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PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews 2022  – The Revolutionary Product for your pet’s nails

PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews 2022- At last, a stress-free and painless way to groom your dog’s nails!

If truly the dog is man’s best friend, dogs deserve the best care from us. Part of this care involves getting their nails groomed as and when due because excessively long nails means danger to both the dog and the dog owner.

Trimming dogs’ nails could actually be a hassle process because dogs, like man, are sensitive to pain. You want to avoid ‘cutting to the quick’ because your dog won’t be happy if that happens. When using conventional clippers or trimmers is the only option you’ve got, you may well have to prepare for an intense battle with your dog someday. You wouldn’t want that, would you? The dog wouldn’t too.

Taking your dog to the vet every time you want to trim its nails could be inconvenient too. You probably don’t have all the time and money.

Because leaving dogs’ nails overgrown isn’t a better option either, this may leave you in a stalemate. Well, not for long, because now you can turn the tables. I am talking about the PerroPal Nail Grinder.

PerroPal Nail Grinder is a simple device that makes grooming your dog’s nails easy. You will enjoy using this product and your dog will love you more. As several reviewers pointed out in their reviews, this device grooms your dog’s nails in a stress-free and painless manner. 

Looking for honest reviews on PerroPal Nail Grinder? You’ve come to the right place. I decided to write you my own review after testing this product and researching on it as well. 

In this very article, we’ll see the features, working mechanism, product details, and benefits as well as the upsides and downsides of the PerroPal Nail Grinder. You’ll also learn how to use this device, for what purposes, and where to buy.

What is PerroPal Nail Grinder? (PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews 2022)

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PerroPal Nail Grinder Review

PerroPal Nail Grinder is an electric dog nail trimmer that makes grooming your dog’s nails ridiculously easy. Your dog will always comply with you whenever you have this device because it doesn’t give it pains. As dog owners, we like to keep our dog’s nails as groomed as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy because traditional clippers could injure the dog’s claws and cause it pain. 

Prepping your dog for another session of nail grooming after an unfavorable experience may be a Herculean task. Your dog no longer trusts you and tries to get away.  This is why you need the PerroPal Nail Grinder to avoid this situation.

PerroPal Nail Grinder is an easy-to-use device for grooming your dog’s nails. This product is, in fact, not exclusive for dogs. You can use it for cats and other four-legged pets you have at home. PerroPal Nail Grinder features 3 fan speed options. Selecting the appropriate operation mode gives your pet the finest trimming. 

With the PerroPal Nail Grinder, you don’t have to spend money on the vet again. If you don’t have much time, you can still get your pet’s nails groomed. 

PerroPal Nail Grinder is operated by AA batteries. An LED light built into the device tells you when you need to plug in the device. Ensure to properly insert the batteries properly to have the device up throughout the grooming session for your dog.

Anxiety is commonly noticed in dogs when they’re about to face a painful task. Unlike conventional clippers, the PerroPal Nail Grinder doesn’t make your dog anxious. This device has a noiseless operation and doesn’t leave the pet’s claws with sharp edges. 

Many reviewers marvel over the compliance their pets show with the PerroPal Nail Grinder. You can use this product for months or years on your pet. If you want to return PerroPal after purchase, you can do so within 30 days of ordering the product. 

Now let’s see the specific details of this product

Product Details (PerroPal Nail Grinder review 2022)

  • 3 adjustable fan speeds
  • Built-in LED light
  • AA batteries
  • Non-slip grip
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other house animals
  • Replaceable sanding drums
  • Removeable grinding guard with detailing hole
  • Rated 9.5 on a 1-to-10 scale
  • 30-day return policy

What do you get after purchase? – PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews

  1. PerroPal Nail Groomer (x1)
  2. User Guide/Instructional Manual (x1)

What is Special About PerroPal Nail Grinder?

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PerroPal Nail Grinder Review

Nail Grinders are not a new invention. They’ve been around for years. However, the PerroPal Nail Grinder offers special advantages over other nail grinders and nail grooming device in general. 

First off, PerroPal Nail Grinder is an easy-to-use device. You don’t need to hire the services of the vet or any expert to use this grooming device. I can conveniently groom my dog’s nails while it sits comfortably. There’s hardly a chance of cutting to the quick and my dog always complies. 

