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Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review: How Does It Work?

Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review: Most vehicles manufactures after 1966 have a port that can inform you if your vehicle has issues, most at times mechanics take advantage of car owners due to their lack of knowledge on vehicles and extort money from gullible car owners. They overcharge car owners and exaggerate minor issues and even end up doing bad jobs on vehicles, making it difficult for vehicle users to make use of their vehicles and creating more issues for the vehicle. Automend pro is a car scanner that can quickly diagnose your car” problem, just like a pro mechanic would do. Automend pro allows you to know when your car have issues without breaking your bank account by defrauding mechanics that overcharges. Everyone wants a vehicle that they can use without it, constantly breaking down in the middle of the road or on a long journey because it can be quiet inconvenient and stressful. Although some car owners know basic mechanic skills like changing tire, changing car batteries, checking the water and changing engine oil etc. But they do not know about other more technical car issues. Automend pro helps you to choose which car issues need immediate attention. In the days of old transportation was a major issue for every individual but here came along different means of transportation, that has reduced the stress of travelling for individual.; along with this means of transportation came the need to maintain and keep repairing and this has brought a lot of expenses on owners of these means of transportation such as cars, trains, buses, ships, airplane etc. there is no way for one to know and detect what is wrong with your car except one pays a visit to the mechanics, which make them more and more expensive especially when one knows nothing about vehicles. Recently a little device has been created with so many features and capabilities, which is cable of running diagnostics on your vehicle, with Automend Pro plugged into your OBD2 port, you can determine everything that’s wrong with your car before going to the mechanics and these can give you knowledge on what exactly you are going to fix at the mechanics making it hard for them to cheat you.

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Overview of Automend Pro Bluetooth Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool for IOS

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Automend pro is an innovative device that informs you about the issues with your vehicle, Automend Pro is an easy to use device that does not need much knowledge on mechanics and it works on any vehicle. This therefore provides car owners with knowledge on the issues with their vehicle, when it is faulty and needs to be fixed without allowing fraudulent mechanics lie and exaggerate, car issues just to extort money from innocent car owners. with Automend pro a car owner can easily detect the issues with the vehicle and easily get it to the mechanic to fix the specific fault there by helping car users spend less money on repairing of their vehicle severally. Automend Pro is a little gadget, as a diagnostics tool, Automend Pro connects to your cars system through the OBD2 port and give you any or no issues fixing your car. This totally takes away mechanics monopoly and gives car owners the advantage to efficiently take care of their vehicle. An average car owner knows little or no knowledge on car mechanism therefore running to the mechanics for every little issue which gives them the right to overcharge a car owner. Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review

Also this device can send maintenance alerts for your car to your smartphone, ensuring you do not miss maintenance of your vehicle, sometimes our vehicle develop faults without us realizing it, thereby driving it until the little fault develops into a big issue, but with the help of Auto mend pro an alert can be sent to your phone allowing you to avoid bigger faults with the vehicle, making the car owner quickly resolve the little fault thereby preventing it from turning into a big issue, and reminding you of maintenance schedule with the mechanics.

According to the Automend Pro official website, you can save yourself time and money by reducing unnecessary trips to the mechanic. Just anyone can operate the Automend Pro device. You do not need to have any technical knowledge about motor vehicles to use Automend Pro. Meanwhile sometimes we drive a faulty car without having any idea on what can be causing the issue. Automend pro provides you information on your car existing issues and solution to them so that you can fix them at your convenience.

What are the Advantages of Automend Pro?

Automend is a technological device that identifies issues with your vehicle quickly and shows you the faults in order of priority that is which one needs to be repaired first. it is designed with unique features and modalities to fit into your car and help you avoid getting overcharged by the mechanics. some of the benefits of using Automend Pro are as follows:

  • Saves you a lot of money: Automend Pro can save you from a lot of unnecessary expense made on your vehicle yearly. This revolution scanner saves you a lot of Money spent on mechanical fees and monitors how much fuel you spend daily. As a result, you can save money on fuel consumption and saving more money in the long run.
  • Screen engine light: Automend Pro helps you to know what exactly is wrong with your vehicle and this helps you to be able to monitor your engine, because of the cost of car engine and how hard it is to fix a faulty one, except when taken to a specialist, this makes one know the importance of a car engine thereby treating it with extra caution. Most car owners freak when they see the flashing service engine soon light. With Automend Pro the mechanic does not need to spend so much time finding the fault with your vehicle because with the device, Auto mend Pro it is easy for the issue with your vehicle to be detected quickly and for the mechanic to easily fix the issue as the problem is easily visible. Automend can table up several issues up to 1000 issues with the vehicle and specify which one needs urgent attention and fixing.
  • Locate your car quickly and faster: have you been to a program or an event with a large crowd and somehow you can’t locate where you parked your car, not to worry much because Automend Pro has a great tracking feature that helps you locate your vehicle without having to go round and round looking for your vehicle. Life made easy with Automend Pro.
  • Routine preventive maintenance: most car owners ignore and dismiss minor issues that occurs with their vehicle because it doesn’t stop them from moving the car, unknown to them or known (due to procrastination) to them this issues end up becoming a bigger issue there by seriously damaging the vehicle or even causing serious accident, and these issues become really expensive to fix because of the amount of damage done to the vehicle. Automend Pro ensures you complete your routine maintenance schedule and ensures your car does not often breakdown. Saving you the stress of taking your vehicle to the mechanic every now and then and saving you unforeseen expenses.
  • Mobile compatibility: with the picture of the device it makes you wonder where you get to see what is wrong with your vehicle, Automend has an official App that’s available on Google play store and apple store. Once you download the App to your phone, you can be alerted of any possible issue with your vehicle. Everything of the Automend will be controlled through the Automend App on your phone.
  • Know your car problems:  this is one of the best Automend Pro features, it can diagnose your car with so many possible problems. With the Automend Pro in your car, you never have to go to the mechanics without an unknown problem, instead you go with the mind to find the solution to the possible problem.

