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NutrI-Strips sleep Asap Review 2022: Scam or actually work?

Nutri-Strips sleep Asap Review

I thought I was being diligent until I developed insomnia. 

It was my final undergrad exam and I wanted more than anything to graduate with a very good grade. It has been my most important goal to graduate from law school with a first-class. I have been consistent with keeping good grades and the final exam was the last showdown to finish strong and complete what I have started. So, when it was time for my finals exams, I threw in all my time, energy and sacrificed my sleep hours studying for the law finals exam. 

I would stay up all night most of the time to study and on the days that I sleep early I will wake up in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning to continue my studying. I was diligent with my study schedule that my classmates wished that they could have my type of reading schedule. 

It did pay off in the end. I got the first class that I wanted! It was a big celebration and a huge success for me. The celebration and life after school were all rosy and I was proud of my grit and resilience and about my big win. Being one of the best graduating students was quite a feat in school that you get to be featured on a lot of magazines and blogs. My parents were no happier than I was, Dad got me a car to congratulate me on graduating with a first-class and I got a lot of job offers from prestigious firms and companies. 

I was the happiest person!

The congratulations and merriment were massive, and I enjoyed every bit of it as I braced myself for corporate life and my master’ program in another prestigious university in London. But now was the time for relaxation and lots of enjoyment. 

Then my health started deteriorating. Even though I have finished my exams, I still could not sleep properly at night. When it first started I thought that it was just my body trying to adapt to my new sleep routine, so I gave it some time, till it was over a month and I looked no better. I was still not getting any or enough sleep at night. I had red eyes, and started developing heavy eye bags; my skin didn’t look great either, my skin was chapped and looked so rough. I looked sick and the next thing my parents had to do was to make me go see a doctor which was how I started using sleeping pills to try and fall asleep. 

Besides, the side effect that those sleeping pills had on me and the fact that I did not like drugs that much, the sleeping pills made little or no difference to my poor sleeping habit. I would take the drugs and sleep sometimes and then I end up waking up in the middle of the night and won’t sleep again till morning. 

The poor sleeping habit I built in school was hard to retrace. 

The next stop was to go see a therapist. The therapists I saw recommended different exercises that will help me fall asleep; from yoga to playing lullabies or soft songs listed on Apple music for sleeping. In addition, I also did the deep breathing exercises; the abdominals and the rest of them.

The exercises were not effective. Sleeping became a complete chore for me and I wondered why I had to do a lot of exercises before I could fall asleep. Sleeping became a technical activity for me. So I found some activities that kept me busy at night like watching movies, surfing the net and reading lots and lots of tweets. I looked so unhealthy and was always tired my skin too looked chapped and unkempt generally. 

Everyone around me complained about how unhealthy I looked especially since my eyes were always red. My friends sought to help in the ways that they could and my family members too did their best in recommending doctors, booking and paying some therapists that they heard of from their friends and colleagues, buying drugs and herbs and all.

Then, Mira, my cousin recommended a sleeping strip or something she called it. At first, I was like ugh! Another sleeping pill (with a side-eye). I mean, I had discarded all the drugs I got from the doctor in the trash because keeping them was of no use, they smelled a lot and they were equally not effective and had their bad side effects. 

So when Mira recommended a sleeping strip or so she said, I was so sceptical about it that she pulled a lot of strings to convince me that “this strip” will solve the sleeping issue. 

The first time that Mira showed me the “sleeping strip thingy”, I didn’t believe that there was anything medicinal about it. The Nutri strips (as I came to learn the name later) did not look like a drug to me. It was light as a paper/slip and had different bright colours. It looked like sweet and colourful light paper.

The Nutri Strip was so light in my tongue and did not taste bitter like drugs. I did not even swallow or use water to digest. The sleeping strip just dissolved on its own in my tongue. 

A few hours later, I slept like a log!    

It was a miracle! I slept for almost half of the day and didn’t wake up till I got tired of sleeping.  No one dared to wake me up until I woke up by myself after a long satisfying sleep. 

And that was how I got my sleeping routine back! I was so grateful to Mira for introducing me to the Nutri Strip. My parents had to order more packs of Nutri strips for me. 

Phew! Now I could look forward to my life and not worry about any poor sleeping habits. 

