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Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023 – Is this security Bulb Camera worth My Money?

Secure Lite Cam reviews 2023: Best Security Bulb Camera 2023

Overall, our Secure Lite Cam review is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers who love the portable light bulb camera. Secure Lite Cam plugs right into your regular E26 or E27 bulb socket and needs no batteries or wires. If you’re looking for information on this camera, this Secure Lite Cam review is all you need. 

If you tune in to CNN or FOX News, there hardly passes a week without hearing of burglary. It is a daily occurrence in some places. 

These burglars have always found a way to break in without getting noticed. If you haven’t fallen victim to their attacks, you don’t have to wait for it to happen. You need to tighten up your security.

To provide a security system that you can rely on, a team of Engineers set out to produce the Secure Lite Cam, a world-class light bulb camera that provides 24/7 surveillance.

Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when you’re away. Once connected to your Smartphone via Wi-Fi, you can monitor your home, office, store, and any area where this camera is installed without ever having to come close. 

Secure Lite Cam has been tagged a multipurpose camera for a reason. We shall see this and more in the course of this review.

Special Highlights: Secure Lite Cam reviews

Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2022
Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023
  • Compatible with E26- or E27-type light bulb socket
  • Secure Lite Cam produced Full color vision
  • 110-degree field of view
  • 1080P HD Camera lens
  • Motion sensor & Automatic tracking
  • Rotates all-round (360 degrees)
  • SD card option as an alternative to cloud storage
  • Two-way audio to keep in touch with kids and family
  • 15m linear view range
  • Built-in alarm to scare away intruders

Overviews of Secure Lite Cam (What exactly is this light bulb camera?)

Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023
Secure Lite Cam Reviews

Secure Lite Cam is a light bulb camera that plugs into your regular E26- or E-27-type light bulb socket to monitor activity. Reviews say that Secure Lite Cam is your eye in the sky watching over your building and we found this to be true.

To function in this capacity, Secure Lite Cam works 24/7. At night, its IR LEDs are activated and this makes night vision possible. It also has White LEDs for full-color night vision.

Most regular cameras claim to produce high-quality footage when actually you can hardly make use of these as far as security is concerned. With Secure Lite Cam’s 1080P HD Camera lens, rest assured that your photos and videos will be recorded crystal-clear.

Additionally, you won’t get blind angles with Secure Lite Cam. Blind angles are a result of limited panning and impact the performance of regular cameras. Being a top-tier PTZ camera, Secure Lite Cam has 360-degree rotation, capturing activity in HD without leaving any dark areas.

Secure Lite Cam will plug into your regular light bulb socket, obviating the need to install special sockets in your home. Wherever you have a regular light bulb, you can have a Secure Lite Cam. And it’s so easy to use: with a screw and 2 minutes of your time, you can get Secure Lite Cam up and running. 

Are you tired of dealing with wires? the annoying tangles and all? Secure Lite Cam is built to put you at zero stress. This security camera is wireless and requires no batteries at all. It plugs into your E26/E27 light bulb socket and uses energy directly from the socket.

When an intruder comes close to Secure Lite Cam, an intelligent motion detector within the camera is activated. It then focuses on the intruder and follows him until he’s out of sight, thanks to its auto-tracking feature. 

Concurrently, Secure Lite Cam alerts you. You will see everything from your smartphone and you can set off the built-in alarm and have the intruder take to his heels.

While away, you can hear directly from your kids at home once you have Secure Lite Cam installed. It uses a two-way audio system or voice intercom. 

Secure Lite Cam has an SD card slot into which your storage card goes. Using this means you won’t have to buy monthly cloud storages again. 

Through 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Secure Lite Cam connects effortlessly to your smartphone wherefrom you can view photos and footage and control the alarm system and other aspects of the camera.

Why is Secure Lite Cam Widely Sold in the US & UK?

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Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023

Surveillance cameras are not a new technology. They have been around for years. Unfortunately, the surveillance camera market is filled with lots of fake products that usually come at affordable prices and make huge but false claims on security. 

When you’re thinking of investing in a security camera, the two most essential things you consider are performance and cost. We know that the security camera system of financial institutions, for instance, has a high performance but as a low-income earner you will have to sell a fortune to afford this.

