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SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022: Does This Self Defense Siren Worth My Money?

SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022: Does This Self Defense Siren Worth My Money?

SirenChain Personal Alarm provides the fastest way to sound a siren whenever you are in trouble. It has received tons of reviews, most of which are positive. What makes SirenChain Personal Alarm special, whether or not it works, and where you can buy the alarm without being scammed are the main focus of this Siren Chain Person Alarm review.

About SirenChain Personal Alarm

There are times when you end up walking alone on a lonely path. It may be because your car got damaged or when you part ways with friends and you’re all by yourself for the next couple of minutes. You can’t tell what exactly could happen or who may be lying in ambush, waiting to strike. 

You therefore need to be security conscious at all times and guard yourself appropriately. Now you may be thinking of a firearm or shotgun but what if the attacker is more experienced at firing or when there are just many of them? You can’t do it alone.

But you can do the single most effective thing attackers and robbers are scared of – raising alarm! Now we don’t mean shouting because even your voice will fail you. We’re talking about a trusted personal siren that gives off high-pitched sounds capable of reaching people more than a thousand feet away. 

It is the SirenChain Personal Alarm, a revolutionary personal siren that will be your voice in times of danger. But how good is the SIrenChain Personal Alarm? We’re about to find out.

Quick Facts: SirenChain Personal Alarm

Powerful alarm function; gives high-pitched sound to scare away attackers and robbers

Long-lasting CR2032 battery

Built-in strobe LED lights, a back-up plan for nighttime

Easy pin activator; you won’t fumble in setting off the lamp

Carabiner and key ring for attachment 

Small and lightweight for easy carriage

Multiple colors; SirenChain will blend perfectly with your outfit

Plastic material casing with anti-rust properties

What is SirenChain Personal Alarm?

SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022

SirenChain Personal Alarm is a front-line measure to deter robbers and attackers. It is a small siren made to accompany us wherever we go and give off a loud sound in times of danger. Your attackers will be shocked and thrown into confusion and scamper into the nearby bushes in hiding. 

Made easy to carry, the SirenChain Personal alarm is small-size and lightweight and has a Carabiner that fastens to your belt loop, bag, or any comfortable and secure part of you. There’s also a key ring that serves the same purpose.

The aim of SirenChain Personal alarm is to draw attention of people and make the attackers take to their heels. Anybody within 1000 feet radius will hear this siren, and there’s no way people won’t come to your rescue.

How loud is SirenChain? Over 100 decibels! Because it is very loud, you’re advised to wear headphones if you’re going to carry out a trial on its loudness. The gadget’s powerful alarm is equivalent to a hundred voices put together.

You have no reason not to take SirenChain Personal Alarm with you because it comes in various colors. If you’re wondering whether or not it will blend with your outfit, worry not. There’s at least one color that will match your outfit.

Apart from its alarm function, the gadget’s built-in strobe LED light can draw others’ attention especially at night. It serves as a back-up plan; people will see the light and come to your aid. 

SirenChain Personal Alarm is battery-operated. It uses two replaceable Lithium-metal batteries, specifically the CR2032 type. They can power the siren long enough for help to come your way. That is to say you can rely on the SirenChain Person Alarm without experiencing sudden power failure.

This alarm is easy to use and that’s a very important thing to consider in your choice of personal alarms. You don’t want to struggle with setting off the alarm when you need help urgently. It has an easy pin activator which, when pulled, gets the siren blaring, screaming for help.

Everybody, but more so children and women, is susceptible to attack. SirenChain Personal Alarm could be your lifesaver on a random day and you don’t want to joke with your safety.

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SirenChain Person Alarm: Main Features

We can’t overemphasize the importance of personal alarms because anyone can end up in a vulnerable state. Most times, it is unplanned. So, you need a reliable personal siren on you at all times to be safe. 

Here’s what makes SirenChain Personal Alarm special and why you should purchase this product.

Powerful Alarm Function 

The last thing attackers want even if they are armed is attention and awareness. This is because they are bound to get disoriented. The manufacturer therefore exploits this weakness in the production of the SirenChain Personal Alarm.

