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PureBaby Clean Review 2021: Is this reusable diaper any good?

Purebaby Clean Review 2021: This Awesome Alternative for Your Baby is Ultra Soft with Amazing Health Benefits Too.

Are you pregnant and looking forward to welcoming your new baby? Are you busy doing some baby shopping before your little bundle of joy arrives? You don’t have a clue and are curious to know which diaper to pick for your baby? You have two options when it comes to diapering – buying disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Here we are going to review PureBaby clean reusable diapers, it’s pros and cons, how to use them, features and why everyone should go for this PureBaby clean diaper. 

What Is A Purebaby clean? PureBaby clean reusable diapers Review :

PureBaby clean review 2021.jpeg
PureBaby clean review 2021

A purebaby clean is a reusable diaper made of fabric that you can wrap around your baby’s bum. It can stay in place by means of a snap button. When soiled, you can just wash the cloth diaper and dry it and reuse it, unlike the disposable diapers, which need to be thrown away so these PureBaby  clean cloth diapers are more eco-friendly. Also, they are as easy to use as disposable diapers.

PureBaby Clean are eco-friendly diapers, a great alternative to the bulky, expensive, traditional diapers you find in stores. One pack of PureBaby Clean (5 diapers) can last up to 24 months. That’s equivalent to almost 5000 disposable diapers. And contrary to what most people think, they are super easy to clean!

Bamboo cotton diapers are non-irritating, more absorbent, and softer than disposable diapers. PureBaby Clean holds more, so you can change less!

The Benefits Of PureBaby clean reusable diaper 

There are many benefits to cloth diapers over disposable diapers as they are:

  • Effective and Comfortable
  • More Economical
  • Reusable
  • Healthier as they do not contain any chemical absorbent like in disposable diapers
  • The design of the diapers is so much better.
  • There are fewer leaks than there used to be.
  • They use buttons instead of those dreaded safety pins.
  • You don’t have to work hard to do the folding, unless you really want to show off to the other parents in your life.
  • You don’t have to take up half your shopping cart space at stores just with your diaper purchases — you’ll buy them once and have them as long as you need
  • The most obvious idea is that you can use them for your next baby if you have one.
  • If you don’t plan on having any more children, you can sell them to another parent-to-be.
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can donate them to another family or a resale shop.
  • They can also make great burp cloths.
  • If you are handy, you can convert them into bibs.
  • You can use them as a good cleaning cloth for washing cars, windows or dusting.
  • You can also go green and recycle them.
  • Toss one in your first aid kit to use as a compress.

How Many PureBaby Clean Cloth Diapers Do You Need? PureBaby clean review 2021

It really depends on your washing schedule. Let us imagine you will have to change your baby’s nappy 10 times, and imagine you are planning to wash every 2 days. Then you will need 20 diapers and about 4-5 more as backup. 25 purebaby clean cloth diapers! Watch out for your baby’s poop schedule and take a call on the number of diapers you will need.

Purebaby clean Cloth diapers have a number of advantages over disposable ones. 

Are PureBaby clean Diapers Safe for the Baby’s Skin?

Yes they are the safest. They do not use all those chemicals used in disposable diapers. Hence they keep the baby’s skin safe and soft.

Why do I need PureBaby clean reusable diapers? PureBaby clean reusable diaper

Reusable Diapers Are the Greener, Smarter Choice for the Environment and Your Wallet!

Did you know a newborn baby uses about 2500 diapers in their first year alone? This is setting parents back thousands of dollars. And with all the other costs like formula, baby wipes, and clothes (that only seem to fit for one week!), putting money away for their future is nearly impossible. But what if there was a way to cut your costs drastically in their first two years?

Reusable diapers are taking the parenting world by storm. They are more cost-efficient, economically friendly, and require less changing. Contrary to what most people think, cloth diapers are easy to use and easy to maintain. And because they are reusable, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of diapers.

Did you know a newborn baby uses about 2500 diapers in their first year alone? That could cost you thousands of dollars!

