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WrapSlice Review 2022: Work or just Hype?

WrapSlice Review 2022

Overall,WrapSlice Reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers. Some customers gave the WrapSlice a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating. In order to make sure you don’t get scammed, this Review on WrapSlice contains only links that point to the official website with a discount today!

What is WrapSlice? ( WrapSlice Review 2022)

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WrapSlice Review 2022

WrapSlice is a wrap cutting tool designed to cut different kinds of papers. The device is a simple and lightweight tool that aids in the precise cutting of wrapping papers without destroying the wrapping sheets, eliminating jagged corners and edges. The tool is specially designed to slice wrapping papers to provide clean cuts and finesse your gift wrapping. This tool is designed to prioritize the user’s safety by possessing features that help to protect fingers from scratches and nicks. WrapSlice is an easy to use tool made with high-quality materials and can be used for different kinds of papers, including print paper, meat wrapping paper, construction paper, parchment paper, plastic wrap, and gift wrapping papers. The tool has a moderately sized blade that is sharp enough to ensure smooth cuts. The device is very portable and can be carried around easily; it provides a secure grip when held and stores securely when stored. 

WrapSlice helps to reduce the inconveniences when wrapping gifts. It prevents the creation of jagged edges and thus aids the proper wrapping of gifts. The tool comes in handy as it eliminates unattractive cutoff papers and can be used by anyone, including kids. It is safe and does not require a heavy grip or strength to use the device. This long-lasting wrap cutter is a household tool meant for every family. WrapSlice can be used to cut any length of paper and helps to avoid an excess of waste.

This tool comes in handy as most people nowadays tend to wrap their gifts. This tool helps one cut wrap papers without making bent curves and cutting themselves. WrapSlice helps create a flawless look to gift wrapping and is very friendly to human hands. It is a handheld tool.

The tool is designed basically by cutting papers to wrap gifts, but it can also be used for creative and artwork jobs. WrapSlice helps to reduce the time for cutting by half and is suited for right-handed and left-handed individuals.

This review will highlight and elaborate on everything about the WrapSlice cutting tool. We shall discuss the features, advantages, disadvantages, benefits of the products and why the product is a better option than another conventional cutting tool. We shall also highlight the cost of the product and answer some frequently asked questions about the WrapSlice cutting tool. Other important areas such as the product’s description and its use will also be examined. The product shall be analyzed side by side with other methods of cutting. 

Features of the WrapSlice Wrap Cutting Tool

  • Portability
  • Suited for versatile use
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Time-saving
  • Bidirectional Cutting
  • Oversized Design
  • Safety
  • Prongs

Portability: The device is lightweight and portable. The portability and lightweight device makes it easily carried around and used by adults and kids. The device also stores compactly when stored and can be held in one hand during use.

Suited for Versatile Use: The tool has a sharp razor suited for cutting different kinds of paper. The device is suitable for cutting magazines, construction papers, gift wraps, printer paper, meat wrapping paper, plastic papers and construction wraps. This tool’s ease of use is suitable for cutting papers for handcraft decorations. While it is suited for versatile use, the device should not be overused for very hard pieces as this requires extra pressure in cutting through the papers. The tool is very suitable for every type of paper and can be used for different purposes, including cutting pieces for wrapping gifts and other purposes.

Use of High-Quality Material: The WrapSlice tool is designed to precisely cut through different kinds of papers. The agency provides the best approach to cut through the paper meticulously; it gives convenience for the users by being less strenuous, provides a good grasp, and is adequately sharp. This cutting tool helps slice the paper giving a seamless design, and is very easy to hold. It is made of durable materials and lasts for a very long time. With one pull with this tool, users can get perfect cuts for creating unique wrapping designs.

Time-saving:The tool helps to save the time of individuals effectively. The accuracy of the device’s cuts helps prevent the stress of meticulously following lines. The time-saving feature accompanies the elimination of wastage, i.e. the preciseness of the lines given by the tool helps avoid inaccuracy when sometimes resulting in the wastage of the wrapping paper or any paper used. The tool cuts documents of any length and size with just one pull.

Bidirectional Cutting: The tool allows for the cutting of various papers in two different directions. The device can also be placed in the left or right direction to suit the user’s convenience. The product also has a symmetric design that makes it suitable for either right-handed or left-handed users. Thus it provides no form of inconvenience whatsoever for the user.

Oversized Design: The tool is large enough to fit different paper roll sizes, and this would not pose any challenge to the user regarding the size of the wrap roll.

