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seedwell vegan and Veggie Multivitamin Review 2022: 100% plant-based multivitamin supplement!!

Seedwell vegan and Veggie Multivitamin Review is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. It can be tough to be a vegetarian. You have to work harder than everyone else to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. While a well-balanced plant-based diet can provide numerous health benefits, it can be challenging to meet all of the key nutrient demands required for optimal well-being. Because several essential vitamins and minerals are more difficult to come by with plant-based nutrition alone, taking a vegan multivitamin is a helpful way to ensure you’re meeting all of your micronutrient needs. Are you someone who travel very often and you have no time to choose from what kind of meal you take so you are just picking up from anything that available at the moment? You would most likely be missing out on a lot of nutrients and this you would know of until you are being knocked down due to a disease because your immunity isn’t so strong to fight them as they come. So, when it’s time to take a Multivitamin, you want to make sure you’re taking the best one possible. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and found the best Multivitamin for vegetarians. Keep reading to find out more!

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About Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin (Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin review 2022)

Seedwell vegan and Veggie Multivitamin Review 2022

Seedwell – Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is a blend of multivitamin capsules that features the nine essential nutrients most plant-based dieters need like vitamin B12, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, and more. It also includes vitamin D3, which they source from premium shiitake mushrooms.

Specifically designed to address the most common deficiencies in a plant based diet. 

Besides all the nutritional perks, it also tastes great going down, never leaving that funky, metallic taste in your mouth. Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is not only meant for vegetarians as people opined it to be but likewise recommended for people who travel a lot and don’t have too much control over what they can eat and the choices on their plate because the most junks they would be taking would really cover all the main requirements the body needs in fighting and building it’s immune system against some diseases whenever it happens. 

Specifications of Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

Brand:   Seedwell

Product Benefits:   Immune Support

Package Dimensions‎:  2.83 x 2.83 x 2.44 inches; 3.84 Ounces

Item Form:    Tablet

Dosage Form:  Capsule

ASIN‎:       B091X8KHLP

Flavor:    With Iron

Material Feature:  Vegan

Unit Count:  60.00 Count

Primary Supplement Type:  Multivitamins

Features of the Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

  • Iron Multi vitamin: vital nutrients are combined to address the common nutritional deficiencies found in a plant-based diet. Recover your energy and overall good feeling.
  • Contains Premium Ingredients:  Vegan Vitamin D3, B6, B12 are just a part of the components that will cover all your bases, so your body can produce energy, support the nervous system, and boost metabolism.
  • Body’s Favorite:  A balanced formulation that covers the key nutrients missing from plant-based diets. Vegan & veggie multivitamin promotes strong bones, healthy heart function, and brain well-being.
  • Daily Vitamins:  Intake the most bioavailable and digestible forms of vitamins that ensure effective nutrient absorption. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free to fuel your body.
  • Made In USA Quality:  Have peace of mind because you’re only getting the good stuff

Risk Vegetarians could face that makes it very important to take the Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

Seedwell – Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is considered as one of the top 5 multivitamins for vegetarians and it is essential for them in so many ways that if they base solely on these normal diet may tend to fall a risk of one of the following;

1. Low Vitamin D

Yes, you can get vitamin D from plant sources and supplements. But there’s a certain version of vitamin D (the D3) that only comes from animals. Sorry. Be sure to bump up your calcium supplementation if you’re cutting out meat because low D levels, which is common among vegetarians — and especially vegans — can lead to brittle bones. Low calcium is also a common problem among non-meat-eaters.

2) Low quantity of Zinc

Beef and lamb are two of the highest sources of zinc. So it’s easy for those who keep these items out of their mouths to not get enough of the mineral that undergirds your immune function. Luckily, the third-highest source of the stuff is sunflower seeds. Enjoy the excuse to pop open a bag and crunch some if you’re feeling under the weather.

3) Anemia

Animal proteins are a prime source of iron, which helps your blood cells transport nutrients throughout your bod. Low iron levels can lead to a condition called anemia, which makes you fatigued, increases your heartbeat, and leaves you more winded from climbing the stairs.

Anemia’s a common problem for vegetarians but you can offset your risk of the issue by bulking up on leavy greens, nuts and soys.

