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QB Kraftz review 2022 – does this ice cube maker suit your taste?

QB Kraftz review 2022– You could obviously tell the difference between having your whisky all by itself and having the same drink “on the rocks” – with some ice cubes. The feeling is different. Whisky isn’t the only drink we enjoy with ice cubes actually. And for every popular bar, the bartender or mixologist knows exactly the right amount of icing to add to give you a great drinking experience. 

The problem however isn’t always about the quantity of icing but the consistency of the ice cubes. Would you prefer ice cubes scooped out of the sink and that’ll quickly melt in your glass? I bet you wouldn’t. And that’s why everyone is on the lookout for quality ice mold making gadgets. Great news! Thanks to the manufacturer of QB Kraftz ice cube maker, an innovative ice mold making gadget used to make different ice shapes to enhance your drinking experience. With QB Kraftz, there’s no worry about your drink having to water down or you being forced to drink fast which in either case you won’t enjoy. QB Kraftz utilizes a time-tested technique of slow freezing and that is the reason ice made with QB Kraftz is so particularly clear and solid.

QB Kraftz has found use in many bars and clubs. Would you like to have this useful product at home too for your drinks, not just cocktails? Many bartenders and mixologists have given their reviews on this product and what follows is an honest and experience-based review of the same product. 

What is QB Kraftz? (QB Kraftz review 2022)

12 Christine Kuenzle
QB Kraftz review

QB Kraftz is an ice cube maker that comes in different molds. It makes the purest, crystal clear ice cubes even better than expensive ice molds. With QB Kraftz, you can make your drink classier and enhance its flavor. What’s more? Your drink gets a more perceived value than without the icing or with poorly formed ice cubes. 

QB Kraftz is used to enhance any drink, not just cocktails. Whether you have your coffee or juice of wine, QB Kraftz gives you clear ice cubes that’ll make your drink much more enjoyable. According to the manufacturer, QB Kraftz is made of the best materials to enduret that the ice you get it clear, pure, and free of anything that will taint the taste of your drink. The device makes use of a time-tested technique of slow freezing to make the ice cubes clear. 

Unlike many other ice cube makers in the market, QB Kraftz has several molds to give you almost any ice cube shape you can think of. Whether you want the sports variety or classic, movie or intriguing shapes, QB Kraftz gives you exactly what you need. QB Kraftz is protected so that other scents don’t contaminate the ice cubes. It is a portable, easy-to-use gadget that uses slow freezing system to make clear ice cubes. QB Kraftz is also stackable and reusable. Its price and attached discount make the gadget very affordable. If for any reason you’d want to return the gadget, the manufacturer allows you a 30-day return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.

For your perfect clear ice cubes, you do not need to look beyond QB Kraftz. Get this gadget and give your drinks an exceptional great taste.

Purchase QB Kraftz here

What specific product details do I need to look out for? (Review of QB Kraftz) 

QB Kraftz specifications includes:

  • Top Tray/Stacking Tray
  • Middle Tray
  • Bottom Tray/Reservoir Tray
  • 2 basic sphere molds made from silicone.

What do I expect from QB Kraftz ice cube maker? (Review of QB Kraftz)

  • Hundreds of molds to choose from
  • Slow freeze system which produces high clarity ice cubes
  • Insulated to prevent contamination
  • Patented design to ensure best quality ice
  • Professional quality ice making kit

Who is QB Kraftz ice cube maker for? (Review of QB Kraftz)

QB Kraftz ice cube maker is a great gadget for anyone who wants to enhance the flavor of their drink and give their drink more perceived value. It is specifically meant for:

  1. Cocktail connoisseurs or enthusiasts
  2. Bartenders and mixologists
  3. Casual drinkers
  4. People who usually host parties and get-togethers

Purchase QB Kraftz here

What are the features of QB Kraftz? (Review of QB Kraftz)

QB Kraftz is a great ice cube-making gadget that creates solid, clear ice cubes to give you an unbeatable beating experience. Despite its cheaper price, it gives a higher quality of icing than most expensive ice cube makers. The features of this gadget include:

  1.  Portability

QB Kraftz is not meant to be stationary. It is an ice cube maker that is all but cumbersome. You can shuttle KQ Kraftz in between your rooms at ease. The gadget is small and lightweight.

