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SmartSnake HD reviews: Shocking Facts About SmartSnake HD wireless endoscope

No access to tight spaces? No problem! — SmartSnake HD reviews provides the access

Looking into pipes to detect cracks and clogs or into your vehicle engine or cylinder for faults could be a futile effort. And the reason is simple: you can’t get through the tiny spaces!

Even with enough illumination, you can’t still reach hidden places. If you’d want to fix leaky pipes, you have to first find the site of breach and then attempt a repair. In the same vein, getting a fix for your car could be a hopeless trial if you can’t easily get to certain areas that are hidden from sight.

Again, small objects, including keys, pins, beads, etc., could get stuck in tiny holes, taking them out of sight and making them difficult to retrieve. That could be a valuable item you’d not want to lose.

If you’re faced with any of these situations, you don’t have to worry again. What you need is an endoscope — a gadget with a lens and LED light that can pass through tiny holes to reach hidden places.

A question you’re likely to ask is: “do I have to buy a particular endoscope type or make?”. This is why we compiled a review for you: to enlighten you on a top-rated endoscope that is the talk of the town today — SmartSnake HD.

This article is an research-based review of smartSnake HD made just for you. We’ll see the ins and outs of this product including its features, product details, benefits, uses and pros and cons as well.

First off, the big question: ‘what is smartSnake HD?

What is SmartSnake HD? (SmartSnake HD reviews )

SmartSnake HD Reviews

SmartSnake HD is an innovative endoscope that lets you see the inside of a tight space. Having this gadget is like having a microscopic eye because you’ll get to see what otherwise would be too small to visualize.

SmartSnake HD is a must-have for all homes because we frequently lose tiny items. At times, we need to check our pluming or the car for faults. These would be extremely difficult to do without a gadget like the SmartSnake HD.

SmartSnake is designed to make seeing through right spaces exceptionally easy. This product features a semi-rigid cable that is both resilient and flexible. It can undergo twists and turns without snapping in the process, making it possible to see go through holes of any orientation.

The interesting part is that, upon removal from the hole, it curls back to its original position, without sustaining any permanent deformation. 

SmartSnake also features a built-in 5.0 MP inspection camera with resolution as high as 2592 x 1944P. This creates high-definition (HD), high-colour output images or videos which can be displayed on a smartphone.

SmartSnake HAD wirelessly transmits  images captured and videos recorded by its high-resolution camera. This transmission happens rapidly and is made possible by SmartSnake’s WiFi feature and Dual antenna design.  

Worried about power outage? no electricity supply? Worry no more! SmartSnake HD comes with a built-in, long-lasting battery. Interestingly, this battery is rechargeable and you can use it up to 5 hours at a go before needing a recharge.

When it does run down, SmartSnake HD is easily rechargeable. The included USB cable makes recharging the device stress-free. Simply plug it into the port and connect the other end to a power socket.

The special featues about SmartSnake HD aren’t limited to the camera and rechargeable battery; SmartSnake HD also features 6 LED lights that glow through dark spaces. 

SmartSnake has an IP67 waterproof probe for underwater explorations. Therefore you won’t have to worry about rusting. SmartSnake is anti-rust.

There are three attachments that extend the functionality of SmartSnake. You have a mirror for enhanced viewing, a magnet to pick small, metallic objects and a hook to pick other heavier particles. 

SmartSnake is an endoscope with several fantastic features. You’d not want to miss this product for any reason.

Product details (SmartSnake HD reviews )

Product Name: SmartSnake HD

Probe diameter: 3.9mm (0.15 inches)

Camera Resolution: 5.0 megapixel HD 2592 x 1944 P

Horizontal viewing angle: 70°

Line length: 2M /5M/10M Hard cable 

Focal range: 2.76 inches – 15.7 inches 

Lens diameter: 3.9mm

Light source: 6LED Lights (adjustable)

Battery type: Rechargeable

Battery capacity: 2200 mAh

Battery endurance: Up to 5 hours

Connection type: Wireless (WiFi) connection to Any Smartphone, Tablet or PC

Attachments:  Magnet, Hook and Mirror Heads 

Micro SD Card:TF memory card can be inserted (not included in the package)

