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brightology LunarFlame light Review 2021: Is this LunarFlame color light any good?

brightology LunarFlame light Review 2021: Transform Your Dark, Boring Yard Into A Vibrant Paradise in Minutes

In case you desire to enjoy outdoor spaces at night or increase “curb appeal,” outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to boost the look of your home, yard, and garden.

Installation, however, is a complicated and time-consuming process with traditional electric lights. Traditional electric lights require complex wiring — which typically takes some hours of painful work or hiring expensive professionals.

Of course, you could try lighting options sold at home supply stores, but they often offer more problems than solution

Why Waste Valuable Time & Money On “Rinky-Dink” Store-Bought Lights?

 Until recently, homeowners had two options for outdoor lighting: either hiring a contractor to install a custom system or going to a home supply store for conventional electric lights.

Custom landscape lighting will run you anywhere from $2,000 up to $8,000. Of course, you could save money by installing it yourself, but it’s a backbreaking process that can take the whole day to finish.

As if hours of installation weren’t enough, typical light bulbs easily burn out, corrode, or fail due to water damage. They require batteries that need constant replacing or messy wires. Most users spend more time maintaining lights than they do actually enjoying them.

Fortunately, an extraordinary breakthrough in solar technology offers homeowners an affordable, hassle-free alternative…

LunarFlame: An Easy-To-Install, Money-Saving Alternative to Traditional Lighting Solutions

Overall, LunarFlame light Reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers. Some customers gave the LunarFlame light a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating.

In order to make sure you don’t get scammed, this Review on LunarFlame light contains only  links that point to the official website with a discount today!

Here are Real Reviews From Amazed LunarFlame Customers

Don’t take it from us, let’s hear what real LunarFlame users have to say:

Great little lights. We used them on the front porch and the side of our house. Would buy again”

 Mary F.

“Perfect to light up your house or landscape during the holidays. No longer do we have to fight with cords to light up our yard”

Rachel H.

“We are pleased with these lights. They are easy to mount and install – it took 15 minutes tops to cover the entire home.”

Shannon W.

“First off, they’re solar, which is always great. They charge very well during the day (even on cloudy days) and last throughout the night, which is a must. Packaging was small and very nicely done. All items are bubble wrapped and easy to put together out of the box.Overall, great set of lights. Will purchase more to complete the outdoor area of my yard to brighten things up without sacrificing my energy bill.”

Rosie T.

What is LunarFlame light? ( overview of LunarFlame color flame lights review)

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brightology LunarFlame light Review 2021

LunarFlame is the newest ultra-bright, colorful, solar-powered yard light that instantly illuminates your home and yard for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. 

Unlike conventional lights, LunarFlame doesn’t have messy wires to untangle or batteries that need constant replacing. 

With 7 colors and 4 modes to choose from, LunarFlame lets you show off your yard however you want. You can be the life of the party with its fast or slow colorshift modes — or boast a classy, inviting look with LunarFlame’s ultra-realistic flame mode.

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The amazing fact is that customers are buying LunarFlame in bundles due to high demand and limited inventory… so don’t wait.

If you want durable, high-quality, custom-color lighting at an unbelievably low price, we strongly recommend you to click here to check its current availability now — before it sells out once again.

This eco-friendly lighting system illuminates a wide array of colors to upgrade your outdoor space in minutes. Featuring 7 unique lighting modes, rainbow shifts and flicker flame, the Lunar Flame is the perfect lighting addition to give your outdoor experience a cozy feel. It is completely wireless and can be quickly installed on any surface, making it the perfect option for fences, walls, decks, patios, front doors, and more! 

Color Functions of LunarFlame light: 

– 7 Colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Turquoise) 

– Fast and Slow Rainbow Shifts 

– Flickering Flame Mode 

Specifications of Brightology LunarFlame light 

  • Solar Panel: 5V Polycrystalline Panel 
  • Battery: 3.7V 1200maH Rechargeable Lithium Battery 
  • Lumen: 20 Lumen 
  • Lighting Body Material: Plastic 
  • Switch: ON/OF Switch Auto Turn On/Off: 40 to 80 lux range 
  • Charging Time: 8 Hours 
  • Working Time: 6-8 Hours 
  • Protective Qualities: Waterproof IP44 
  • Contains: 2 Lunar Flames + Installation Kit

Features of LunarFlame solar lights 

  • LunarFlame is Sleek, Timeless Design, Easily Mounts Onto Any Vertical Surface
  • 7 Unique Colors + 4 Lighting Modes To Match Any Mood
  • Durable, Affordable, Long-Lasting Outdoor Lights
  • No Upkeep Required + Installs In Minutes (No Wires/Batteries Needed)
  • Stylish – Not only a pretty light in the evening but the contemporary design of this light will also sit nicely in with almost any style of garden décor.
  • Ambient light – Perfect for the garden or your patio, this light will nicely illuminate the area for a cosy feeling.

How does LunarFlame Color Flame lights , work?

These innovative lights are solar powered, making them ideal for your home and for your wallet. LunarFlame charges during the day so it can glow all night long, without wasting batteries or draining electricity.

Each pack comes with everything you need to install LunarFlame: 4 screws + 4 anchors. Simply mount LunarFlame lights to illuminate patios, porches, fences, rooftops, walls, walkways — anywhere that needs a splash of light.