Again, PerroPal Nail Grinder makes grooming your pet’s nails so neatly done by adjusting the fan speeds. There are three fan speed options – highest, intermediate, and lowest speeds. The fan speed level to use depends on the part of the nail you want to groom. Use the highest speed option for the nail top which is usually hardest and lower speed options for the corners that come in contact with the pet’s skin.

PerroPal Nail Grinder is operated by AA batteries.  The device can run for hours before you need to replace the batteries. You can use this nail groomer any time you want as long as the batteries have not run down.

PerroPal’s main functional component, the Sanding wheel, is rotatory wheel that does the actual job of grooming. You simply have to touch your dog’s nail to this wheel and it will grind it down to a healthy level. The wheel is removeable and you can replace it with a new one when it goes blunt.

Another special feature of PerroPal Nail Grinder is the Built-in LED light which serves as a power indicator light and also provides sufficient illumination. 

PerroPal Nail Grinder doesn’t leave the pet’s claws with sharp edges. It operates with ultra-quiet motor which is important as noise makes some dogs uncomfortable.

How does PerroPal Nail Grinder Works? 

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PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews

PerroPal Nail Grinder works to shorten the nail in bits as against cutting them off in chunks. Its rotatory sanding wheel grinds down the dog’s nail. You only have to touch your dog’s nail to the sanding wheel and have it grinded down to a healthy level. 

Grinding in short bursts is very important for the comfort of the dog. You wouldn’t want to cut to the quick and don’t want to press your dog’s nail for too long against the wheel. You want a safe method of grooming that doesn’t create splits like clippers but, instead, leaves a smooth nail that’s unlikely to catch on accidental scratch. 

PerroPal Nail Grinder has only one button which you have to press to start up the device. Pressing this button swings it into action and you can adjust the fan speeds to get the neatest nail grooming.

How to use PerroPal Nail Grinder 

Using the PerroPal Nail Grinder isn’t a hard task. You only have to follow these simple steps

Step 1: Make your dog get used to the sound of the grinder. You can achieve this by turning on the device while serving him irresistible treats. This makes the dog associate the sound with something pleasing.

Step 2: Position the dog where its comfortable. 

Step 3: Place the grinder carefully onto the nail and choose the appropriately sized port when using a nail guard. Ensure to start grooming with the lowest speed level.

Step 4: Grind a small portion of the dog’s nail at a time. Grind across the bottom and then go in from the tip of the nail, smoothing the rough edges as you do so. Adjust the speed level to achieve the most ideal grooming. 

Step 5: With your dog’s paw extended, hold it securely. Monitor the dog and stop temporarily if it struggles. Change its position before continuing.

Step 6: Repeat the process severally until you remove the sharp tip. Be careful though not to grind into the quick and cause bleeding to the nail.

Step 7: When you must have grinded off as much length as you need to, gently apply the grinder in a circular motion around the tip severally to smoothen it.

Ensure you reward your dog every single time you do one of these steps.

Who finds PerroPal Nail Grinder valuable? (PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews 2022)

PerroPal Nail Grinder is useful to dog owners who want to give their dogs the best nail grooming experience. 

PerroPal is for dog owners who:

  1. Want to save time and money on trimming dog nails
  2. Have dogs that are fearful or anxious of traditional nail trimmers
  3. Are tired of taking their pets to the vet only to have a nail trim

Why should You buy PerroPal Nail Grinder? (PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews)

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PerroPal Nail Grinder reviews
  1. Stress-free and painless Nail Grooming

If you want no stress or pain to your pet while grooming the nails, look no farther than PerroPal Nail Grinder. This grooming device has been used by many pet owners and the pets show maximal compliance.

  1. Saves you the cost of Vet bills

Taking your dog to the vet every time you want to trim the nails isn’t always cost effective. Apart from the bills themselves, you have to account for the transportation cost which could be a burden especially if there’s no close-by vet.