SirenChain Personal Alarm is powerful in that it gives high-pitched sounds that could be heard distances away. It produces a 130-dB loud sound that could reach over a thousand feet away. Robbers and attackers won’t expect it, and they’ll run away for the fear of getting caught.

Even if they notice you have this gadget, they will avoid you and won’t dare come close because they know for sure what would follow.

Long-lasting CR2032 batteries

Two replaceable batteries accompany this product. Although they’re not rechargeable, you can use them for long before needing a replacement. The CR2032 batteries can be bought at local stores and that’s a plus for the gadget.

Additionally, we like SirenChain Personal Alarm because you can replace the batteries on your own without needing the services of a technician. 

Built-in strobe LED lights

You can be attacked anytime, in the broad daylight or at midnight. However, most attackers and robbers utilize the darkness to launch attacks because they know they won’t easily be caught. 

But your SirenChain Personal Alarm will once again prove its relevance. In addition to its loud siren that will draw attention, it has built-in Strobe LED lights that can serves as a back-up plan as it also lets people know you’re in danger.

The LED light also helps you locate the device if you misplaced it.

Easy Pin Activator

Because you need to call for help in seconds, you can’t afford to keep a device that is difficult to operate. A split second matters a lot in security. And before the attackers approach you and dispossess you of the alarm, you need to set it off.

In the case of SirenChain Personal Alarm, this hasn’t been made easier. It will only take a gentle pull on the pin to activate the device. SirenChain will start blaring instantly and help will come your way before any damage is done.

Carabiner and key ring

SirenChain Personal Alarm is a device you want to have with you every time because you can’t tell when an attack is going to happen. At the same time, you don’t want a heavy or cumbersome gadget that will make you uncomfortable.

To prevent it from falling off, it is built with a Carabiner for attachment to your belt loop or any comfortable spot for you. It also has a key ring that you can use to fasten it to a secure place whether to your bag or even your cell phone.

Small and lightweight 

SirenChain Personal Alarm measures 3 inches by 1.5 inches by 1 inch in dimension. It is therefore small-size which is perfect for easy carriage. Additionally, it weighs only a few pounds; it doesn’t feel like you have anything on you when you carry SirenChain along.

SirenChain is built this way to make it easy to transport the device and use it whenever one wants without having any difficulties.

Multiple colors

Have you had to adjust your clothing because one color was constantly throwing your attire out of fashion? Imagine you have your beautiful dress but some alarm device constantly draws unnecessary attention. The manufacturer of SirenChain Personal Alarm understands this and built the device excellently.

There are multiple colors you can choose from. The default color is black but there are also options of coral. Lemon, indigo, charcoal, aqua – at least one of these will blend perfectly well with your outfit.

Plastic Material Casing 

To be your voice in all times of need, SirenChain Personal Alarm had to be built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The casing is made of a professional-grade plastic with anti-rust properties. 

Therefore, on a rainy day, you can trust SirenChain when calling for help. On sunny days too, the gadget won’t fail you. Thanks to its plastic material casing, SirenChain Personal Alarm is a durable gadget that can be used for months and years.

Sleek Design

SirenChain Personal Alarm isn’t what you have to hide because of its design. It is a fashionable piece of alarm that is portable and sleek. While serving its purpose, SirenChain Personal Alarm remains relevant in fashion and design.

Does SirenChain Personal Alarm Really Work?

After testing the SirenChain Personal Alarm, we are confident to say that it works perfectly well. This device will give off a loud sound once you pull on the key. It is your voice when in danger and people will quickly come to your aid.

SirenChain Personal Alarm uses a replaceable battery which you can use for 40 continual minutes, long enough to draw people’s attention. In addition to its siren function, you can turn on the strode LED light to call others to your rescue.

Attention is what attackers and robbers fear because it disorganized them. The manufacturer harnessed this single factor to build an efficient personal alarm that works perfectly fine.

SirenChain Personal Alarm: Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 3 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and one inch thick

Colors: It comes with a default color of black but it also comes with Coral, lemon, Charcoal, Indigo, Aqua

Loudness: The sound it makes is more than one hundred Decibels and you are being advised to wear a headphone or any ear covering should you wish to check it out because it is really loud

Material casing: It is being made from a plastic material so you really need not to fear about bad weather

Battery type: Replaceable CR2032 

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How to use SirenChain Personal Alarm

SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022.jpeg
SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022

SirenChain Personal Alarm is very easy to use. You can activate the alarm by simply pulling the key.

