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MedReminder reviews 2021: is this medicine dispenser any good?

MedReminder reviews 2021,

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Medreminder reviews

With the newest research in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences, an increasing number of drugs are being produced to cure many deadly diseases and this has enabled people to live healthier and longer. But, the rate of medication usage is increasing, mainly among the elderly. It is advisable that the medication prescribed by doctors is taken at the correct times of the day and in the correct dosages. This is one of the significant problem encountered by older people with disabilities and also some youths aswell. As a result of forgetfulness or other problems, some elderly patients either do not take the correct medicines or the correct dosage at the prescribed times and this reduces the effects of treatments and increases both healthcare costs and the mortality rates. For us to find a solution to this problem, a med Reminder. This device is developed to improve patient adherence, mainly for older people with disabilities. The novelty of the developed device is the use of a medreminder service to provide two-way communication in the form of feedback between the older patients with disabilities and the doctors or any one that need it, so that the medication adherence of the patients can be monitored.

When it comes to our beloved ones, we always want them to stay healthy and fit, especially our elderly ones.But what will happen if they get ill and forget to take medicine on time. We would be pissed, right?  At hospitals, there are many patients and it is difficult to remind every patient to take medicine on time. The traditional ways require human efforts to remind them to take medicines on time. The digital era doesn’t follow that and we can use machines to do that. The application of medreminder is very wide and can be used by patients at home, doctors at hospitals, and at many other places.

MedReminder Reviews 2021:

Medreminder reviews

Medreminder is a device specially produced to help patient in making available pill when needed to take them, without you needing to think much, and to prevent you from taking the wrong pills at the wrong time.

As we get older, the number of pills and other medications increases. We are living longer, and give credit to modern medicine and its ability to create medications for treating just about every aliment which we can think of. Treating these medical conditions often require prescription medications and sometimes older patients are taking several medications on different days and times. The numbers of medicine they take add up, it can become hard to remember to take them on time. Medreminder are tremendous benefit to ensure patients are following doctors” prescription and maintaining the correct dosage of each and every one of your medications.

Medreminder features

The following are the features of medreminder reviews:

Ease of Use

It can be very complicated to manage medications every day, but MedReminders help the patients to ease this stress of checking time., and most importantly, in an easy procedure. Anybody can learn how to program it because it’s intuitive and has only 3 buttons for setting the time of when the medicine have to be taken. This medicine Reminder looks just like any basic pillbox but has digital readouts for medication management to be easily introduced into one’s everyday routine.

7-Days Modular Colored Containers

Anybody can forget things easily especially the elderly or disability ones , therefore, forgetfulness is very dangerous as far as taking medication is concerned, because it leads to either over-dosing or mis-dosing. Some people who are good at forgetting when they need to take their medication or are taking it wrong most of the time. This type of person need a pill Reminder like this because it has 7 modular containers colored differently for every day of the week.

Timer with Reminders

Any medication Reminder needs to be easy to use and also at the same time, technologically advanced enough. Therefore, it needs to have automated capabilities like MedReminder does. This electronic med dispenser is pre-programmable to ensure medication is taken at the exact time at which it needs to be used. Whenever the pre-set time arrives, it alerts the patient, not to mention it also sends reminders in case the dosage hasn’t been administered.

Modular Build with Compartments

MedReminder features 7 spacious compartments for each day of the week, making it much easier to remind which pills have been taken and when.


Portable Design

This medicine Reminder can be taken anywhere the patient goes, seeing it’s quite small in size. It means, its compact size shouldn’t fool anyone, as it has compartments spacious enough to hold up to 8-10 pills, depending on how large these are.

Cr2032 Battery life

MedReminder uses only one CR2032 battery. Whenever its battery is close to running out, an icon appears on the device’s LCD screen for the medication schedule to not be missed due to a low battery.