4) Anxiety

In 2012, scientists ordered the mental health exams of over 240 vegetarians and 240 meat eaters. They found a noticeably higher rate of psych issues among those who didn’t consume animal protein. Thirty-one percent of vegetarians met the criteria for an anxiety disorder, whereas just 13 percent of meat-eating folks followed suit. 

Nutrient deprivation could be one explanation for why there’s more anxiety among vegetarians. But how about the stress of worrying whether you can ever eat anything at the restaurants your friends pick, or fielding judgment for your eating habits, or feeling the strain on your wallet because seitan is expensive?

5) Depression

The same study also found that vegetarians were more depressed. Twenty-four percent of plants-only eaters suffered from the issue compared to 10 percent of the carnivorous crowd. The researchers reasoned it might have to do with low vitamin B12 levels, which has been linked to depression — and can happen when you’re not eating meat (since poultry and four-legged creatures are prime sources of it.) But they also noted that feeling blue might incline people to try out a vegetarian diet as an attempt to make themselves feel better through (supposedly) healthier habits.

Why you should go for Seedwell – Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

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Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

Packing all these ingredients makes it one of the best vegan multivitamins out there. This Multivitamin is built sophistically with all the main vitamin and natural ingredients. Vitamin B helps in energy production in the body by developing immune function and maintaining a healthy metabolism. And zinc, iodine, and iron give the extra kick in energy production.

Then comes vitamin D and calcium for the maintenance of bone health by keeping them strong and durable. They also play a great role in supporting the nervous system keeping brain health intact. Vitamin K2 also plays a role in protecting the bones from damage and also keeps the heart functioning properly.

It is also mentionable that the ingredients being so easily digestible also makes it one of the best vegan supplements out there. And them being dosed properly by doctors also makes it an essential vegan multivitamin.

Benefits of using Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin 

Seedwell vegan and Veggie Multivitamin Review 2022
Seedwell vegan and Veggie Multivitamin review 2022

a) Highly absorbable: The quality of this product matters so much and it’s been sourced from the most bioavailable and digestible forms of each ingredient to ensure effective nutrient absorption.

b) Vital nutrients contained: A single tab of the Seedwell Vegan and Veggie multivitamin contains more than 9 major viral nutrients to address the common nutritional deficiencies found in a plant-based diet.

c) Doctor-recommended dosages: Most companies cheap out on expensive ingredients, like Vegan Vitamin D3, by offering low quality and low dosages. Seedwell always provides the dosages recommended by medical experts, regardless of cost.

d) No Artificial colours or harsh compounds: Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin makes use of the best natural ingredients and has no trace of any artificial blend in it unlike other products where it’s more like a normal practice in adding these artificial colours.

Pros of using Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

-High strength vitamins blend.

-Complex support for a plant-based lifestyle.

-Naturally designed for daily usage.

– 100% Vegan.

– 100% gluten-free and soy-free

– 100% money-back guarantee 

– Eco-friendly

– High quality ingredients

– No artificial colours added.

– Specific doctor prescribed dosages

– Highly absorbable.

Cons of using Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

– It can only be purchased from the official website.

– The discount on this product can only be gotten when you purchase from the website.

Ingredients from which the Seedwell  Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is produced from?

Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is gotten from so many natural products like Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin K2, Chlorophyll, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica Hypromellose, Vegetable Glycerin.

1. Vitamin B12

Although the vitamin is only synthesized in living microorganisms, many in the plant-based community tout the vitamin B12 density of certain vegetarian options, including seaweed, spirulina, and unwashed produce. However, not only would it be challenging to meet the recommended daily intake for vitamin B12 with these foods alone, but research has revealed that these plant sources may not provide a bioavailable form of B12 for humans.

Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that consuming unwashed produce will provide enough of the nutrient to maintain healthy levels of B12.

Natural sources of vitamin B12 include foods you won’t find on a plant-based menu, including fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, and meat. Because of this, deficiency in the micronutrient has become somewhat of an epidemic amongst vegans and vegetarians, with several studies indicating a B12 deficiency for more than 50% of all types of plant-based dieters. One particular study found that the longer an individual followed a vegetarian diet, the more severe their vitamin B12 deficiency was. Additionally, the data revealed that both short and long term vegan dieters were at a greater risk for B12 deficiency than their vegetarian counterparts. Prolonged vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely dangerous and poses serious health risks. These include brain-tissue atrophy, osteoporotic fractures, cognitive decline, depression, and heart health complications. In terms of general health, maintaining adequate levels of the vitamin plays a crucial role in many biological processes, like protein metabolism, the formation of red blood cells, and central nervous system function. With such a significant role in our well-being, it’s important that plant-based eaters are proactive when monitoring their B12 intake.  

