Heatsus Reviews 2023

Heatsus Reviews 2023: Truth Revealed About Heatsus Shoe Dryer

Heatsus Reviews 2023 – If there’s one thing winter’s good at, it’s keeping your shoes wet and squishy. And if you must make it to work every winter day, no doubt your feet will always be wet when you come back.

Since we have no control over the weather, we have to look for an alternative to keep our shoes dry and warm because cold, damp shoes come with a lot of issues.

With energy costs going through the roof, you already know that the ideal solution to wet shoes is nowhere going to be some energy-sucking central heater. Luckily it’s not. 

I’m talking about an efficient shoe dryer that consumes the least amount of energy while blowing hot air that warms up your shoes in the quickest possible time. The answer is Heatsus and I’ll tell you all there is to know about this product.

About Heatsus shoe dryer: Heatsus reviews

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Heatsus Reviews 2023

Heatsus is an excellent shoe dryer that uses electricity to generate hot air at 180°C. You have to plug it directly to the wall socket and once done, get ready for a hot stream of air that’ll dry your shoes in a jiffy.

There is absolutely no long wait because Heatsus has a direct heating effect. Unlike room heaters and radiators that will run holes through your pocket, Heatsus uses minimal energy as it goes well into the shoe and heats it up all-round.

Energy bills aren’t getting lower. People are looking for ways to use as little electricity as possible in order to save. Heatsus is the perfect gadget for anyone concerned about their spending plans.

The dryer uses no batteries. It plugs directly into the wall socket and discharges a hot stream of air.

If you’re thinking of burns, there isn’t any such thing. And here’s why: Heatsus has a thermostat built into the gadget that automatically turns off the device at 3-hour intervals. It is entirely safe for you and your family to use.

Winter is here and shoes will get harder to dry without the sun. But no worries because you’ve got Heatsus. It is designed in an oval fashion, perfect for any footwear. It also comes in two sizes; you can decide to get one for yourself and one for your 10-year-old.

Heatsus’ temperature control works efficiently to avoid overheating especially for waterproof boots. This device will dry your shoes and prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Nobody wants smelly shoes but you will get foul odor if you don’t remove water from your shoes. This is another reason you need the revolutionary show dryer. 

Heatsus is very easy to employ. There’s no hassle installation. Simply plug in the device into a power socket and insert it into your shoes. You can use Heatsus not only during the day but at night. It’s quiet, being no louder than 44dB which is comfortable for sleep.

Keeping your shoes dry should be taken more seriously because cold easily gets into your body through the feet. Have I mentioned the foot fungus and all those microbes that attack the feet? Save yourself from foot diseases by using this simple device, Heatsus shoe dryer.


You need Heatsus shoe dryer in the following situations

After washing your shoes

In whatever season you find yourself, winter or otherwise, you have to keep your shoes clean after use. One common way to do this is washing with water and detergent.

But what becomes of your shoes when you don’t dry them after washing? What if you need to wear them again in a few hours after washing? You can’t afford to slide your feet into that cold footwear! It’s not good for your health.

What you need is Heatsus to blow hot air at 180°C into your shoes so your feet will feel toasty when you rock the shoes again.

At night for the next day

A pleasantly warm day doesn’t necessarily make a dry night. It’s trouble for you if you forget your shoes outside, on those frosty nights that bring a lot of chills. 

What happens if you must wear the same shoes the next day? You definitely don’t want to start your day wearing those shoes. 

If you have Heatsus, then the problem is solved. By simply sliding the dryer into your shoes, rest assured you won’t have a wet day.

In bad weather 

Winter is good for everything but your shoes. Sooner than later, water will seep into the inner linings and your shoes will start to damage. You can’t deal with the odors too because they’re very repulsive. 

Cases of foot diseases including fungal infections are also higher in winter because those microbes love a few things more than wet shoes.

Keeping your shoes dry in winter doesn’t only prolong the durability of the footwear but also protects you the wearer from harm.