  1. Saves you time

You may care enough for your pet but if you don’t have time, you don’t have it. Our schedules keep us busy for most of the time and visiting the vet could be a big deal. With the PerroPal Nail Grinder, you can comfortably groom your dog’s nails at home in a few minutes.

  1. Suitable Nail Grooming device for several pets

PerroPal Nail Grinder is not only for dogs. It is for other pets too. You can use this grooming device on your cat, rabbit, and other house animals.

  1. Perfect device for anxious dogs

Dogs become anxious or fearful of nail following an unfavorable experience. If your dog is such, you can still get it comply to nail trims by discontinuing the use of regular clippers and turning to the path of PerroPal Nail Grinder.

os of PerroPal Nail Grinder

  • Silent dog nail grinder
  • LED light to make trimming easier
  • Pain-free nail trimming
  • Saves you time and money
  • Easy to use since there is only one button
  • Can be used by anyone regardless of their experience with pets
  • Has a battery indicator
  • Has varying speeds
  • Has a long-lasting battery life

Cons of PerroPal Nail Grinder

  • The fast speed can be a surprise in the start
  • Can get sold out very quickly because of excessive demand
  • The sanding wheel needs to be replaced from time to time

Where to buy the PerroPal Nail Grinder (PerroPal Nail Grinder Reviews 2022)

The PerroPal Nail Grinder is only available on the official website

How much is PerroPal Nail Grinder? 

  • PerroPal Nail Grinder (x3) – $57.48

(Recommended Deal)

  • PerroPal Nail Grinder (x1) – $29.99
  • PerroPal Nail Grinder (x2) – $44.98
  • PerroPal Nail Grinder (x4) – $72.47

Rating PerroPal Nail Grinder

Safe for dogs: 10

Effective: 9

Easy to use:10


Total Rating: 9.5

Perropal Nail Grinder Users Reviews and Experience

Debbie M.Bloomington, IN My pet bulldog, Buddy, loves the PerroPal and so do I. I’ve never been very comfortable using the clippers. I remember trimming one of his nails and cutting it a bit too short. He’s been terrified of the clippers ever since. The PerroPal Pet Nail Groomer has a good grip and plenty of power. I give Buddy a treat and turn on the nail grinder. It doesn’t bother him at all. 

Garth C. – Casper, WY I have two dogs, one puppy and one 13 year old. The PerroPal Nail Groomer works great for both of them. No fuss from either pet. The biggest thing is that I don’t have to pay for all those groomer visits. My sister also has two dogs so I’m thinking of getting one for her as well, I’m sure she would appreciate it! 

Cindy S. – Eugene, OR I never thought that my Jack Russel Terrier would ever let me trim his nails. He’s really the energetic type and has a hard time keeping still. The PerroPal makes the job easy. Do they have something like this for people? Very satisfied with my purchase.

Frequently asked questions  (Perropal Nail Grinder Review 2022)

At what interval should I use the PerroPal Nail Grinder?

Dog’s nails grow at different rates so there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for how often to trim your dog’s nails. Instead, pay attention to the length and determine when it is time to trim them. Your dog’s nails should be just above the pad when his foot is flat on the floor, as a general guide.

Does Grinding A Dog’s Nails Hurt Them?

No, it doesn’t. However, you need to be careful not to cut to the quick.

Do Long Nails Hurt Dogs? ( (Perropal Nail Grinder Reviews 2022)

Yes. Too long nails can be painful for dogs. Long nails can cause a dog to lose traction in their paws, making it significantly easier for them to fall and slip. This can cause additional pain in the nail.

Bottom line ( (Perropal Nail Grinder Reviews )

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Perropal Nail Grinder Review 2022

Grooming pets’ nails is a hygienic process, an important way of caring for them. You can do this using clippers, trimmers, or grinders. However, regular clippers and trimmers tend to hurt the pet by chopping off large chunks and cutting to the quick. This is why the PerroPal Nail Grinder was invented: to provide painless and stress-free nail grooming to your favorite pet. 

There are several reviews on PerroPal Nail Grinder and most of them support PerroPal’s claims. Dog owners who have this product also send positive reviews for the product. If you have a pet, it’s high time you tried out PerroPal Nail Grinder for a safer, stress-free, and painless grooming for your pet’s nails.

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