Pull the Top to start the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light. When you feel safe, reinsert the Top to deactivate the alarm.

Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. Activate SirenChain Personal Alarm to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you.

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Who Needs a Personal Alarm? (SirenChain Personal Alarm?)

Since anybody can be in danger, man or woman, adult or child, SirenChain Personal Alarm is for all and sundry. Having this gadget is like carrying help with you in case you run into trouble.

Specifically, the SirenChain Personal Alarm is needed by the following groups of people:

  1. Children and Women

Though nobody is immune to ambush and attack, most times the victims are children and women. This is simply because they usually lack the physical strength to overcome their attackers. 

Young girls are victims of assault of various kinds in society. Girls keeping the SirenChain Personal Alarm have helped them closer than others.

Also, young children are likely to get missing in crowds. When this happens, children can sound the alarm to help the parents locate them.

  1. Travelers

As a traveler, you have to prepare for any eventuality. Vehicles can’t be trusted completely because they can disappoint you at any time. In a situation where your car breaks down, especially in an unfamiliar place, you can sound the SirenChain Personal Alarm to seek help.

  1. The elderly

The elderly are a vulnerable group of people who rely on others for essentially everything. From running errands to giving them their medication on time, they need support.

If you have elderly people who live alone, gifting them SirenChain Personal Alarm will be a great way to support them especially when they are sick.

  1. People Who Live Alone

Students and young people mostly live alone. Unless you have a roommate, it isn’t always easy for people to tell when you’re in danger or need help. 

The SIrenChain Personal Alarm will be your voice calling for help. What makes the gadget amazing is that with just a pull of the key, you can send high-pitched sounds traveling miles away, and people will surely come to your aid.

Is SirenChain Personal Alarm worth anything?

SirenChain Personal Alarm is definitely worth your money. This alarm is an indispensable gadget when it comes to personal security. It is very portable, making it stress-free to carry about. In fact, SirenChain Personal Alarm is built to be your buddy!

SirenChain Personal Alarm is a product of a reputable company. The alarm is a walk in the park when it comes to ease of use. You only have to pull the key to set it off and get help instantly. People over a thousand feet far will hear you and come to your aid.

Because SirenChain Personal Alarm has high utility, millions of this product have been sold already and customers find value for their investment in the alarm.

Benefits of SirenChain Personal Alarm 

As already stated, security is what we all take seriously because, if not, we can run into danger without getting any help. That doesn’t have to happen. SirenChain Personal Alarm has come to keep you safe from attackers and robbers.

What do you stand to gain by purchasing the SirenChain Personal Alarm?

  • Safety – SirenChain Personal Alarm keeps you safe. When in trouble, by a simple manipulation of the gadget, you can send a siren over 100dB loud, calling for help because you are not likely going to defend yourself alone. 

Your attackers, robbers, or muggers will not expect it and they’ll be disorganized. Help will come your way in no time. By the mere sight of this gadget, attackers who are familiar with it will stay clear of you because they know what will follow should they carry on with their attack.

  • Portability – We don’t like an extra load because it makes us get tired easily. The SirenChain Personal alarm is small-size and lightweight. It feels like you have nothing on you when you have this alarm.

The gadget has a Carabiner and a ring that you can use to attach it to your belt loop or any comfortable spot for you.

  • Ease of Use – Firearms are not legal for citizens to own in many parts of the world. Even if it is, not everybody will have the skill to effectively use it. What if your attackers are better fighters than you? What if it’s your kid involved?

The SirenChain Personal Alarm is the perfect personal protective gadget for the young and the old. There’s no fuss; you only have to pull on the ring to set off the alarm.

  • Great Gift for Friends and Loved Ones – You can decide to gift your friends and any loved one SirenChain Personal Alarm. The elderly and sick also need a gadget like this in order to raise an alarm when in danger or call for help when they need it.
  • Affordability – You may find value in a product but get deterred from buying it because of the cost. However, the case is different with SirenChain Personal Alarm. The product is budget-friendly; one unit of it costs only $29.99. 

