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Freezair Pro Mini AC Review 2022: scam or legit mini Ac

Overall, this Freezair Pro Mini AC Review 2022 is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 many of our readers who like mini Ac that is portable and affordable. 

It’s a no-brainer at this point that the cost of electricity charges is increasing massively and an alternative to cut down on electricity bill so as to reduce our electricity consumption isn’t so feasible. Because of the high cost of these electricity bills, most people found no option than to reduce some of the appliances that yield to high consumption. Unfortunately, one of them being the air conditioner which is something that we need to stay calm and cool and also relax during night’s sleep. 

The importance of this air conditioner is so high yield that it seems like something we can’t do without at some point. With every summer and hot seasons, this air conditioner will make you feel relaxed and allow the room to cool down. Currently, the weather is almost unpredictable most times and when the weather turns to become so sun-scorching requiring the use of an air conditioner 24 hours per day, it becomes almost impossible because it would be costly to pay more for electricity, which usually doubles depending on how much you earn.

The hot season comes with its advantages and disadvantages. During summer, individuals can travel all round and to enjoy nature. It helps people to unwind and connect with nature. While others may find themselves engaging in outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. However, one of the major disadvantages of hot weather is that it may have an adverse effect on health.

One may ask how does the hot weather affect health? Hot temperatures can lead to dehydration, which makes one inactive. Excessive sweating can also lead to infection and most people who are quite fragile are easily susceptible to this and could lead to some infection. Recent studies have shown that more than 11,000 people have died since 1979 due to heat-related problems and so in extreme cases, it could lead to death.

One may search around and find some other portable devices/products to use and improvise for these air conditioner but it would obviously not give you the main satisfaction which the AC would. There are two options one may find around to use for relaxation during the summer days: the first one is the regular fans and coolers for portable air conditioners. 

However, air conditioners remain the best designed to remove hot air from a room thereby regulating their in-house temperature. Some people who would want to opt for the conventional ACs can’t as the units are expensive to install and require a high maintenance level. However, with the invention of the FreezAir Pro Mini AC, people can now regulate their room temperature without incurring huge costs on electricity and maintenance bills. These air conditioners will increase your productivity and will not cause stress. The most reliable and trustworthy AC is here.

About FreezAir Pro Mini AC (FreezAir Pro Mini AC review 2022)

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FreezAir Pro Mini AC is a little cooler and a unique air conditioner that makes use of hydro- chilling technology to cool your room. “Hydro- chilling” opines the face that it makes use of water, thus increases its efficiently as you’ll get to know below. It is also a personal space air cooler that helps to reduce the temperature of air which results to cooling and also, can help in the humidification of air. Humidification of air involves the direct process of adding water molecules, in form of moisture, to air so as to prevent total air dryness. This air cooler is very porta portable and this is an advantage because you can move it to your choice of place as you wish. This portability is as a result of its light weight properties which makes the device very transferable and easy to carry.

The portable device takes at least 30 seconds to cool down the temperatures allowing you to spend more time inside the house. The FreezAir Pro Mini AC has a small water tank and rechargeable battery and can be able to run up to 8 hours without adding any cost to your monthly electricity bills. It is very much simple to set up and does not require any technical expertise.

The FreezAir Pro Mini AC is also portable and lightweight so it can be placed in any room. The best part is that the air you get from this cooler is healthy and safe making it the best AC cooler one can be able to invest in and purchase.

How does the Freezair Pro Mini AC work? 

An air conditioner is almost the same as an air cooler. This is because it’s much simpler than the big ACs. The cooling system is composed of several simple parts that easily fit together and perform their tasks. The device uses evaporation principles to cool down the room temperature. This ensures that cool air is generated in the room, and heat is expelled out. This portable air conditioner is designed to cool down the room and make it more comfortable.

The atmosphere and air will be freshened to make you feel comfortable in your home. The second step will filter the air and clean it, so your room and mouth are free from chemicals, etc.

What is the FreezAir Pro Mini AC made up of? 

The FreezAir Pro Mini AC features about three variable wind speed modes(low/medium/high). These 3 options allow you to adjust to your cooling preferences. It can reduce the room temperature by as much as 10 degrees. FreezAir Pro Portable AC can cool, humidify and clean the air around it and even any room for up to eight hours in just one filling. One major thing that makes this product stand out too is that operates very quietly. You will not even hear it. It’s quiet enough to be used at all times, whether you’re sleeping or working.

FreezAir Pro Mini AC is going to be one of the best investment one could key into and purchase. Just like during the coronavirus period, where the host cannot survive in such a cool environment, this product becomes very much indispensable. It’s easy to install and use the FreezAir Pro Mini AC. All the benefits of an AC-conditioned room will be available to you in less than 60 seconds.