Thanks to the Nutri Strips

What are the Nutri Strips? (Nutri-Strips sleep Asap Review)

Nutri-Strips sleep Asap Reviews.jped
Nutri strips Review

 Nutri Strips are scientifically proven supplements that are produced from, active and natural ingredients. They are a patented medical innovation that makes the intake of vitamins and supplements easier to take. The Nutri Strip was created to make us lose the hard and complicated way we take traditional drugs normally. The Nutri Strips is designed for high-efficiency absorption. It has a Rapid Activation Delivery System.  

The Nutri Strip comes as an actual light strip that dissolves gradually when placed in the tongue. The Nutri Strips has great taste! They appear and tastes nothing like normal drugs or supplements. 

Nutri strips have such a great taste that if you have a sweet tooth, you might just have to watch your intake of the strips…the Nutri strips has an amazing taste!

The Nutri Strips are different supplements that serve different purposes. I used the Sleep A.S.A.P first and it was very efficient that I had to get some of the other Nutri Strip supplements and they all sync in their effectiveness and function.  

The Nutri Strips are: 

The Sleep A.S.A.P supplement 

The Energy Supplement

The Immune D Supplement

The Recover B Supplement


The Sleep A.S.A.P Supplement : Nutri-Strips sleep Asap Review

This Nutri Strip is designed for those with sleeping difficulties. They are designed as a drug-free solution for adults that suffer from sleeping problems. The Sleep A.S.A.P Nutri Strip is produced with scientifically proven natural ingredients. These five natural ingredients are powerful and very effective. They include Melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine, Beta-caryophyllene, and Vitamin B6. 

Melatonin is a hormone in the body that is primarily released by the pineal gland at night. It is an important hormone in the body that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in the body. The function of Melatonin is to make you feel sleepy when you are tired especially at night and also works to wake you up when you must have done sleeping. Studies show that Melatonin supplements are effective in treating sleep disorders such as insomnia and jet lags. 

The GABA means Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain. Neurotransmitters work as chemical messengers to the brain. They are known as inhibitory neurotransmitter because it blocks or inhibits certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system. GABA produces a calming effect in your brain when attached to a protein; this is known as the GABA receptor. 

The function of the GABA is to calm the brain. The GABA can help remedy feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. This is why GABA is being used in the Nutri Strip to achieve this calming effect on the brain and help with any feeling of anxiety or stress. 

 The Beta-Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is a natural bicyclic sesquiterpene that is constituent of many essential oils, especially clove oil, the oil from the stems and flowers of Syzygium aromaticum (cloves), the essential oils of Cannabis sativa, rosemary, and hops.

The Beta-Caryophellyllene has potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-oxidant features. This is also known to reduce anxiety and pain, also reduce cholesterol and prevent Osteoporosis. 

Beta-Caryophyllene can reduce inflammation in the brain and chemicals that cause oxidative stress associated with inflammation. These features can aid the brain from swelling during a stroke and also improve its outcomes. It also helps to induce sleep for those with sleeping b problems like insomnia.

Vitamin B6 which is also known as pyrioxide, is involved in many functions in the body. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in many foods, as well as added to foods and supplements. 

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that benefits the central nervous system and metabolism. It is significant in creating red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 helps improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression. It also promotes brain health and reduces Alzheimer’s risk. 

Because the body cannot produce Vitamin B6, you’ll have to obtain it from foods or supplements. Hence, it’s an addition to the Nutri Strip ingredients. 

The ImmunD3 Nutri Strips

This Nutri Strip; the ImmunD3 Nutri Strip provides Vitamin D when taken. The ImmunD3 provides 40,000 IU of Vitamin D – a full week’s worth – in ONE small Nutri Strip. Basically, the ImmunD3 does the work of Vitamin D to the body. It maintains healthy bones and teeth in the body and also protects the body against a range of diseases and conditions. 

Like Vitamin B6, the body cannot create Vitamin D, hence should be gotten from foods and supplements as the Nutri Strip makes it easier to get. 

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The RecoverB Nutri Strip

The RecoverB was formally created for athletes but is now available for anyone with an active lifestyle or anyone with an electrolyte imbalance. The RecoverB Nutri Strip replenishes essential minerals in the body and enhances hydration and muscle function which helps maintain fluid balance. The RecoverB gives the adequate amount of energy boost you’ll need in a day and replenishes essential minerals in the body. 