When traveling

Sometimes you embark on a journey realizing you have just a pair of footwear on. If it gets wet or dirty, you can’t have a change of footwear. Heatsus will save you from this inconvenience. With Heatsus you won’t have to be bothered because you can rapidly dry your shoes anytime you wash them.

After skiing and camping in cold arctic regions

Do you love skiing? Are you camping in those frosty regions of the earth? Whether it is your ski boots or any kind of footwear for walking through the pack of ice, a shoe dryer like Heatsus should be your best companion.

Heatsus is compact and portable, perfect for travels and expeditions. You can heat your shoes without getting them damaged thanks to the thermostat feature.

Features of Heatsus shoe dryer ( Heatsus Reviews 2023 )

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Heatsus Reviews 2023

Compact and compact: Even if the day starts out fine, you can’t tell how the weather will be for the rest of the day. You need Heatsus with you even when the day starts on a bright note. At the same time, a heavy and cumbersome dryer will rob you of convenience.

Hence, Heatsus comes as a compact and portable dryer. The adult size measures only 20cm by 6.5cm and therefore the gadget will comfortably fit into your suitcase or knapsack. 

You can conveniently take Heatsus to camping, your workplace, or a friend’s place in a distant town.

No long wait: Forget shoe dryers that take an aeon to get your dry and toasty. Heatsus is known for its rapidity of action.

Perhaps your shoes got wet because you forgot them outside. By the next morning you want to head out quickly as you’re running late. Then you meet the damp, cold, foul-smelling shoes. Even the radiator or fire cannot help you in this situation.

You can only turn to Heatsus because this gadget delivers hot air that can get your shoes warm and dry in a matter of minutes. Simply plug in Heatsus into a power socket and the gadget will pump air at 180 deg celsius to get your shoes dry and eliminate all odors in no time.

Requires no batteries: Shoe dryers that run on batteries may be a good choice for people that don’t have a steady energy supply. But if you do have, Heatsus will interest you. The gadget those not use batteries which is a good thing if you don’t want to spend on replacing batteries. It uses electricity directly from the power supply to pump jets of hot air into your shoes and get them dry in almost no time.

Operated by electricity: The only thing you need to get Heatsus up and running is an electric socket. Worry not about additional expenses in replacing the batteries because the device uses none.

A single cable goes to each component of the pair and this plugs into a wall socket to power the dryer.

Safe to use: In addition to helping you conserve energy, this shoe dryer is safe as it is made with flame retardant materials that prevents fire hazards and overheating this makes it safe to be used around children and pets.

Built-in timer: Not all footwears are heat-tolerant. Waterproof boots are easily damaged by high temperatures because of their material make-up. It therefore becomes imperative that shoe dryers should have a built-in timer for more regulated drying. 

With Heatsus, you can dry your shoes for however long you want without getting them damaged. You can set the dryer to run for 3 hours only and then shut off. Alternatively, Heatsus can operate continuously for 6 hours or 9 hours and no more.

Built in thermostat function: The thermostat function allows you turn off the device when it attains a set temperature. This feature also prevents overheating of the shoes and damage to them. 

Heatsus delivers hot air at 180 deg celsius. You can set the temperature at which point the dryer will go off.

Quiet Operation: Heatsus is whisper-quiet. You can leave this gadget on to dry your shoes overnight without having to wake up from the noise. It operates at 44dB and no more.

How does Heatsus shoe dryer work?

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Heatsus Reviews 2023

Heatsus is a shoe add-on that has two dryers. It works using electricity and an innovative technology to keep your shoes warm and dry.

This simple device works out of the box and is highly efficient at drying footwear. Once you connect them to the power socket and insert the two dryers within the shoe, boots, socks, or other footwear, the dryer will continuously deliver hot air at 180°C, drying water and sweat from your shoes. 

Consequently, your shoes will be free from odors and the dryer will also help keep bacteria, fungi, and viruses at bay in your shoes or socks.

You can set the upper limit of temperature so that Heatsus turns off on its own on reaching that value. The built-in timer also allows you to heat your shows for a limited time.