Taking a vitamin B12 supplement as part of a vegan or vegetarian diet provides a safeguard for your health while posing no additional risks. Since B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, your body will flush out any excess nutrient, preventing any possibility of reaching toxic levels. Supplementing with a B12 vitamin will ensure that plant-based eaters maximize the benefits of their healthy lifestyle. 

This vitamin B12 is an active ingredient in Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin.

2) Vitamin D

Plant-based eaters are not the only ones at risk of suffering from a deficiency in the sunshine vitamin, with mounting research to suggest a growing epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, amongst the adult population. However, because most natural sources of vitamin D come from certain fatty fish species, most Americans rely on fortified dairy products for the majority of their vitamin D intake. Unfortunately, neither food source serves a plant-based diet plan, putting vegans and vegetarians at a greater risk for developing a deficiency.

In the past, our ancestors relied on exposure to natural sunlight to meet their vitamin D needs. When bare skin is exposed to ultraviolet B rays, the body naturally generates vitamin D3. But in today’s society, most of us spend most of our time covered by clothing, working indoors, and generally practicing good sun protection to avoid the risks associated with frequent exposure to damaging UV rays. This leaves diet and supplementation as the only reliable means to meet our daily vitamin D requirement.

Research has shown that nearly every cell and tissue of the human body has receptors for vitamin D, which explains the critical role the vitamin plays in health and disease prevention. With such few dietary sources of vitamin D in addition to less daily exposure to sunlight, it’s recommended that most of the population supplement with vitamin D. Since vegans and vegetarians are more susceptible to vitamin D deficiency with even fewer food sources to choose from, it’s especially important that this population considers adding a regular vitamin D supplement to their health regimen, particularly since almost all sources of vitamin D3 are derived from animal byproducts. Since vitamin D3 is believed to play a more significant role in both bone and general health than D2 (found in mushrooms), it’s clear that supplementing with the vitamin will provide plant-based eaters the peace of mind knowing to know their nutritional needs will be met. This Vitamin D is a great and major ingredient in Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin

3) Zinc

As the second most abundant trace mineral found in the human body, zinc plays a significant role in many important biological processes. The mineral plays an important role in metabolism, immune system function, and cell growth and repair. In fact, the nutrient has even been shown to affect our sense of taste and smell, which can impact our satiety and satisfaction after a meal. With its many health benefits, zinc intake should be a top priority for plant-based dieters, who are at a greater risk of suffering from a deficiency.

Chronic low levels of zinc can lead to a lot of health complications, including reduced immune system response, increased oxidative stress, and a greater risk for developing certain serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart disease, and diabetes. With such serious health consequences on the line, the safest option for plant-based individuals is to supplement their diets with zinc to meet the recommended daily intake of 9 to 11 mg per day which is invested in the Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin.

4) Calcium

Calcium is a mineral well known for its support of healthy bone and teeth development. But the role of this nutrient in our general health expands beyond the bones, contributing to many important biological functions. Some of these include muscle function, nerve impulse transmission, and heart health. Considering its role in our well-being, there has been a significant focus on calcium intake for the general population, with the recommended daily intake set at 1000 mg per day for most adults, and

1200 mg for adults over the age of 50, when bone loss becomes more prevalent. While the lofty intake goal should be prioritized by herbivores and carnivores alike, studies have shown that plant-based eaters run a higher risk of suffering from a calcium deficiency, particularly if they follow a strict vegan diet. Some of the serious consequences linked to calcium deficiency include an increase in bone-related diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia, memory loss, muscle spasms, depression, and increased risk of suffering from a fracture. Seedwell – Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin plays a crucial role in curbing these effects as Calcium is one of the major ingredient in its produce.