You want your baby to have the best diapers, but you also want what’s best for the environment and your wallet. With PureBaby Clean reusable diapers, you can do both!

Features of PureBaby clean diaper: PureBaby clean Review

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PureBaby clean reusable diaper review
  • Easy to Clean – Washing machine friendly, and durable.
  • Great Savings – Save on disposable diapers for up to

two years.

  • Safe For Your Baby – PureBaby Clean does not contain any harsh chemicals.
  • Unlike Disposable Diapers… – PureBaby Clean is made of natural fiber, hypoallergenic, incredibly absorbent and fast drying.
  • Giving Back – Part of PureBaby Clean proceeds will support the Global Footprint Network to provide data on ecological footprints to various institutions.
  • Environmentally Friendly – PureBaby Clean is washable and reusable, so you won’t ever have to worry about your diapers ending up in the landfill.
  • Grows With You – PureBaby Clean is adjustable and can be worn for up to 24 months.
  • Good For Your Wallet – Disposable diapers could cost you thousands every year! With PureBaby Clean, all you need are a few pairs.

Why Make the Switch to Reusable Diapers?: PureBaby clean diaper review 

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PureBaby clean review

In a nutshell, it’s economical. Did you know that each year, enough disposable diapers are thrown away to circle the globe 90 times? And it takes about 500 years for a disposable diaper to completely decompose. This waste can contaminate our ground water (yuck!). If you’re on the fence about making the change over to reusable cloth diapers, here are more reasons to go green:

  • It takes 3.4 billion gallons of oil every year to make diapers
  • Disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, two times more water and three times more energy than cloth diapers
  • Disposable diapers use non-renewable energy sources
  • Viruses excreted in a baby’s feces could end up leaking into local water supplies

Keeping diapers out of our landfills could make a significant change for years and years to come. Why not start now?

How to Pick the Right Reusable Diapers for Your Baby

1. Choose material that is soft and gentle on your baby’s bum

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PureBaby clean review 2021

Common materials that are used in cloth diapers include bamboo, cotton, hemp, modal, polyester, fleece and even wool. But if you’re looking for the best material that can be worn all day and is gentle enough for your baby’s sensitive skin, the winning combination should have natural fibers, supreme absorbency and feel ultra-soft to the touch.

2. Just say “No!” to harsh chemicals

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PureBaby clean reusable diaper

Although disposable diapers are notorious for their VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene, cotton is also produced with certain chemicals that could be linked to poor health. That’s why it’s vital to pick the right material before letting any diaper (disposable or not) touch your baby’s skin.

3. Hold more, change less

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Not all reusable diapers are made equally. Depending on the material and fit, some diapers will be able to hold more waste than others. For better convenience and less waste, choose a diaper with hybrid cloth like bamboo cotton and adjustable snaps. These reusable diapers have a flexible design and waterproof shell, they’re more cost-effective, and great for travel.

4. Easy to clean

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PureBaby clean review

Reusable diapers come with inserts to absorb moisture and keep your baby dry. If you pick the right kind of material, you can simply shake off the waste into the toilet and toss the diapers and inserts into the washing machine. Again, this could come down to your choice of diapers, but some are more labor intensive to clean and require soaking or pretreatment. One of the main benefits of switching to reusable diapers is the convenience.

So why not choose a reusable diaper that’s not just right for your baby, but right for you too?

Is PureBaby clean any good? PureBaby clean reusable diaper Review

PureBaby Clean Eco-friendly Diapers

PureBaby Clean reusable diapers are soft to the touch! Gentle enough for a baby’s bottom, and durable enough to withstand all the funny business that goes on in a diaper throughout the day.

PureBaby clean reusable diapers

What makes PureBaby clean unique from other reusable diapers 

What makes PureBaby Clean different is the unique blend of bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is a natural fiber. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, incredibly absorbent, soft and fast-drying.

