Slava Heater Reviews

Slava Heater Reviews: All You Need To Know About This Portable Heater!!

Slava Heater Reviews

Winter comes with the concern of keeping warm and shielding from the traumatizing effect of cold. For some people wearing thick clothes or sweaters, drinking hot coffee amongst some other things will provide a little bit of relief. But these methods do not entirely cushion the effect of the cold to a satisfactory point. The effect of cold on human beings is hazardous to health. Cold weather puts stress on our cardiovascular system, in cold temperature your blood vessels constrict,your breath is shallow and your blood is slightly thick(oxygen level is decreased). These changes can cause chest pain in people with heart diseases, problems for asthmatic as cold and  dry air causes the air channels in the lungs to contract causing difficulty in breathing. When it comes to cold it is not all about staying outside but it is very essential that the house is kept warm.

Over the years, many innovations have been made to resolve the issue of keeping warm during the winter. There was a time when a fireplace was prepared so as to provide warmth for the whole house and everyone in the house. 

Technology has so advanced that we now have the portable heater as the best provision of all time. The portable heater as its name accurately implies is a heater that is used during the winter to  keep the house warm. This device is so effective to its course that it can heat up a room in five minutes. It is a very compact device that can  be carried about with ease. The portable heater is a solution to the worries of people prior and during the winter. There are various makes of this device but the one that has been selected out of the many is the ‘SLAVA HEATER‘. 

After much comparison, the slava  heater has been found to be outstanding and top-notch for a lot of reasons. Some of these many reasons will be properly exponded in the course of this review. Read on.

WHAT IS SLAVA HEATER ? ( Slava Heater Reviews)

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Slava Heater Review

The slava heater is a high – tech heater that is very compact and portable, one doesn’t need to worry about traveling with it. It is guaranteed that with the slaver heater one will not feel the slightest chills during the winter. It is currently the best heater in stock. It is so effective and perfect that I can heat up the whole house in the first few minutes. The satisfaction one gets from using the slaver heater is thrilling. 

The central heating system used by old produces harmful gases that are not quite advisable for our health. But, one can still have the same satisfaction and even more by using the slava heater. Here, individuals who are susceptible to the poisonous gases are safe from health crises like asthma and allergies when using the slava heater. 

The slava heater has an exact appearance of logs of burning woods. As real as it looks one must not be worried about flames coming from it to consume the house because such can not happen being that that appearance is technologically powered. Yes, it is.


~ Product Name – Slava Heater

~ Power Rating- 500W

~ Heating method- PTC technology

~ Body – Non-conductive, Flame Retardant ABS

~ Speed Setting – 2 Speed Settings

~ Areas Coverage – 250 Sq. Feet

~ Average heat-up time – 2 seconds



It may not be easy to distinguish the slava heater from the real heater as a result of the log flame effect that looks so real. It is indeed a beautiful sight and very commendable.


The slava heater is very fast in heating up and then dissipating the heat to the whole room in a very short period. 


The slava heater has a digital temperature display which helps the user to easily ascertain the temperature of the heater at any point. This also helps in regulating the temperature to our taste. There is also a timer that enables the user to know how long the heater has been actively warming the house.


The slava heater is very silent and doesn’t make any noise. Hence, it doesn’t disturb the serenity of the environment by any means. 

Is Slava Heater Any Good? Is it cost effective?

Many regrets and complaints have been gotten from the users of other random portable heaters. The complaints ranged from the fact that they purchased their devices at a very exorbitant price and worse of all they yet have to spend so much on electric power. 

But guess what, this is not applicable to the slava heater. The slava can be purchased at a very low price. It is very cheap and affordable for all. It doesn’t end here, the slaver heater cuts the cost of electricity for its users, it is guaranteed that when you purchase a slava heater, you have succeeded in saving money on bills. This is true and many users have testified to this truth. So, if you are in a league of people who want to spend less in buying a portable heater and save money on bills without sacrificing quality then, the slava heater is all you need. You don’t have to spend a fortune for an ineffective and money draining because with the slava  heater you will enjoy the best that technology has to offer and cut cost while enjoying the comfort.


