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Laundry Masher Review 2022: (Urgent update) Read before buying!!

Washing is part of our daily life and routine. It is expensive and not possible for us to use a piece of precious fabric once and dispose of it because we can’t wash the fabric. It is practically impossible. Washing is part of an indispensable lifestyle to maintain healthy living and the environment – but the problem we have been grappling with for years in our respective homes has been the expenses associated with laundry services.

The high cost of detergents has been an issue to contend with – hence, the research by scientists into possible ways to conveniently reduce the high costs associated with detergents – and laundry materials. The new effective discovery to this perennial problem was the discovery of Laundry masher.
No one would argue that detergents are money guzzling and at the same time many of the detergents out there in the market places aren’t efficient and reliable despite the high cost taking into consideration the inflationary trend in the United States and other countries around the world – occasioned by the high rise in oil prices around the world – and this has affected household items and gadgets underscoring the importance of a laundry masher in every home.

A laundry ball well put – or otherwise called laundry masher has been a game-changer in the laundry services industry. Many people in our society the world over are conversant with washing machines, but those who are not economically well off and those still below the rung still make use of hands to wash clothes. In all honesty, this is not advisable because of the demerits as regard health. Some detergents because of the caustic chemicals used in making them – adversely affect the skin – and this is why a laundry masher or laundry ball evolution is a great innovation.

I never knew what a laundry masher was – until I heard someone mention it sometimes back and had to research about it and how it works. A laundry masher is a washing material that is inserted into a washing machine and it washes better than a detergent.


Talking of the evolution that led up to the invention of washing machines – we must highlight the fact that the conventional way of washing by hand was tedious tiresome and time-consuming even energy-sapping. This is not to say that people no longer make use of their hands again. More than a quarter of the world’s population still wash clothes with their hands – many of them found in rural areas most especially in sub-Saharan Africa where amenities like washing machines are luxuries.
In America before the Second World War – Chinese nationals who migrated to the United States had taken to laundry services commercially – with the famous Chinese laundry tickets that served as receipts when an individual drops his/her laundry for washing. The paper tickets issued by the hard-working Chinese laundryman are torn into two in a way that – the laundry man gives the torn part of the ticket to the owner of the laundry while the Chinese laundryman keeps the other piece of the ticket. For the owner of the laundry piece to take his/her ware the torn receipted ticket must be presented – and the same dovetail with the other half of the Chinese ticket.
Curiously, many Americans found the services of these Chinese trustworthy and brought their clothes for good laundry services. Over time their laundry services were highly sorted after – and many Chinese began opening laundry shops. I narrated this historical fact for a reason – to show the trajectory of laundry work through tedious means up till the time of the technological innovation that brought about Washing machines and laundry mashers. Most of the Chinese laundrymen had calluses on their hands because of the use of hands to wash. The constant use of detergents and the squeezing of tough fabrics with the hand weren’t helpful at all.
Was it the Chinese laundrymen that suffered this alone back then? No, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and so on suffered the same fate. The advent of washing machines brought respite to households the world over – and eased the stress of laundering.


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laundry Masher Reviews

Ever wondered what it looks like to wash your clothes with a washing machine without detergent and still have sparkling clean clothes? Then you have to think about the wonder – of a laundry masher. A laundry masher is a portable little plastic ball thrown into a washing machine to help in cleaning clothes. It is a substitute for detergents. The special design of this portable device is in such a way – that it is used without the addition of anything apart from water. All this laundry ball needs is to be rotating inside the washing machine to perform its wonders. Now tell me any other better way there is to reduce the excessive spending on detergents. A laundry masher does not need a detergent – no, while using this wonderful invention, no chemical or substance is needed.
The exciting part of this is that it is only one wash that is required for your clothes to be sparkling. The laundry ball is not a one-off washing device – but a ball can be used for close to two hundred laundries.

A laundry masher is thus a pineapple-shaped sphere with infused Nano-made silver ceramic beads that react with the washing water to perform a near-perfect cleaning of fabrics. The laundry masher ball is made in such a way that it has its edges sticking out like a pineapple rough edge – with perforations or openings through which water enters into the ball for the reactance that weakens stains on fabrics. While the washing machine is rotating the ball inside the machine is rotating and rubbing well on the fabrics to produce the desired result. This is noiseless and near-seamless at the same time. The laundry ball is lightweight and fits very well into the laundry machine.
There is no gainsaying that this laundry masher ball is a cost-saving device that every household the world over needs. The problem – is that people aren’t even aware of the existence of this wonderful invention. The durability and portability of the laundry masher ball are second to known and eco-friendly too – with peer reviews by scientists affirming that is not harmful to the environment. The reusability of this portable device is exceptional and that’s how the cost-saving phenomenon of the laundry ball comes into a great play. You just can’t beat it. A revolutionary invention that has helped reduce stress, helped working-class mothers and fathers greatly. A real threat to the detergent industry no doubt – and has elicited some mischievous bad reviews from those who feel threatened by the laundry masher’s powerful effect on the market. Like magic, this little device works wonders.
In addition, ion the ceramic pellets are scented to give fabrics an alluring smell – that is nice. It doesn’t weaken fabrics either.