Waterproof rating: The camera and all surrounding components – from the lens to the cable itself – are all IP67 waterproof


Category: Home & Garden

Wireless Endoscope (5 m / 16.4 ft) WiFi Camera (Photo and Video)

Ultra HD High Frame Rate Transmission


SmartSnake HD Review

SmartSnake HD is a cutting-edge wireless endoscope that makes looking through the inside of tight spaces easy. With this device, you won’t worry about leaky pipes or tiny objects stuck in holes again. 

But what makes this device special and gives it an edge over other similar devices? There are a lot of features:

  • High-resolution camera

SmartSnake HD’s camera can resolve to 2592 x 1944 pixels to produce high-definition images and videos. This is equivalent to what most standard digital cameras will give you.

SmartSnake features a 5.0 MP inspection camera that makes seeing inside tight spaces easy. Now you can use this gadget to locate tiny objects and clogs in pipes.

  • Adjustable LED lights

If you’re in need of an endoscope with a bright light output, your best bet will be the SmartSnake HD. The gadget comes with 6 adjustable LED lights that product high-power illumination. Because tiny spaces are usually dark, this feature makes SmartSnake HD exceptionally useful in locating tiny objects and particles and makes taken pictures and videos of them clear enough.

  • Rechargeable, long-lasting battery

You won’t have to worry about using SmartSnake HD if you’re out of electricity supply. This is so because of two features of this endoscope: rechargeable battery and long-lasting battery. SmartSnake HD has a battery capacity of 2,200 mAh which operates for up to 5 hours non-stop. 

When you need to recharge, simply plug in the device into a power socket using the charging cable that comes with the package. There’s a slot for the cable on the device.

  • SmartSnake HD accessories

Three attachments extend the functionality of SmartSnake HD endoscope. They are the mirror, magnet, and hook. 

The mirror assists in side viewing. The magnet helps pick up small, metallic objects. With the hook, you can pick up larger objects like a bunch of keys.

These accessories are included in the package and are attached close to end of the probe, near the LED lights.

  • MicroSD card slot

SmartSnake HD endoscope has a MicroSD card slot. You can insert a  memory card into this device so you can save all your photos & videos.

  • 2.0-version Cam Tele Tech

This feature gives the SmartSnake HD an enlarged focal range (2.76 inches – 15.7 inches) which offers a better inspection property to the gadget.

What do I get from the package? (SmartSnake HD reviews 2022)

  • SmartSnake HD endoscope (x1)
  • Attachments – Hook, Side view Mirror, Magnet (x1 set)
  • Charging Cable (x1)
  • User Manual (x1)
  • Replacement Buckle (x1)

Does SmartSnake HD really work? (SmartSnake HD review)

Definitely! SmartSnake HD is an advanced-technology device that works impressively well.

SmartSnake HD works with your smartphone help you to let you see inside a tight space. 

Once the probe is inserted into the hole, SmartSnake HD LED lights illumination the space, making it possible to take bright photos and record videos of what’s inside. 

The photos and videos can be seen in your smartphone after connection. This gadget transmits signals via WiFi to your smartphone. Interestingly, both Android and iOS smartphones can connect to SmartSnake HD. 

Now you can easily find faults in your plumbing, automobiles, electrical appliances, house fittings, and so on.

Additionally, with the accessories (mirror, magnet, and hook) that can be attached to SmartSnake, you can easily pick up small objects and particles.

Is it difficult to use SmartSnake HD?

Using SmartSnake HD is so easy that anyone can use it. There’s no need to employ the services of a technician or any professional before you use this endoscope. It is as simple as ABC. There’s also a well-written instructional manual that will guide you if you get confused at any point.

To use SmartSnake HD, take the following simple steps.

Step 1: Unbox the package

Step 2: Recharge SmartSnake HD. There’s an included USB cable to recharge the device. 

Step 3: After recharge, turn on SmartSnake by pushing its power button. The LED lights will come up and insert the memory card into the MicroSD card slot.

