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Coolme Pro Air Cooler Reviews: All you need to know!!

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Reviews

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But guess what? You now have a myriad of reasons to relax at all times, right on your doorstep CoolMe Pro Air Cooler.”

What is a CoolMe Pro Air Cooler?

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Reviews

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler uses clever technology to cool, humidify, and moisturize the air in your home. It doesn’t cost you a bunch and quickly cools off your space. In addition to being more relaxed, your air is fresh and pure.

The best-rated air cooler, CoolMe Pro, offers relief from summertime discomfort brought on by high temperatures. It quickly cools down any area with fresh air that can remove any unwanted odors while leaving the place smelling cool and fresh.

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is a small air cooler that uses natural evaporative technology to cool and make your home more comfortable without costing you a fortune. It uses very little energy. Both inside and outside, it gives you cool air to breathe.

The 5000 mAh battery in this air cooler can provide 9 hours of cool air after being fully charged for about 3–4 hours.

The second-generation engine of the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler prevents you from becoming dehydrated, something that conventional air conditioners can’t achieve as quickly. The cooling device is lightweight, portable, and unrestricted in terms of weight or size, making it simple to move around the house and install it where you like. The water tank has a 700-ml capacity.

The lightweight, portable CoolMe Pro Air Cooler barely weighs 2.2 pounds. It can be used anywhere you are, including at home, at work, at a campsite, on a business trip, etc. It accomplishes its work by harnessing the power of evaporation.

By using this humidifier, you can instantly cool your space and feel dry and comfortable.

As the heater is turned off, cool, dry air is forced into the space, and the heat is dissipated, keeping the area at its finest for a very long period, even after it is switched off.

The cooling gadget includes three distinct speed regulators that let you customize the wind speed to your preferences and experience the utmost relaxation.

With these three different speed regulators, you can relax or live the way you choose while getting a great night’s sleep without worrying about the cold.

Specifications of coolme pro air Cooler 

  1. Super Fast Air Cooling with Angle Rotation
  2. Cools, Humidifiers and Purifiers the Air
  3. 3 Different Speeds
  4. Lightweight and Ultra-Low Noise
  5. Colorful Night Lights
  6. Freon Free and Non-Toxic

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Unique Features 

  • Simple to use and maintain:

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is extremely simple and stress-free to install, use, and maintain. Anyone can use it, and users can take it wherever they go.

Unlike other air conditioners, it is easier to keep anywhere you want and still performs well because it doesn’t need a technician to install it and doesn’t take up much room.

  • Robust and durable rechargeable batteries:

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler can be recharged via a computer, power bank, or another charging device, among other things. With a powerful battery that lasts for hours, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler can keep you going all among other things. 

With a powerful storm that lasts for hours, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler can keep you going all day. Its 5000 mAh battery can keep you going for several hours.

With this powerful battery, you won’t have to risk dying from heat or being forced to remain in an unsafe area due to illumination. It is the best of all times since you can use it whenever you want.

  • Noise Free: 

The second-generation engine was used to create the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler. Because of this, it operates quietly without disturbing its consumers. It can be used when reading, working, meditating, resting, and other activities.

  • Ultra-Portable:

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler was specifically created to be portable, so you can take it everywhere you go. It is lightweight and won’t obstruct any areas that are crucial to you.

  • Reduced energy consumption:

While in use, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler uses little energy, which raises your power bill. It quietly reduces the temperature of your air without adding to your electricity bill.

  • It has a water tank with a capacity of 700 ml:

With this 700-ml water tank, the CoolMe Air Cooler delivers the perfect temperature for a productive workday or rest while also humidifying your workspace.

  • Using LED night lights:

When there is a power outage, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler’s seven color-changing LEDs can illuminate your space. This light makes it possible to use it as a decorative item in addition to an air conditioner.

  • Adjustable device:  

The three adjustment levels for the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler are low, medium, and high. The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler thermostat is used to determine this. Instead of turning it off because it’s cold, you can adjust the volume to your liking. This is advantageous for those who are not particularly robust or cold-allergic.

  • It is noise-free:

A sound-proof gadget like the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler may occupy a space without drawing attention to itself. It was carefully constructed so that people can hear the sound, so it won’t interfere with crucial social gatherings, work meetings, or even sleep. In the hospital, it helps with patience as well.

  • It is inexpensive:

In contrast to other air conditioners, which are highly expensive, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is reasonably priced.

You may easily afford it and take advantage of the ideal working atmosphere with just a few cash notes. One does not need to borrow money or declare bankruptcy to buy it because the price has been affordable.