Safety:  The WrapSlice tool is a safer option when compared to other cutters. The blade is concealed and thus can be used by children too.

Prongs: The WrapSlice Cutting tool has two prongs that conceal the blade that is used to cut the paper. The prongs are very sharp to slice through the paper and do not wear off easily. The prongs are very safe for use, thus making the product suitable for youngsters.

Metal Opening: The WrapSlice tool has an enclosure made of metal. The metal is designed in cylindrical size with a matching opening on one side of the cylinder. The opening contains the blade that is used to cut the paper.

WrapSlice Review: Advantages of WrapSlice over other Conventional Cutting Tools

WrapSlice Review

Besides the WrapSlice cutter providing a more precise cutting than another conventional cutting tool such as the boxcutter, scissors, and blades, the WrapSlice cutting tool is very safe to use. It is safer than paper shears, trimmers, scissors, box cutters, knives, etc. The blades are not exposed and thus cannot harm the user. The safety of the user allows children to make use of the device to wrap gifts without supervision, unlike when using other kinds of cutting tools

Using scissors to cut the paper may cause undue strain to the hand or cramps; however, WrapSlice eliminates such stress and allows a hassle-free way to cut these papers. Additionally, the WrapSlice cutter is very consistent, giving accurate cuts. It eliminates the need to make markings on papers before cutting and unwanted tears on the form. It provides a smooth line and requires the simple method of a straight glide along with the paper.

WrapSlice Reviews: How Does WrapSlice Cutting Tool work?

This unit is very easy to use. Anyone, including children, can use the tool. The gadget has two prongs that aid the cutting of the wrapping paper. These blades are concealed in these prongs, which helps divide the wrapping paper. The edges are sharp enough to ensure that the wrapping paper is properly cut and safe enough as it conceals the blades which may cause injuries to the user. The in-built blade gives the product a better edge over its counterparts. The tool helps divide the paper into two sections by simply rolling the product over the paper to provide a clean cut.

Follow these simple steps to use the tool;

  • Place the tool over the gift wrap tool lengthwise
  • Roll out the paper to any length of your choice to cut
  • Align the metal teeth with the part you intend
  • Press the tool firmly towards the item to be cut. Ensure that the blades catch the paper
  • Press firmly and slide the tool towards the other end. This can be easily done in one quick movement and would provide a clean paper cut.

The tool helps to evade tears and cornered edges while cutting.

WrapSlice Review: Product Description

wellwrapped dt
WrapSlice Reviews

The WrapSlice is a cutting tool with a concealed blade that aids in the cutting of various kinds of papers. The device can be used with minimal effort and helps to provide a steady and accurate cut on the paper with minimal effort. The tool is guaranteed safe to use as the blade is effectively protected and concealed, thus preventing scratches. It is a safer option when compared to scissors, razors, and box cutters, as these tools have exposed blades. The device has a cylindrical shape with one side opened. The opening is such that it can allow for the fitting of the paper roll for cutting. The tool makes the cutting of gift wraps easy and fun; this also helps create beautifully designed wrapped gifts. The device can accept the size of the wrap and is very fast.

Specifications of WrapSlice 

  • Material of roll; ABS
  • Handle; Comfortable grip
  • Cutting type; Bidirectional
  • Inner diameter; 6.6cm
  • Weight; 65.7kg
  • Dimension; 7.2 × 9.1 × 10.1

Advantages of the WrapSlice Cutting Tool

  • Quick and convenient
  • Friendly to the human hand and helps to avoid cramps
  • Robust cutting tool
  • Ease of use
  • Colour varieties
  • Durable Quality
  • Symmetric design
  • Clean cut guarantee
  • Bidirectional Cutting
  • High-Quality Material
  • Finesse
  • Quick and Convenient
  • Versatility

Elimination of waste: The product is very convenient to use. It is handy, can be carried around easily, and is very easy to use. It cuts the paper in a very fast manner and provides clean straight cuts. It has a simple and sleek design that is very convenient to use.

Friendly to the human hand and helps to avoid cramp ups: Unlike other cutting tools such as the scissors and box cutters, the WrapSlice tool helps prevent the fatigue of the hands that other conventional cutting tools such as scissors and box cutters give. It also helps to prevent sores on hands that may result from long periods of cutting that usually result from other cutting means. 

Robust cutting: The tool is suitable for cutting different kinds of paper. It can be used to cut wrapping sheets, construction papers, parchment paper, meat wrapping papers, and so many others. It is also suitable for different sizes of wrapping rolls and slices through the papers easily.