Step 4: Download the App on your smartphone, turn on your WiFi and connect to SmartSnake HD

Step 5: Insert the probe of SmartSnake HD into the hole of your pipe, space around your car engine, cylinder, etc, and navigate through it

Step 6: Using the accessories, you can pick up items. You can also take photos or record videos captured by SmartSnake’s high-resolution camera

What benefits does SmartSnake HD offer me?

  1. High-quality photos and videos

SmartSnake HD is special in that it produces  high-quality photos and videos of the spaces in which the probe is inserted, making the finding of objects easy.

  1. Rapid, wireless transmission

SmartSnake HD transmits the signals it collects rapidly and wirelessly via WiFi. You can see these as photos and videos in your smartphone after connecting with the endoscope. You don’t need a physical connection between your smartphone and the SmartSnake HD by way of USB cable, for instance. Simply turn on the WiFi of your smartphone and connect to the endoscope. 

  1. Allows you find objects anytime

Using SmartSnake HD, you don’t need a special time of the day to find objects. You don’t also have to wait for electricity supply because the gadget has a built-in battery. As long as it’s fully recharged, you can use the SmartSnake HD for as long as 5 hours to find faults in your plumbing, for example, and carry out a repair on them.

  1. No complicated controls

SmartSnake HD is ridiculously easy to use. There are no complicated controls to confuse you. Turning on the device is simple. Anyone can use SmartSnake HD without the services of a professional. You won’t have a hard time connecting this device to your cellphone too. It’s a merry-go-round!

  1. Option for both photos and videos

With SmartSnake HD, you don’t only get to see the inside of tight spaces but you can take photos of them too. Even more Interestingly, you can make video records which can be stored in the MicroSD card and accessed later on.

  1. SmartSnake HD is resistant to rust

SmartSnake HD is an IP67 waterproof rated device. It has anti-rust properties and does not undergo any oxidation. This is especially important for underwater inspection of objects. You could use it in your fish pond for instance to inspect the growth of water plants.

  1. SmartSnake HD offers a semi-rigid probe

A spectacular design of SmartSnake HD is its semi-rigid probe. This makes the probe strong, resilient, and flexible. If is flexible enough to bend through different geometries of the spaces — horizontal, vertical, oblique, or curved — without snapping.

  1. Affordable product

As a result of its several features, it is expected that SmartSnake HD will be very pricey. Fortunately, that’s far from the case. SmartSnake HD is a highly efficient product that comes at an affordable price too.

  1. Hassle-free money-back guarantee

The manufacturer of SmartSnake HD offers a 100-%, hassle-free money-back guarantee. The return policy is for 30 days. You will be given a refund or replacement of SmartSnake HD for returns within this period.

What do I use SmartSnake HD for? (SmartSnake HD reviews 2022)

You don’t have to spend hours trying to find electrical problems and avoid drilling holes to find leaking pipes.

SmartSnake HD is here to take over the job and offer a seamless service.  It’s small tip diameter of 3.9 mm (0.15 in.), with a wide field of view offer a perfect inspection device for most applications.

SmartSnake HD makes it easy to scan and look inside areas and surfaces we normally wouldn’t be able to reach. This gadget is small enough to fit through any tiny hole in the wall but powerful enough to let you see what’s behind it.

Use this device to the following purposes:

  1. House inspection

Self checking your own house appliances including 

  1. Automotive work

Inspection of your car inner problems for carbon deposition, cylinder checking etc.

  1. Plumbing repair

Use the SmartSnake HD for inspection of your pipe for problems such as pipe clogs, and pipe breaks and leakages. 

  1. Electrical work

Electrical wirings are commonly hidden from sight in insulated pipes. You can inspect these pipes for faults using the SmartSnake HD.

  1. Underwater inspection

Because of its IP67 waterproof rating, the SmartSnake HD can be used for underwater inspection of objects. You could use it inspect the growth of water plants in your fish pond if you have one.

