Stealth Arc Lighter Review 2022: Avoid fake Stealth Angel arc lighter Today!!

Overview of stealth Arc Lighter: stealth Arc Lighter Review 2022

Stealth Arc Lighter is a rechargeable lighter designed to generate heat. The lighter is a weatherproof and multipurpose heat generating tool that produces flame and smoke-free heat that is completely healthy to use. The device has outstanding benefits that set it above other conventional lighting tools, such as long time extension, lightweight, easy use, and safety. The lighter is a handy tool that works without any flame with a plasma-based dual-arc technology. It is very convenient as users do not need to cover the heat produced by this lighter with their palms or an object to prevent the heat from going off.

This fire-free tool is environmentally friendly, durable, and immediately ignites anything it comes in contact with. This fire-starting technology is portable to allow for easy carrying to any location and is a money-saving tool. The tool supports multipurpose use such as indoor and outdoor use, specifically for stoves, fireplaces, and smoking. It is a battery-powered tool with a high-voltage electrical current that dispenses the right amount of heat to cause an ignition. The lighter is easy to use, suited for all weather conditions, and suitable for different kinds of persons such as mountain climbers and hikers.

The Stealth Arc Lighter is a uniquely designed fire-starting tool that provides a modern way to create heat. When compared to other means of lighting, such as the use of matchboxes and sticks as well as the plastic disposable gasoline-powered lighters, this lighter is more suitable than the conventional lighters; this advantage gives this lighter a better edge as users do not need to burn fuel while using this tool, nor cause environmental damage while disposing of this tool or try to over the flame while using the lighter. The manufacturers of these products employ dual arc technology using plasma recharged with electricity. The device can be used over 300 times when fully charged before running out. 

The Stealth Arc Lighter sets to improve the fire-starting technology, improve the safety of users by reducing damage to fingers, and guarantee an all-round usage regardless of the weather condition. It made of generating heat is through a short arc of high voltage electrical current. This current is concentrated and generates more heat than a conventional lighter.

Features of the Stealth Arc Lighter ( stealth Arc Lighter Review)

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stealth Arc lighter review
  • Waterproof sealing design
  • Safety features
  • Dual arc electric plasma beam
  • One-Click lighter
  • Durability
  • Rechargeable features
  • Water and Weather resistant

Waterproof sealing Design:

The tool has a sturdy impermeable waterproof design that keeps the ice, snow, wind, and rain out. The device is also not affected by the cold. The waterproof design makes it long-lasting, durable and suited for convenience.

Safety Features:

The tool guarantees optimum safety during use. The mechanism prevents burns and injuries to the fingers; it also has an auto-shutoff function that makes the device automatically turns off when it has been on for too long. Additionally, the tool operates flameless heat, making it safer to use.

Dual Arc Electric Plasma Beam:

The lighter is a flameless innovation that ignites faster than conventional gas lighters. It operates using two powerful beams that are used for igniting any object. The tool is flameless and smokeless.


This lighter works with just a click. Unlike other conventional lighters or matches that require occasionally require more than one click before lighting up, the Stealth Arc Lighter ignites with just one click. This makes the tool more reliable and suited for convenient use. 


The Stealth Arc Lighter is made of high-quality materials that Ames it suited for durable usage. It is not easily prone to wear and tear and can be used for long.


The Stealth Arc Lighter is rechargeable with electricity. It can be charged for about two hours and used over three hundred times. The tool comes with a cord to charge the device through a USB power source.


Water and Weather Resistant:

The Stealth Arc Lighter is not prone to damages relating to the weather. The tool supports use in windy, rainy, dry, sunny, and snowy weather conditions; consequently, it is suitable for use. This lighter keeps the dampness out with its wire safety latch. It is designed with a rubberized plastic that covers a zinc alloy and can be used immediately, even when soaked underwater.

