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Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews 2022: Scam Alert or Genuine Product?

Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews 2022 : Looking good is the ultimate desire of all people, whether they admit it or not.  While you can improve your appearance by your choice of clothes or hairdo, the truth remains that our body fat plays a major role in determining our appearance — how attractive we look. The reason is that body fat determines your body contour which in turn determines how you look. 

While people can fall at both extremes — very lanky or very obese —, everybody wants a balanced body fat where they’re neither too slender nor overweight.

Achieving this goal isn’t always easy, however. Several studies even suggest that it’s harder to lose weight than gain it, although there are a lot of factors that affect weight gain or loss.

The key thing to know is that, to lose weight and achieve the body fat you desire, you have to be intentional about it and take the right steps.

It is very common for people to hit the gym or start workouts to shed fat. Other people deprive themselves of food for the same purpose. The hard truth, however, is that neither of these methods is bound to work on every individual person and that is why we have to look elsewhere .

Luckily, Prima Weight Loss hit the market and is receiving positive reviews from happy customers as well as 5-star ratings. Our interest was piqued and we decided to review this product ourselves.

Our findings gave us the shock of our lives and we won’t hesitate to share this with you. 

If you’d want honest reviews on Prima Weight Loss, the promising weight loss pills, you’ve come to the right place.

In this very piece, every detail about Prima Weight Loss will be exposed — including Prima Weight loss facts, active ingredients, how it works, recommended dosage, health benefits, safety, and lots more. 

We’re eager to share with you, so let’s get right into it.

What is Prima Weight Loss? (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

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Prima Weight Loss is an easy solution for people who have tried everything but cannot lose weight. This product comes as capsules or pills that help burn fat you cannot shed off with diet or exercise. 

Exercise is not a guarantee that you’ll lose weight (at least not in the way you expect) because weight loss may require more than just physical activity. 

Going on with your daily activities on an empty stomach all in a bid to lose weight isn’t a good option either. You’re simply depriving yourself of energy! You could be weak and inactive as a result, and if your brain doesn’t get as much energy, you may run into a big health problem!

Prima Weight loss pills are interesting in the way they work. Prima does not deprive you of energy — it only changes your source of energy to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

There are several weight loss pills in the market today. Most of these have very scanty information or scientific explanation of how they work, yet they create high hopes. In the end, the users get disappointed and frustrated because they don’t work. Such pills do nothing!

Prima Weight Loss is a natural anti-obesity formulation to help people lose weight healthily. These pills work naturally with no side effects and no synthetic products. Prima Weight Loss is gluten-free and contains no artificial substances.

Although the rate of weight loss depends on the individual (some persons naturally lose weight faster than others), Prima Weight loss pills work optimally to shed off fat in the shortest possible time. On the average, you’ll be able to lose up to 1.5 stones of weight in the first month and up to 3 stones after two months.

Prima Weight loss pills are easy-to-swallow supplements that work with high efficiency to help you with weight loss. 

While burning off fat layers, Prima weigh loss also keeps your feeding in check by affecting your appetite, making these pills possess a dual-action mechanism in bringing about weight loss.

Interesting facts about Prima Weight Loss pills (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

Prima Weight Loss pills are the last hope for individuals who have tried to lose fat via exercise and diet change to no avail. These supplements work at the cell and molecular level to bring about their results. 

You probably never knew of these amazing facts about Prima Weight Loss so we decided to expose them.

  • Organic-based formula

All Prima Weight Loss active ingredients are organic-based. They are derived from natural sources (plants and herbs) and contain no artificial or synthetic products. Prima does not contain gluten or addictive substances.

  • Works naturally and healthily

Primary works in a natural way to bring about weight loss. It doesn’t put the body in stress or harm in order to achieve weight loss. Also, it doesn’t deprive the body of energy but only switches the source from carbs to fats so that more fat is used (and therefore burnt off) to keep your body working.

No known side effects of this product have been reported by customers. 

  • Visible results in the quickest possible time

It is true that our body is different. Some people lose weight faster than others. However, Prima Weight loss pills work to bring about weight loss in the quickest time possible. Many customers report they were able to lose up to 3 stones of weight in just two months! — something you’re not likely ever going to achieve by workouts or simply changing diet.

The result achieved by Prima is semi-permanent: you won’t easily revert to being overweight once you stop using these pills.

  • Dual-action pills

Prima Weight loss pills are amazing in the way they act. Like many weight loss pills, Prima burns off fat layers to give you the body shape you desire. In addition, Prima prevents formation of new ones. It does this by controlling your satiety or appetite level, reducing your cravings but does not entirely stop you from feeding.

  • Lasting alternative to other weight loss schemes

Prima Weight loss pills are a good alternative to diets and exercise. Also, using these pills — depending on the duration — makes surgery (liposuction) unnecessary. With Prima Weight Loss, you’ll save money and you have to worry about post-surgical complications.

  • High-quality wright loss supplements

All Prima products come from the UK. They are made to high GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. 