The Energy Nutri Strip 

The Energy Nutri Strip provides a convenient alternative to coffee, tea and many other sugary energy drinks to a safe and natural energy boost. The Energy Nutri Strip just like the other Nutri Strip is fast-acting and enhances compounds, all packed in a single Nutri Strip.  

What is Nutri Strip made of?   

One of the things that I love about the Nutri Strip is that it is produced from good natural ingredients. For example, the Sleep A.S.A.P ingredient is made from 5 basic ingredients: 

Melatonin regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, inducing sleep

Gaba is a naturally-occurring amino acid that produces a calming effect

The L-Theanine can improve stress levels and promotes relaxation in the body

The Beta-Caryophyllene helps to defend against aches and pain and improves sound sleep

Vitamin B6 aids the body in melatonin production and internal clock regulation

The rest of the Nutri Strip supplements are also produced from their own scientifically proven natural ingredients and are highly efficient as well. The Energy supplement which is another of my favourite Nutri Strip supplement is produced from Caffeine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which gives the adequate boost needed for the day. 

Features of the Nutri Strip

Nutri strips sleep Asap review.jpeg
Sleep Asap Review

The Nutri Strip is designed for more efficiency and easy intake. The Nutri Strip is light and looks like a lightweight paper or slip with different beautiful colours which when placed in the tongue is easily dissolved. The Nutri Strip has a good taste and a nice scent which cannot be compared to the traditional pills that are hard to swallow and has an upsetting smell. 

The Nutri Strip was designed to change the way people take supplements. The Nutri Strip is built for ease and as a more effective alternative to traditional supplements. 

There are many amazing features of the Nutri Strip which have made me love the different Nutri Strips and taking them has been the easiest thing for me to do in a day. 

These are some of the features of the Nutri Strip that I love;

  • The Nutri Strip is made from natural ingredients: 

During the time that my sleeping problem became worse, my Grandma; Eunice was one of the most concerned persons. When she got a wing of the situation, she gathered all the herbs and natural ingredients that she could gather and sent them down to us. 

Now, we lived about 6,826km away from Grandma, but it was like she lived closely with us. Grandma knows everything that is going on with our family even before the next-door neighbour or the closest friend to us hears or knows about it. 

Being Grandma’s favourite is a blessing. I always got a lot of gifts from her, even when I was away in school. She always found her way to wherever I was at the moment. The distance was never a barrier to her nor did it cause a strain in her relationship with our family and me especially. 

So when Grandma sent some herbs and other ingredients which she said will alleviate the lack of sleep, we were not the least surprised. I wondered how much she had to pay the delivery companies in a year because she always had something to send. I respect Grandma Eunice a lot. She never allows anything to limit her including money and distance.  

After receiving instructions on how to use the ingredients Grandma sent from her on a long video call she made. My mum did a quick research on these ingredients and they were said to cure insomnia. The problem was in the intake. 

On the first day, after reducing some of the natural ingredients to their powdered form which took a very excruciating time to do, I dissolved it in water and Ewww! They didn’t taste nice. It worked! Yes, I did sleep soundly that day but my tongue had this despicable taste and I smelt like the herbalists that mix drugs and herbs. 

That was it! I was done. I moved the whole product to one corner of the kitchen and never attempted to take it again. It took days before the harsh odour of the one I took that day left and my tongue too took a lot of brushing before I could stop feeling the taste on my lips. But I did sleep for a few days after the intake of the herbs Grandma sent. My mum urged me to take more as the herbs worked even after days that I first took them, I turned her down because I could not go through what I went through earlier all in the name of trying to take drugs for sleep. I went back to my drugs, yes I preferred taking pills that did minimum or no work than the awful tasting natural ingredients Grandma sent.   

When my cousin gave me the Nutri Strip the first time and I saw some of the natural ingredients Grandma sent earlier as some of the ingredients, I almost turned the Nutri Strip down because well, it should have an awful taste as the herbs because it was made from it. It took a lot of convincing from my cousin to open the Nutri Strip and at least perceive it. I finally did take a leap of faith and the Nutri Strip didn’t taste like the ingredients it was made with. 

