InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews 2022: Back your files up securely!

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews 2022– Have you ever woken up to realize that all the precious files in your computer have been wiped out? Well, if you haven’t, count yourself lucky! Many people have experienced such.

The truth is that anyone can lose data no matter how careful they are. Data loss can be due to virus attack, trauma to the device, or even software error which can occur when transferring files.

If your files are stored in your computer or smartphone alone, you have no guarantee they’ll be intact the next day because software errors are becoming more common these days.

The surest way to secure your data therefore is to back them up in a safe place from which you can access and recover them anytime.

There are a number of ways to do that. One of them is via an online cloud storage. However, backing your files up such way presents a slew of challenges. You can’t guarantee the safety of your files and they may be accessed by someone else, therefore making them a bad choice for safeguarding confidential files.

Another way you can back up files is storing them in a flash drive. Flash drives come in various makes and capacities. Storing your files in a flash drive is safer and more convenient, but the question is: can you be sure the flash drive you have is an original one? This is where the InfinitiKloud comes into the picture. 

A group of Engineers who were marveled at how people lose their precious files everyday has decided to find a way around this problem by invention the InfinitiKloud storage device. 

Before now, two generations of InfinitiKloud storage devices – the first and the second generation – were known. Now, InfinitiKloud company has decided to make life even easier by inventing a new generation product – the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless.

This product comes with several features, benefits, and specifications which are the focus of this review. We shall also see how to use this device to securely backup your files. 

Overview of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless

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InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews 2022

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is a storage device which makes backing up files ridiculously easy. It is a private cloud you that can keep your content secure for however long you want. Having InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is like an assurance of life-long safety of data. 

Don’t wait until you lose your data before backing them up with InfinitiKloud. Data recovery options don’t always work; you may lose some files forever!

Many people understand data backup is necessary but they don’t back up their files because, to them, it is tasking and time-consuming. Indeed, data backup could be a herculian task especially when you have large-capacity files that’ll take like forever to transfer to a storage device!

To circumvent this challenge, the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is built with the fastest data transfer speed. Now you can back up your content in the quickest possible time. 

Again, InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless allows you backup and access your files anytime you want without necessarily connecting to the internet. This deals a fatal blow to online cloud storage which requires you to have an active internet connection before gaining access to or storing your content. 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is compatible with all devices. Whether you’re an Android user or you have an iOS device, you can InfinitiKloud to safeguard your data. InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless also works on PC and Max; just about anything you can think of. 

Storing files in this device couldn’t be easier: it is essentially a one-click process that takes all your files into safety. 

There are limitless type of files InfinitiKloud can store – videos, images, audios, games & apps, e-books, spreadsheets… can all be stored in this drive.

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How InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless compares with previous generations

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless

As an edge over the previous generations of InfinitiKloud, the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless allows you  transfer and store your content via WiFi (Wireless Fidelity). You can transfer files at distances up to 10m from your computer or smartphone.

It also features a USB plug (just like the previous models). Therefore, there are two ways you can InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless to your device and back up your files. 

Furthermore, the previous generations of InfinitiKloud had a constant storage capacity (64GB for Generation 2). Because InfinitiKloud company understands we could need much bigger storage space, there’s the option for more with the Generation 3.

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless comes with a built-in memory card slot into which you’ll have to insert a micro SD card of any capacity (even up to 1TB). You can now enjoy unlimited storage space with InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless.

What are the specific product details of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless?

  • Product: InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless
  • Size: H65 x W50 x D15mm
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh 
  • Storage mode: Micro SD card slot that can support up to 1TB 
  • USB type: USB 2.0 (Type C) for wired connection
  • WiFi transfer range:  
    • 10 meters, with transfer time of (using 1GB file):
    • 19-20 minutes for range 0-5 meters
    • 22-25 minutes for range 6-10 meters
  • The transfer is faster the closer the device is to InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless
  • Up to 7 users can pair 
  • Supports iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless comes in two types

There are two types of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless which have essentially the same functionality

  1. InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless SD 

This type is compatible with PC, Maz, and Android devices

  1. InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless charge

This type is specifically built for iOS devices

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless charge offers a slightly more advantage in that it allows you to charge your device even when backing up your files. This is specially important when you’re running low on power as sudden power outage can badly affect and ongoing backup

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10 reasons you should go for InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless? 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews 2022

There are a slew of reasons for which InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is unique.

  1. Compatible with several devices

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is compatible with essentially all devices that support a USB feature. With InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless, you can connect to your PC (of whatever version of Windows), smartphone (Android or iOS), desktops, and palmtops. 

  1. Simple and rapid backup

Backing up your files with InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is a hassle-free process. It uses automatic backup, a recent-time cloud feature. Morever, there is an instructional manual that contains easy-to-follow steps to back up your files.

  1. Dual backup mode

Unlike conventional storage drives which feature one backup option, there are two ways InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless can back up your files securely. This drive features a USB plug which can be inserted into the USB port of your computer or smartphone. You can then transfer files like any convention flash drive.

An alternative (and better way) to store your files is to connect InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless via WiFi. You could get a WiFi coverage of 10-meter-long radius with this device. However, the closer the two devices, the faster the transfer.

  1. Compact and Portable

If you’re looking for a take-anywhere storage device, don’t look farther than InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless. This product has a sleek design that makes it everything but cumbersome. 