Ease of Use: The WrapSlice cutting tool is very easy to use. It requires the proper placement of the tool over the wrapping roll and pressing the prong over the paper to create a clean slice.

Colour varieties: The tool is available in different colours. Users can choose from the various colours available to suit their preferences. The colours are available in attractive designs such as blue, pink, black, indigo, white, and so many others.

Durable Quality: The tool is designed for long-lasting use. It is made of durable properties that make it suitable for consistent and heavy usage. It is not easily prone to wearing and tearing. The tool is not also susceptible to rusting, dents, or bending. It is also not affected by harsh weather conditions as it is not affected by water.

Symmetric Design: The tool is designed to allow for flexible use. Its symmetric design can eliminate the discomfort that other conventional cutters give. It is suited for users that are either left-handed or right-handed.

Clean cut guarantee: The tool helps achieve a very precise and articulate cut while trying to slice the paper. The high level of precision is such that a straight cut is guaranteed when using this tool. The WrapSlice cutting tool helps create an attractive wrap design and improve the packaging. The clean-cut provided by this tool prevents torn edges on the paper

Bidirectional Cutting: The product is designed to suit both left-handed and right-handed persons. This is an attractive feature of the product as it provides no inconvenience for the user.

High-Quality Material: The WrapSlice cutter is designed with high-quality materials such as an adequately sharp blade with a good grasp. Unlike other cutting materials, it does not cause strain to the hands during usage or make paper cutting difficult. It eliminates the estimating and following of lines while cutting and helps to reduce the time spent on cutting materials by half. This, in turn, makes the wrapping of gifts easier, more fun, and more beautiful.

Finesse: Most people would agree that it is not only the content of the gift that matters but also how the gift is presented. The WrapSlice cutting provides a clean cut to the wrapping papers that gives finesse when wrapping the gifts.

Versatility: The WrapSlice cutter is very versatile. It is suitable for cutting different kinds of papers and in various sizes and is also suitable for users in the creativity and artwork sector. It can also be used in the home and office. 

Elimination of waste: This cutting tool helps eliminate the wastage of paper resulting from torn edges. This is because the tool provides a conventional cutting style that is very precise. Its precision eliminates jagged edges and torn edges as well as waste. It provides accurate precision while cutting.

Disadvantages of the WrapSlice Cutting Tool

  • Online Purchase
  • Delays
  • Limited stock

Online Purchase: The product is only available online for purchase. This means that users who are familiar with online purchase methods or who are not interested in online purchases may not be able to purchase the product. 

Limited stock: The company has a limited amount of products left. 

Benefits of Using WrapSlice ( WrapSlice Review 2022)

  • Saves time
  • Excellent packaging
  • Accurate partitioning
  • Elimination of extra costs
  • Designed for convenience
  • Discounts
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Multiple offers
  • Safety
  • Size
  • User Friendly
  • Affordability
  • Saves time: The WrapSlice tool helps drastically save the time spent cutting papers by half. It is very simple to use and also creates a precise and smooth line. It eliminates the time spent on estimating and following lines and allows the individual to focus on more important areas, such as the wrapping of the gifts. 
  • Excellent Packaging: WrapSlice provides excellent lines that, in turn, helps to package gifts beautifully. This tool helps to eliminate severed edges and jagged lines while cutting the papers. For other uses, the lines’ preciseness helps create a more attractive look to the job. With this packaging, the gifts would look more attractive and appealing to the eyes.
  • Accurate Partitioning: Aside from the precision cutting this tool gives from the wrap roll, this cutter can accurately partition portions of the too wide paper. This means that if the user cuts out excess papers, the cutter can provide a precise partition of the paper. 
  • Designed for convenience: Individuals who have mobility issues or arthritis can make use of the product. The WrapSlice is designed for utmost convenience. It eliminates the mobility of the fingers that come with scissors and boxcutter, which often results in the strain of the hands and fingers. Thus, it can be used by patients of arthritis and mobility issues. The concealed blades also make it suited for kids as it poses no harm.
  • Discounts: The product is now available on discounts. The discount is available on the price of the product as well as the shipping fees. This helps to reduce the burden of paying heavy fees to get the product to the location of the buyer.
  • Money-back Guarantee: Buyers are eligible to get their money back if they are not satisfied with the provisions of the product. This guarantee is valid if the product is returned within 30-days of purchase. The product must be in good condition when returned to the right facility. However, the product must have the original packaging and in the new condition upon return. This validates the money-back guarantee. The customer care service usually purchases the refunds via the official email website.
  • Affordability: The tool is very affordable. The manufacturers of the product also include a discount on the purchase of a single product as well as the double or triple unit product as the case may be. There are also discount offers on the shipping fees.
  • Suitability for kids: The product advertises that the WrapSlice tool allows even kids to cut papers safely and accurately. This is due to the fact that the tool does not require any form of estimation or measurements while cutting.