The Nutri Strip is completely made with natural active ingredients infused in an easy absorption small strip. Taking the Nutri Strip was like taking Grandma’s ingredients but with a better taste and feel. The Nutri Strip did the same work that Grandma’s strip did but I liked the ease that the intake comes with and its effectiveness too. 

The different supplements of the Nutri Strip are produced from effective and long known natural ingredients which are well known for their efficiency such as Melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine etc 

  • The Nutri Strip is scientifically backed by medical experts:

The Nutri Strip has undergone a series of testing and research before it was launched. The scientific breakthrough is a result of decades-long experience and 16 issued patents. Nutri Strips are created by scientists and recommended by Doctors anywhere in the world.

  • The Nutri Strip is easy to take and absorb. 

The best feature of the Nutri strip that I can’t get over is how easy it is to take. I sincerely hate taking drugs, the hard pills and their smell never went down well. I avoided anything that would make me take drugs not only because of the smell but also because of how hard it is to swallow and digestion too is a secondary problem. 

Growing up as a child I disliked drugs so much that most of my drugs were converted to injections because my parents knew how much I hated drugs and they also knew that the stakes of not taking or completing my drugs is high. So I avoided drugs so much that I can throw up just by seeing them. 

One of the things that made me accept the Nutri Strip was that it didn’t look like drugs, the scent was even pleasant. It was not even a pill, it was a strip! A thin, soft and smooth strip that easily dissolves in your mouth the moment you place it in your tongue and it was 10x effective compared to drugs. 

The Nutri Strip changed the way I took supplements. Now I take supplements with ease and I get more productive and healthy as well. The formula for taking the Nutri Strip is so easy, just by placing it on your tongue and then the action takes place almost immediately.  

  • The Nutri Strip is fast-acting:

 Not only is the strip easy to take it is also very effective. The Nutri Strip has a Rapid Activation Delivery System.

 The Strip worked like Grandma’s natural ingredients the first time I took the Nutri Strip. When I took the Nutri Strip I wasn’t expecting the supplement to work as fast as it did for me. I slept off on impulse and for long without having to wake up. I had the sweetest sleep ever. The same goes for the other Nutri Strip supplements. The Energy supplement I take at work and before running off for my Masters’s class worked effectively and quickly too. 

  • The Nutri Strip has an amazing taste with zero sugar and a nice scent too:  

As one who disliked drugs, the smell and taste of the Nutri Strip is one of my best features of the Nutri Strip and is one of the first few things that made me accept the Nutri strip. It tastes and smells nothing like a drug or normal supplements. I will strongly advise that if you have a sweet tooth like me, you may have to watch your intake of the Nutri Strip because of its sweetness. 

Benefits of the Nutri Strip   

Now more than ever people are becoming aware and concerned about their health but no one wants to waste money and time doing that. Some people are concerned but the myth that that taking good care of oneself, especially medically will require breaking the bank and wasting tons of time and energy. 

I mean people are becoming busier by the day and even though the maxim “Health is Wealth” is being used many times, people still don’t want to put in the work to maximize their health. This is where Nutri Strip comes in. 

The Nutri Strip is designed to afford even the busiest of people the essential vitamins and health boost needed. The Nutri Strip is not only pocket-friendly but easy and fast to absorb without anyone even knowing about it. The Nutri Strip is manufactured for the busy person who wants to still prioritize his/her health and still be efficient at work. Yes! The Nutri Strip affords that lifestyle. 

There are many benefits of the Nutri Strips. Each of the Nutri Strips has its benefit and work. Put together, the Nutri Strip is one of the most efficient medicines ever produced.  Here are the general work and benefits of the Nutri Strip:

Pocket friendly:

You can carry the Nutri Strip anywhere you go without worrying about the smell in your pocket because it has a nice scent and or worrying about the intake and people’s eyes on you while taking the strip because the Nutri Strip does not look like a drug. 

At work when I take the Nutri Strip, people don’t know what I’m even doing, my colleague one time had thought that I was taking one of a kind of sweets at work until I had to explain to her that the sweet-looking things I take are supplements and he called it the “sweet supplements”. The Nutri Strip is designed for a quick and convenient grab and go anywhere and any type of place. I put mine in my work bag and my small purse when the occasion demands. I’ve seen a friend of mine who put his in his back pocket. 