What are the specific compositions of a laundry masher?

  • A laundry masher like other standard products in the market is expected to conform to standard specifications – European and American standards.
  • The standard weight of a laundry masher should be in the range of 2.5gramsm to 3.5 grams.
  • The laundry masher product standard size is 62x107x 62mm that is
  • The laundry masher height is 107 mm – 62 mm in width or 63 mm maximum.
  • It is built in such a way that it is vented for noise reduction and minimum rattling.
  • The laundry masher has a thermoplastic rubber exterior with a polypropylene mesh core for shock absorption.
  • These standard specifications are not to be compromised by producers – because European and American standards organizations check for these things the s same as the consumer complaint agencies vested with the receipt and prosecution of consumer complaints. So before ordering for a laundry masher do well to check for these highlighted specifications.

Two shapes of Laundry masher

Laundry masher includes two different shapes which includes:

laundry masher big4
Laundry masher Pineapple
laundry masher big5
Laundry masher Grenade

Important features of a laundry masher

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Laundry masher

What makes laundry mashers unique and user-friendly are the component features it comes with and the value addition of the product. Without these features, the laundry ball can’t be magical as it should be. We will take a look and explain the features at this point.
Nanosilver ceramics that are infused: This might arguably be the most important feature of the laundry masher. The silver ceramic beads ionize with the water – reactively and when the ball is mechanically rotating in the washing machine the dirt in the clothes is broken down molecular to remove stubborn and weak stains. The nano-silver ceramic is known to kill any kind of bacteria on the clothes better than detergents through the use of infrared ions – and automatically scents the fabric with a good aromatic fragrance.

Noiseless washing features: When people order this product – they often don’t know how to minimize the noise feature this detergent-less laundry machine has. The user-friendly nature of the laundry balls makes them work in such a way that it is has a vented plastic casing that acts as a rattling buffer. Normally the rotation of the ball is supposed to come with unimaginable noise – it is the other way round with the laundry masher.

  • Compact design with lightweight feature: Ever seen a laundry masher? No, you haven’t. The design is so compact that it looks like a pineapple, small ad weightless, and can be moved about with ease. Remember it weighs between 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams. You might not know it’s the almighty laundry masher that is before you if not told. That is how compact and advanced the design of the laundry masher product is. It doesn’t occupy space and can be stored properly.
  • The device is Eco friendly: We live in a dispensation where products and devices are required to conform to the standards of none harmfulness to the environment. It does use chemicals – and as such can’t be harmful to the environment too. The plastic encasement can be disposed of properly and recycled without presenting any harm to humans and the environment. Once inside the washing machine, you are comfortable, and rest assured that no harm will happen.
  • Portable and good-looking: This washing machine is durable and portable for use – and can be moved about easily. This accounts for why many people love the laundry masher after the first use. The laundry is designed to be used anywhere and anytqime.
  • No detergent needed: The laundry masher is a substitute for detergents and a cost-effective way to go about the laundering of clothes. Imagine how much you spend on detergents – and how many detergents would be enough to wash your clothes and that of your kids. The amount spent on detergent is likely going to be triple or double the amount used in procuring a laundry masher. Do you know why? A laundry ball will do more laundry than detergent and do it more effectively.
  • No irritation: The beautiful thing about a laundry masher is that it doesn’t irritate the skin while loading the clothes and while dispensing the washing water. There are chemical spills from the laundry masher – that irritate the skin or cause blotches or calluses on the hand. In other words, the Laundry masher device is skin-friendly and not an irritant to the body. Just a little water rinse after laundry and the machine is good for another washing.
  • The device lasts longer: This is otherwise called value for money spent – because the laundry masher is designed in such a way that it would last. One laundry masher is meant to be used for not less than 900 loads. Meaning that it can go for a thousand loads depending on the kind of fabric and texture. So you see that it saves money and time too.

How effective is a Laundry masher and how does it work

Someone said that a laundry masher is a miracle machine – because of the way it works. The structural design of the laundry masher accounts for the success of the machine. The spherical pineapple shape is magic. The meshed plastic body of the laundry balls does the actual work of washing through the instrumentality of these highlights below:
The laundry balls in the masher have ceramic beads that ionize perfectly to act as magnets that remove dirt on clothes and separate water clusters.
The ceramic beads act as absorbents of dirt and in so doing remove the stains from clothes.
Most importantly the negative infrared ionization that takes place in the water helps to kill tiny organisms and sterilizes the fabrics properly – you just can’t beat this. The consequence of the design of a laundry masher is that while the ceramic beads do the reactive work of dirt separation and bacterial sterilization through the alteration of the water PH level – the meshed body of the ball mashes the clothes for the good dirt removal.