Why do you really need MedReminder

Best medication Reminder 2021

Below are the things that MedReminder provides,

Peace of Mind

With advanced timing functionalities, MedReminder provides peace of mind to the patient and their loved ones, who will know the one person they very much care about is taking their pills on time.

A More Pleasant Experience

Having to take medication is not the most pleasant experience, but MedReminder can make it a bit more pleasant because it takes off the stress of keeping in mind when it’s time for medication to be taken. Therefore, no more checking the clock every 5 minutes for knowing when to take the pills. MedReminder will make a sound whenever it’s time to do so.


This medicine dispenser is designed to be simple and intuitive as far as using it goes. This also implies, setting the time on it up is a breeze.

With advanced timing functionalities, MedReminder provides peace of mind to the patient and their loved ones, who will know the one person they very much care about is taking their pills on time.

Advantages and disadvantages of medreminder


  1. Easy to use
  2. Medicine reminder device
  3. Works on batteries
  4. Portable and compact
  5. Colored containers for easier sorting


  • The alarm can get annoying if it rings for a while; then again that is the point.

Is medreminder any good?

Answer: Better Medication Adherence & Less Tedious Sorting of Pills.

So Many people are happy with conventional pill dispenser to organize their pills, and also some type of reminder system to help remember when to take them. But there are situations where something more sophisticated make sense.

For instance:

  1. People can start having trouble adhering to the medication routine prescribed by their doctor — because they have complex medication regimens; or take lots of pills; or develop physical or cognitive conditions; 
  2. They may find it an increasingly difficult task to “stay on top of their meds”;
  3. The person whose work it is to carefully sort multiple pills into pill box compartments each week might start to have trouble doing it correctly — or might just find it increasingly difficult.

When one of these things happens, it will be time to consider one of a best complex tools to help with taking the right medication at the right time. We call this complex products “med Reminder”.

It is very good for elderly people, disabled, hospital etc.

 it eliminates one of the most difficult and error prone aspects of managing complex medication regimens.

For elderly adults who have declining cognition, this might put off the day at which someone else needs to take over the task of managing their medication for them. And, in situations where it is the job of a caregiver (spouse, adult child, or paid employee) to fill pill boxes with complex combinations of pills, each month or each week, this medreminder has the potential to make the job of the caregiver easier

Is medreminder scam

This device is very legit!!. Taking multiple medicines can becomes hard with doses prescribed for different times during the day. It is very common to forget taking medicine on time, or worse, mistakenly taking two doses too close together or the wrong dose. medreminder pill dispensers are an answer to this problem, mainly for those who are aging in place. The technology in today’s pill dispenser automation makes getting the correct dose at the right time more reliable than ever.

Top Automatic medicine dispenser Tips:
  1.  Consider how easy it is to open and fill the pill dispenser
  2.  Look for an automatic pill dispenser with ample compartments to fit all medications and vitamins
  3.  Test the alerts from a different room than where you keep the dispenser to be sure you will notice the flashing lights or audible alarm

What to Know About medreminder

Long-term diseases are often a part of elderly people and more people take prescribed medications today than in the past. Memory functioning with age may be slight to severely impaired. MedReminder gives answer to the problem of patients forgetting to take their medicine.

This device ensure people take the proper medication at the correct dose and time that is prescribed to them. These electronic dispensers are more convenient than a pill box because you fill and program dosing for every 7 days. Automatic dispensers that drop pills into a cup can’t dispense pills cut for half doses, so keep this in mind when you narrow your choices.

Some dispensers come with tamperproof covers to prevent patients from accessing doses unless it’s time to take their medication.

How Do medreminder Work?

MedReminder electronic pill dispensers are battery-powered or run on electricity. Prefill the dispenser cups with medications and vitamins, then program the dispenser to rotate or drop the medicine into a cup or hopper at the time of day you need a dose. These devices use flashing lights and loud alarms to alert you when it’s time to take the medication. You can set up multiple dosing times each day.