Calmer mind: 

Each of the Nutri strips is known for one thing: they each produce a calm mind and a relaxed state. It works to relax the mind a


There is no science or big formula for taking the Nutri Strip. The Nutri Strip is so easy to take it’s just like taking sweets. Taking the Nutri Strip does not require any form of chewing or licking or any movement in the mouth. All you need to do is to place it on your tongue and the Nutri Strip absorbs in your mouth.  

Here’s a detailed step:

  • Open the Nutri Strip pack with scissors. The pack is also easy to tear, so tear it with your hands if you can. 
  • Place the nutria strip on your tongue 
  • Close your mouth and allow the natural ingredients to absorb for a while. 
  • Swallow and enjoy the fast-acting of the Nutri Strip


The Nutri Strip is manufactured in the USA and is delivered worldwide. You can place an order through their official website and put in your shipping details (address) on the website. There are also official retailers and other websites that you can purchase the Nutri Strips from. 

Placing orders on the official website of the Nutri Strips company has more benefits than purchasing from the retailer’s website. 

Nutri Strips Shipping Policy

Shipping from the website has its organized policies for efficiency. For orders placed on Monday-Thursday after 2:00 pm EST, are processed within 2-3 days. The orders placed on Fridays are processed the following Mondays. Orders placed on Saturday-Sunday will be processed on the following Tuesday. 

When you place an order on the Nutri Strip website it takes 2-3 business days for the order to process and ship. Some of the orders take longer days because of the location or address that it is being shipped from. Most shipping times take 7-10 working days (Mondays to Fridays) after the processing times. Shipping charges are added to the cost during the checkout. The Nutri Strip Company ships to all the states in the US. They ship to all countries except Canada, Virgin Island or Puerto Rico.

Nutri Strip Return Policy

For orders that are damaged, they are to be returned within 72 hours after receiving the product.

Other products that are not damaged or opened are returned after 30 days of receiving the product. You can also ask for refunds if you are not satisfied with the product or if the product is broken or opened before you received the product. Refunds exclude shipping fees, restocking fees and any sales tax fee. Refunds are also issued upon confirmation and inspection by the company and returning shipping fee is paid by the customer. 

Returns of the Nutri Strip and it’s’ enquires can be made through the Nutri Strip company care service. You also need to obtain a Return Authorization Number to start the return process.

You can also make your returns here at Nutri Strips 41 Canal Street Lewiston, ME 04240

PROS of the Nutri Strip

It is easy to take and absorb

It is portable and can be taken anywhere and anytime

It is made with 100% natural ingredients

The Nutri Strip is fast-acting 

It does not require any formula or water for intake

Zero sugar 

Amazing taste and scent

No chewing 


CONS of the Nutri Strip

The Nutri Strip is not to be taken along with any medication or better consult your doctor or medical expert if you must. 

If you have any allergies or chronic health problems, please consult a doctor before taking the Nutri Strip

If you are pregnant or nursing please ask the doctor before you take the Nutri Strip

The Nutri Strip is not available in any physical retail store. You can only place orders for the Nutri Strip online. Visit the Nutri Strip official website for any purchase.   

Shipping fees and time may cause a strain while purchasing the Nutri Strip. Some may not be patient enough to wait for the shipping duration. 

The Nutri Strip is meant for adults only and should not be given to children. 

Nuri sleep Review: DISCLAIMER

The Nutri Strip should be kept out of the reach of children and they should not be allowed to take the Nutri Strip. The Nutri Strip is made for adults only. 

Pregnant and nursing mums should consult the doctors before taking the Nutri Strips

If you are under any medication or have some chronic health problem please do not take the Nutri Strip without confirmation from your doctor. 

Price of the Nutri Strip

The Nutri Strip is affordable and it’s at a discount on the Nutri Strip official website. The Strips comes at their individual and bundle prices. 

The introductory offer comes with a month’s supply of the supplement at the cost of $49.99. The Nutri Strip bundle cost $129.57 – $143.96. 