What to consider before buying an endoscope

An endoscopy camera is an essential tool while performing rigid or flexible endoscopy. Before buying any endoscope, look out for the following.


This is an important thing to consider before buying an endoscope. What devices it will be compatible with?  SmartSnake HD happens to be compatible with Smartphones (both Android and iOS versions).

Camera quality

A good camera quality is surely a thing worth considering. Most endoscopes of high quality camera are expensive. However, SmartSnake HD provides you with an endoscope that has both high-grade-quality camera and cost-effectiveness. 


Endoscope probes should come in optimal lengths. While you might think that more is always better, many users find that they just need a few inches or a few feet of cable, and anything beyond that gets in the way.

Battery life

Battery-powered endoscopes are generally preferred to those that depend only on electricity. SmartSnake HD is battery-operated. Its battery capacity is 2,200mAh which can last up to 5 hours.

Digital Camera Outputs

Always prefer a digital camera with HDMI, DVI or 3.0 USB outputs – all have significant advantages regarding quality of image, ability to connect to multiple screens and ability to connect to documentation software and computers.


Always make sure you have a digital or manual zoom, as they enable you to enlarge the image on the screen when using a rigid scope (no need to operate the zoom in flexible endoscopy as it will reduce the image resolution)

Coupler Focal Length 

You need to make sure you have the right coupler length for your type of flexible scope which is usually 22mm for adult scope, and 25mm for pediatric. 

SmartSnake HD comes with an extended focal range (2.76 inches to 15.7 inches) which offers better inspection.

SmartSnake HD Pros (SmartSnake HD Reviews )

  • High camera resolution
  • Rapid transmission
  • WiFi connection
  • Battery-operated
  • 5-hour uptime
  • Semi-rigid probe
  • No complicated controls
  • Attachments/Accessories
  • Supports photo and video
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 30-day return policy

SmartSnake HD Cons (SmartSnake HD Review)

  • Available only on official site
  • Product is limited in stock

Where to buy SmartSnake HD 

You can buy SmartSnake HD from the official site. You have serval payment modes to choose from. You can pay via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and so on.

What is the price of SmartSnake HD?

  • 3 x SmartSnake HD — $ 46.60/ each

Total: $139.80

  • 2 xSmartSnake HD — $49.80 / each

Total: $99.60

  • 1 xSmartSnake HD — $59.30 

Return Policy – SmartSnake HD reviews

The return policy is for 30 days. You can return the product within this period for a replacement or full refund. The company offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About SmartSnake HD

How Much Does The Shipping Cost?

For a limited time, the manufacturer offers Free Shipping across the world, which is trackable, too.

Will I Be Able To Track My Order?

Yes! You will receive a tracking number once your order has been dispatched from the warehouse. 

When Will My Order Arrive?

The processing time for orders is 1-3 business days. After that, delivery time within the United States is 5-10 business days, 5-14 business days to Europe, and 8-20 business days for the rest of the world

Do I have to worry if SmartSnake HD makes contact with water

Absolutely not! In fact, SmartSnake HD is made for water inspection as well as inspection of dry areas. It has an IP67 waterproof rating which makes it resistant to water and anti-rust.

Where can I use SmartSnake HD?

You can use the SmartSnake HD where you need house inspection, automotive work, plumbing repair, electrical work, underwater inspection

Final Verdict and Recommendation- SmartSnake HD reviews

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Looking through tight spaces such as pipes or car engines or certain home appliances could be extremely difficult. Sometimes, this is necessary to check for faults or retrieve lost objects. Situations like this call for an endoscope which features a camera and an LED light that can be used to access areas hidden from sight.

The SmartSnake HD offers and excellent choice for an endoscope. This simple endoscope uses adjustable LED lights and high-resolution camera to access tight spaces. Because it’s battery-operated, you don’t have to worry about electricity outage. A single recharge of this endoscope enables you use the device for several hours.

Several other features and benefits abound for which several customers remain attached to SmartSnake HD endoscope.

SmartSnake HD remains a one-stop shop which has a 5-star rating. Several editorial reviewers say the product is one of a kind and this very review more than justifies it.


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