Features of Automend Pro

  • As on the official page, Automend Pro measures 70 by 90 by 30(mm). the total Automend pro weight is 75g.
  • Automend Pro is made for vehicles manufactured after 1996 that has the OBD2 port connector.
  • Auto mend Pro is compatible with any type of smart phone available and it doesn’t select device to use.
  • Automend pro operates with internet connection, so you must have an adequate internet connection to be able to operate the device.
  • Automend Pro directly sends car diagnostics automatically to your smartphone.
  • Once you buy an Automend pro, you will automatically have access to a free Automend pro App that will allow you to monitor your vehicle remotely.
  • The Automend App can be used on an Android device and it can be downloaded from your Google play store App and for those who use an IPhone can download the App from the Apple store.

How does the Automend Pro operate?

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Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review

To operate an Automend Pro one must have a very strong and reliable internet connection for it to operate efficiently. You can use it from any place so far there is a strong and sustainable Wi-Fi or data connection or your phone or any device you are using to operate the Auto Mend Pro. The device works in an interesting manner, it doesn’t require much effort to be able to install and use it all you need to do is once you buy the Automend Pro, you plug it into the OBD2 port in your car and download the app on your phone. When download is complete, you open the app and it will immediately sync with your device and give you an update on your phone meaning it will find out the year and model of your car. It is ready to work once it reaches this stage. Then it begins to scan your cars system and condition to know the state of your vehicle and if any issue is found while scanning, it will be shown on your Automend app in your phone.

  • Start by plugging the Automend Pro into your car’s OBD II port (it’s usually on your car’s dashboard below the left side of the steering wheel).
  • Download the Automend Pro app from the Apple Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android). called the OBD2 port located under the steering wheel column and below the dashboard.
  • Simply run the app while the Automend Pro is plugged in. You’ll receive a full report on your vehicle, including any problems found..

As we can see the device is easy to install and operate as directed above and it comes with a manual that will show you how to install it and explain further to users the uses and functions of the device, it doesn’t need any knowledge on mechanics and the likes to be able to operate this device.

Is Automend Pro OBD2 any good?


Experts say that the key to keeping a car running perfectly is preventative maintenance, but not every person can afford to take their car into the mechanic’s shop for a monthly checkup. Thankfully, the Automend Pro can run a complete diagnostic on your car, saving you an expensive trip to the mechanic’s.

You’ll find out exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. Automend Pro helps you avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous auto mechanics selling you parts your car doesn’t need. Automend Pro will also tell you how much the repair usually costs, preventing mechanics from jacking up the price on you!

How to buy the Automend Pro and the prices

The only place you can buy the original Automend Pro device is from the online official website. meaning that you can only get it from their official website, to prevent adulterated or fake version of the Automend Device.

  1. Automend Pro $69.98
  2. Automend Pro $139.96
  3. Automend Pro $157.46
  4. Automend Pro $209.94

Customers who find issues with the Automend Pro device can return it because they offer a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Customers will have to send the item back for full refund of their money or replacement of the Automend Pro device, excluding shipping fee and they will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee.

Automend Pro pros – Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review

  • Automend Pro tells you the list of repairs to be made in your vehicle and saves you spending money on repairs not necessary.
  • Automend Pro connects very fast to your car thereby allowing you to diagnose your vehicle promptly.
  • Automend Pro helps you to detects little mechanical issues with your vehicle and helps you solve them before it develops to bigger issues.
  • Almost all the mechanics charge you more and even defraud the owner over little car issues especially when the car owner those not have any knowledge on mechanical things, but with Automend Pro device one can easily know the issues your car have and ask the mechanics to fix such specific issue.
  • The Automend Pro offers the users a money back guarantees or refund policy and also exchange of faulty Automend Pro device. So you can get a full refund or a new one if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Automend is a small and easy to carry device, it does not require manpower to carry around it is portable and lightweight making it easy for the device to be easily carried.
  • The Automend Pro can also track your vehicles location, it has a small tracking device that can easily track your vehicle making it difficult for your vehicle to be stolen.