Specifications of the Stealth Arc Lighter

Material:  plastic

Batteries:  One Ion Lithium Battery

Weight: 3.2 Ounces

Type:  Rechargeable (Electric)

Dimension of Device:  4×3×1.5 inches

How To Use the Stealth Arc Lighter

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stealth Angel Arc lighter review

The tool is a portable device with some plastic parts. The knobby side of the device can be pushed to open the tool. The button by the side of the head of the lighter produces light or heat. The tool also comes with a cord used for charging the device. The cord can be connected to a USB power source to charge the device. 

Charging voltage and the charging time are indicated on the manual of the lighter. The cord is connected to the device’s charging port, which is located at the top/head of the lighter to charge the device.

The Stealth Arc Lighterbis a double arc plasma lighter that produces double heat. Once charged, the lighter can store energy. This energy becomes ionized when the device is turned on. Hence, the formation of an arc begins as the electrons present in the air start moving towards the nucleus. The tool creates a fire due to the air in the surrounding, which is the oxygen provider; the ignited item is the fuel, while the lighter produces the heat.

Follow these steps to make use of the device;

  • Pull the metal on the side of the device bordering the knob
  • Press the knob to open the device and reveal the lighting part of the tool
  • To generate heat from the tool, press the button on the side of the head of the device.
  • Use the heat from the device to ignite the material of your choice. This is done by directly placing the material on the heat/light from the tool.
  • Release the button to turn off the heat
  • The charging port for charging the device has is located on the head of the lighter.
  • Replace the lid of the lighter.
  • Secure the lid by pressing the knob on the side of the tool.
  • Then replace the metal to secure the knob
  • What should I do if the battery runs out

Advantages of the Stealth Arc Electric Lighter

  • Fast catching and burning flame
  • Multipurpose use
  • Fast charging
  • Long-lasting
  • No refills
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to charge
  • Lightweight and compatibility
  • Elimination of leaks and smell
  • Safety
  • Waterproof Design
  • Suited for outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lighting in all directions
  • Affordability
  • Fast catching and burning flame: It is a flameless heat generating tool that makes it capable of generating flame regardless of the weather condition. The lighter makes the user never caught off guard as it can be used over 300 times over a single charge of about two hours and does not need one to place their fingers over the tool to prevent the wind from blowing the flames out. This lighter is smoke and flame-free and generally safer to use as it does not use toxic fuels that endanger health.
  • Multipurpose use: The tool is handy and suited for multipurpose use. It can be used during trips like hiking, camping, long rides, and domestically. It is also suitable for barbecuing, smoking, lighting candles, burning, and other related activities.
  • Fast charging: The device charges rapidly. It can be fully charged in two hours and support use over three hundred times until the next charge. The product comes with a USB charging cord connected to any power source to charge the device.
  • Long-lasting:  The Stealth Arc Lighter is a very durable product. It supports consistent usage and is nearly indestructible. The lighter lasts longer than gas-powered lighters as it uses precharged electricity. Another stable feature of this product is rubberized plastic with a tough military-grade exterior suited for consistent and heavy use.
  • No refills: This double plasma arc lighter is rechargeable. As a result, the lighter does not need to be refilled. When the battery has run down, it can be recharged using a USB cable connected to an electric power source. Hence, users do not need to risk their safety by keeping aerosol cans of butane at home. The extra stress of having to refill your lighter is eliminated.
  • Ease of Use: The lighter is generally easy to use. It does not require any technical expertise to make use of it. Users only need to press the knob on the head of the lighter once to generate a flame. Unlike the gas station lighter, this requires many clicks to create a flame. The product is designed to produce heat in any given consideration. Unlike the conventional gas lighter, the heat produced cannot be quenched by wind or water. The tool is suited for survival situations and thus not complicated to use.
  • Easy to charge: A 1.5W cable can be used to charge the device. It can be directly connected to an electric power source or charged with a  car charging port or a power bank.
  • Lightweight and Compatibility: The tool can be carried around easily. It is almost weightless, weighing 2.1 ounces and very compact at 2.8 × 1.9 × 0.75 inches. The tool is stored compactly and is very portable. It can easily fit into pockets, purses, or held in the hands.
  • Elimination of leaks and smell: Since the lighter is electrically powered, gas leaking is drastically eliminated. Also, the lighter does not give off any bad smell as fuel is not burnt when heat is produced. The lighter does not leave any ring, stain, or residual charring on any surface, including glass or wood. 
  • Safety: The tool is designed for optimum safety. It has an automatic shit off feature when the flame has been turned on for too long. This safety feature helps to prevent any kind of fire outbreak. The tool does not ignite on its own. 
  • Suited for outdoor use: The lighter is designed for survival situations. It is an all-around and all-purpose lighter that can ignite almost everything. It produces heat in windy, stormy, rainy, snowy, and wet conditions. The product has a water sealing design suitable for wet conditions. It is also waterproof. 
  • Environmentally friendly: This lighter is extremely weather friendly as it can be recycled. It is powered by electricity and supports long term usage before running out.
  • Lighting in all directions: The plasma arc of the tool does not face upwards, so the lighter can produce heat in all directions, even when placed upside down. This feature helps to eliminate accidental burns.
  • Affordability: The tool is very affordable. It is a one-time purchase product that can be used for years on end. It is also available on discounts.