To maintain a high level of health and safety standard, the manufacturer ensures that all products meet stringent UK/EU legislation.

  • Easy-to-swallow supplements

Prima Weight loss pills have a pleasing taste. They’re not repulsive or nauseating so you won’t have a hard time swallowing them. Prima pills are not drugs that make us want to vomit. 

  • Customer care support

Prima has a 24/7 customer care support team readily available to take your complaints and offer valuable solutions in real time. You can easily reach out to support any time in need.

Prima’s Formula (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

The active ingredients of Prima Weight Loss are organic-based products that are highly efficacious in bringing about weight loss.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia is a South Asian fruit known as the brindle berry. There, it’s often used in curries and as a preservative for food. 

Claims made in support of garcinia  potential benefits suggest that it can help in the following:

  1. weight loss
  2. reduce appetite
  3. lower cholesterol
  4. improve rheumatism
  5.  relieve intestinal problems
  1. L – Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is only synthesized in the body under appropriate conditions. 

Some of the health benefits of L-Arginine include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. supporting heart health
  3. reducing chest pain
  4. helping build muscles
  5. repairing wounds
  6. improving male fertility
  1.  L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a chemical that is made in the human brain, liver, and kidneys.

L-Carnitine has been shown to:

  1. Help the body turn fat into energy.
  2. Improve the functions of the heart and brain
  3. Promote muscle movement, and many other body processes
  1. Gelatin

Gelatin is a type of protein that’s made into a dried powder. It’s created from isolating and dehydrating parts of animals, including skin, bones and tissue.

Gelatin is important in the following ways:

  1. Helps You Feel Full
  2. Improves Gut Health and Digestion
  3. Protects Joints and Lowers Joint Pain
  4. Helps Improve Sleep Quality
  5. Lifts Your Mood and Improves Cognitive Abilities
  6. Improves Skin Health
  7. Maintains Strong Bones
  8. Helps Maintain Heart Health
  1. Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is a salt of magnesium and a fatty acid (stearic acid)

Magnesium Stearate in supplement tablets is used as a ‘flow agent’. It means that it prevents different supplement ingredients from sticking to each other and the blending and punching equipment. 

Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide is a mineral known for its importance in halting the breakdown of bones as well as help in the formation of new bones.

It is involved in:

  1. Regulating fat absorption  
  2. Stimulating the protein collagen synthesis

Rice Flour

Rice flour is an insoluble fiber that can:

  1. improve cardiovascular health by regulating cholesterol levels
  2. manage blood sugar levels
  3. and regularise bowel movement

How does Prima Weight Loss work? (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

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Prima Diet

Prima Weight Loss is a lasting solution to weight loss. This supplement suppresses appetite and controls food cravings and initiates fat burning and pushes the body to use fat layers for energy production.

The primary reason behind Prima weight loss fame is its dual-action approach. It burns the accumulated fat layers while preventing the new layers from forming. So the body is not just fighting on one side, as most diet pills offer. For this reason, the weight loss offered by this formula is better, faster and more efficient than other diet pills. 

The body starts losing fat from most chubby areas, and these results become observable within a few weeks only.  Depending on your body type, weight loss can take weeks to months. However, noticeable change should be seen after about one month of two.

Prima Weight loss pills do not deprive you of energy. You don’t have to change your diet (as long as it’s healthy) when using this supplement.

Do not follow a restrictive diet with calories lesser than your body requirement, or else you will fall sick. The best type of weight loss is where the body requirement for energy and the daily calorie intake are balanced, and fortunately, the prima weight loss pills offer both. 

Recommended Dosage (Prima Weight loss UK reviews )

Prima offers a one-month supply of weight loss pills. For each Prima weight loss pack, there are 30 capsules manufactured to support both men and women who want to lose weight and achieve a more attractive physique.

Prima contents are all-natural. The recommendation dosing is as follows:

Recommended dosing — ‎1 Capsule daily, preferably approximately 15 to 30 minutes before a meal (lunch or dinner) is for adults only. 

Take one capsule (1 x) once daily, unchewed, with two large glasses of water (2 x 250ml). 

If you cannot swallow a pill, you can open the capsule, mix the contents with water, and take.

When do I expect results? (Prima Weight Loss UK review)

There is no one-fits-all approach in the use of Prima Weight Loss pills. The results vary. The progress mainly depends upon age, genetics, and lifestyle of the consumer and the amount of weight to lose. 

Additionally, if you are regular on the pill intake, the chances of faster results are much higher than a person that skips the daily doses.

Generally, the outcome of using Prima Weight Loss pills can be broken into 5 phases.

Phase 1 — Latent phase

It occurs a few hours after you take the pills. No visible results is seen yet as if nothing actually is happening.

Phase 2 — (After 1-2 days)

After one to two days of taking the Prima weight loss capsules, you will notice how your metabolism is stimulated and slowly but gradually begins to change. Your body burns fat at a significantly increased rate. Many people already feel more energetic during this phase and have the sensation of an increased energy level.

At the same time, this is accompanied by a reduction in the feeling of hunger. Accordingly, you’ll have reduced cravings and your feeding will be slightly reduced than before. 

