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AirBuds 2 Reviews 2022: Work Or Just Hype wireless Earbuds?

AirBuds 2 Reviews 2022– With a lot of technological advancement in creating new phone devices like latest versions of the android and iOS phones, so have we moved off from the era of normal headphones to small and lightweight AirBuds. Getting the best and most suitable Airbuds for yourself can be a very tedious task to actually embark on owing to the fact that you have to check a lot of things concerning the specs and its durability. The thing is that whether you are checking online or through a retail store, you still have to know so much about these AirBuds buds to get a much better one. The battery life of the AirBuds should be a worry as you wouldn’t want a device that would just run for barely 2-3 hours. There are most times that you would be out of home for as long as 6 hours or more and you can’t do without jamming some music. How it works, is it pretty affordable? and then it’s pros and cons, these factors would be buttressed in this review to expose you to making the right decision when you want to purchase these AirBuds. Most times it even becomes so difficult when you are looking for your very first airpods. Many a time, when people want to purchase a product, they check out for reviews like this and this AirBuds 2 which we are revealing to you currently is the best you can find in the market. You hardly see good reviews on those other airpods products. So if you are looking for the best earbuds to buy, then you don’t need to search further as you have seen one with long lasting battery capacity, lightweight, noise cancellation, comfy and water-resistant yet very durable. The new AirBuds 2 remains the ideal device for use among other earbuds.

What is AirBuds 2? (AirBuds 2 reviews)

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AirBuds 2 Reviews 2022

AirBuds 2 is a new technological earbuds device which have been designed to serve the functions of other former airpods better and is slowing replacing the Apple airpods. AirBuds 2 has an amazing design and it’s also quite affordable. It comes with more amazing features and benefits too.

These portable small earbuds come in both black and white colors which gives you the option of choosing any color that suits you best from the two. It is so lightweight and compact that you might not even remember that you have them on assuming you weren’t playing any music from them. These AirBuds 2 also works better than other earbuds in cancelling out external noise more than other airpods brands. Most people complain a lot about background noise when listening to a song using their earbuds. So, if outside noise distracts a lot as well, then you should consider giving Airbuds 2 a try. It has a universal fit which makes them the best option for men as well as women. The AirBuds 2 device is dust, sweat and water-resistant. This is what makes it the better option for workout and fitness gurus because they are designed to withstand water and all of that. Being water-resistant means that wearing the AirBuds 2 under mild rain or when milk splashes of water gets to it, it won’t cause any damage at all. It is worthy to note that it is the buds that are water-resistant and not the box when it is being charged or housed. So always endeavor not to expose your Airbuds 2 box to water.

Furthermore, the sound quality of the AirBuds 2 is top-notch. It gives it a huge edge over other earbuds as it has an excellent microphone quality and features 2 great microphones with noise filters. This makes it perfect for making phone calls since even when you are in a crowded environment like a market or club, your calls are crystal clear to the person you are conversing with. The person won’t have to strain their ears just to hear what you are saying so it’s a win-win situation for both of you. You can also control your calls, music, volume and so much more with the AirBuds 2 as it has the smart touch control feature by just tapping on the body of the buds. Just a gentle tap, you answer calls and turn up the volume. Do you know what is more interesting about this? Your phone could be ringing in your room while you are in the kitchen, just by having the buds on, you just tap on the buds and that’s it.

Moreover, AirBuds 2 is one of the buds with the best battery life capacity. Some buds could last for like 5 hours or more but AirBuds has a battery life of up to 120 hours! Fascinating. The battery life is just simply amazing. Shockingly, with all these mind-blowing features, the AirBuds 2 is still quite affordable at least when compared to what it actually does for you and its high quality production. There’s a 50% discount currently on if you would love to purchase the device. You can’t let this deal pass you bye. Visit the official online store to make a purchase now so you can enjoy the amazing discounts and not to worry if you are not so satisfied with the product at any point, you can return for a refund.


Main Features of the AirBuds 2 (AirBuds 2 Reviews 2022)

Easy to use:

These AirBuds are very easy and simple to use. Just by tapping the AirBuds 2, you can receive calls without even touching your phone. They equally pair with your devices in a matter of seconds. Everything just comes in easy and handy.

Portable and lightweight: 

AirBuds 2 are so light that most times when you might not be jamming any music, you tend to forget that you have those buds in your ears. These buds sit just very comfortable in your ears. The box that houses the buds is also light making it easy for it to be carried about with ease. All you have to do is just to bring out the buds from the case and wear. And put them back when you don’t have any use for them.

Fast Connection:

This is another remarkable feature of the AirBuds 2. It connects very fast through your Bluetooth device and it’s faster compared to other brands. Some earbuds might take a lot of time before they pair and connect to your phone device during the 1st connection process. AirBuds 2 does this as swiftly as possible in a matter of seconds.

