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AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2023: Is AirDoctor the best air purifier on the market today?

AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022: Is AirDoctor the best air purifier on the market today?

The Manufacturer’s note on AirDoctor says: “…a thriving life for all through pure, healthy air solutions, proven by science”. Our AirDoctor Air Purifier review is an insight into the true performance of AirDoctor, a 5-star-rated Air purifier.

Bad air is a cause of sneezing, coughing, and several respiratory problems that affect the quality of our life. Bacteria, molds, virus, and particulate matter hang in the air especially during the dusty Fall Season.

Because they’re less than a micron, you can’t see these pollutants but they’re there. What you need to stay safe all-day-round is an efficient air filtering device. 

AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022.jpeg
AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

Speaking of efficient air filters, the AirDoctor Air Purifier is ranked number one. It filters even the minutest of particles in the air in a short time.

Our review of AirDoctor Air Purifier showed the device owed its efficiency to the revolutionary 4-stage air filtering system. And when we reviewed several similar gadgets, we found this nowhere else!

AirDoctor Air Purifier is what you’ve been looking for. And, just for you, we have a complete review based on self-testing and extensive research on the product.

The 4-stage Air Filtering system of AirDoctor Air Purifier is behind the buzz!

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AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

Like we stated, AirDoctor Air Purifier’s success lies to a great extent to its air filtration system that involves 4 filtration stages. At the end of it all, 

AirDoctor throws back into your room pure air free from allergens, microorganisms, and particulate matter.

AirDoctor Air Purifier collects dirty air and passes it through the screen, a carbon filter, HEPA filter, and an ion filter. 

Screen (Permanent Pre-filter)

You’ll find this at the back of the gadget. It is a white filter device that encloses all other filters protectively. Additionally, it is capable of trapping large particles like hair, dirt, and dust that are fairly visible to the eye.

The Pre-Filter doesn’t need to be replaced. It is a lifetime component of the AirDoctor Air Purifier. However, it is a washable, reusable filter that improves the efficiency of other internal filters.

Replaceable Carbon Filter

As the name suggests, you can replace this filter layer when it gets clogged up with particles. AirDoctor’s activated carbon filter traps gas, carbon particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

The manufacturer recommends that you change this filter once every 6 months.

Replaceable UltraHEPA Filter

Thanks to its medical-grade H14 UltraHEPA filter, AirDoctor Air Purifier is capable of removing particles of 0.003 microns or less. It is 100% effective against viruses, bacteria, molds, bacteria, smoke, dander, and other minute particles.

AirDoctor’s UltraHEPA Filter can be used for up to 12 months before replacement.

Ionizer control

In addition to the above 3 filtration barriers, AirDoctor Air Purifier adds an extra layer of filtration to the system, the ionizer control. The ionizer discharges negatively-charged ions that produce ionized air which, according to research, is a mood enhancer and odor neutralizer. 

Why you need the AirDoctor Air Purifier

While regular air filters may efficiently trap larger particles, AirDoctor Air Purifier is designed to filter all particles from the air whatever be their size.

Viruses and bacteria typically less than 1 micron are now able to be trapped thanks to AirDoctor’s UltraHEPA Filter. 

If you’re moving into a new apartment where you have some cleaning to do, or perhaps there’s a wood industry or chimney close to your home, AirDoctor Air Purifier is your only escape route from heavily and perpetually polluted air.

Lots of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents suspend in the air and when breathed in cause respiratory problems and malignancies. Don’t take that risk! Clean your air 24-7 with AirDoctor Air Purifier. It works round-the-clock.

This is why you need the AirDoctor Air Purifier:

  1. To protect yourself against seasonal allergies
  2. To reduce inflammation, aches, and pains caused by air pollutants
  3. To prevent infection from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic agents
  4. For improved brain fog clearance
  5. For healthy living, generally

What is an AirDoctor Air Purifier?

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AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

AirDoctor Air Purifier is a home air filtering gadget designed to remove all air pollutants and improve air quality. This is not your round-of-the-mill air filter. AirDoctor is built to filter particulate matter with a hundred percent efficiency.

The brain behind AirDoctor Air Purifier is Ideal Living, a Los Angeles-based company that launched this gadget after tons of research.

When AirDoctor’s 4-stage air filtration system came to be, the market of air purifiers was revolutionized. However, this is only a tip of the iceberg because AirDoctor Air Purifier is loaded with more features we’ve never seen as a whole in any of its competitors.