How to utilize WrapSlice 

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Pull out the edge of the wrapping paper. Place WrapSlice onto the end of the tube.

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Ensure the blade catches the edge of the paper. Run the unit across the wrap in one smooth motion.

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Continue the cut until WrapSlice slides off the opposite end.

Where to  purchase WrapSlice Cutting Tool

The product can only be purchased on the official website of the company. This is to avoid the purchase of substandard or fake products on the website as well. This also helps to ensure that the buyers get the actual goods they paid for. However, this may be a limitation to some buyers.

The product can be bought in single units and also in pairs. However, the purchase of the goods in pairs attracts more attractive discount rates. Buyers can contact the official helpline or customer services via the mail corresponding to the country they are calling from. Alternatively these buyers can contact the company via their official email address. Countries apart from the United States of America, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Canada do not have access to phone numbers.

How much does WrapSlice cost? 

The pricing for the product is done in the United States dollars; 

  • The Original Rapid Cutter deal—Get one WrapSlice cutting tool at $19.99 instead of $30.75. This guarantees a 35% savings on the discount package
  • The Mrs Claus Special deal—Get two WrapSlice cutting tools at $39.99 instead of $61.51. This ensures a 35% savings on the discount package
  • The Santa’s Helpers Pack deal—Get three WrapSlice cutting tools at $19.99 instead of $30.75. This guarantees a 51% savings on the discount package
  • The Family and Friends deal—Get four WrapSlice cutting tools at $44.99 instead of $92.26. This guarantees a 55% savings on the discount package


Payment Methods for the WrapSlice 

After choosing the package and ordering for the purchase of the product. The payment section is next. The website offers a variety of safe and secure methods for the payment of the product. Users can opt to use PayPal or Credit card for payment. The website uses a high level of security to monitor the platforms of payment to avoid mishaps.

Shipping Details- WrapSlice Review 

The contact information of the user is required for shipping the product. The user’s email, name, phone number, address, country, and postal or zip code is needed in this section. The tax and shipment price are compiled after the checkout confirmation.

However, the number of waiting days is not specified on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions on the WrapSlice Cutting Tool

How safe is the WrapSlice cutting tool?

The tool is guaranteed 100% safe to use. This is because the tool has no sharp edges or exposed blades that could cause injury when used. It also provides adequate comfort to the user’s hands and is not heavyweight. This indicates that when the product falls on a person’s body, it would cause no injury or pain.

Wrapslice Review: Are the cut provided by the WrapSlice clean?

The WrapSlice cutting tool creates extremely precise lines. These lines are crisp, clean, and neat, and do not produce jagged edges. This is in contrast to the lines produced by scissors and other cutting tools.

Is the WrapSlice suitable for both right-handed and left-handed persons?

The manufacturers of WrapSlice design the product such that it is symmetrical. This symmetric design makes it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals regardless of the kind of paper the product is used for. The tool has a bidirectional design that allows it to cut in any direction it is positioned.

Is the WrapSlice designed for crafting projects?

Yes. The product is suitable for decorating projects that involve the skill of full use of hands and requires cutting.

How long can WrapSlice be used?

The product is built to withstand long-lasting and heavy use. It is made of durable and high quality materials that are not easily prone to wear and tear. Users should ensure that the tool is used according to recommendations to ensure that the product lasts for a long time.

Can the WrapSlice be used for all kinds of papers?

The tool is sharp enough to cut all standard-sized cutting papers. It is large enough to fit different wrap roles and create seamless cuts. The device is 25% larger than other kinds of cutters and can be used to cut all kinds of paper. Its size makes it suitable for larger jobs without stress 

How much strength is needed when using the WrapSlice?

WrapSlice cutting tool is designed for maximum convenience. Its design require minimal to no strength during usage. The tool does not also require a hefty grasp when used. All that is needed is a firm grasp of the tool and a firm placement while gliding to produce a smooth cut. Thus, the tool can be used by both children and adults. Thus even individuals with arthritis can simply glide through the paper when cutting.

Is the WrapSlice suitable as a gift item?