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PureBaby clean review

Parents that have made the switch to PureBaby Clean reusable cloth diapers claim that they are the easiest to use, clean, and maintain. Parents have been able to save for the future, take family vacations, and live more comfortably because of the money they are saving on diapers.

How Will Purebaby Clean Help Me Save Money for My Baby’s Future?

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PureBaby clean reusable diapers review

One pack of PureBaby Clean reusable diapers can last for the first 24 months of your baby’s life. That’s equivalent to almost 5000 disposable diapers. That means less waste, less garbage in our landfills, and more money in your pockets for your baby’s future. Disposable diapers can cost thousands of dollars every year. With PureBaby Clean, you can use the same diapers for about two years (depending on the weight of your baby), saving you thousands 

Switch to PureBaby Clean Today

After baby #1, you may think you have this ‘parenting thing’ in the bag. You’ve done it all, seen it all, even smelled it all… but just wait until you make the switch over to reusable diapers. And not just any diapers, PureBaby Clean. Compared to other leading brands, PureBaby Clean will be better for your baby, and in the long run, your wallet. You won’t realize how much you spend on diapers until you stop spending it. 

Now that you know all the dirty diaper secrets about disposable diapers, it’s time to stop contributing to our landfills and start going green.

PureBaby Clean reusable diapers are softer, stronger, more durable and absorbent. If you think your baby is the only one who will benefit from these diapers, you’re wrong! Because they keep your baby dryer for longer, you will be changing less (even throughout the night) which means you could be sleeping like a baby too.

So that’s less changing, less waste in our landfills, more money in your pockets AND more sleep! You’ve got nothing to lose. Start using the best reusable diapers, trusted by parents everywhere. PureBaby Clean can grow with your child, making buying diapers one less thing to worry about. If you’re ready to start saving a bundle, PureBaby Clean is available here.

If it’s your first time ordering, don’t hold back. Placing a larger order now could save you time and money. These diapers are in high demand and often sell out.

Customer’s review on PureBaby clean reusable diaper 


I’ve tried other reusable diapers in the past and these ones hold more and keep your baby dry all night. They’re also way more affordable than others. And your baby can use them for around 2-3 years.

Tracy From Tampa, Florida


Love these! Just started using them and already placed an order for a dozen more. It’s so easy to just throw them in the wash. Got all my mommy friends hooked on them too.

Sandra From Los Angeles, California


I’m not a huge fan of reusable diapers, so I was skeptical when I started using these. I really needed a way to start cutting down on waste and saving on diapers. They are actually much easier to use than I expected. And super easy to clean. I highly recommend it!.

Frequently asked questions : PureBaby clean review 2021

What if the diaper doesn’t fit?

PureBaby Clean has adjustable snaps that allow you to create the ideal fit for your baby. You can try readjusting the snaps for the best snug fit. The diaper should be held tight enough to prevent leaks or any spillage.

How do I clean the diaper?

When it is time for a change, you may empty the contents of the diaper into a toilet and wash the diaper and insert.

Can I wash the diaper in the washing machine?

Yes! PureBaby Clean is machine washable.

How often should I change the inserts?

You can change your baby’s diaper inserts as often as needed. Although they are reusable, it is always best to have extra inserts handy for your convenience.

How long can my baby wear the diaper?

PureBaby Clean is meant for babies 0-24 months, or alternatively, 3-15kg (6.6-33lbs).

Pros and cons of PureBaby clean reusable diaper:

Pros: PureBaby clean review

My baby has got no rashes.

It’s soft and breathable.

You can wash the diaper easily.

Babies can use it for three years. It’s free size.

It is eco-friendly.

It is still the same, even after frequent usage of more than one year.

Cons: PureBaby clean review 2021

  • It has limited offer 
  • Only available online 

Finally verdict: PureBaby clean :

PureBaby clean review

PureBaby Clean Makes Diaper Changing Easy and Convenient

Make The Switch to Reusable Diapers to Save Money, Time, And Our Landfills

Part Of Your Purchase Will Be Donated to GLOBAL FOOTPRINT NETWORK.

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