AirDoctor’s auto-sensor control is one of its ground-breaking features. Gone are the days when you needed to manually control every aspect of air purifiers. AirDoctor Air Purifier has a brain of its own.

The device can automatically adjust its fan speed after sensing the particle level in the air. This way, nothing can put a halt to your unwinding as the AirDoctor Air purifier works in the background to continuously maintain air quality.

How do you know when the air is good or bad? AirDoctor signals you via the status lights. Blue implies best air quality and Red is an indicator of heavily polluted air. Yellow says the air is moderately safe.

If you don’t want the auto-sensor feature, you can manually select the fan speed level. With AirDoctor’s 5000-unit size, you can select anywhere between 1(lowest) and 6(highest) speeds.

AirDoctor Air Purifier is literally a little louder than a whisper. In fact, it is 30% quieter than ordinary fans. The highest speed fan level produces 50 dB loudness and you won’t hear anything louder than 30dB at its lowest fan speed. If you love a quiet environment, AirDoctor is the air purifier you need.

There are also status lights on AirDoctor Air Purifier that tell you when to replace your filters. The carbon filter and UltraHEPA lights typically turn on after 6 and 12 months of use respectively. 

Talk of elegance, AirDoctor Air Purifier’s design speaks volumes. It is a white, sleek air purifier that will easily blend with the decorations of your room. Because of its 4 wheels, AirDoctor Air Purifier is easily mobile. You can roll it between rooms without the help of anybody. AirDoctor Air Purifier official website

Sizes of AirDoctor Air Purifier 

AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

Depending on the area of your room, you can select one of AirDoctor’s 3-size air purifiers.

  • AirDoctor 1000 unit size (for small rooms)
  • AirDoctor 3000 unit size (for intermediate-sized rooms)
  • AirDoctor 5000 unit size (for large rooms)

Main Features of AirDoctor Air purifier

  1. Automatic sensor 

AirDoctor Air Purifier has a built-in auto-sensor feature that allows it to adjust the fan speed levels according to prevailing air particle level. This feature makes operation of the gadget easy. 

In fact, you could leave the AirDoctor turned on while sleeping. It’ll automatically increase or decrease the speed level when the air suddenly gets dirtier or cleaner.

  1. 4-layer filter system

Sequentially, air passes through the Pre-filter, Activated carbon filter, UltraHEPA filter, and ionizer control layers.

By insisting that air pollutants pass through 4 filtration layers, the window of opportunities viruses and bacteria have to pass in order to infect us is further narrowed. 

  1. Adjustable fan settings

If you don’t want the AirDoctor to do it, you can adjust the fan speed setting yourself. With the 5000-unit size, you have six fan speed levels to select from. 

You want to manually adjust the fan speed when you have to use AirDoctor Air Purifier for a brief time. Otherwise, the auto-sensor option is the more common mode.

  1. Status lights
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AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

AirDoctor Air Purifier communicates to you via the status lights. And there are several of them. 

  • Power LED – This is next to the power button and turns blue when the AirDoctor is on.
  • Air particle LED – The air particle LED alternates between three lights that indicate how polluted or clean the air is. Blue signifies very clean air, the type you want to have in your home all-day. 
  • Yellow and Red lights respectively tell you air is moderately and heavily polluted.
  • Filter LEDs – There are two filter lights, one for the carbon filter and the other for the UltraHEPA filter. The Filter LEDs never turn on except when each corresponding filter is clogged up and needs replacement. 
  • LED for Dim Light – Because the air particle LED and Power LED in particular could be too intense for some people especially at night, you can switch to the Dim Mode and let only a trace of blue light shine.
  1. Quiet operation

Every fan-based appliance causes worries to light sleepers when such devices have to run overnight. If you’re a light-sleeper, you won’t have any problems with the AirDoctor.

When we compared it with regular fans, we found out that AIrDoctor Air purifier is 30% quieter, with a minimum of 30dB loudness (at lowest fan speed) and 50dB loudness (at highest fan speed).

  1. Wide coverage

One unit of the AIrDoctor Air Purifier will serve the purpose in most situations. Ideally, one 5000-unit size AirDoctor Air Purifier efficiently cleans 900-square feet of your room. For smaller rooms, the 3000- or 1000-unit size is all you need to maintain high-quality air in your home.

  1. Wheels

At its base are four wheels that allow you to move the air purifier easily. Because the 5000-unit size could be too heavy especially for teens and younger children, the wheels make it easy to roll AirDoctor as you move from one corner of the room to another or between rooms.

