)

It is the fastest charger I have ever used!

“I hate desktop clutter, and always wanted to switch to wireless charging. Unfortunately, every one of those cheap wireless chargers I tried was slower than molasses or could not stay connected. Then one day, a friend of mine turned me onto the InvisiCharger. This thing is faster than a champion racehorse! (Jesse C)

“I first heard of InvisiCharger online when I came across its ad on a video that I was watching. I googled it and found their site and since the device seems promising, I decided to order one. When it arrived on my doorstep, I immediately used it and was amazed at how easy it was to set up. All I need to do is stick it on the area I want and charge my phone. I especially love the fact that it can be placed under a table to save more space” (Gary C)

How much does InvisiCharger cost? (invisicharge review)

There is a 50% discount off the wireless charger package. Note also that your order qualifies for free shipping when ordering 2 or more units. Below are the available units and their prices:

One (1x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 40% OFF at $69.99 (Shipping Fee $8.95)

Two (2x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 45% OFF at $128.99 (Free Shipping)

Three (3x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 50% OFF at $174.99 (Free Shipping) *BEST SELLER*

Four (4x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 52% OFF at $223.99 (Free Shipping)

Five (5x) InvisiCharger Wireless Charger at 55% OFF at $262.99 (Free Shipping)

Invisicharge review

Note:  you can pay through PayPal and Credit Card Accepted.

 Where to purchase InvisiCharger?

You can buy the InvisiCharger directly on the producer’s website. Currently, they are offering discounts when you purchase more than one device. You can purchase one for yourself or for your family or friends, depending on how generous you want to be. The more the devices you purchase, the higher the discount. It would not hurt having a spare, one for your home and one for when you are traveling. Information about the Manufacturers can also be gotten on their official homepage. They also accept different payment methods such PayPal and Credit cards. Their Shipping price is also free.

Final Verdict (invisicharge review)

In summary, invisicharge wireless charging is definitely safe. Be Rest assured that you can safely wirelessly charge your mobile device on your night stand and on your office desk.

InvisiCharger is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

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