Here is why you need a laundry masher/benefits

No detergent needed: folks one of the most important benefits of using a laundry masher is that you won’t have to spend money on detergents again – because your clothes will come out better and cleaner than when a detergent is used.

Easy to use: You don’t professional installation to use a laundry masher. No, it is user-friendly –and acculturation is fast and easy.

Reduction of stress: The main need for a washing machine is for ease and efficiency in doing laundry. This is a benefit laundry masher would give to the user.

Saves money: Laundry masher saves cost for households and individuals alike – the removal of detergent from the shelf is a great plus for the pocket. The longevity of the laundry masher reduces cost – because one laundry masher can go for a thousand loads.

Sterilizes fabrics against bacteria: You need a masher ball – not just for any other thing but for its sterility ability. The ceramic beads are well built for this and once you start using them be rest assured that your clothes would be free of bacteria.

Noiseless: Shall we repeat thin? Yes, it is important to go over it so you understand the importance and benefit of the laundry masher. It is noiseless and you need it to see for yourself.

Safety guaranteed: The nagging question most people have about this machine is about its safety. It is a hundred percent safe to use. It doesn’t exacerbate allergies and can be used in a good and conducive environment.

Affordable: I know reading this review up to this point you would be wondering how expensive laundry masher would be. No, it is affordable cost-effective with value for your money guaranteed.

Yes, it is portable: It is not heavy, doesn’t occupy space, can be moved about easily, safe to keep around children too.

Do you think you don’t need a laundry masher?

Certainly, you do need a laundry masher – and everyone who wants to look bespoke and clean in that latest piece – needs a laundry masher. It’s natural to be in doubt, but it won’t cost you much to give it a try. Who knows? You might be reviewing a laundry masher like I am doing now.

The laundry masher doesn’t have a specific class of people it was made for – it is for everybody.

How can I use a laundry masher?

The process of using a laundry masher is very simple

  • The first step is to add a load of cloth into the washing machine, make sure there is watch next
  • The next step is to place the laundry masher on the clothes.
  • At this point, you can choose your normal setting for your load in the washing machine.
  • Then you start the machine to wash.
  • Once done with the washing you can hang your clothes to dry or make use of the dryer.

Where can I buy a laundry masher?

You can buy a laundry masher or order from the official website of the company that manufactures it, through the official link in this review and it will be readily available and shipped to you. Disregard any online solicitation from anyone claiming to sell laundry masher. Be wary of counterfeit.

What is the price of the laundry masher?

On the company’s official website where you can order with a guarantee the prices of different laundry masher products are as follows:

Laundry masher pineapple is $29. 92 only.
The laundry masher grenade is $29.92 only.

Pros and Cons of Laundry masher

Laundary masher review 2022: Pros

  • In case you are not satisfied with the laundry masher product you can return it within 30 days of purchase.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Very affordable.
  • It does not require the use of detergent.
  • It is odorless.

Laundary masher: Cons

  • Heavy clothing requires more than one wash.
  • Stocks are most times limited on the official website.
  • Laundry masher is not readily available in the market but on the official websites, I listed above.

Frequently asked questions F&Q

laundry masher beforeafter
Laundry Masher Reviews

Does infused ceramic bead last longer?
The ceramic-infused beads last for not more than 200 washes conservatively.

Do laundry mashers come with guarantees?
Yes, laundry mashers come with guarantees from the official website within a 30 days window to return the masher if satisfaction of the product is not guaranteed.

What is the size of a laundry masher?
A laundry masher is as portable as the word portable and almost weightless – fits fit into an adult’s palm.

Can I add detergent in case?
No, it is not built to accommodate detergent or softeners – that would be against the manufacturer’s specifications.

Can the laundry masher withstand any temperature or setting?
The laundry masher has a thermoplastic body that can withstand any temperature setting – and can withstand any hotness. The mesh vents are designed to absorb shock and reduce the noise of the machine.

Final verdict on the laundry masher review

hand holding
Laundry masher review

This is a carefully worded essay that sort to unravel the mechanism – and the misconceptions about the laundry masher machine. So I have been able to establish that the laundry masher doesn’t use detergent, user friendly, is cost-effective, reduces stress, is harmless, and performs optimally. I encourage you to buy one and see for yourself – a trial would convince you.
Do well check out my other product reviews.

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