All you have to do is to visit the Nutri Strip official site and purchase the strip you want: 

SLEEP A.S.A.P Nutri Strip

There are also bundle prices deal for the Nutri Strips displayed on the Nutri Strip official website. 

FAQs about the Nutri Strip

I’ve taken so many drugs and supplements and they are not working, what differentiates the Nutri Strip from these drugs?   

The Nutri Strip is designed to lose the way we take drugs. It is so easy to take compared to the traditional drugs which are not only hard but also requires water and extra swallowing. The Nutri Strip is nothing compared to the traditional drugs. You don’t need to take any additional water or any special skill to take them. All you need is the strip and to place it on your tongue.   

The Nutri Strip has Rapid Activation Delivery System. It is highly efficient and fast-acting. The supplement starts working after a few seconds of intake.

Won’t take these Nutri Strip supplements make me addicted to them?

The Nutri Strip offers maximum potency of essential vitamins and supplements. They are non-addictive because they are natural body vitamins. The Nutri Strips are purely made from natural ingredients and cannot make one addictive or depend on them. These natural ingredients are all hormones and vitamins which happens naturally in the human body. This means that you can decide to stop or miss the Nutri Strip supplements and still be fine, unlike the sleeping pills that can be addictive. 

Where can I purchase the Nutri Strip? 

The Nutri Strip is purchased from the Nutri Strip official website. 

How do I get my order of the Nutri Strip?

Once you place an order for the Nutri Strip on the official website, you’ll be asked to fill in your shipping details which include your address and other information that will be needed to get to you. The shipping days varies depending on your location. 

Where is the Nutri Strip produced?

The Nutri Strip is produced and manufactured in the USA. The Nutri Strip is also delivered worldwide except in some countries.  

I’m under some medications; can I still take the Nutri Strip alongside the drugs?

Please consult your doctor or a certified medical practitioner for advice and approval if you are under any form of medication. Do not take the Nutri Strip alongside any medication unless you have consulted your doctor. 

The same goes for pregnant women and those with chronic health issues. They should consult a doctor for approval before taking the Nutri Strip supplements.  

What is the different Nutri Strip and what are their functions?

Each of these Nutri strips serves different purposes. 

  • The Nutri Strip Sleep A.S.A.P is designed to give restful and efficient sound sleep. 
  • The Energy Supplement gives an adequate boost of strength for the day 
  • The Immune D Supplement is designed to protect the body’s immune system. The Nutri Strip Immune D supplement provides the body with enough immunity against different ailments. 
  • The Recover B Supplement is built to refresh essential minerals, enhance hydration and muscle function in the body. It regulates the body’s fluid balance.  

Does the Nutri Strip have any side effects? 

The Nutri Strip does not have any side effects. It’s purely essential vitamins and natural supplements which the body needs. 

Which of the Nutri Strips should I take for insomnia?

The Nutri Strip A.S.A.P is the best sleeping supplement to take for sleeping problems. 

It’s different from the traditional sleeping pills and its acts rapidly after intake.

Does the Nutri Strip require a prescription?

No, the Nutri Strip does not require any prescription. 

What ingredients are used to produce the Nutri Strips?

The Nutri Strips are produced with natural ingredients. The Sleep A.S.A.P is produced with natural ingredients such as Melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine, Beta-caryophyllene and Vitamin B6. 

Unlike the other drugs or supplements, which are made with some artificial ingredients, the Nutri Strip is fully made with natural ingredients. 

Can I get the Nutri Strip at any physical retail stores? 

You can purchase the Nutri Strip from the Nutri Strip official website. The Nutri Strip is not available in any physical retail store. 

Nutri strips Review: FINAL VERDICT

The Nutri Strip is specially built to break old and hard habits of taking traditional drugs and supplements. Each Nutri Strip is specially designed for its purpose. The Nutri Strips are made with purely natural ingredients that the body needs and sometimes cannot produce on its own, while the body can produce some of them. However, one cannot be addicted or dependent on the Nutri Strip, since they are all-natural and what the body needs. You can choose whether or not to take the Nutri Strip and still be fine. 

However, ensure to see a doctor for approval if you are already placed under some medications, pregnant or with some chronic health issue. 

The Nutri Strip is a great way to take supplements and give your health and body in general, the boost it needs.

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