  1. Elegant-looking

We thought at first that AirDoctor would be missing at least one important feature but were glad to be proven wrong. AirDoctor Air Purifier is attractive because of its elegant frame. It won’t draw unnecessary attention, however, because the white colour will blend with most interior decors.

Product details: (AirDoctor Air Purifier 5000-unit size specifications)

  • Product Name: AirDoctor Air Purifier
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 28.75″ (L x W x H)
  • Area covered: 900 square feet
  • Fan speeds: 1-6
  • Loudness : 30dB (lowest fan speed) || 50dB (highest fan speed)
  • HEPA filter quality: Medical-grade H14 

What’s inside the AirDoctor Air Purifier Package?

  • 1 x AirDoctor Air Purifier
  • 1 x Instructional manual

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Where to place AirDoctor Air Purifier in your home

You can install AirDoctor Air Purifier essentially anywhere in your home, outdoor or indoor.

Common places to install this gadget are

  • Bedroom
  • Garage or workshop
  • Office spaces
  • Open-floor plans
  • Kitchen
  • Finished or unfinished basements
  • Any other large spaces

Science Behind Operation of AirDoctor Air Purifier

AirDoctor Air Purifier works by the principle of pressure gradient and ultrafiltration. 

The fan system creates a pressure gradient that draws air into the device through the back.

Because of this, the air sequentially meets the Pre-Filter, Carbon filter, and UltraHEPA filter where particles in air are trapped according to their size. 

Finally, air, free from pollutants, is blown out of the gadget. The ionizer also adds electrons to air.

How to setup AirDoctor Air Purifier

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AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews

AirDoctor setup is easy. In typically 1-2 minutes, you’ll get the gadget installed and ready for use.

First, unbox remove it from the box by carefully taking off all of the plastic tape.

Then open it up, remove the filters from their protective bags and put them back into the unit.

Finally, close the unit, plug it, and turn it on.


1. The air quality sensor in an AirDoctor air purifier can become dirty over time. You can diagnose this when the  light on the front of your unit no longer changes color.

If this happens, simply open the air sensor panel door located on the side of the unit and vacuum away any dust or debris that have accumulated.

2. Keep AirDoctor Air Purifier away from the walls by at least 1 foot all round

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Is an AirDoctor Air Purifier for you?

AirDoctor Air Purifier is for anybody exposed to high levels of outdoor air pollution, such as people living in the city, in a dusty area including dry, desert landscapes, or to wildfire or other smoke, or dangerously high levels of ozone.

Specifically, AirDoctor Air Purifier is for people who:

  1. Auffer from severe allergie and chemical sensitivities, 
  2. are asthmatic, 
  3. are cooks, and
  4. keep pets.

AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews: Pros 

  • Auto-sensor feature
  • Adjustable fan settings
  • Status lights
  • Revolutionary filter system
  • Elegant outlook
  • Highly portable
  • Quiet whisper
  • 3 size options
  • Good customer care service

AirDoctor Air Purifier: Cons 

  • Device does not automatically turn electric power is restored
  • May be too heavy to move (5000 unit size)
  • Only available on official website

AirDoctor Air Purifier Purchase Site and Price

You can only buy AirDoctor Purifier  from the official website.

The cost of the AirDoctor 500 Air Purifier is $999.

FAQs –  AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 

Does the AirDoctor produce ozone?

Not at all. AirDoctor destroys ozones rather.

How often do you replace AirDoctor filters?

The manufacturer recommends 6 months for Carbon filter and 12 months for UltraHEPA filter

Does the air doctor remove mold?

Sure. AirDoctor effectively filters mold alongside bacteria, viruses, and other agents.

Does the AirDoctor have an ionizer?

Yes. AirDoctor ionizer adds electrons to the air.

Should I leave the air purifier on all day?

AirDoctor Air Purifier is built to work round the clock. However, when there isn’t a need to turn the device on, better it stayed switched off.


Our Final Thoughts On AirDoctor Air Purifier 

AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022.jpeg
AirDoctor Air Purifier Reviews 2022

AirDoctor Air Purifier was tested by our team of expert reviewers. We are confident to say that AirDoctor Air Purifier performed beyond our expectations, as we gave it a 95% score.

We however withhold the remaining 5% hoping the manufacturer addresses the few cons we already outlined in this review.

Overall, AirDoctor Air Purifier is an excellent gadget for anyone who lives in a poor air-quality area. Indeed, customers who bought this product rate it 5 stars.

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