If you decide to settle for less, you get less – a cheap security camera with little features and limited functionality. Secure Lite Cam is the borderline between these two; it is an affordable security camera with high-end features, exactly what you’re looking for in a surveillance camera.

Secure Lite Cam, once connected to your smartphone, can be used to watch over any area several meters away. You don’t have to be in close contact to view the footage or take photos with Secure Lite Cam. 

Additionally, the Smartphone integration makes using the camera easy. You can toggle on & off the auto-tracking system and the alarm at any time. The Smartphone works with the camera application which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

The camera does more than any regular camera. It has been called a multipurpose camera because of its voice intercom and LED compatibility in addition to video surveillance.

Overall, Secure Lite Cam is redefining the Security Cam function with its high-end features and multipurpose use. It easily meets the interest of several customers in the US & UK and other parts of the world.

10 Main Features That Make Secure Lite Cam Stand out (Secure Lite Cam)

Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023

If you’re looking for multi-feature Security cameras, look no farther than Secure Lite Cam. This light bulb camera has at least 10 features you won’t see in any other security camera.

  1. SD Card Slot: Most security cameras store data in the cloud. Though the cloud storage has unlimited capacity (depending on your plan), you need to sign up for cloud storage and renew your subscription on a monthly basis to be able to store and access data.

Because of the recurrent expenses, people want a cheaper option. And Secure Lite has just that. The SD card slot will accommodate external storages up to 64 GB capacity.  

With the SD card option, you won’t pay monthly services or maintenance fees whatsoever.

  1. Motion Sensor: Security Cameras don’t need to be passive. When an object comes into view, security cameras should be able to detect it for better monitoring. Secure Light Cam is built with an intelligent motion sensor that quickly focuses on objects. 

Not just that, when the object moves, it automatically follows it, making sure it records all details before the object goes out of view.

  1. Alarm Function: The alarm is important if you want to scare away intruders. Burglars attack discreetly and prefer a quiet environment. Setting off the alarm puts them on the run. 

The beauty of the alarm system is that you can set it off right from your smartphone. Once Secure Lite Cam senses motion, it sends notifications to your phone where from you can sound the alarm.

  1. Crystal-clear footage: For you to closely monitor any area, you need a high-resolution camera that produces crystal-clear footage. Sadly, poor content quality is a major pitfall of regular security cameras because of low resolution.

With its 1080P HD Camera lens, rest assured Secure Lite Cam will produce recordings with the finest of quality. 

  1. Wide Field of View:  Camera field of view affects how wide it sees for any direction it faces. A narrow-vision surveillance camera won’t capture all details even if it was able to rotate.

Secure Lite Cam has a wide field of view, being able to see 110-deg areas at once. 

  1. 360-degree Panning: If your camera pans 360-degree, it is able to completely rotate horizontally about an axis. Our evaluation of regular cameras shows an average 75-degree pan for these cameras which is a huge disadvantage for your security. 

Secure Lite Cam pans 360 degrees which is important for automatically tracking objects.

  1. Two-way audio system: Through your smartphone, you can monitor every activity in your home, store, or any other place in real time. Additionally, you can communicate directly with your kids, store keeper, and security personnel via voice intercom.

For this two-way audio transmission, Secure Lite Cam has a built-in microphone and speaker. Hear directly from home and be sure everybody is safe.

  1. Linear view range: How far can your security camera see? The linear view range of security cameras is as important as the angular view range. You want to invest in a camera that sees far away objects even before they are close.

Early detection of activity helps you take action of time, such as sounding the alarm and discouraging intruders from coming close. 

Secure Lite Cam sees 10-15 meters far unlike regular cameras with a linear view range of 8 meters or less. 

  1. LED lights:  Secure Lite Cam is a security camera built in the form of a light bulb. It doesn’t only sit in a light bulb socket; it has LED lights too like every light bulb. There are 8 LED lights: 4 IR LEDs and 4 White LEDs.

The 4 IR LEDs are particularly important for night vision. They are active at night and use Infrared to record images and video. The other 4 Light LEDs produce bright illumination like every light bulb and this is important for full-color night vision.

