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Solvolt solar charger review 2021: Does this solvolt power bank worth my money?

   Solvolt solar charger review 2021:

Dealing with an empty phone in the middle of a long trip can be a frustrating experience, especially if you have an urgent phone call to take at the moment. If you’ve been in this kind of situation, it’s about time you explore the use of solar power banks for your mobile phones.

   The introduction of solar power banks has been among the top energy storage solutions in recent years. Thanks to it, people no longer have to experience the horror of running out of power at a critical point or worry about their devices going off at an impromptu moment. Read on to find out what a solar power bank is and why you should consider getting one.

Overview of solvolt solar charger: ( solvolt solar charger review)

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Solar USB power charger review

Solar power banks are important for outdoor enthusiasts and offer a way to keep cell phones, cameras, and other gadgets charged when electricity is scarce. They’re also invaluable when severe weather or power surges cause widespread outages.

These convenient, portable devices have evolved into several different styles, but the two most common are around the size of a cell phone and have either a single solar panel or several expanding, folding panels.

solvolt solar charger refers to portable battery packs that collect power from the sunlight and turn it into electricity. This electricity can be used for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices without plugging them into an electrical socket. 

 SolVolt is a portable power bank which you will not like to leave at home. Because of the ease and simplicity of usage, it is a must-have for everyone. No matter where you are going and what the weather conditions are, this device will be there to connect you to the world. It passes all the safety tests and is proven safe for the phone. Do not worry about low battery when you have your charging device with you. Watch as many shows as you want or take unlimited photos without fearing that your phone will switch off. Use a charging cable to connect it with your phone, and you are good to go.  

Technical Specifications of solvolt solar charger ( solvolt review 2021)

  • Safety On The Go: Go hiking, camping, climbing, or on long journeys without worrying about losing touch. As long as there’s sunlight, you can quickly and easily connect back to the world.
  • Charge 2 Devices At Once: Plug in any two USB devices simultaneously for a full, sun-fueled charge up.
  • High Volume Energy Capacity: 10,000mAH can charge a Samsung or iPhone 3+ times before the unit needs refueling.
  • Fully Waterproof: Safe to use in the rain without concern of damage.
  • Shockproof: No need to treat it like a delicate piece of equipment! The SolVolt is made for ultimate survivability in all conditions.
  • All-Weather Durability: The SolVolt is built to last in rugged mountaineering conditions including rain, snow, wind, and dirt.
  • Compact and Portable: Easily fits into a backpack for easy carrying.
  • Easy to Use: Simply snap it on the back of your backpack while hiking or lay it out in the sun to recharge the unit.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight: Use the flashlight as a backup in case of emergencies so you’ll never be without light.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING solvolt solar charger ( solvolt charger review)

1.     Eco-Friendly( solvolt power bank review)

One of the best benefits of using solvolt solar charger is that they’re environmentally-friendly and they can help reduce and greenify your power consumption when charging your electronic devices. As a result, you’re able to save some money on your monthly electric bills. 

And again, you should keep in mind that the sun is one of the best sources of electricity there is today and by using solar power banks when charging your phones, you’re already minimizing your carbon footprint. 

2.     Portable ( solvolt solar charger review 2021)

Basically, charging your phone during a long trip can be challenging, mostly if you can’t find an electric socket in the area. However, with the advent of solvolt power banks in the market today, charging while traveling is no longer impossible. Most of these mobile phone chargers are portable, which means you can easily place them in your bag and bring them wherever you go. Solvolt  solar charger models are as light and slim as your mobile phones, making them more convenient to bring along on your trip. 

And Again, solar power banks are also safe to bring. Having these solar power banks at your disposal makes it easier for you to stay connected with your family and friends while you’re outside of the house. 

If you’re looking for the best solar power bank for your devices, solvolt solar charger is here for you.

3.     Compatibility( solvolt solar charger review)

Another benefit of using solvolt solar power banks is that they’re compatible with almost all types of phones and other electronic devices. It  comes with 3 USB ports which allow you to connect them into your devices without hassle. Whether you have an android smartphone, iphone, or tablet, you can find several models of power banks that can be used for these specific devices. 

4.     Easy Charging for Several Days: ( sol volt solar charger review)

Apart from portability, using these solar power banks allows you to charge your phone anytime and anywhere. Also, these devices can hold a high level of power, which is why you don’t have to worry about losing your phone’s power for several days. 