  • It functions as a purifier and a humidifier:

This humidifier helps to keep your surroundings in the best possible shape and a very cool place to be at all times by eliminating any potential heat. At the same time, the cleaner creates the best odors.

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler pros

  1. The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is environmentally friendly.
  2. Its 5000 mAh battery allows it to operate for several hours.
  3. It is lightweight and portable.
  4. A discounted price is offered for the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler.
  5. Within seconds, your air is cooled.
  6. It has purifying and humidifying properties.
  7. Lack of hazardous substances.
  8. Seven individual LEDs in the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler are an illumination source.
  9. Simple to assemble and keep up with.
  10. It provides you with the utmost level of comfort that you seek.
  11. With its adjustable speed, it meets all of your cooling needs.
  12. Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Benefits of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

  • 1)The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler quickly reduces heated air. In contrast to other air conditioners, it quickly cools the air in your home, creating a comfortable environment.

  • 2)You can use the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler effectively regardless of your familiarity with electrical devices or air coolers. It doesn’t require any complicated installation and isn’t challenging to use.
  • 3)The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is incredibly quiet and free of harmful chemicals that could endanger your internal organs and physical health.
  • 4)It is an extremely portable air conditioning that you can carry with you wherever you go and will help you cool off 100% of the time.
  • 4)In contrast to other air coolers, the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler boasts a strong battery that, when ultimately charged, can keep you going for hours. It is rechargeable, yes.
  • 5)It is affordable and available to everyone. That consumes all of your money, in contrast to other air conditioners. When using the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler, you are, by default, a saver rather than a spender.
  • 6)Your electricity bill will always stay the same if you use a CoolMe Pro Air Cooler. It uses very little energy. Even without electricity, you can use it comfortably.
  • 7)Your level of productivity increases thanks to the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler. For those who work from home, it will always offer a comfortable setting for you both at work and home. Your air is always moisturized, humidified, and cooled.
  • 8)You will always breathe cool, pure, and refreshing air during a power outage. It can be recharged. You can charge it anywhere using your power bank, vehicle, or computer. It stays cool for a long time.

Pricing CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

You can buy your 2 units of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler for $172.99 (with free shipping).

Purchase 3 units of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler at $249.99 (with free shipping).

Purchase 4 units of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler at $219.99 (with free shipping).

How to get your CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

Through the above link, you can quickly obtain it from the official website. A minimum 30-day money-back guarantee is included with every CoolMe Pro Air Cooler purchased from us.

How does the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler work? 

Three different wind speed regulators are available for this air cooler: Cool, Turbo, and CoolMe Pro Air Cooler. There is a 3 MLS low-wind stage to start, which offers a relaxing breeze. A medium wind stage begins at 4 MLS, followed by an intense wind stage at 5 MLS, which blows at a tremendous wind speed that instantly cools the room.

This air cooler comes with adjustable color-changing night lights so that you can adjust the lighting to your preferences.

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is lightweight and portable. This cooling device can be placed in any house corner and is a good idea for any room.

How to Use CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

CoolMeProLP2 1.jpg
Coolme pro portable air Cooler review
  • ●It’s always easy and clear to operate the Cool me Air cooler; you must follow the instructions below to get the most out of your device’s refreshed air.
  • ●Fill the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler with fresh water from the top.

  • ●The air cooler’s water filter should be placed inside. This water filter protects the air cooler from dust and other microbes by acting as a barrier.
  • ●Turn on the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler.
  • ●Utilize the thermostat control to set the gear to your liking. ●Unwind as it transforms your humid atmosphere.
  • ●When you’re not using it, could you turn it off?
  • ●When the battery is low, recharge it.

Frequently ask question about CoolMe Pro Air Cooler


How can one determine what will happen to the device if it runs out of water?


Nothing will happen, but since the air won’t be humidified any longer, you’ll be able to tell when to add additional water.


How long does it take to recharge, given that it is rechargeable?


It features an LED light that lets you know when it is charging and when to stop charging, as well as a charging wire.

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Conclusion – CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Reviews

Coolme pro air Cooler Reviews.jpeg
Coolme pro Air Cooler Reviews

The CoolMe Pro Air Cooler uses clever technology to cool, humidify, and moisturize the air in your home. It doesn’t cost you a bunch and quickly cools off your space. In addition to being calmer, your attitude is made fresh and pure.

Because it is powered by water instead of electricity and uses less energy, it is environmentally friendly. It runs on water after being fully charged and saves you money by not using much electricity. The key aspects that you should be aware of are listed below.

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