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Surge Emergency Bulb Review 2021: The truth about surge emergency bulb, you need to know:

surge emergency bulb Review 2021: prepare your home incase of any power outage:

Everyone knows the stress and anxiety involved with ever increasing electricity bills, statistical data has proven that every year the cost of a unit worth of energy increases very rapidly.

Foreseeing the reality that salaries are no longer variable according to economic inflammation, but rather company policies.

This can lead to an essential increase in one’s yearly expenditure. Thus, many experts have recommended the use of LED based lighting systems, which operate on the principle of a device known as the Light Emitting Diode.

To put things into consideration,  consumer reports have shown that LED light bulbs can last anywhere from many hours, or up to five times longer than any comparable bulb; on the market.

Another main advantage of LED systems is that based on their exceptional low power usage, they can be easily powered using simple battery systems, so that in times of need (power outages, environmental disasters etc) they can still be operated and used as usual.

And again, because  of their simple design, LED units are eco friendly and do not contain lead, or mercury. Led bulbs have a plastic shell, which prevents them from being damaged as easily as an incandescent bulb.

They also last much longer (as mentioned before) and need to be replaced once in 5-8 years.

What Is a Surge Emergency Bulb? Surge Emergency bulb Review 

Surge Emergency Bulb is an all new range of LED based lighting system that employs a battery backup unit so that during a power outage, the battery from the power source can power the light bulb for a duration of 6-8 hours (thus providing users with natural light in emergency situations).

 Surge emergency bulb is the newest built-in, self-charging battery that is always ready to light your way when an emergency strikes, you can confidently replace all of the regular light bulbs in your home with a surge emergency  bulb and know that you’ll always be prepared with on-demand light whenever the power goes out surprisingly.

In terms of its design,the surge bulb  features a smart operational intelligence which allows the bulb to recognize when the light switch is on or off. The bulb also turns on naturally in times of outages (using its unique sensor based system).

The Surge Emergency Power LED Light Bulb has a rechargeable built-in  battery into the base of the bulb which, in the event of a sudden power outage, automatically activates and will remain illuminated for up to six hours.

The good thing  about surge Emergency Power LED Light Bulb is that it provides the equivalent light as a 60 watt soft white LED light bulb and can be used for regular use as a normal light bulb in the home. The intelligent charging feature of the bulb charges the battery automatically over a six-hour cycle during normal usage.

The surge LED Bulb is a clever invention from the manufacturer. It is eco-friendly,  and also easy  to screw in a light bulb. What makes this bulb special is its being a light bulb with a battery. In case interruption of light, the backup battery and intelligent components keep the light on. The backup battery stores 4 hours of light and has a charging time of 6 hours. Another big feature is that the LED charging light only uses 5.5 watts. The smart bulb surge emergency  bulb is a money saver as compared to Fluorescent using 13-15 watts or the traditional Incandescent using 60 + watts! I’m a fan of light ‘s strength and clarity too.

The bulb may also be used as a flashlight separately by inserting it (included) in the hook of the lamp holder or keeping it in the palm of your hand.


  • 9 Watt LED with 800 lumens
  • 25 hours LED lifespan
  • 120 VACS input voltage
  • 80% less energy
  • Power-Saving LED Bulb
  • Built-in Self-Charging Battery
  • Over 6 Hours Backup Light

Main Features of surge emergency bulb: Surge emergency bulb Review 201


Surge bulb automatically turns on when the power fails; it can also act as a handy handheld flashlight or 24-hour guide light that is always charged; it features a bright, white, long-lasting LED light. The surge  emergency  bulb only takes a few seconds to install and charges the battery when socketed. It is the world’s no1 BEST SELLING self-charging emergency light bulb.


 It serves just like your ordinary light bulbs, but is always ready instantly when the power goes off. Simply replace your current bulb in any room, staircase, hallway, bathroom, basement, nursing home, clinic, restaurant, hotel, or store knowing now your home can be lit during any disaster.


Surge emergency bulb lights up automatically when the power fails, helping you to find your flashlight quickly; keep them in easy-to-reach places around your home for when you need them. Also acts as an emergency flashlight, use your hand as a power source by placing your finger at the bottom.

 A MUST-HAVE SURVIVAL TOOL – Surge bulb Review :

An Surge emergency  bulb is a must for every home, incase of blackouts, storms, natural disasters and tripped breakers; be prepared always and invest in peace of mind to protect yourself and your family. Surge emergency bulb Portable Bulb holder hook included enabling you to hang it anywhere Hands-free.

EASY INSTALLATION & ENERGY EFFICIENT – Surge Emergency bulb Review 2021:

 Replace any light bulb in your home with the surge emergency L.E.D light bulb and have peace of mind during a power outage. Plus, the LED lights are so efficient that they start saving you money instantly

Surge  emergency bulb vs Incandescent lights

While this was an argument in the early 90’s due to the extreme cost of LED’s, but with the technical strides we have made past the previous millennium, it is now clear that LED’s are by far the more superior option.

For example, incandescent and CFL light bulbs emit light and heat in all directions, which results in the unnecessary dispersion of light and energy.

On the other hand, surge emergency bulb LED light bulbs are much more efficient, they use less wattage to produce the same amount of light and almost no heat. In fact, even after intense operation, surge emergency bulbs are basically cool when a person touches them.