  1. Smartphone integration: Interestingly, use of the Secure Lite Cam is far easier than one would think thanks to its Smartphone Integration.

You can watch live recordings and take photos from your smartphone though you may be miles away. With the touch of a button, you can set off the alarm to scare intruders. Auto-tracking and other controls haven’t been made easier!

All that’s required is to install the Secure Lite Cam application (compatible with Android and Apple smartphones) and connect your camera via Wi-Fi.

Secure Lite Cam as a multipurpose Camera

Secure Lite Cam isn’t just a security camera. It is a blend of at least three different devices. Here’s why: Secure Lite Cam can function as a security camera, a light bulb, and a radio.

It uses a 1080-P Camera lens to produce high-quality recordings which you can watch live from your smartphone once connected over Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can access the data later on as they are automatically stored on your SD card or cloud storage.

At night, you can use Secure Lite Cam as a regular light bulb. It plugs into any E26- or E27-type socket and so you don’t have to stress over special sockets for Secure Lite Camera. Its 4 White LEDs provide a bright illumination and are important for full-color night vision.

Also, Secure Lite Cam functions in the capacity of a radio by featuring a voice intercom. If you’re unsatisfied with what you’re seeing and would want to hear directly from your kids, Secure Lite Cam has a built-in mouthpiece and speaker for 2-way audio communication.

Secure Lite Cam is by far one of the most complete security light cameras we’ve come across.

Here’s What Others Had To Say About Their Lookout Security Camera

Ryan Marcus– Security for my Home and Office. Now I can enjoy the peace of mind that Lookout brings to my home and I can check up on my office anytime from the mobile app.

Aston Dorsey – Big fan of this product. I installed it in less than a minute and the phone app was very user friendly. I don’t live in the best neighborhood so I can do my best to keep a lookout for any porch pirates that go around taking packages.

 Kaden Wood

I rate this product 5 stars and I love the customer support from the Lookout Security Camera Team. As soon as I ordered, I was given an email confirmation with tracking information. I received my product in about 5 days from when I ordered it.

Secure Lite Cam Data Overwriting

Secure Lite Cam stores data in your SD card or cloud account. You can store as much data as possible in your cloud account but you also have to pay monthly fees as part of the maintenance cost. 

With the SD Card, you have a storage capacity of up to 64GB. Secure Lite Cam continues to store data but when you run out of space, it begins overwriting, meaning that older data will be replaced by newer ones.

To safeguard your data, you have to continually transfer them to a more permanent location like a PC or your smartphone.

How do I use Secure Lite Cam?

Secure Lite Cam is easy to install and use. Only 5-6 steps and you’re good to go.

  • First step:  Turn Off the Power Before Installing the Camera.
  • Second step: Unbox Secure Light Cam
  • Third step: Connect the E27 holder of the camera to the E27 supporting socket and then screw in the camera.
  • Fourth step: Connect to your Wi-Fi
  • Fifth step: Download and install the app.  For this, you need to add your camera to your account by scanning the QR code on the camera so it connects to the app.
  • Sixth step: Now you can take photos and watch live recordings. You can also watch the recorded videos on your phone.

Where can I install Secure Lite Cam?

You can install the Secure Lite Cam in the following places:

  1. At your home – Your staircase, driveways and garage doors, off-street windows, back, front, and side doors are relatively easy entry points for intruders and burglars into your home. You also need a Secure Lite Cam in the living room and master bedroom.
  1. Shopping Malls & Smaller shops – Equip your mall with high-end-feature security cams because these places are common targets for burglars since they could make away with lots of valuable items. 
  1. Learning Institutions To have appropriate systems to protect students from everything from bullying, to vaping, to emergencies like natural disasters or active shooter situations, you should consider the Secure Lite Cam.
  1. Gas Stations – Secure Lite Cam can be the eye watching over your gas station especially as gas station robberies are becoming rampant due to high fuel price and limited paychecks.

Is Secure Lite Cam SCAM? (Secure Lite Cam reviews 2023)

With tons of SCAM security cameras out there, you can’t help but wonder whether Secure Lite Cam is one of them. 