Enjoy white, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and turquoise color options. For an even more eye-catching show, activate the 2 color shift modes or the beautiful, flickering flame effect.

LunarFlame uses a special “Dusk-to-Dawn” technology that switches lights on at dusk and then off (into charging mode) at daybreak. It even reverts to your preferred settings every time.

Plus, LunarFlame is 100% weather-resistant so you can enjoy long-lasting, beautiful light all year — rain or shine!.


There are several other factors you need to consider when installing your newly purchased LunarFlame solar lights.

  • Location: Where you choose to place your LunarFlame lights will have a huge effect on how they operate and as such you need to consider the best spot for them.

Remember that LunarFlame solar lights need access to daylight to charge up and shady spots or dark areas are not a good choice if you want a reliable source of light come the evening.

  • Placement: When you have decided on the locations that are suitable in your garden you need to take a sensible approach to placement and avoid overcrowding one area with too many LunarFlame lights. Use markers to help you decide on an even coverage before you place the lights in their final sites, it is much easier than making a mess of your garden!
  • Initial Charge: Don’t put your lights in on the same day that you want to use them as they will need time to fully charge and be checked.

Allow a minimum of one full day before you invite friends over to see the newly LunarFlame lit area. This will give you time to ascertain if any are faulty or if they have been placed in areas that don’t need light. By allowing this initial charge phase you can avoid embarrassment later.

  • Upkeep: Once you have placed your LunarFlame lights don’t assume that that is it forever! Gardens grow and can block solar panels from working.

You need to make sure you include the maintenance of your lights in your monthly gardening duties; clean them off and check all the parts are in good working order. Replace any faulty lights and keep them free from weeds and fast-growing plants.

How do I install my LunarFlame light?

Simple, DIY Set-Up Installs In Minutes

LunarFlame takes only minutes to install: just find a spot with some direct sunlight, mount it onto your home, switch them on, and let the sun do the rest!

With no batteries, wires, or bulbs to replace, LunarFlame offers maintenance-free outdoor lighting — saving you time, money, and the hassle of dealing with traditional electric lights.

How do I purchase LunarFlame light: LunarFlame Review 

Here’s How To Illuminate Your Home Easily & Affordably

LunarFlame is not yet available in stores and is exclusively offered online.

Right now, they’re introducing this revolutionary new light to first-time customers at an unprecedented discount — 55% off the regular price. And unlike store-bought lights, they’re offering free shipping on all orders and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days.

Now that you’ve discovered how to make your home bright and beautiful (without wasting time or money on installation & upkeep) follow these steps to get started:

Click on the official LunarFlame website to link on this article  to place your order

Illuminate, beautify, and protect your home with “smart solar” outdoor lighting. 

Why should I buy a LunarFlame light?

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LunarFlame Color Lights Review

Give your garden a touch of style and an ambient glow in the evenings with this cool flame compact torch from LunarFlame brightology light.

It is Ideal for creating an ambient feel in your garden, this LunarFlame solar-powered light is great for adding interest and decoration to your garden. 

The flame effect gives this light a stylish and interesting look while remaining cool and totally safe to the touch.

Frequently Asked Questions about LunarFlame light 

How many LunarFlame lights should I get for my home?

We recommend getting at least 3-4 boxes of LunarFlame (6-8 lights total) for an average sized yard. LunarFlame lights are perfect for fences, outer walls, pathways, and so much more. Plus, you’ll get even deeper discounts on multi-pack options.

How do they turn on automatically?

Through cutting-edge dusk-to-dawn technology! When the sun sets, a built-in sensor switches the LEDs on. When light is detected in the morning, the sensor automatically triggers a shut-off mode and turns on the self-charge function. (A built-in “smart-memory” function always remembers the last setting.)

What happens if I don’t like them? Is there a return policy?

Based on the countless responses we receive from thrilled customers, we know you’re going to love LunarFlame. But, if you’re not 100% pleased with your purchase, simply call or email our highly-skilled team of Customer Support Specialists within 30 days to claim your Satisfaction Guarantee.

Who designs LunarFlame?brightology LunarFlame Light Review 2021

All of our lighting products are developed with love by our solar specialists in sunny California!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All U.S. orders typically ship from our US warehouse within 5-8 business days!

In summary: LunarFlame review 

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Brightology LunarFlame light Review 2021

Light up your garden and your life with these lunarFlame Solar Lights. No need for batteries or for mains cables – these solar lights charge their internal batteries during the day, storing the energy before automatically turning on when the sun goes down. The gentle LunarFlame light create offers a comforting, warm-coloured effect reminiscent of lit candles or torches.

Use these charming colors Lighting to line the path of your garden, surround a pool, or even just decorate your balcony. They can be installed anywhere and provide soft light at the night, LunarFlame lights will switch on and begin to glow, casting a beautiful and comforting light over your garden. 

As essential for summer evenings and BBQs, set these up in your garden to cast the perfect, calming ambience for you and your guests without the fear of anyone tripping over wires or extension cords. The waterproof design also means you can use these year-round without the worry of them getting waterlogged or damaged by rain! Place anywhere in the garden and get some good light and enjoy long nights of warmth.

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