Company Profile (Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin review 2022)

The company believes that Modern living comes with many benefits but it also comes with some undeniable costs. Our screen usage habits lead to out-of-whack cortisol levels that impact our sleep. Our eating habits can lead to all kinds of deficiencies and issues in our gut. We’re on a mission to create remedies to counteract modern times.

The scientific community has proven and people are finally realizing physical wellbeing and mental health are inevitably intertwined. And yet — the majority of the supplement and vitamin industry tackles these issues in soiled fashion. Seedwell is committed to leveraging scientifically-backed and nature-powered ingredients in thoughtful combinations to help tackle mental and physical wellbeing in a holistic manner.

Optimal health does not arise from a single variable; it is the result of many factors working in harmony. And to that end, we strive to create formulations that help humans get one step closer to the health they deserve, through the use of safe and research-backed ingredients

Pricing for Seedwell Vegan & Veggie Multivitamin 

To purchase the Seedwell – Vegan & Veggie Multivitamin, you can visit the official website.

a) For 1 MONTH SUPPLY = $33.00

30 days supply

b) For 3 MONTHS SUPPLY @ $28.00/each = $83.99 (you get 45% off)

90 days supply

c) For 6 MONTHS SUPPLY @ $25.33/each = $151.99 (you get 50% off)

120 days supply.

Return Policy (Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin review 2022)

If you are not completely thrilled with your Seedwell. The product offer you a 60 days guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin Customers Testimonies and Reviews 

Madilyn R U.S. Verified Buyer

This stuff rocks. I have tried several multis over the years to supplement my vegan diet, and unfortunately I still ended up dealing with B12 and iron deficiencies. I tried this product due to the raving reviews and ingredient quality, and sure enough, only 2 months later my levels are now within a healthy normal range!! I am just so pleased with this product!

Tamra M. U.S. Verified Buyer

I’ve tried a lot of multis, and unfortunately a lot of them cop out on the ingredient quality, or they overcomplicate things by adding way more than what is needed, sometimes causing more issues! This stuff is the most balanced high quality formula I’ve found, and it works really well. I was actually low on B12 for a bit and after a few months of taking these I’m back into a healthy range. Love this stuff!!

Sierra M. U.S. Verified Buyer

Don’t get me wrong, going plant-based was what my body needed, but there are just some key nutrients that can be hard to come by, especially on a daily basis. So after lots of research I landed on this product due to its high quality ingredients and dosage sizes. So far I feel really good and even better simply knowing I have all my bases covered.

Chloe B. U.S. Verified Buyer

Going fully plant-based was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but a few months in I noticed I was feeling a little tired. That’s when I realized I wasn’t meeting quite a few of my daily nutritional requirements. I wanted a high quality multi that had key nutrients I was lacking, which tend to be the main ones you get from animal products. Since taking this daily I’ve felt my energy return and overall feel SO much better!! Simple, easy fix

Frequently asked questions about Seedwell – Vegan & Veggie Multivitamin 

Can I take Vegan and Veggie multivitamin with other medications?

It’s always best to consult your health professional regarding which medicines and supplements you’re taking. They will be able to advise about any potential interactions between medicines and supplements and ensure each formula is suitable for your individual needs.

What is the recommended dosage of the multivitamin and how should it be taken?

We recommend 2 tablets daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.

How should I store my Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin?

Seedwell products are best stored in their original packaging (our dark-colored jars help prevent denaturing of our products by reducing exposure to UV light) under cool, dry conditions. It is important to protect vitamins from light, heat, oxygen, and humidity.

Is Vegan & Veggie Multi gluten free?

Yes, all Seedwell products are free of gluten

Can I take other Seedwell products along with Vegan & Veggie Multi?

Yes, our products are designed to work together synergistically to tackle multiple aspects of health.

What is the recommended dosage and how should I take it?

We recommend 2 tablets daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Conclusion on seedwell vegan and veggie Multivitamin 

1080x1080 vegan and veggie multi
Vegan and Veggie multi

Having gone through this review properly. It’s obvious that the Seedwell Vegan and Veggie Multivitamin is the real deal. Non-vegetarians need this multivitamin so much as the vegetarians too because it contains all the major nutrients needed to keep one’s immunity working boastfully and healthy and when you are done taking this product, you will see how your skin glow and your lifestyle enhanced as you would be meeting your nutrient requirements!


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