For instance,  if you’re out camping with your friends for several days, solvolt solar charger make it much easier to ensure that your phone will always be charged. All you need to do is take the charger out in the sun during the day to collect power and get the most out of it at night by charging the power bank to your phone. Hence, there’s no reason to experience a dying phone in the middle of your outdoor activities.

 Why should I buy solvolt solar charger ( solvolt solar charger review)

SolVolt solar charger power bank is one of the essential items to bring when you’re out of your home. Whether you’re working, traveling, or doing some outdoor activities, you can benefit from using this charger anytime you want. With it on your side, you can rest knowing that your devices can be charged quickly.

What are the features of solvolt solar charger ( solar power bank review)

Below are the notable features of solvolt solar charger:

  • It is easy to use.  
  • It is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof  
  • It can charge two devices at a time 
  • It is portable  
  • It has a LED flashlight for emergencies  
  • It uses a polycrystalline panel to charge through sunlight 
  • Its dimensions are 2.2 inches (width) and 4 inches (length)  
  • It only takes two hours to charge full  
  • It is highly energy efficient  
  • It works well both on IOS and android  
  • It comes in different colors  
  • Its capacity is 10,000 mAH 
  • It is a long-lasting device 

How to use solvolt solar charger ( solvolt review)

Solvolt solar charger review 2021
solvolt solar charger review

SolVolt solar charger is the most simple and easy-to-use power bank among all available options online today. Before using it, you have to make sure that it is fully charged and is ready to be utilized. There are two charging ports that can be used at a time. You can connect these ports to any device you want to charge, whether it is a mobile phone or any other thing.  

As it is charged through solar light and electricity, this charge is stored inside it, and when you connect it to devices with no charge, it is transferred from the power bank to these devices, resulting in fully charging them. It can even be used by people without any technical knowledge or information. It uses photovoltaic modules to charge, which is the same technology used in power satellites. Inside the device, this charge can last for so many days. It means you only have to charge your power bank once in many days. If you do not use it, this charge will not end and be available for you for days.  

And again, the SolVolt Solar Charger is weather-resistant, which means it is resistant to air, water, and dust, which damages the electrical devices otherwise. It is also shockproof, meaning it can survive accidents, natural disasters, and damage caused by dropping it.  

Finally, if you take good care of it, this charger will be at your side for years without compromising the working efficiency. Do not forget to read the list of devices that you can charge with this product. Some devices, such as requiring a high voltage to charge, may not be suitable for it, i.e., refrigerators. It is best for small devices such as watches, smartphones, laptops, and other accessories.  

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How do I Charge my SolVolt Power Bank? ( solvolt power bank review)

The good news is that there are two charging methods used by SolVolt solar charger; one is charging through the solar photovoltaic plates that absorb the sunlight to generate energy. For that, you have to select a clean place with direct sunlight and leave the device there for at least two hours. These two hours are enough to fully charge it. The second option is to use an electric supply to charge SolVolt batteries.  

For that, you need an electric source and a connecting cable. Attach it to the socket for two hours and remove it after it is fully charged. Both these techniques are helpful, easy, and practical. They do not require the user to have a specific technical knowledge.  

Check out SolVolt solar charger customer reviews and consumer reports online. Should you really trust this device? Visit the official website here to know more.  

Advantages of solvolt solar charger ( solvolt power bank review)

 There are many options available in portable power banks, SolVolt has many advantages to prefer it over other available options. Here are the advantages  of solvolt solar charger and reasons why you need to invest in this portable solar charger: 

  • It is best for adventures:

If you are an adventure lover and like spending time outdoors, close to nature, you can continue your expeditions without missing any important update, email or reminder. As long as you have sunlight, SolVolt would be there to help you charge your devices and connect to the world. 

  • Dual-charging option : 

You can use two phones, two laptops, or a phone and laptop to charge using a SolVolt charger. Do not forget to check the battery before plugging these devices for charging, or they may not be fully charged.  

  • High energy efficient : 

SolVolt is highly energy-efficient, and its battery is 10,000 mAH. It is enough to charge your phone many times, for days.  

  • Weather-resistant :

The biggest problem with electronics is that they are often affected by dust, rain, storm, and moisture. Thankfully, there is no such concern with SolVolt, as it is fully weather resistant. Additionally, it is shockproof, which means it would not be damaged if you drop it by chance. Because of its premium-grade body, it can even survive a disaster or accident. It even works best in snow, making it best for all weather conditions.  

