Qinux Zealot Speaker Review

Qinux Zealot Speaker Review: A Must Have 

Qinux Zealot speaker is a 360º Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to music for over 10 hours non-stop. It is the most efficient sound system in its category.

How does the Qinux Zealot work?

The Qinux Zealot works with a neodymium bass driver and an acoustic grill that provides a 360° homogeneous sound. 

Features of the Qinux Zealot Speaker – Qinux Zealot Speaker Review

Qinux Zealot Speaker

1) It is wireless: You can take the Qinux Zealot anywhere while enjoying your music. Without the need for cables you can connect the Qinux Zealot to any device such as the computer, tablet or smartphone, and listen to music without the need for cables.

2) It is multifunctional: It has a multifunctional 3.5mm auxiliary input that helps you to connect it to devices without Bluetooth, a TF card slot that let’s you play music and a built in microphone for calls. It allows you to connect everything that you need to enjoy a fun music experience.

3) It is Pairable: You can connect two devices simultaneously and switch between them. This helps you share music with your friends without having to disconnect and reconnect the speaker.

4) Sounds as clear as a stereo: It has two 5 W speakers each for clear and powerful sound that gives you every detail of your music.

5) Quality Metal Build: Qinux Zealot comes with quality sound that is used in making the speakers. It has a distinctive metal diaphragm that helps it provide a bass sound. Due to the metal diaphragm, the sound comes out clean, smooth and clear.

6) Colourful speaker: Qinux Zealot has a colourful speaker that alternates different flashes of lights according to the rhythm of the music being played, giving you a wonderful listening experience. 

7) Portable Speaker: The Qinux Zealot Speaker is easy to carry around because it is lightweight. It has a woven lanyard that allows you to carry it or hang it on places.

Specifications of the Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker

Microphone: Yes

TF card slot: Up to 32 GB

Auxiliary input: 3.5 mm

Speaker unit: Φ57 mm x 2

Distortion: ≤0.5%

Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥80 dB

Frequency response: 100 Hz – 20 KHz

Output: DC 5V / 1A

Input: DC 5V / 1A

Bluetooth range: Up to 10 m

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Playing time: Up to 10 hours

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Battery: 2000 mAh

Power: 10 W

Material: ABS + Metal

Color: Black

Weight: 450 g

Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 17 cm

How to use the Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker 

Switch the Qinux Zealot bass portable speaker on by turning on the switch. Activate the Bluetooth and link it with any device of your choice. You can read the manual in the pack for more info.

Pros of Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker 

1) Easy to use: It is easy to use and pairs with any device. 

2) Movable: You can carry the device anywhere you go, whether you are relaxing with family and friends, cleaning the house, or going on a hiking adventure in order to stay motivated. 

Cons of Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker 

1) Only available in the Qinux Zealot online store.

Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker Benefits 

1) Powerful battery life: The Qinux Zealots powerful battery can have you listening to music for hours on end. It’s 4400mAh battery can last for over 24 hours when charged to the fullest.

2) Charge Upgrade: Qinux Zealot has Type-C charging upgrade which makes charging more convenient. The charging unit is the same with those of the regular smartphones so you could use your smartphone charger on the device.

 3) Dust and Water Resistant: The Qinux Zealot IPX6 certification makes it waterproof and ideal for use in harsh environments. The speaker comes with a nylon and polyester cover design to ensure it is protected from dust and water.

Where to place the Qinux Zealot speaker

The Qinux Zealot speaker is a portable speaker that can be carried around. However, keep it standing on its head on a flat surface or lying down on the side if you want it stagnant.

Where can I buy the Qinux Zealot

The Qinux Zealot is available online in its official store. To buy one, place an order and you will receive it at home with free shipping. You will have various forms of payment available depending on your country of purchase. 

You can buy the introductory offer for a 50% discount and then get a bigger discount for more than one unit.

Who Needs Qinux Zealot?

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Qinux Zealot is a speaker for anyone who loves music. Whether you are driving, hiking, working, camping or celebrating a birthday party then Qinux Zealot can provide you with a wonderful sound. Qinux Zealot is also ideal for people who want to share music with their friends and family as they can connect two devices to the speaker. Qinux Zealot is ideal for those who want a speaker with a lasting battery life. Qinux Zealot Speaker Review

Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker Customers Reviews 

I decided to give this speaker to my partner and I’m so glad I did, I’ve bought it again twice since as a gift. Nice design, it sounds great and the battery lasts a long time. I 100% recommend it. – Helen

It is, without a doubt, the best portable speaker on the market in terms of sound quality, portability and durability. I am a sound technician and I have recommended this speaker to all my friends. – Mike

Very good sound quality, long battery life. Ideal for achieving real stereo sound by connecting two speakers. It’s the second one I bought, the first one was for a gift and it has maintained its sound quality and battery life perfectly. Oh, and it’s very shock-resistant. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it still works perfectly. – Peter

I would recommend this speaker because of the quality of its materials, sound and design, more expensive speakers don’t have anything that this one doesn’t. : James


Frequently Asked Questions About Qinux Zealot

Can I connect Qinux Zealot to my TV?

You can pair your TV with the Qinux Zealot if it has Bluetooth or a 3.5mm auxiliary port.

How do I pair two devices with the Qinux Zealot

Turn on the speaker and activate Bluetooth mode 

Turn on Bluetooth and search for the speaker in the available devices list. The name is Qinux Zealot.

Select the speaker and confirm pairing. A sound will indicate what you have done.

Do the same with the second device.

You can then switch between devices while playing music and clicking the pairing button.

How do I use the Qinux  Zealot Bluetooth speaker microphone?

You will need to connect your device speaker to the Bluetooth to make or receive a call. You will hear a voice saying phone mode when the speaker switches. You can use the speaker to answer or reject calls by pressing the play/pause button.

How do I turn on/off the Qinux  Zealot lighting effect?

Press/ hold the play/ pause button for about two seconds to turn off the lightning effect. The lightning effect will change according to the music rhythm.

How do I reset the Qinux Zealot Speaker?

Press and hold the power button or mode button for about ten seconds till you hear a voice saying “reset”. 

How do I use the Qinux Zealot TF card slot? – Qinux Zealot Speaker Review

Insert your TF card with music into the slot. The speaker’s voice prompt will say “TF Mode” then you can play music from the TF card and control it with the speaker.

Final Thoughts On Qinux Qinux Zealot Bluetooth Speaker 

If you are looking for a legit Bluetooth portable bass speaker that will provide you with all these features and benefits then the Qinux Zealot is perfect for you. It has a powerful battery, it is durable, affordable and easy to use and thanks to the functions of smartphones and computers we create multiple connections that will allow us to play on several Qinux Zealot speakers at the same time. I give this a 4.9 star rating out of 5 as the best Bluetooth bass speaker of 2023.

Qinux Zealot Speaker Review

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