Disadvantages of the Stealth Arc Electric Lighter

  • Limited stock available: Due to the high demand for the product, getting the product immediately may pose some challenges to the buyer. Although the manufacturers always produce the tool ahead of demand, demand always surpasses the supply. Buyers are advised to purchase the product before the manufacturers run out of stock.
  • Online Purchase: The product can only be purchased online; hence this might serve as a challenge to buyers who are not familiar with online purchases or who are not internet savvy. The online purchase prevents the spread of fake products, ensures that the buyers get exactly what they pay for, and ensures that buyers benefit from the discount sales. The product cannot be purchased in physical stores.

Comparison of the Stealth Arc Electric Lighter Vs Other Conventional Lighters and Matchsticks

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Stealth arc lighter Review 2022

The disposal of plastic lighters served as an upgrade from the use of match sticks which could only be used when the environment was dry, serene, and chill. These traditional disposable lighters also have their disadvantages. They cannot be effectively bused in windy situations, nor can they be used when the environment is wet, snowy, or stormy. They require the users to cover the flame with their hands after ignition to prevent the flames from going off. Users in cold, windy, or moist weather would experience difficulties properly using these lighters during these weather conditions. The disposable plastic lighter is fueled by gasoline, making it less safe to use as it pollutes the environment. The gas also burns fast, thus not long-lasting. Additionally, users may get burnt while trying to cover the flames with their hands or may find it difficult to sustain the flame to ignite an object. Users may also have to click multiple times before the flame comes up.

Contrastingly, the Stealth Arc Lighter emerged. This lighter is made with a plasma dual arc technology which was initially designed for military use. The lighter is a safer, reliable, and all-purpose lighter. It is powered with electricity, and users do not need to sustain the flames by covering it with their palms. Thus, the chances of getting burnt are drastically reduced. This lighter is also suited for all weather conditions, including windy, stormy, rainy, cold, and wet weather conditions. Unlike the conventional gas lighter, it is not easily prone to leakages and is not affected by water even when submerged underneath it. The lighter is rechargeable and supports use about three hundred times. This more delicate work is very handy in just one click and works in the strongest of winds. The tool has a rubberized plastic which makes it waterproof, and an electric dual arc technology that makes it flame-resistant to the effects of water. The tool can be used by mountain climbers, bikers, and hikers on different kinds of trips and is very reliable. It also has fast charging features and a raging fire igniting in just one flick. The tool can be charged with a USB rechargeable cord connected to a power source. 

Compared to other electric plasma lighters, the Stealth Arc Lighter stands out in different ways. One of such ways is that the lighter works up to 300 times on each recharge and lasts longer upon each recharge. Other similar lighter can only be used only about 100 times. The Stealth Arc Lighter uses a double plasma arc, while others use a single plasma arc. 