Secure Lite Cam is a trending security camera in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. We didn’t think it would have made it far in the security camera market had it been SCAM. 

Secure Lite Cam is a product of a reputable company. It has also received tons of positive reviews from customers who are pleased with the working of the gadget. 

All these are pointers to the fact that Secure Lite Cam is not SCAM.

How does Secure Lite Cam Work?

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Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023

There’s no fuss with the working of the Secure Cam Light. It is easy to install and works right out of the box.

To connect Secure Lite Cam to your smartphone, you have to download the Secure Lite Cam App from Google Play (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices). Then, install it to your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the camera.

Once Secure Lite Cam is plugged in a light bulb socket and connected via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), it starts recording photos and videos in HD which you can view directly from your smartphone. 

The Smartphone integration makes using this camera ridiculously easy. You can control the camera rotation and tilt, enable or disable the automatic tracking and turn on/off the alarm system right from your smartphone.

Why Secure Lite Cam is a MUST-HAVE Security Camera

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Secure Lite Cam Reviews 2023

Secure Lite Cam is a multi-feature and multipurpose light bulb camera every home should have for security. You can watch live recordings from your smartphone and quickly and easily control the alarm feature, auto-tracking, and rotation without coming close to the camera.

Furthermore, if you want round-the-clock surveillance, Secure Lite is for you. It works in the day and uses its LEDs for night vision. Install this surveillance camera at your home, office, for real-time monitoring of activities 24/7. 

Cloud storage now has an alternative – the SD card option. Therefore, you don’t have to pay any monthly or maintenance fees. There is no fee for the app. It is free.

You can also use the Secure Lite Bulb for both indoor and outdoor purposes. When installed outside, however, you have to protect it from rain. We couldn’t verify claims that Secure Lite Bulb is water-resistant. 

Secure Lite Bulb is also perfect for travelers. It is portable and lightweight and can easily fit into your bag. However, it is advisable to package it in its box and/or provide it with enough cushioning when you’re about to embark on a journey.

What is in the Package? (Secure Lite Cam reviews)

  • Secure Lite Cam (x1)
  • Instructional Manual (x1)
  • Screw (x1)

Secure Lite Cam reviews: Pricing & Where to Order

  • Secure Lite Cam (x1) : $49
  • Secure Lite Cam (x3): $39.20/per unit
  • Secure Lite Cam (x4): $39.20/per unit
  • Secure Lite Cam (x5): $39.20/per unit
  • Secure Lite Cam (x10): $29.40/per unit

You can order Secure Lite cam from the official website.

Advantages of Secure Lite Cam

  • Motion Sensor
  • 1080P Camera lens
  • Connection to phone or tablet through 2.4G Wifi
  • Remotely view on the phone or tablet screen
  • Two way voice communication
  • IR LEDs for night vision
  • White LEDs for full-color night vision
  • SD card Support up to 64GB
  • Auto tracking movement function
  • Cloud storage recording

Disadvantages of Secure Lite Cam

  • No computer support (only smartphone)
  • Only Available on Official website
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi as against 5GHz
  • Limited in stock

Known FAQs on Secure Lite Cam

Does this security camera need WiFi?

Yes, Secure Lite Cam has to be connected via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) to your smartphone. Connection allows you to control the camera from your Smartphone.

Can the security camera work without electricity?

No. You have to install Secure Lite Cam in an electrically-connected E26/E27 socket for it to work

Does a bulb camera have night vision?

Yes. Secure Lite Cam has Infrared LEDS that automatically turn on the White LEDs for full-color night vision which allows for high-quality video transmission at night.

How do I connect my security camera to my phone?

You have to first install the Secure Lite Cam application to your smartphone. Then connect to the security camera via Wi-Fi.

What is the resolution of Secure Lite Cam?

Secure Lite Cam has a resolution of 1080p.

Final Words (Secure Lite Cam reviews 2023)

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Overall, we rate the Secure Lite Cam 4.8 out of 5 stars. The light bulb camera has numerous features and benefits that easily make it the security cam of the future.

Already, it is widely sold in the U.S., U.K. Australia, and Canada and has received tons of positive reviews from customers who are happy to safeguard their homes with this top-of-the-line security camera.

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