Features of Freezair Pro Mini AC (FreezAir Pro Mini AC review 2022)

  • 3-Speed Fan – The fan can adjust to 3 different speeds to meet all needs. Try it for sleeping, working, or playing sports!
  • Large Volume Water capacity – The FreezAir Pro Portable AC comes with an inbuilt large tank capacity which can help in retaining water. When water is filled into the tank, the water can last several hours. The water in the tank is so sufficient that it can last for about 8hours of use. The water in this tank can be use for humidifying air as it is being cooled too. Humidification of air is carried out by the humidifier which is an internal component of this gadget. The capacity of its tank is 750ml
  • Adjustable blades – The fan blade of the FreezAir Pro Portable AC can be adjusted so as to control the direction at which air flows. This is quite a cool setting because you can decide your favourite direction at which you need the cool air to flow the most. Move it vertically to control the air direction
  • Multi-Colour LED light – When in use, the FreezAir Pro Air Cooler has several colours which it can be set to. Seven different mood light color options are available. These colours can be set according to your mood. Also, the light can also be put to auto mode. In this type of mode, the light changes automatically into different colours.
  • Affordability -Save more than $500 in air conditioning systems.
  • Portability -Take it wherever you want. The FreezAir Pro Mini AC  is very portable because of its size and also its light weight which have contributed to this. The device can be reached or carried about as you wish. It can be used in anywhere you wish to use it in.
  • Ecologically low consumption -Take care of the environment!
  • Very quiet – The Freezair Pro Mini AC when in use does not contribute to any form of nuisance. The gadget is quite very quiet which does not cause any form of disturbance at all. Even when it is used at nights, you can have a restful sleep without waking up at intervals because the device is very quiet during its time of operation or use. You can use it any time of the day.
  • Reduced Power Consumption rate: The FreezAir Pro Mini AC consumes very minimal power. The rate at which it uses power is very negligible and it almost does not increase the cost of electricity bills due to its low power consumption rate.

Benefits of using Freezair Pro Mini AC (FreezAir Pro Mini AC reviews)

Portable and Lightweight:  This is also a very important benefit of the FreezAir Pro as it is the feature too –  being portable, thanks to the fact that it is cordless. Not only can you move the portable AC easily from one room to another, but can also carry it with you if you’re traveling to a whole different place or country. This is a rare situation that you don’t get with regular air conditioners because they are installed in walls and are too heavy to move about. In contrast, this device is compact and does not require installation.

Easy Maintenance and Usage: Fans are quite difficult to clean because they are attached to the ceiling and you have to keep a ladder to reach and clean them. More so, cleaning an air conditioner is so complicated that you need a professional to do it. However, cleaning FreezAir Pro AC involves a pretty easy and simple process. You just have to use a cloth to wipe the dust off the curtains and other parts. You can do this once in a while and change the curtain every three months. Hence, maintaining this device seems convenient

Great for Boosting Air Circulation in An Area and Purifying the air: The FreezAir Pro AC can help remove tiny dust particles from the air through the process of humidification. The gadget usually comes with an inbuilt humidifier which helps in ensuring that purification of is guaranteed. It purifies air by preventing total dryness of air and also reducing the amount of dust particles in air.

The FreezAir Pro Mini AC helps Humidify and also purify the air:  This gadget through its humidifying component helps to add moisture to the cool air to prevent dryness. The moisture is added through the water that it is filled with. This moisture helps in the reduction of dust particles in the air. It also helps in the prevention of having a dry skin due to prolonged dry cool air.

LED Lighting: This component can also be found in the FreezAir Pro Mini AC. What this does is that, it is responsible for the presence of the night mood LED light which is usually changeable. The gadget can be set into several colours depending on your choice. It can also be set to the automatic mode which shows different kinds of colours after certain period of time.

An Adjustable Digital Temperature: The FreezAir Pro Portable AC comes with an adjustable digital temperature setting. This setting enables this gadget to function within a required temperature. It can go as low as 5°C which is very cold enough to bring about comfort.

Serving the Function of a fan: The FreezAir Pro Air Cooler can also function as a bare fan when it is adjusted to the right setting. Hence it uses only as much power as a small fan!

How to use Freezair Pro Mini AC 

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For effective use of the FreezAir Pro Mini AC. Here are the following steps you would want to follow;

Step 1: Fill the water tank of the FreezAir Pro portable AC with clean water by simply pouring in the water directly into the top of the unit.

Step 2: Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months.

Step 3: Turn it on. You won’t have to wait long for refreshing relief.