How to Purchase the Stealth Arc Electric Lighter

The Stealth Arc Lighter comes with a USB rechargeable cable. The lighter can be easily purchased from the official website of the company through the links on this reviews. Currently, the product manufacturers offer a 70% discount on all purchases with free shipping on all orders. However, this offer is limited.

The price of the product;

The product has the following discount prices for different packages;

  • One Stealth Angel Arc Lighter costs N16,608 instead of N33,238. Buyers can save 50 per cent on this package.
  • Two Stealth Angel Arc Lighter costs N14,542 per product instead of N33,238. Two products cost N29,081. Buyers can save 56 per cent on this package.
  • Three Stealth Angel Arc Lighter costs N12,451 per product instead of N33,238. Three products cost N37,354. Buyers can save 63 per cent on this package.
  • Four Stealth Angel Arc Lighter costs N11,204 per product instead of N33,238. Four products cost N44,816. Buyers can save 66 per cent on this package.
  • Five Stealth Angel Arc Lighter costs N9,956 per product instead of N33,238. Five products cost N49,784. Buyers can save 70 per cent on this package.

After the purchase is made, users are directed to input their shipping information such as name, address, city, state, email, and contact address. Shipping is free for buyers in the United States; however, it is unclear if shipping fees are deducted from buyers outside the United States. The order takes about 10 to 18 days to get to users within the United States. There is no clear indication of the number of days for buyers outside the United States.

The next step is the payment section. Payments can be made with either a credit or debit card or PayPal.

Stealth arc lighter customers Reviews and testimonies: Stealth arc lighter Review United state

Fantastic Survival Device

Al W. – Verified Buyer

“Electric lighter… WOW. No liquid fuel, No flints, No smell, No leaks, Can be “filled” via any USB charger (including Power Solar Chargers) Windproof, even “fires” if wet. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE??? Excellent device.”


Bob S. – Verified Buyer

“I’ve owned arc lighters in the past, but none of them come even close to compare to this one. Goes anywhere and lights everything. Way to go Stealth…”

Tough Tesla Lighter

Randy W. – Verified Buyer

“Small, lightweight, starts a fire instantly. Very easy to use. If you’re looking for a survival lighter, don’t let this one get away.”

Money-back Guarantee: stealth Arc lighter review 

The Stealth Arc Electric Lighter is under the 100% “Ultra American Guarantee”, and hence users are guaranteed a prompt and full refund and prompt refund. 

Buyers are guaranteed their full refund when returns are made within 60 days of the purchase. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied with the provisions of the product. Buyers can contact the customer’s care for a refund upon returning the lighter. The company also has a 6 Month “Any Reason” Refund Guarantee. Additionally, in the case of return of the product, free shipping of the product is done by the company if they are notified within 18 days of receiving the product. 

WarrantyThe Stealth Arc Electric Lighter Comes with three-year full warranty after purchase 

Stealth Arc Electric Lighter Frequently Asked Questions  

Can the stealth arclighter be used immediately, even after being submerged in water?

The lighter is water and Weatherproof. It can be used immediately, even when soaked under deep water for weeks.

How instant can a fire start after igniting the tool?

The product produces heat instantly the power button is pressed. It has two beams that use electricity to ignite any substance.

What is the stealth arc lighter casing made of?

The casing of the lighter is made of a hardy waterproof case suited for all weather conditions.

Does the stealth lighter produce flame? ( stealth arc lighter Review 2022)

No. The Stealth Arc Lighter has a small arc of high voltage electrical current that produces heat. The heat produced is hotter than the flames of other conventional lighters, although it is more concentrated.

How safe is the stealth arc lighter for use?

The tool is very safe for use. It is a non-toxic alternative to conventional gas-operated lighters. It is not prone to leaks nor smell and is very safe to use. It is also convenient to use such that users do not have to use their hands to cover the flame to prevent it from going off.

What does the stealth arc lighter come with? 

The device comes with a USB rechargeable cord used to charge the device once connected to a power source. 