  • Easy to move and use :

SolVolt is a small, compact, and lightweight device that could fit into any backpack or purse. You can carry it anywhere you are going, and it would be ready to serve the purpose. Whenever you are running low on battery, take it out from the backpack, place it in sunlight to charge, and attach it with your phone.  

  • LED-flashlight :

SolVolt comes with a built-in flashlight that can be used in an emergency when there is a blackout and no light is available. You can also use it to find a way during camping or trekking trips as it lasts longer than the average flashlight.  

Disadvantages of solvolt solar charger: ( solvolt solar charger review)

  • This type of product tends to store a limited amount of energy. Be mindful of how quickly it may run out of juice, especially if you use several devices at the same time.
  • Solar energy is not recommended for areas that rain a lot or don’t experience many sunny days.

How does solvolt solar charger work? Solvolt power bank review)

Using SolVolt charger is a piece of cake that makes it perfect for all outdoor events, including picnics, family gatherings, weddings, and family trips. It ensures that you do not compromise on your phone charging just because no power source is available.  

Charge the SolVolt power bank with electricity or solar power before you go out.  

Use the phone charger to connect it to your phone; use the USB port for it.  

Connect two devices at a time  

The charging would start right away, without doing anything.  

Do not forget to recharge your SolVolt solar power device when you have already used it a few times. Its battery capacity is 10,000 mAH, and it has to be recharged before you use it next. 

Comparison between SolVolt Solar Charger and Other power bank Chargers 

Below are the reasons why solvolt solar charger is preferable from other power banks online: 

  • Can charge different devices: unlike other chargers, SolVolt solar charger can be used on various devices, not just the phone alone; that is not the case with commonly available power banks.  
  • Instant flashlight: it offers instant access to an LED flashlight that is much needed in the case of an emergency. You can also use it as a torch if there is no torch available.  
  • Works without electricity: it can also work without electricity as it can be charged through the sun. Wherever you go, the sun is always there, and it will never stop shining. So there is no reason this device would disappoint you in any way.  
  • Safe investment: compared to all other options, SolVolt comes with all necessary information regarding the product and the company manufacturing it. Plus, the company also has a refund policy to cater to unhappy customers.  

Where is the Solvolt solar charger made? ( solvolt solar charger US review)

This portable latest solar power bank is manufactured in the US with the market’s top technology. Solavolt Solar Charger is advertised as the best device for emergencies because it comes in handy when you need power most but is away from the source of electricity. For example, you can use it to call an ambulance or police where there’s no electricity.

Where can I Buy SolVolt Solar Charger and What’s The Price? ( solvolt solar charger price review)

The SolVolt Solar Charger is exclusively available online. You can order it through the official website –  

Use This Link To Buy SolVolt Charger for a Discounted Price From The Official Company Directly  

Do not trust any other link or seller other than the original website to make your purchase. Because of the high demand and limited supply, it is possible for other companies to use similar packaging or name to brand their products which is a fraud. Do not fall for any SolVolt scam and only trust the original manufacturer with your money.  

Right now, it is available for a discounted price. One SolVolt power bank costs only $79.99, but it is currently under a discount offer that cuts its price to 50%. Here is the complete information on discounts and bundle packs.  

Buy one SolVolt solar charger- $39.95 (50% Off) 

Buy two SolVolt solar chargers- $34.95 each (56% Off) 

Buy three SolVolt solar chargers- $29.95 each (63% Off) 

All orders are shipped for free.  

You might have noticed that buying more chargers decreases the price. If you have a bunch of friends or family members, you can buy two or three chargers in one go and save a lot of money on the real price. Based on your location, it will be delivered to you within a few days.  

For now, it is only available for US residents and not available for international deliveries. If you are outside the US, you may not be able to get it.  

Money back guarantee policy ( solvolt solar US review)

All SolVolt orders come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can request the company to refund your money if you do not find it practical. It does not require any additional protocol, and you only need to inform the company about your decision. You may have to return the product and pay for the delivery charges. The company would not compensate for the return parcels. 

For more questions and queries, feel free to contact the customer support line through the following means.  

Phone: (877) 210-7911 (Monday – Friday 9 am-5 pm PST) 


Here is the address to send the parcels for refunds. Add your order number and contact details with this return parcel and send it to the following address. 