  1. Insulated

QB Kraftz is protected. Therefore there’s no contamination by other scents in the cooler with a layer of external spray.

  1. Ease to use

Whether you’re a bartender or a casual drinker, QB Kraftz allows you do your icing without bringing down your house in frustration. It is a simple, easy-to-use gadget that requires you to essentially take two steps to get your ice cubes: simply pour water into selected mold and put QB Kraftz into a cooler.

  1. Can be stacked and reused 

With QB Kraftz, you can have as much ice for your drink as you need. The gadget is also not for one-off use. You can use QB Kraftz as many times as possible

  1. Cost effective

As a highly efficient ice cube maker, you may expect QB Kraftz to cost a fortune. The good news is that this gadget is highly affordable. You also get a cool discount for purchasing the product.

  1. Slow freezing system

The slow freezing system permits you to acquire completely clear ice that adds additional sparkle to your beverage and doesn’t dissolve as fast as normal ice cubes. You’re getting unadulterated ice from QB Kraftz and each barkeep and cocktail enthusiast ought to make progress toward this.

How do I use QB Kraftz to get clear ice cubes? (QB Kraftz review 2022)

As with every product, the correct use is critical to the efficiency. The same applies to QB Kraftz. However, this gadget is very easy to use.

To use QB Kraftz ice maker, Follow these simple steps outlined:

  1. Boil and cool your filtered water.
  2. Pour your cooled water into the chosen mold.
  3. Place the QB Kraftz Engine into the freezer.
  4. Pop out ice and make your mixed drinks
  5. Have your iced drink to your taste!

Purchase QB Kraftz here

How does QB Kraftz ice cube maker work? (QB Kraftz review 2022)

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QB Kraftz review

QB Kraftz clear ice cube maker uses a method called slow freeze system unlike other ice cubes. When ice freezes too quickly, the air bubbles don’t have a chance to escape, leaving a cloudy appearance in the ice. By freezing the water at a slower pace, it allows the air to escape, giving your ice the crystal clear look that every high-end drink needs.

QB Kraftz is designed with an external housing insulation for slow cooling and an exceptional valve at the base that permits water to push from there as it freezes. The mold you embedded creates the ideal shape. You should simply pour boiled and cooled water into a chosen mold, place it into the freezer, and pop out ice at whatever point you need to mix a drink. It’s all truly straightforward! Freeze water, cream, coffee, lemon, juice, fruit, etc…

There are also other ways to get that crystal look in your ice, but they are very labor intensive and inconvenient. Some QB Kraftz reviews mention boiling your water first, freezing your water in salt water, or using an insulated cooler in your freezer. You could also order these types of ice cubes from businesses that specialize in ice, but it seems pretty costly considering water is free!

Is QB Kraftz ice cube maker only for cocktail? (Review of QB Kraftz)

QB Kraftz is meant to give your drink as much icing as your preference permits. You’d want ice cubes not only for cocktails but other drinks. 

Lemon cubes

Perfect for water! For people that like a slice of lemon with their water or fizzy drinks, this works great. It will last for a few drinks and it’s a resourceful way to use your leftover lemons if they are about to spoil.

Infused water cubes

When I have people coming over, I like to use fruit cubes in a big jug of fresh water. It’s a playful way to give your plain, boring water a bit of flavor, without processed sugars or sweeteners. If people want to sweeten their water, they can add a touch of sugar to their own glass.

Coffee cubes

If you have leftover coffee, wait for it to cool and make coffee cubes for a refreshing iced coffee in the morning. Add this to your favorite milk base. It works well with dairy, oat, or nut milk. To enhance your drink, you can drizzle a bit of chocolate or caramel on top.

Cream cubes

This works great for iced coffees or if you want to cool your hot coffee down. If you have kids, this is really good in hot chocolate as well.

Fruit cubes

Freezing fruit in an ice cube is a nice touch to a bowl of punch or individual drinks at a small, but special dinner party or gathering. Just be sure to wash and trim your fruit of any stems or inedible skin. Once the ice is fully melted, chances are, you are going to want to eat the fruit!

Herb cubes

These work best for homemade ice tea. Herbs like mint, basil, or even a bit of rosemary bring out the natural tea flavor. You could also have some simple sugar handy to balance the flavors.