Heatsus has the perfect shoe dryer design

You don’t want to be limited in the footwear you can use with Heatsus and that’s why the gadget is oval. This is a one-shape-fits-all dryer that will go into any footwear and effectively warm and dry it up.

Whatever be the kind of footwear — boots, shoes, slippers — the gadget won’t have a hard time going into them.

Heatsus can be used for all shoe types and also for your socks thanks to its oval design.

What are the pros and cons of Heatsus?

Heatsus shoe dryer pros (Heatsus Reviews 2023)

  • It comes in different sizes
  • It is eco-friendly as it helps you conserve energy
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is noiseless
  • It heats and dries very fast.
  • It is energy efficient
  • It helps you eliminates dampness
  • It helps eliminates unpleasant smell from your boots
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a built-in timer.
  • It can be taken anywhere
  • It is suitable for all types of footwear, socks and for warming slippers at home to keep your feet warm on colder days.
  • It is safe to use
  • It helps prolong the durability of your shoes
  • It helps protect your feet from fungus

Heatsus shoe dryer cons

  • It is limited stock and in high demand
  • It can only be purchased online

Is Heatsus shoe dryer for all shoe sizes?

Does Heatsus come in only one size? What if I have to heat my kids’ shoes?  If you have these same questions, the answer to your question is: Heatsus comes in different sizes.

There are 2 different models of this dryer based on size. The smaller model has a dimension of 13cm x 5cm and is compatible with Children’s footwear (size 18-35). Adults will have to go for the larger model (20cm x 6.5cm) which will fit into shoes 36-44 in size.

Technical Aspects of Heatsus shoe dryer

Heatsus shoe dryer

Available Sizes: Size S: 13x5cm / 18-35 || M: 20×6.5cm / 36-44

Heating mode: hot air

Heating temperature: 180 deg

Power source: electricity

Power output: 350W

Built-in timer calibration: 3hrs, 6hrs, 9hrs

Noise level: 44.8 decibels  

Suitable for: Shoes, Boots, Socks, Children’s footwear, Slippers

Mobile heater that has both a thermostat and a timer

Is the Heatsus shoe dryer easy to use?

Heatsus adapts perfectly to any size and type of footwear. You won’t have any problems using this gadget. 

Connect your Heatsus device to the power supply, simply slide it into your shoe, slipper, or sock, and enjoy your warm slippers whenever you like

Thanks to its timer, Heatsus can be used for heating up your slippers at night and keeping them warm for the following morning and for drying out your shoes when you get home after a rainy day.


Is Heatsus shoe dryer worth my cash?

Yet to make up your mind on why exactly you have to spend on Heatsus as against its competitors or other products? Here’s what you need to know.

Heatsus draws energy from your electric socket and sends hot air at 180 degrees to keep your shoes warm and dry. It fits right into your shoe so that heat (energy) is optimized. 

The outcome is more efficient and safer heating. Heatsus will save you money on electricity bills more than a space heater or radiator.

You can set the dryer to run for 3 hrs, 6hrs, or 9hrs and no more thanks to its built-in timer. Using the Thermostat, Heatsus delivers more controlled heating of your footwear.

One thing we found very cool about this revolutionary shoe dryer is the variety of use. Although shoes will first come to your mind when discussing Heatsus, the gadget works perfectly well for other footwear as well. 

You don’t have to wear cold, damp shoes in the frosty winter because affordable heating is here with you. Heatsus will dry up the water in your shoes after washing them and eliminate all odors as well.