  1. Offline operation mode

Backing up content to an online cloud storage was the best option at some point in time. However, this mode of data storage requires internet connection to store and access data. Not everytime can we connect effortlessly to the internet! 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless has made life much easier but running on offline mode. Transfer and store your files even if you can’t connect to the internet; InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless makes it possible.

  1. Unlimited file type for storage

You can store just about any type of files with InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless. Videos (such as mp4, 3jpg, HD), Images (including jpeg, png), documents of various formats, audios, ebooks, games and apps, and records can all be transferred and stored in InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless.

  1. Password feature

Confidentiality of information can be a big deal if you run into some situations. Storing our files on an online cloud storage doesn’t guarantee safety and confidentiality. This is why InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless remains a one-stop shop product. The drive enables you encrypt your files so that only you can have access at any time.

  1. Built-in battery 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless charge comes with a 600mAH, high-capacity battery that allows you charge up your smartphone to prevent power outage which can unfavourably impact ongoing transfer. 

  1. Multiple users 

A fascinating feature of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is its multi-connection feature. Unlike the earlier versions that allow connection to one device, using the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless, you can connect to up to 7 users!

  1. Multiple language support

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is installed with several languages including English, French, and German. Whichever you understand, you can easily operate the device without language barriers

How does InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless work?

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is a storage device that uses wireless Fidelity or USB to store your files. It works like every other storage device but with more features. 

Upon detection of InfinitiKloud by your device, the drive allows you transfer data. Transfer your content to InfinitiKloud backs it up in a micro SD card (which is purchased separately from InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless). 

You can also restore backed up files by copying them back to your computer or smartphone when you need to.

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How to Use InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless

Using InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is a simple process. Whether you’re connecting to your PC or smartphone, there is no hassle operation.

To use the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless, follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure your device (PC, smartphone) is charged up 

Step 2:  Upload a microSD card into your USB slot at InfinitiKloud

Step 3: Establish connection between InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless and your device through either of two ways:

i) Plug in InfinitiKloud to the USB port of your device via the USB plug of InfinitiKloud; or

ii) Link the unit to your device unit via WiFi. 

You’ll have to launch the InfinitiKloud app on the device you wish to back up. The app can be downloaded from play store or similar apps (for iOS devices)

Step 4: When WiFi connection is successfully established, the indicator light will blink several times. Open the InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless and you’re good to go.

What makes InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless stand out?

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless makes scanning and saving files easy. In contrast to competitors that only allow you manually transfer each file, InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless makes locating and transferring files a painless process. Once a connection is established between InfinitiKloud and your device, transfer could occur in just a jiffy.

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless also offers users top-notch security against malware, virus attack, and file manipulation.

Using the wireless feature of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 provides an alternative to transfer files without plugging them into the device. You can save space by keeping InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless at some distance and yet have a marvelously fast transfer rate.

Because trauma could damage storage device, InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is built with a highly protective casing. It also has a protective cap against mechanical forces and dust.

Upsides of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless

  • Simple-to-use device
  • One-click backup
  • Backup with multiple solutions
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Compatible with several file types and extensions
  • Compact and portable
  • Offers top-notch data security

Downsides of InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless

  • External microSD card must be inserted
  • Can only be purchased from the official site

Where do I buy my InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless?

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is only available on the official website. All you have to do is to follow the link on this article and make your orders. 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is sold at $49.99

The manufacturer offers up to 50% discount for multiple purchases.

Order InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless now!

Return Policy

InfinitiKloud allows a maximum of 30 days after purchase, for return of products

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need InfinitiKloud?

Yes. InfinitiKloud allows you backup your data securely.  

Does the InfinitiKloud functio like a computer with a cloud?

The InfinitiKloud can be regarded a simple computing system, and cloud storage is a mix of both. However, there is more functionality and improved protection with InfinitiKloud than with plain USBs.

What are the requirements for using  InfinitiKloud?

You only need a microSD card, a USB-C cable, and a charger adapter to use InfinitiKloud Wired. 

Infinitikloud Wireless Customers Reviews 

Joshua A. – Texas

5_stars, The InfinitiKloud is something special! Turns out you don’t need to pay big companies to get cloud storage – you can get tons of private storage for your data with this device. The product is small, well-built, rechargeable, and can be wirelessly accessed from multiple devices. It’s super easy and intuitive to use, and I was able to back up years’ worth of files pretty quickly. This is a new and interesting way to keep your data safely backed up.

Donna A.  – California

5_stars, I bought this for a group activity which required several flash drives. I didn’t need a lot of capacity on these flash drives (just a few pictures each), so I was hoping to find something with a reasonable price. This worked great! I would purchase again.

Brenda W.  – New Hampshire

5_stars, I’d say InfinitiKloud works as promised! It has lightning-fast speed and it can transfer your files and back up your important data in a jiffy.

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews 2022- Finally Verdict 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless Reviews

Losing data can be painful and miserable because we may never recover them. This is why backing up our files is extremely important. 

InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless is a New-Generation Storage Device from InfinitiKloud that uses an advanced technology to securely backup files. A number of reasons account for why several customers prefer this product to its competitors. They’ve given positive feedbacks too. Backup your files today with InfinitiKloud Gen 3 Wireless before it’s too late.

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