How MedReminder Help with Remembering Medications

It use visual and audible alarms to get your attention when it’s time to take a dose of pills. Medreminder is small enough to take along with you outside of the home. Some Other devices are larger with more features, and are not portable.

Apart from the alarms, more high-tech models connect to Wi-Fi and send alerts via text or a mobile app to nanny and loved ones. If the patient does not take the dose within 15 to 30 minutes or so of the alarm, someone gets notified. This person can follow up with the patient to ensure the medicine gets taken close to the originally-prescribed time. Med Reminder may offer a monitoring service similar to a home security system where an agent contacts the patient regarding missed doses and other alert

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Med Reminder dispenser

Who Can Benefit From a MedReminder?

Both young or old can benefit from a medreminder. You do not have to be taking medicine to benefit from a medreminder with a notification alarm. I know many medicine schedulers which have been purchased by perfectly healthy individuals. In fact they were so healthy they just needed a reminder for all of the nutritional supplements that they were taking. Therefore the majority of medreminders are purchased either by the elderly or caregiver for the elderly and hospitals:

The elderly.
In many times, the number of pills we take increases as we aged. When this occurs, a medreminder can guarantee that you are following the doctors prescribed dosage of medicine as directed. med reminders can help assure that you don”t under or overdose your medicine. Medreminders that talk, indicate or come with alarms are best choices for the elderly.

Nanny or Caregivers
If you are a nanny who take care of a person, who needs to take multiple medications, these electronic reminders can elevate some of the pressure on making sure that the proper medicines are given at the correct time and with the correct dosage. This device can make your responsibility of caring for someone much easier. In some situations all you have to do as a nanny is fill the medreminder with the necessary medicines times and then allow that individual to manage their own medications. The medreminder provide a monitoring optimal, in these situations as they let you know if a dosage is missed. Electronic med reminders are an excellent way to help avoid hospitalization due to missing scheduled medication or overdosing on prescription pills.

Different ways medicine can be reminded

  1. Show it on a display 
  2. Send notification on email or Phone
  3. Using mobile apps
  4. Buzz alarm
  5. Using Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi
  6. Get a call
  7. Remind for next medicine time while reminding current time

We can combine ways depending upon the need. To keep things easy here we made a simple Medicine Reminder using medreminder which reminds us to take any time we need to. And again, it shows the current Date and Time.

Common Issues elderly people Have with Medication

  1. Forgetting to take medication on time
  2. Incorrectly taking too many doses at once
  3. Confusing one medication for another
  4. Taking another dose too soon after the first one

Where can I purchase MedReminder?

Since distributing it in pharmacies or at retailers and health shops would cost quite a lot and increase its price, MedReminder is available for buy only on its official website of the manufacturer. Just click and purchase.

Medreminder price

1 MedReminder for $49

2 MedReminder for $35 each

4 MedReminder for 31 each

There are also 2 special offers:

Buy 2 MedReminder, get 1 FREE for a total of $98

Buy 3 MedReminder, get 2 FREE for $135 in total

(BEST PRICE ONLINE) Get MedReminder Directly from the Official Website for the Best Prices Online

How to purchase medreminder

Customers only need to fill in their name and delivery address in order to get the product(s). Payments can be made via credit and debit card only. A 2-year warranty covers MedReminder against manufacturing defects or damage. This warranty can be extended to 3 years for an additional cost. The company that makes MedReminder is called Hyper Sls Ltd. It can be contacted with requests for refunds, as well as questions or inquiries about the product, through the following:

Phone Numbers:

International: +44 20 3808 9234 – 24/7

Brazil: +552135003992, between 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

Hyper Sls Ltd

1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Concluding Thoughts about medreminder reviews

Bottom Line:
Taking medications on time and avoiding overdoses prevents medical emergencies

Medreminder reviews ensures patients take their medications and supplements as directed for their safety and health. Using one of our top dispensers helps retirees live without outside assistance, and reduces the chore of frequently reloading pill cases.

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