People with foot fungus and other foot infections will appreciate Heatsus because of the antimicrobial function of the gadget – it delivers heat that preserves your shoes and sterilizes it, killing off bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Heatsus Benefits ( Heatsus Reviews 2023 )

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These are the reasons why Heatsus is a must-have for every shoe owner

  • Heatsus uses a revolutionary technology to effectively dry your shoes and boots. Wet shoes are uncomfortable to wear and will eventually produce a foul smell if not dried on time.
  • There’s hardly a feeling that beats starting your day warm and dry in winter. Heatsus makes your footwear comfortable to the feet, keeping them toasty and enhancing your feet health
  • Space heaters and ventilators are an overkill for shoe drying! You will end up spending much more money than necessary since it’s not possible to put these into your shoes.
  • Heatsus provides more restricted heating and therefore better saves you money on electricity bills 
  • Microorganisms thrive in wet environments. Wet bedding material, wet clothes, wet shoes all provide a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 
  • The hot air from Heatsus will dry this water and therefore sterilize your shoes. The benefit is twofold – better feet health and longer lasting footwear.
  • Heatsus will also make for a perfect gift to your family and friends. 
  • Heatsus is an affordable product. It is also easy to use and maintain. Additionally, the provider of Heatsus is currently giving out the product at 50% discount. If you don’t want to miss out on this offer, hurry now and purchase Heatsus.

How much is Heatsus sold?

  • 1 Heatsus for $59.95
  • 2 Heatsus for $39.5/device
  • 3 Heatsus for $33/device
  • 5 Heatsus for $31.8/device

All Heatsus devices come with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows unsatisfied customers to get a full refund. Heatsus is available through Ecommerzpro. 

Where do I buy Heatsus?

You can only buy Heatsus at the company’s website. Here are reasons you want to buy from the official site:

Buying from the official website guarantees you get the original product and don’t run into the hands of scammers

You qualify for the discount offer only if you buy from the official website

There are several payment options available to you. You can pay via Credit/Debit cards like MasterCard, Visa or PayPal, Gpay, or other methods.

Don’t Just take it From Us, Here’s what others are Saying About Heatsus 

Alan – I work as a delivery driver in the UK, so my shoes almost always get wet in the rain. I bought it so I could dry my shoes out quickly.

Mary – It dries the shoes very fast and the quality seems good to me. Now I don’t have to worry about my shoes drying before I leave the house again. Highly recommended!

Paul – My son plays soccer after school and this product is so much better than having to stuff his boots with newspaper and wait for them to dry. Simply slide them into each boot and switch on. Now they dry well and smell much better! A great product!

Mary – I couldn’t be happier with this. They have been drying my ski boots to perfection all week after each day on the slopes. My friends have already bought some.

How do I order Heatsus?

To order Heatsus, simply head over to the official website. There, you will have to fill in the purchase form. Afterwards, you proceed to payment. The process takes an average of 5 minutes.

FAQs About Heatsus shoe dryer ( Heatsus shoe dryer Reviews) 

What can I use Heatsus for?

Heatsus is meant for warming and drying all types of footwear and keeping them odor-free.

You can use Heatsus for your shoes, boots, socks, children’s footwear, and slippers.

Does Heatsus have a return policy?

Heatsus will most likely work. If it doesn’t, you can return the product to the provider. All returns made within 30 days of purchase will be accompanied by hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee.

Does the dryer show any lights when working?

Heatsus has a status light which turns on when the device is properly plugged. If you don’t see any light and don’t feel the stream of hot air, switch to another power socket and retry.

Can I leave the boot dryer plugged overnight?

Because it comes with a built-in thermostat, yes, you can leave Heatsus plugged in overnight. Depending on your set duration, you can heat your boots with Heatsus for 3hrs, 6hrs, or 9hrs, and not any longer.

What is in the package? 

In the package is Heatsus shoe dryer (x1) & Instructional manual (x1)

Does the shoe dryer help with smell?

Yes. The cause of foul smells is the water within the shoes. Heatsus, through its drying effect, will eliminate all foul smells from your shoes 

Final notes – Heatsus Review 2023

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 Heatsus shoe dryer Reviews

Anyone who wants to keep their shoes and socks warm and dry should definitely take Heatsus into consideration.

It is a revolutionary shoe dryer that can be used with almost any shoe or sock and is portable and easy to use. 

Heatsus shoe dryers make it possible for people to have their shoes and boots dry and warm in a matter of hours rather than having to wait all day to have them available in case of rain and snow.

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