From the official website, you can order a Slava Heater for delivery in a few days. The website is really easy to access while placing your orders. It is pertinent that you buy this product from their official website to ensure that you purchase the quality which may not be the case on other websites.


1 unit of Slava Heater cost $69.95

✓2 units of Slava Heaters cost $109

✓3 units of Slava Heaters cost $149

✓5 units of Slava Heaters cost $199


There are very numerous advantages of using the slaver heater. Some of which will be highlighted here.

1. Affordable: The slaver heater stands out in terms of purchasing cost. The price is fixed with much consideration of the customer’s welfare during winter. This was made so because every household must own at least one of these devices owing to its essence during the winter.

2. Saves money: The slava heater doesn’t consume electric energy as much as the central heating system and this helps to save money for the users. If it is your will to cut excess costs and save money for yourself then the best choice is buying the slaver heater.

3. Efficiency and effectiveness: the slava heater is known to be a proactive device as a result of its speed in producing the required results. The heater can warm the whole house in less than an hour at half the cost, isn’t this wonderful? The slaver heater can warm the whole house faster than the central heating system which will cost you almost a fortune to maintain every winter.

4. Portable: The slaver heater is very portable that you can decide to change its location within or outside the house. For instance one can decide to move it from the sitting room to the bedroom, bathroom, car, office, etc. without even worrying about how to go about it. This is how portable and compact this heater is. I know you can’t wait to have yours.

5. Remote controlled: The slava heater can be controlled using a remote. This implies that the user doesn’t need to go close to the heater before he/she can put it on since you can sit down in your most relaxed position and put it on using the remote.


1. Only online sales are allowed for this product.

2. A limited product selection.

3. Due to the high and increasing demand of the product, there may be a fluctuation in its availability.


• The first step is to open the package’s box.

• Determine the location of the Slava Heater’s installation. The object needs to be placed in the intended location.

• Find a plug and plug the Slava heater into it in step three.

•  Choose your desired mode. On the Slava Heater, there are two fan speed options. Choose the approach that best appeals to you now.

• Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your surroundings in step five. The Slava Heater’s quick hot air blowing start-up will help your room quickly reach the right temperature.


1) When not in use, turn off the electricity and store the heater in a secure location.

2. Before each use, check the heater for loose or damaged connections or plugs.

3. In no case should you use a heater that is broken, worn out, or torn in any way.

4. You should plug a space heater directly into a wall outlet. Extension cables and power strips should only be used on occasion since they can overheat and catch fire.

5. It’s important to place the heater correctly. Anything that could catch fire, such as clothes, documents, and rugs, should be kept at least three feet away from the heater.


What is the expected delivery time for the Slava Heater?

Even if the manufacturer specifies a delivery window of a few business days, Slava Heater is shipped out as promptly as possible. You will receive a tracking number from Slava Heater after the order has been placed, enabling complete management at all times.

How difficult is it to install Slava Heaters?

I say without a doubt! Using a Slava Heater is risk-free and requires a few easy steps. Simply plug in the small fan heater and it is turned on,it has a remote for easy control. Even the buttons on the gadget are simple to use and provide clear control.

How much time does it take a slava heater to warm up? (Slava Heater Reviews)

Slava heaters frequently produce a particular amount of heat and quickly warm the area around them. A larger area can be considered to have warmed up after only a few minutes thanks to the tiny fan.

Can I keep the Slava Heater running all night?

Yes. The Slava Heater is safe to use unattended while you sleep or overnight. Because of its automatic timer and programmable thermostat, the heater has received the endorsement of  standard testing companies.

In Conclusion: Slava Heater Reviews 

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Slava Heater Reviews

What appeals to people about the Slava Heater is how easily it functions. Anybody, regardless of their technical ability, can use the Slava Heater’s capabilities by plugging it into an outlet.

The portable heating gadget begins to heat up and quickly warms up to a very cozy temperature as the temperature and time can be set using the knobs on top.

The manufacturer advises creating a warmer environment and placing the Slava Heater wherever you need more heat.


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