What are the shapes of ice cubes QB Kraftz gives? (Review of QB Kraftz)

QB Kraftz ice cube maker has a hundred molds that give you ice cubes of various shapes. Some of the ice cube shapes obtainable include:

  1. Sports (Football, Basketball, Soccer ball, baseball, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket)
  2. Classic (Rose, Diamond, heart, cube, sphere)
  3. Movie (Baly, Alien, Skull, 38 special, Space station)
  4. Intriguing (Light bulb, lightning, tetrapod)

What are the upsides of QB Kraftz? (Review of QB Kraftz)

  • It’s completely user-friendly.
  • Proficient quality ice quickly.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • QB Kraftz ice mold gives refreshing taste to drinks.  
  • Patented design to create quality ice cubes.
  • Insulated material permits slow freezing and slow melting.
  • Portable

Downsides of the QB Kraftz (Review of QB Kraftz)

  • Can only be purchased from the official site
  • Ice cube making takes time.
  • Limited stock.

Where do I purchase QB Kraftz? (Review of QB Kraftz)

QB Kraftz can only be purchased from the official website. The official website can be accessed through the link provided in this review. 

At what price is QB Kraftz sold? (Review of QB Kraftz)

  • One kit for $29.99
  • Two kits for $59.98
  • Three kits for $67.48
  • Four kits for $82.47

Purchase QB Kraftz here

Return Policy (Review of QB Kraftz)

If for any reason, this kit doesn’t work as the user expects, they have up to 30 days to ask for a full refund. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (Review of QB Kraftz)

Is QB Kraftz safe?

Yes, the silicone utilized by QB Kraftz is FDA-approved and certified to be 100% food-grade

I can’t get the ice to become unstuck

We suggest letting the QB Kraftz rest for as long as 10 minutes so the ice can loosen itself from the molds. In case you’re utilizing the round molds, you can be somewhat more “forceful” in removing the ice by twisting it with a bit more power to get it out sooner. The drip tray at the base may likewise be stuck for a bit longer, so it’s ideal to show patience for that.

In case you are in a rush, you can run some water over the mold to accelerate the thawing out process.

What number of different shapes are there?  

Other than this astonishing Baby Alien mold, QB Kraftz arrives in an assortment of shapes, from various games, movies, flowers, and everything in the middle. This allows you to enjoy your beverages even more, rather than having boring, lame ice cubes floating sluggishly in your scotch. At present, we have 13 shapes underway and there are hundreds of new ideas being conceptualized each month, so the potential outcomes are limitless!

Is it easy to use? ( QB Kraftz review 2022)

Yes, QB Kraftz is similarly as simple to use as the exhausting plastic “despondency time” innovation that we’ve been left with for quite a long time. You should simply pick your favorite mold and pop it into the freezing bar, and pour fresh water through the particular filter openings. 

How would I clean my QB Kraftz?

The insulated layer will not have to be cleaned, yet in the event that you spill something on it or feel it’s filthy, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and air dry it. The silicone molds can be washed with soap and water or can be placed in the dishwasher without harming them.

What else would i be able to do with QB Kraftz?

If you want, you can freeze different fluids to make juice cubes in the summer or coffee cubes for that perfect iced coffee. You can even put in frozen berries or fruit to add a subtle however pleasant flavor to your beverages.

How many layers of QB Kraftz can i stack?

You can without much of a stretch stack however many layers as will fit in your cooler to make ice for a whole party assuming you want.

Doesn’t ice dilute drinks?

If utilized inappropriately, indeed, however with QB Kraftz, you get bigger pieces of pure ice, which means it melts at a far more slow rate, permitting you to enjoy your beverage at a reliably cool temperature without rushing. What’s more, the best mixologists realize that a tad of water from gradually melting ice opens up the spirit and its related flavors.

Final verdict ( QB Kraftz Review 2022)

QB Kraftz Review 2022.jpeg
QB Kraftz Reviews

QB Kraftz lets you have your drink “on the rocks”, that is, served with ice. In some bars or clubs, the ice cubes are scooped out of your sink and will quickly melt in your glass, causing your drink to water down or having you drink it fast. In either case you won’t enjoy your drink. With QB Kraftz, your drinks can be served with enough icing to enhance the flavor and release the aroma.  Bartenders, mixologists and many casual drinkers have used this gadget and recommended it for anyone who loves to have a great drinking experience.

Purchase QB Kraftz here

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