Yes. WrapSlice is a very suitable gift item to other individuals. Users can send the product as gifts for various kinds of celebrations.

What are the criteria for the money-back guarantee for the product?

The company guarantees a 100% money-back guarantee provided that all the requirements are met. The money-back-guarantee is available to the user when refunds are made within 30 days of the return of the product. However, the product must be returned in the original position, unused, and properly packaged without damage. Users can contact customer service via the official email to process the returns of the product. However, the money used for shipping the product is nonrefundable.

Who needs this WrapSlice cutting tool?

The product is designed to reduce the burden of wrapping gifts and make the wrapping process fun. As much as the product is suitable for every person, it is more suitable for those who find wrapping gifts boring. It is also suited for all kinds of wrappers who want to eliminate the waste of wrapping papers and the jagged edges when cutting papers. 

What is the advantage of the WrapSlice over other similar cutting tools?

Firstly, the WrapSlice cutting tool is relatively larger than other similar tools, so it can effectively cut papers from larger roles, unlike its counterpart. The product is designed to fit any size of wrap roles and cut different kinds of paper.

WrapSlice eliminates the cramps the use of scissors gives when cutting in the fingers of users. It is suitable for users who have mobility issues and arthritis and can also be used by kids as the blades are concealed; thus, the rate of injuries is reduced. Kids can use the product and make precise cuts. The tool also helps eliminate torn edges wastage and assists users to wrap their gifts beautifully. The device supports versatile use and does not get blunt easily. It is very portable and can also be used for artwork. 

WrapSlice Review: How can I maintain the WrapSlice?

The WrapSlice cutting tool is made of a waterproof and washable material. Users can either use a clean cloth to wipe the tool or wash it with water and mild detergent.

Wrapslice Review 2022- Customers experience and testimonies

Joyce C.

“I enjoy the month of December more than just about anyone I know. For me, the gift isn’t just about what’s inside, it’s about the presentation. I love nothing better than turning on the Christmas tunes, sipping eggnog, and wrapping presents. I received a WrapSlice for my birthday not long ago and now I have a new tool in my arsenal. I love it!”

Mike A.

“I ordered a couple of these things for my family. Now my son and I can help out whenever gifts need to be wrapped. It’s fun to use. My wife even uses WrapSlice for her crafting projects. Good little gadget!”

Beatrice F.

Returned Cleaner when I picked them Up“My arthritis makes it tough to use scissors for cutting long rolls of paper. Thanks to WrapSlice, I can continue the tradition of wrapping up Christmas presents for all my grandchildren. No more sore hands on Christmas eve.”

Wrapslice Review Conclusion

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WrapSlice Review 2022

The WrapSlice cutting tool is a simple and versatile cutting product designed for children and adults. It is a cylindrical device with a concealed blade that aids the cutting of different kinds of papers such as construction papers, parchment, meat wrapping papers, and wrapping sheets. It is also suitable for users in the creative and artwork industry. The product is symmetrically designed to allow for bidirectional cutting. That is, it is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. The tool has prongs that conceal the blade; thus, it is suitable for kids and adults. The tool is portable and can e carried around easily. It is available in different colours and suited for convenient use.

The WrapSlice cutter is manufactured to ease wrapping gifts and make the process fun. The tool helps to eliminate the jagged and torn edges while wrapping papers, preventing wastage. In addition, the tool helps to save the cutting time by half as it is faster than other conventional cutting methods. Users can also enjoy a smooth and precise cut without estimation or drawing a line.

Compared to the scissors, boxcutter, paper shears, and trimmers, the WrapSlice cutting tool prevents cramps in the fingers and is suitable for mobility issues and arthritis users. The device does not require the tense up of the fingers as it only requires a glide when cutting the papers. The cutter is wrapped around the wrap roll and then glided along the paper to provide a smooth cut.

The tool helps to eliminate the wastage of papers and improve the attractiveness of the wrapping design. However, a disadvantage of this product is that it is limited in stock and can only be bought from the company’s official website.

The product is only sold on the company’s official website to prevent the sale of substandard or fake goods and ensure credibility. The product can be bought in a single unit or pair. Currently, the company offers a discount on the product prices; users can enjoy from 35 per cent to about 55 per cent on the purchase of products. There are also available discounts on the shipping fees for the product. Users are also given a 30-day money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the provisions of the product. However, this product is only applicable when the product is returned within 30 days of receiving the product, and the product is in the original position it was purchased. 

The tool is suited for all kinds of persons, requires little to no strength to use, and is a safe cutting product. 

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