Scratchundo pro reviews, is this scratch pen legit or scam (2021).

Scratchundo pro reviews 2021,

Car paint scratches and scuffs are unpleasant to look at and are usually a pain to remove yourself. Over time they can worsen and require professional treatment in order to restore the scratched area.

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The scratchundo pro is a popular choice as it promises to remove paintwork scratches in little time without breaking the bank.It promises a quick fix that drivers are eager to try, so keep reading to find out how it fared in our review.

What is the scratchundo pro reviews

Designed as a clear coat scratch filler and sealant, scratchundo pro is a water-resistant formula that can be used on all car paint colors. When applied, the liquid fills the protective layer over the paint that gets damaged when you scratch or scrape your car.

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This fast-action scratch repair pen has microscopic polishing agents that target the damaged area, restoring its original finish. Due to its non-toxic and odourless properties, this liquid is safe to apply at home and should have lasting effects.

How does scratchundo pro Works

Steps on how to use scratchundo pro reviews

  1. Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly.
  2. Carefully shake the scratchundopro repair pen with the cap on.
  3. Prime the applicator on a separate surface. With the tip pointed down, press and release the spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated. Be patient as it may take 40 to 50 presses to saturate the tip.
  4. Apply along and deep into the scratch. Work quickly, as scratchundo Pro cures in direct sunlight. Only apply at temperatures above 12C.
  5. Speedily wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as scratchundo Pro can cure in minutes. Allow to cure, in sunlight if possible, until dry for 1 to 48 hours depending on the amount used.
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Scratchundo pro

It’s worth noting that deeper scratches may require additional applications, so be prepared to spend extra time repeating this process if you want to cover these.

According to the information on the back, the applicator will harden in sunlight so the cap should be reapplied directly after every use.

Scratchundo pro Results

If you’re looking for a quick fix for a reasonable price to repair shallow car scratches, the scratchundo pro might improve their appearance. Results aren’t consistent, and although it works on very light surface scratches anything more defined will see little improvements after use.

If the damage is deeper than surface level, you won’t be able to fix it as the clear coat resin can only touch up the protective layer over the paint. In that case, it’s probably worth investing in professional paint repair.

Safety warning :Extremely Important – Replace cap after use! Scratchundo pro reviews will harden in the sunlight and the cap must be on at all times the pen is not in use to prevent the tip from hardening. Keep away from children. First Aid Measures: Eye Contact: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Consult physician immediately. Skin: Flush with water. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Ingestion: Rinse mouth then consult physician.

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Scratchundo pro reviews

Features of scratchundo pro

No Toxic
PermanentWater Resistant
Works on all colors
UV Sunlight activated
Saves money.

How to Use scratchundo pro

1. Shake scratchundo pro reviews, applicator thoroughly with cap on. Apply it in shaded area.
2. Prime the applicator on a separate surface. With tip pointed down, PRESS & RELEASE spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated. Protect tip from sunlight! It may take 40 to 50 presses to saturate the tip.
3. Apply along & into damaged clear coat. Work quickly, scratchundopro cures in direct sunlight. Apply at temperatures above 55 degrees (F).
4. Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as scratchundopro can cure rapidly. Allow to cure in sunlight until dry(1-48 hours). Deeper scratches may require additional application.

Caution: Replace cap after use ! / Keep away from children!

Is scratchundo pro scam ?

Scratchundo pro is not a scam. When looking for a quick fix pen for a reasonable price to repair shallow car scratches, the scratchudo pro might will give you a perfect result. Results are consistent, and it works on a very light surface scratches anything more defined will see little improvements after use.

What is scratchundo pro : this is a new gel applicator pen specially designed to cover light scratches from cars. ScratchUndo Pro works with any paint color. It is because the clear gel comes with an acidic solution that dissolves with the car paint, absorbing the surrounding color as it hardens.

What else can ScratchUndo Pro do?

There are many outstanding features that why customers choose scratchundo pro. It includes:

  • Works On All Types Of Paints – It does not has any kind of paint restrictions as it will work on all kinds of paints such as matte and glossy.
  • Chemical Free – The ingredients and compounds present in the gel of ScratchUndo Pro are totally non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Universal For Different Types Of Vehicles – You can use it to remove the scratches on the body of your vans and motorcycles.
  • Highly Portable – As it has a very small size, you can even keep it in your pocket or tool cabin of your car.
  • Simple To Use – Just open the cap, apply the gel, let it dry and you’re good to go. The gel pen heads are replaceable.

Scratchundo pro customers reviews

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“Removing scratches is really difficult with other tools but I love ScratchUndo Pro due to its instant result. It is incredible & I haven’t witnessed anything else that has been able get the scratches off my car.”

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“I give 5 stars for product quality, arrival speed, price, packaging, and performance. I used other things to fill in scratches and this works the best so far. The paint has not came off after many car washes and severe heat. Very satisfied I tried it.”

How much is ScratchUndo Pro?

Scratchundo pro does not cost much it is between $80 – $100. The average guess in the office was $100.

Incredibly the highly-rated scrachundo pro is just $39 … (with the 50% promo at the time of writing)!

It’s an amazing deal as finding value in this market isn’t easy. So, for those who want all the latest features from a reliable brand. scratchundo pro is ideal.

It offers more than you would expect to find from the expensive brands but is nowhere near as costly. It is also incredibly easy to use.

Where can I buy ScratchUndo Pro?

ScratchUndo Pro is currently sold only online. The checkout process is very easy and fast. Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, we guarantee that you won’t have any problem when placing your order. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking the link
  2. Hurry and claim your 50% bouns
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Scratchundo pro reviews 2021

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