The cons of Automend pro 

  • Automend Pro cannot be used if it does not have a strong internet connection, so it requires internet connection for it to operate.
  • As on the official website the Automend Pro is in limited edition, so it is not so easy to purchase.
  • For Automend Pro one requires a smartphone but once a car owner does not have a smartphone such person cannot use the Automend device, because you will need the Automend Pro Device App on your smartphone to get the diagnostic reports.
  • Finally, the Automend Pro is not compatible with any vehicle that was manufactured before 1996, because, such cars do not have the OBD2 port or connector where the Automend device can be connected to.
  • The device is very expensive and not many car owners can afford it, but it saves a lot of money for car owners in the long run.
  • Automend Pro is limited in stock.
  • The Automend Pro can only be bought from the official website and the cost of transportation will be much for buyers staying far away, thereby making it more expensive to buy.

Who is Automend Pro made for?

Automend Pro is specifically made for those car owners who has little or no knowledge about mechanical work, or problem. This Automend Pro device can detect mechanical car issues for these innocent car owners thereby saving them the cost of mechanics exploiting and overcharging car owners for unnecessary expenses. Automend Pro is manufactured for car owners who wish to maintain their cars efficiently. Also you save your money by comparing and contrasting different mechanical costs and also multiple visits to the mechanics is not needed once car owners have Automend Pro device. Automend Pro is the best device to help detect exact repairs and avoid unnecessary and over charge mechanical bills.

Some information the Automend Pro provides you with:

  • Oil, coolant, and intake air temperature.
  • Mileage
  • Repair history
  • Oxygen levels
  • Fuel system status
  • Recommended maintenance.

What are Customers saying about Automend Pro OBD2 

Automend Pro Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars in Repairs!

My car started overheating and the mechanic said the repairs would cost over $500. Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had Automend Pro! He ran the diagnostics on my car and discovered that the problem could be fixed by replacing a part that only cost $29! Thank goodness for Automend Pro! Without it, my wallet would be even emptier than it usually is! – Kyle C. – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Kept me from getting ripped off! My car started overheating and the mechanic said the repairs would cost over $500. Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had Automend Pro! He ran the diagnostics on my car and discovered that the problem could be fixed by replacing a part that only cost $29! Thank goodness for Automend Pro! Without it, my wallet would be even emptier than it usually is! Yasmeen G.

Helped me get better mileage! My car has always been fairly solid, but I always felt that I wasn’t getting the amount of gas mileage the car was capable of. I ran the Automend Pro and it told me about all of the little fixes and adjustments needed to get my car in tip-top shape. Now I’m getting better mileage than ever before, all thanks to Automend! – Seth P.

Prevented a costly major repair! My car had been running perfectly so I was surprised when Automend Pro discovered a problem. It detected a problem that eventually would have turned into a major, $1000 repair. But thanks to Automend Pro, I was able to stop the problem from ever happening in the first place! Thomas O.

How Does The Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool Work?

Automend Pro plugs into the car or truck’s OBD II port and then alerts to the phone any mechanical or other repair issues with the vehicle such as: Coolant temperature Oil temperature Fuel system status Vehicle speed Intake air temperature O2 level Mileage Maintenance Manufacturer- recommended maintenance Automend Pro has a unique feature that quickly and easily allows you to locate your car. That means no matter where you park your car, you will be able to find it easily

Frequently asked questions about Automend pro 

Must one have a phone to use Automend Pro?

Yes, Automend Pro requires the use of a smart phone to be able to efficiently run and the phone is where the scanning result of the vehicle is shown, once you scan your vehicle for possible faults the Automend Pro has an official App where the details of your car is shown and the faults diagnosed.

Does the use of Automend Pro require internet connection always?

Yes, the Automend Pro requires a strong internet connection in other for it to be able to function properly and scan your vehicle.

Does the company have a return policy?

Yes, the company has a return policy of 30days money back guarantee if the device is not working or is not worth it, it can be returned by going to the company’s official website and requesting a refund stating the issues found with the product they sent or contacting the customer care of the company which can also be found on the official website.

Is the Automend Pro effective?

The Automend Pro is very effective and delivers efficiently, it has helped a lot of customers, with great reviews about the device, so it is small but so worth it.


Conclusion- Automend Pro Reviews 

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The AutoMend Pro is a must have for all car owners, it will guide you and help you diagnose issues or faults found in your car, and the device is easily installed and can be used by everyone. for those who are so security conscious Automend Pro will help you track your vehicle when you can’t find it easily or if stolen because it has a tracking device that can connect your phone to your car. This is a very good device and will help you know your vehicle easily, by telling you when your vehicle has issues and fault it will also prevent mechanics from overcharging you for small issues or fault and even from lying to you just for selfish reasons, most mechanics exploit their clients due to ignorance of this customers and this makes them spend money unnecessarily. The device has received great reviews by those who have used it and are still using it. This device is an innovative and revolutionary device that has brought about solution to many car users tired of been cheated and overcharged by the mechanics. Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool For iOS Review

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