Phase 3 (After 2 weeks)

Many successes are reported after only 14 days. Within this time, you can lose between 0.3 and 0.8 stones with Prima Weight Loss Capsules.

Phase 4 (After 1 month)

After 1 month, you’ll be able lose between 0.5 and 1.5 stones weight with Prima Weight Loss Capsules. Admittedly, 1.5 stones in four weeks is a real achievement and not everyone can achieve that.

Phase 5 (After 2 months)

After two months, the majority of users in the Prima Weight Loss Capsules test had already lost more than 1.5 stones. Really strong successes that have been realised in this period are around 3 stones weight loss. 

Other Health Benefits of Prima Weight Loss pills 

Prima Weight Loss pills help users burn fat in a quick and healthy way. Additionally, Prima promotes overall health in the following ways:

Effect on Cholesterol metabolism — Prima Weight Loss pills regulate cholesterol metabolism by increasing HDL/LDL ratio. HDL (High-density lipoprotein) is good Cholesterol whereas LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) is bad cholesterol.

Antioxidant effect — Prima promotes the formation of antioxidants which scavange free radicals that cause damage to body cells and tissues.

Reduces blood sugar level — High blood sugar level is a marker of Diabetes mellitus. Prima stabilizes blood sugar and can improve diabetes.

Reduces high blood pressure — High blood pressure causes damage to organs and brings about other health issues. Use of Prima Weight Loss pills helps stabilize blood pressure levels.

Increases mood and confidence — Bring obese or overweight reduces our confidence and can make us feel sad about our body. With a better physique, which primer helps us achieve, we attain a stronger self-esteem.

Increases immunity — As with everything, having an excess is a marker of abnormality. Excessive fat is a risk factor for several health conditions. By reducing body fat store, our immunity will be strengthened.

Is Prima Weight Loss Safe? (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

Prima Weight Loss is clinically proven and made with all medically approved components. It does not include any harmful or toxic substances and stimulants in it. It is natural, trustworthy, easy to swallow and safe for use. 

The safety concerns on any weight loss products are genuine. Primar is non habit-forming and  contains no stimulant or artificial preservatives.

Is Prima Weight Loss for everybody?

Prima Weight Loss is for anyone who wants to burn fat in a healthy and simple way 

However, we discourage certain group of people from using Prima Weight Loss.

  • Weight loss pills are only recommended for people over 18 years of age, and they are never a safe choice for younger adults. 
  • The diet pills are also not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
  • Lastly, people with underlying medical conditions or diagnosed with diseases should avoid taking any supplements. 

Where do I buy the Prima Weight loss

Head over to the official website to buy these pills at a nice discount. 

Pricing (Prima Weight Loss UK reviews 2022)

  • One pack of Prima weight loss pills — $54.95 (plus delivery charges)

(For beginners)

  •  Two packs of Prima weight loss pills — $39.47 (free delivery)


  • Three packs of Prima weight loss pills — $34.98 each (free delivery)

(Great value)

Return Policy

The company is also offering a money-back guarantee on all orders to save the customers from a financial loss. For questions and product details, drop an email at with your contact information, and a representative from the company will contact you with a solution. You can also call the company at + 31 (0) 20 7670552 and use the following address for the return parcels. 


Radioweg 24

1324 KP Almere


Company Profile

Prima is the brand name for a kind of weight reduction medication that is very successful. Patented and authorized, this unique nutritional supplement contains only organic ingredients and has a 100% organic makeup. Most importantly, organic capsules encourage long-term weight reduction safely and naturally, which is their primary benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to take it, should I take double the amount now? 

If you forget to take it once, please do NOT take double the amount at the next intake. Just keep on take it as you normally would. 

What is the maximum number of capsules I can take? 

The recommended intake is one (1) capsule per day. 

I am pregnant/breastfeeding, can I take the capsules? 

We advise you not to take it if you are pregnant or have just become a mother. 

For whom are the capsules? 

The capsules are suitable for both women and men over 18 years.

Are Prima Weight Loss Capsules safe?

Because it is a natural, herbal product, it is often described as safe. Side effects are therefore very rare and of little consequence.

How soon can I expect an effect?

An initial effect is usually noticeable within one to two days. For many users, the first results can be expected within the first week. Significant weight loss usually begins within one to two months.

How much do Prima Weight Loss Capsules cost?

A monthly pack contains 30 capsules and costs from £ 34.98.

Final Verdict- prima weight loss United states/ Australia 

Obesity does not only affect our physical appearance, it also imparts our psychology and health. Excess body fat makes us less confident of ourselves and gives room for more serious health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Exercise, diet change, and surgery (liposuction) are some of the methods of weight loss. However, each comes with its own limitation. 

The Prima Weight Loss pills are the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to lose weight in a simple and healthy way. These pills work by burning off fat layers and preventing the formation of new ones.

Prima Weight Loss is rated 5 out of 5 stars with several customers testifying how they’ve been able to easily lose fat with these pills.


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