Additionally, the provider is giving out the product for a 50% discount. You don’t want to miss this, so head over to the official website and make a purchase before the offer ends.

6 Things you must consider before purchasing a personal alarm

There are a few things to remember before buying a personal alarm self-defense. 

How loud is the Self Defense Siren ?

You want to consider this because your potential helper(s) may be located far away from you. Look for one that is loud. 120dB to 140dB is a good range. 

How easy is the Self Defense Siren to use?

Second, pin activation on a personal alarm keychain is best. To activate these types of alarms, all you have to do is pull hard on the device. This is great for when you only have one hand free, plus it’s harder to activate accidentally. 

Is there any additional layer of protection on the Self Defense Siren?

Third, look for a personal alarm device that adds an extra layer of protection: 

Strobe lights help get others’ attention at night.  A whistle is a backup in case the alarm doesn’t work. Pepper spray can deter those not scared off by the alarm.

How old is the target user?

Make sure you pick an alarm suitable to the user’s age. Over complex alarms are not suitable for the elderly and the children, whereas smart wristwatches are ideal for youngsters. So, choose the alarm depending upon the age.

How long does the Self Defense Siren battery last?

You would not want to charge your alarm time and again. Therefore, make sure your alarm has a long battery life. Even the standby battery should be long enough to sustain for a year.

Any additional features?

Ensure the alarm includes LED lights, carabiners, GPS locators, etc., for easy usage.

Price and Where to buy: SirenChain Personal Alarm reviews

  • 10x SirenChain Personal Alarm – $149.90 ($14.99 for each of them)
  • 5x SirenChain Personal Alarm – $89.95 ($17.99 for each of them)
  • 3x SirenChain Personal Alarm – $53.97 ($17.99 for each of them)
  • 2x SirenChain Personal Alarm – $49.98 ($24.99 for each of them)
  • 1x SirenChain Personal Alarm – $29.99

These are the discounted prices.

SirenChain Personal Alarm is available on the official website only.

What Are People Asking About SirenChain Personal Alarm?

Is the SirenChain Personal Alarm battery easy to install/replace?

Yes! Super easy.

How loud is the SirenChain Personal Alarm?

In our review, we’ve found that most personal attack alarms are 100-140 decibels loud. SirenChain Personal Alarm has a loudness of about 130dB 

Can you fly with a personal alarm?

You sure can. The TSA currently has no restrictions on personal security alarms. If the keychain alarm sets off the scanner, it may need to be examined though.

Is SirenChain Personal Alarm trustworthy?

Definitely. SirenChain Personal Alarm will not disappoint you. It is a product of a reputable company

Pros of SirenChain Personal Alarm

  • It comes with a very sleek design which makes it very fashionable
  • It is small-size and lightweight
  • It is very durable and stands the test of time
  • The carabiner makes for easy attachment
  • It is very portable and can easily be carried from one place to the other
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It is personal and it comes with several colors to match your different outfit for the day
  • It has a stroke light for spotting the location
  • It has a fast reaction pin for quick activation
  • It has a plastic material casing 

Cons of SirenChain Personal Alarm

  • It is only available on the official website
  • Stock is limited
  • It is potentially dangerous to test run the alarm for its loudness without wearing an earpiece

Self Defense Siren Customers Reviews 

Meghan Michigan, US – Have confidence and security when going for a stroll on your neighborhood, when going for a run, or even when walking towards your car in a dark parking alley.

Laura Detroit, US  – Syren is so portable, it fits in your pocket. Bring it anywhere you go – during a workout, a girls’ night out, a backpacking or travel. Feel secure to do what you want to do.

Donna Kansas, US – Danger and assaults may occur more often at night, but they also happen during the daytime. Get a 24-hour safety alarm with you no matter the time of day. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Our Final Thoughts – Self Defense Siren Reviews 

SirenChain Personal Alarm Reviews 2022

After a thorough evaluation of the SirenChain Personal Alarm, we think the alarm is a great product given the need for security in contemporary society. It is easy-to-use, portable, efficient, and affordable and is, therefore, suitable for all ages.

In conclusion, SirenChain Personal Alarm receives great recommendations from us as it receives praises from the many customers who have this product and are testifying to how useful it has been to them.

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