Invative Inc. 10946 Ratner St #1759 Sun Valley CA 91352 


 Only available online  

Not suitable for heavy machinery

Frequently asked questions about solvolt:solvolt solar charger review

Q:how do I charge my solvolt solar charger?

Answer: solvolt power bank uses the sun to charge itself instead of electricity. Then the accumulated power is fed into the rechargeable batteries, which will hold that power until need it.

Q: Does solvolt solar worth my money?

Answer:  basically yes, solvolt solar charger is worth buying because it is:

  • Environment Friendly:

Charging the phone through a solvolt power bank saves energy. It will be especially helpful if you charge phone often or have several devices to charge. A solar powered bank can be added to the mix of other charges that are currently using. This will allow exploring the new gadget without making a rough transition.

  • Great for Traveling:

Charging the phone when traveling, especially for a long time, is quite difficult. Using a power bank for outing is good, so that phones can be recharged, can put different gadget inside, and makes traveling life so easy and comfortable. A solvolt power bank is able to hold a high level of power and therefore can be used to charge a phone throughout several days. All you have to remember is to take the solvolt power bank out in the daylight and let it regain its power. And another big advantage with this reliable power bank is forget about bothering with the appropriate adapter.

Q: Can I use SolVolt solar charger to charge my laptop?

Answer: Yes, you can use SolVolt to charge laptops, phones, and other devices that do not need much charge and not light weight.

Q:How much time does SolVolt take to charge? 

Answer: SolVolt solar power charger takes a maximum of two hours to fully charge, using sunlight or electricity.  

Q:Does SolVolt solar power charge come pre-charged? 

Answer: All SolVolt chargers come 70% charged by default. It is advised to charge them 100% before using them. 

Q:Can I use a SolVolt solar charger during air travel? 

Answer: Yes, you can use SolVolt during air travel; it is safe for it.  

Q:Which cable is used to connect with the SolVolt power bank? 

Answer: Any USB cable or charger of your phone can be connected to the SolVolt power bank.  

Q:Is SolVolt solar charger water-proof? 

Answer: All SolVolt chargers are 100% waterproof but do not use them near water for the safe side. Being waterproof is not an excuse to use them under the water.  

Q: What is solvolt solar charger?

Answer: A solvolt  solar charger is an energy storage device that obtains energy from the sun and uses it to charge/power various electronic gadgets, like phones, tablets, laptops, torches, bulbs, televisions, etc.

Customer’s review on solvolt ( solvolt solar charger review)

William R. – Dallas, TX

“Purchased this unit in order to have a lightweight way to recharge my cycling computer, cell phone, and bike lights while doing multi day bicycle rides. This product has performed flawlessly. Able to recharge two items at once and can be used several times before it needs a recharge. Solar panel works great and I would recommend this product to anyone, especially those involved in outdoor activities where 110 VAC isn’t available.”

Candace B. – Sammamish, WA

“This is my third solar charger. My husband and I love ours, and so did our granddaughter! Sooo, now we all have these really nice chargers and never have dead batteries on our phones. We spend a lot of time outdoors so these chargers are perfect! Small and lightweight, they tuck into any backpack or pocket. They work quickly so we never worry about dead cellphones, tablets, or readers! These are our go to chargers. Thanks for a great product!”

James A. – Oslo, Norway

“My overall experience using this item was great! I went to the park with the family and let the sun power it up, came home and charged both phones with no problem, and the power bank was still full of juice!”

Visit the official website here to know more about SolVolt Charger

Final Remark on solvolt solar charger: solvolt solar power bank review:

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Solvolt review

If you are someone who has to travel a lot for work or fun, SolVolt is a product that you should keep with you. It gives complete freedom and ease of stress to charge your phone before going out. Use it once, and your next few days will be relieved from the phone charging stress. Even if you are not much of an outdoor person and think these devices are a time waste, you should keep one with you. Emergencies can happen anytime and hit anyone, but if they come to you, you should be at least prepared for them.  

SolVolt is a portable and affordable power bank that is currently available for a discounted price. You can order bundle packs for friends and family members and save more money. Interestingly this device works best for both android and IOS users, so there is no reason to question its working. It comes with a money-back offer, so there is no financial loss in trying it. 

Finally, The solvolt solar power bank is an innovative device that you will find highly beneficial as long as you buy directly from the official website . Solvolt power banks are affordable, environment friendly, cost-saving and a reliable source of power supply for your gadgets. Most importantly, it helps you stay connected anytime, anywhere and on the go!

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