How do I turn the stealth  arc lighter on?

The heat comes up by clicking the purple-hued button on the top of the lighter. Users can now place the heat on the arc’s path, and the object flames up.

Can the stealth arc electric lighter be refilled?

The Stealth Arc Lighter is not refillable as it is not powered by gas. However, it is rechargeable. It can be charged by connecting the USB cord to a power source and plugging it into the device. The device charges fully in about two hours and can be lit up about 300 times. 

How do I know if the stealth arc lighter is charging?

The device displays a blue light which indicates that it is charging.

Is the stealth arc lighter suitable for travelling?

The Stealth Arc Lighter is very suitable when going on trips. It is completely safe for use and can be added to a smoker’s kit. 

What differentiates stealth arc  lighter from other electric plasma lighters?

The Stealth Arc Lighter uses a double plasma arc for heating; thus, the heat is hotter and lasts longer than other electric lighters. Additionally, it can be used over 300 times, whereas other lighters can only be used about 100 times. This lighter is also more affordable and more durable.

How does the stealth arc lighter work in windy situations?

The tools do not generate a flame; hence it is more difficult to be put out by a strong wind. It creates heat that helps to ignite any material. 

How does the stealth arc lighter auto shut off features work?

When the heat has been turned in for too long, the device shuts off on its own. The device also shuts off when the user lets go of the power button.

How do I turn off the stealth lighter?

The lighter can be turned off by letting go of the button on the top of the lighter, the same button used to turn on the device

How do I charge the stealth  arc lighter ? ( stealth arc lighter Review)

The device is electrically powered. There is a charging port on the top of the lighter. Plug the USB cord to an electric power source. Connect the charger to the device and it starts charging.

Conclusion: stealth Arc lighter Review 2022

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Stealth arc electric lighter Reviews

The Stealth Arc Electric Lighter is a dual plasma arc rechargeable lighter designed to produce smoke and flame-free heat. The device is compact, portable, and suited for all uses. It can be used for lighting stoves, campfires, fireplaces, smoking, and burning. This one-click lighter has a water sealing design that makes it suitable for all kinds of weather. It can be used in cold, hot, windy, stormy, and rainy conditions without getting wet. Thus it is more reliable than other conventional lighters. The Stealth Arc Lighter provides a smoke-free heat used to ignite objects.  

The tool functions so that it heats up in one click; users do not need to protect the flames from going off using their hands because it has no flame. The lighter is an environmentally friendly and safe lighter. It has an auto-shutoff function that switches off the lighter when it has been turned on for too long. The device can be charged in about two hours and used over 300 times. The device is fast charging and generates more heat than other conventional lighters.

The Stealth Arc Electric Lighter is a more durable, long-lasting flame compared to other lighters. It also provides an extended flame and can be used 300 times over a single charge, unlike other similar lighters that can be used about 100 times. This feature distinguishes the lighter from others. Another difference is that the Stealth Arc Lighter has a double plasma arc while similar lighters have only a single plasma arc; thus, it produces more heat than its competitors.

The lighter is easy to use, suited for outdoor use, environmentally friendly, and generally safe. It is affordable and can be used for a long time. The tool has water a weatherproof design and is not prone to the plastic gasoline lighter’s leaks and smell. 

However, a downside to this product is that it can only be purchased from the company’s official website. While this is a disadvantage, it is also an advantage as all buyers can benefit from the discounts as well as the free shipping provided by the company. Additionally, due to the huge demand, the product may not always be available for buyers. Another disadvantage of this product is that it is only available about 10-18 days after payment is made for the product. This also varies on the location of this customer.

This electric lighter can be purchased only from the company’s official website. It’s is currently available at a discount and offers free shipping to the location of the buyer. The tool has a three-year warranty on any item purchased from the website. There’s a money-back guarantee on the product within 60 days if the buyer is not satisfied with the provisions of the product. Free return shipping and a money-back guarantee are possible if the return is made within 18 days of purchase.

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