Who should use Freezair Pro Mini AC? (FreezAir Pro Mini AC reviews)

FreezAir Pro Mini AC is actually meant for everyone because no one would want to be in a distressed situation during the hot seasons and thus Freezair Pro Mini AC is the best option you have. It is most times being advertised towards any individual who maintains that a simple and successful way because it is expected that he or she should remain cool the entire summer. However, unlike to a full home AC framework, FreezAir Pro isn’t actually working in order to cool a whole home, nor is it intended to cool bigger spaces or different rooms. All things considered, it’s great for little spaces – like apartments, rooms, workplaces like offices, and little areas around.

Here are a portion of individuals who could profit from utilizing FreezAir Pro Mini AC:

A) Somebody who needs to keep away from the expense, bother, and establishment of a full home AC framework

B) Any individual who is involved in telecommuting who obviously needs a cool office, work area region, or different work areas in the home.

C) Individuals living in one-room condos or other little spaces attempting to remain cool the entire summer

D) People who needs to keep away from the dryness and dehumidification related with customary AC frameworks

Remember that whether you are using the FreezAir Pro Mini AC for work, rest, unwinding, or general use around the home, the unit is intended to keep you cool the entire summer.

Furthermore, on the grounds that FreezAir Pro is versatile, you can utilize it anyplace you go hence it’s portability. You can undoubtedly convey it from one space to another for in a hurry cooling, for instance. On the other hand, you can purchase various FreezAir Pro units on the web, then appreciate cooler temperatures in each room of your home – all at a lower cost than you would pay with a common home AC framework

Why you should buy the Mini AC? (FreezAir Pro Mini AC review 2022)


This is the best option if you are looking to drastically reduce your spending on air conditioners. It also covers a smaller area. It can be placed near your kitchen or desktop.

Getting this mini AC helps you get rid of the inconveniences you face during the hot periods and you can order it online for a low price too.


Pros of Freezair Pro Mini AC

– It’s lightweight and portable so it can be moved around easily.

– Less electricity consumption.

– 100% customer satisfaction.

– User and budget friendly.

– It incures fewer maintenance charges 

– It takes only 30 seconds to cool your room and expel the heat.

– From the name, we can deduce that the FreezAir Pro Mini AC is small and lightweight so it can be used as your personal air conditioner

– The mini AC is very versatile.

– You can come up with silent features to make it not make any noise. You will have a peaceful sleep.

– It has 3 mode settings to adjust fan speed

– Active refund policy

– Affordable and fast shipping 

Cons of Freezair Pro Mini AC 

– Can only be purchased on the official website 

– Product is limited in stock.

– The discount comes only when the product is purchased online.

– It is unavailable in any offline store.

Pricing for Freezair Pro Mini AC

To purchase the Freezair Pro mini AC, you can visit the official website & Get at Price For Sale

Cost to Consumer:

1 piece of FreezAir Pro AC = $89.99 (this is a 50% discount in price)

2 pieces of FreezAir Pro AC = $149.99 (this is a 58% discount as each of it costs $74.99 each).

3 pieces of FreezAir Pro AC + 1 Free = $179.99 (this is a 67% discount in price)

After purchase, you are sure to get your package delivered within 3-6 business working days and currently the AC is being sold at a 50% discount price, and this is the best offer one can get at the moment. 

Refund policy – FreezAir Pro Mini AC review

FreezAir Pro mini AC comes with a 30-day warranty. This ensures that if you are dissatisfied with your order, you have 30 days from the time you placed it to request a refund. Within 30 days, you can request a refund or a substitute.

NB: It is worthy to note that you will only be refunded the sum you paid, not the cost of delivery

Frequently asked questions about Freezair Pro Mini AC

How often do I need to fill the water tank? ( FreezAir Pro Mini AC review 2022 )

You will just have to fill in the reservoir of the FreezAir Pro Mini AC every time it runs out of water. Make sure you pour in clean and cold water for optimal working.

 Where can I purchase the Freezair Pro Mini AC?

FreezAir Pro mini AC can only be gotten online on the official website only, this means it can’t be purchased offline. So this is to say if you by chance see this product anywhere else like in stores, it would most likely be an imitation of the original product

So to be safe, you should purchase it from the manufacturer’s official site to ensure you buy the original product and avoid the activity of scammers.

Final Verdict (FreezAir Pro Mini AC reviews)

After going through this review, it’s obvious that the Freezair Pro Mini AC is such a worthy product you would really love to invest in. From its versatility to portability, convenient to use and its other specs. 

More so, not only does FreezAir Pro AC cool your environment, it also purifies it, removing dust and other allergens as well as bacteria from the air. Remember you can currently get a 50% off discount if the order is placed today. Do not succumb to the hot weather irritations. With the FreezAir Pro AC, the user can keep the humidity up no matter how long the scorching hot seasons last! 

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