It has 2 microphones:

AirBuds 2 come in with two microphones, both of excellent quality and sound. The 2 great microphones are also built with noise filters which makes them perfect for phone calls and every other thing. The noise filter helps so that when you are in a very crowded and noisy area like the club, your calls will still be very clear. You don’t also need to shout before the other person on the line will hear you because the noise filter feature that comes with these portable AirBuds 2 eliminates all outside noise.

Smart Touch Controls:

This basically helps you to change your setting to suit what you desire. You can answer calls and increase or decrease the volume of what you are listening to by just tapping gently on the earbuds. This is the smart touch feature.


These new sets of buds are compatible with all smartphone types. You can easily pair your AirBuds 2 with both your android and iOS devices. You can connect to your laptop even as the product works perfectly well with all modern devices that allow for Bluetooth connectivity. In other brands of airpods, the strength of connection is not as strong as this as their device keeps getting disconnected at many intervals. But with AirBuds 2, you can wear them around your house without being disconnected because they have very strong connectivity.

How does the AirBuds 2 work?

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AirBuds 2 Reviews 2022

These AirBuds serve you a wide variety of functions from playing your favorite song to receiving calls and all. It is built with a very good quality audio sound and features about 2 microphones with noise filters. These AirBuds 2 have been equipped so sophisticated that it matches up to beat the Apple airpods and because of its amazing features, it has gained so much popularity and gone viral in places like UK, US and Canada. It might interest you to note that up to 80% of the earbuds you see people rocking are from the AirBuds 2 brand. With its sleek and glossy design which looks stylish just to make the buds appeal so much to you. It has just 2 colors of black and white which you can select from to rock with its universal fit that makes them perfect for both men and women alike.

Who should use AirBuds 2?

AirBuds 2 is built for everybody. It fits in properly in the ear and is designed in such a way that it fits in both men and women. So if you have been searching for the best airpod to rock, AirBuds 2 is your best option. Built with quality materials yet very affordable go purchase. So, go get yours today to avoid missing out on this amazing opportunity in getting the best earbuds.

Pros of AirBuds 2 (AirBuds 2 reviews)

– It is very easy to use and control.

– Available in two colors (black and white)

– Portable and lightweight

– Long-lasting and durable battery life.

– It features a smart touch feature.

– Offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

– Has a good sound quality

– Airbuds 2 are compatible with all kinds of phones, whether iPhone/iOS or Android phones.

– Free shipping.

– It has a stronger connectivity over all other airpods brands.

– A small perfect gadget or device for making calls, listening to music, podcasts, videos and gaming as well.

– Offers up to a 50% discount off the initial prices.

– User-friendly

Cons of AirBuds 2

– The AirBuds 2 can only be purchased online, rightly from the official website

– The AirBuds 2 are not available at any local or retail stores.

– The discount can be taken down at any moment so you have to fast in purchasing this AirBuds soon.

Where can I purchase the AirBuds 2? (AirBuds 2 reviews)

To purchase the AirBuds 2, it can only be obtained online from the official website. You are advised to get it directly from the manufacturers official website and follow the instructions to complete your order. You might see these buds on other online sites but unfortunately, you could stand the risk of being scammed or sold a fake one too. You can’t get these AirBuds 2 via retail stores so the official website remains the only option. They also offer you discount and refund policy that is obtainable only when you order directly from the manufacturer. Once you have placed your order, you may have to wait for the standard delivery days to receive the confirmation and get it delivered to your doorstep. Also, you should order and purchase this product now as they may go out of stock anytime because of the excessive demand presently recorded.

Pricing of the AirBuds 2 

The AirBuds 2 are available on the official website and it’s very affordable. It comes in different packages at the following prices;

1x White or Black Airbuds for $49 off the regular $98

2x White Airbuds at $44.50 / each. Total: $89

3x White or Black Airbuds for $33.00 / each. Total: $99

4x White Airbuds for $29.75 / each. Total: $119

5x White or Black Airbuds at $27.80 / each. Total: $139

You can make payments using Visa and mastercard or even through the Apple Pay method. The company offers a free shipping delivery unless you want yours to move faster than you can pay an amount for express delivery. Moreover, they also offer a 3 years warranty on this purchase.

N.B: These discount offers are not always available so it could be off at any time. So it is ideal that you place your order as soon as possible.

Return Policy.

The company offers a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee on all AirBuds 2 purchases that take place from the official website. This is for people who are not satisfied with what they got or it didn’t meet your expectations somehow. Then you can see the product back to get a refund or a replacement.

Conclusion-  AirBuds 2 reviews 2022

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AirBuds 2 Reviews

This AirBuds 2 has revealed the incredible qualities and features of these earbuds. How it can be used to serve a variety of functions from playing music and videos, to answering calls, gaming and the rest. However, with its water-resistant feature and highly quality design, it has become one of the most sought-after in the market today among other earbuds. You have to rush and get yours so you can still obtain it at the discount rate now that it’s still on so you can fully rock your world to that music!


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