Surge emergency bulb Review 2021
Surge emergency bulb Review
  •  Imagine never having to worry about being stranded in the dark because of a blackout.
  • Works in your existing light socket.
  • Backup emergency battery charges itself. You don’t have to do anything.
  • Save you money everyday and provide you light during a power outage.
  • Backup emergency battery provides over 6 hours of light.
  •  No installation required. Simply screw in the HOME SAFETY LIGHT into your socket and you are saving money.

What’s Unique About Surge  Emergency Bulbs?

Surge emergency LED bulbs have been tested by consumers and have been found to be energy efficient, completely eco-friendly, and long lasting similar to other high quality LED based bulbs.

Therefore, the key aspect of surge emergency  bulb which sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it features an innovative battery backup system that provides users with 6-8 hours of emergency lighting during a power outage.

How to use Surge emergency bulb: surge emergency bulb Reviews:

The directions for usage are similar to that of any regular bulb.

  • The bulb should be carefully removed from the sealed packaging (done in order to improve shelf life and overall efficacy of the lighting system).
  • Screw the bulb into any common light socket present in one’s household.
  • After the installation is done, the bulb should be kept switched on for around 8 hours so as to let the battery system charge and replenish its acid levels
  • After the charging is done, the bulb can be used like any other regular household appliance.

Does surge emergency bulb Work?

Yes, the Surge  emergency bulb is an LED light bulb with a built-in rechargeable battery. This bulb uses electricity like an ordinary bulb but is more energy efficient, and when the power goes out, it automatically detects the outage and switches over to battery use. Once it does so, it’ll provide you with continuous illumination for six to eight hours at a time. You can either screw this bulb into an ordinary light socket or hang it up by using one of the clips included with each set.

How does the surge Emergency bulb work?

Each surge emergency bulb is able to detect when the power has gone out due to the SmartChip technology inside, which functions like a mini-computer. After the chip inside sends a signal to the bulb that it cannot receive electricity, it’ll start running through the use of its inner battery instead. However, once the power comes back on, the bulb will receive another signal and will switch back to electrical power, while simultaneously recharging the battery for the next time you need it.

Advantages of surge emergency bulb: surge emergency bulb Review 2021:

 Long Lasting: surge emergency bulb Review 2021:

Every surge bulb is required to provide anyone with 10, 000 hours of light without burning out, which is many more hours of light than an incandescent bulb.  Even when being powered by just its battery, it’ll run for up to six continuous hours without getting dimmer.

Shatterproof: surge emergency bulb Reviews : 

Unlike some incandescent bulbs, this surge light bulb is shatterproof, so if you drop it, it’ll probably work just as effectively as it would otherwise. That means you’ll be able to carry it from room to room in the dark during a power outage, if needed, without worrying about stumbling and breaking it. Plus, if you don’t screw yours to one of the included clips tightly enough and it falls down, it likely won’t end up damaged.

Save Money: surge Bulb Review 

This surge emergency LED bulb will not only reduce your electricity bills, as it uses 80 percent less electricity than an incandescent bulb, it’ll also reduce your need for certain supplies during power outages. You’ll no longer need as many flashlights, sets of batteries or candles as you normally would, as you’ll be able to illuminate your home with one or more LyfeLite bulbs instead.



Power outages are unavoidable and unpredictable. That’s why these surge emergency light bulbs for power outage provide you lighting whenever you need it. They work like regular light bulbs, except they can last for up to 6 hours when fully charged..

RECHARGEABLE LIGHTS FOR HOME – These rechargeable light bulbs are like any other normal light bulbs you can find at your home. The only difference is that each light has its battery backup system, allowing it to stay on for up to 6 hours. When power is back on, the LED bulb with battery charges itself is ready to get you to light for another outage..

SAFER THAN CANDLES OR OIL LAMPS – These bulb lights for power outages are good also for storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. As long as there is a power failure, these lights are much safer and more ideal than using candles and oil lamps..

VERSATILE TO USE – The surge led emergency light bulbs can be installed into any standard E26/E27 socket or fixture like regular light bulbs. You can put them in your home, office, garage, basement, porch, or bathrooms. They are also useful for outdoor activities such as camping..

HOME EMERGENCY LIGHTS: surge emergency bulb Review

With surge emergency bulb in your home, your are guaranteed of: 

  • – Stay lit in your home with the surge emergency bulb rechargeable led
  • lightbulbs as an emergency when there is a power outage. Never

worry again when the power is off.

  • – Besides being as emergency lights, these LED light bulbs can

be used as standard bulbs, even during a power outage.The

emergency bulbs can tell the difference between a power outage

and switching the light off and on.


  • – With these power outage lights, your home will never be dark

again during emergencies. The emergency led lights can last up to

  • 6 hours by using their own backup battery system, never worrying

about going dark during power outages.

  • – The rechargeable light bulbs can be used as regular bulbs

around your home. Using them daily will recharge themselves and

  • will stop charging automatically when fully charged

(over-charging protection).

  • – surge emergency bulb takes up to 3-4 hours of charging time as

you use it.

YOUR RELIABLE EMERGENCY LIGHTS: surge emergency bulb Review 

  • -The led emergency lights for home power failure can be
  • installed to any standard E26/E27 socket or fixture.
  • The set includes 2 on/off hanging switches with hooks for

portable use, especially for outdoor activities such as camping

and hiking.

  •  Get prepared for any power failure by installing these
  • Surge emergency light bulbs around your home. They’re easy to use,

efficient, and reliable for power outages.

Why should I buy surge emergency bulb 

Power outages are always a bothersome and sometimes dangerous to any

household. But with surge emergency Light Bulbs, you’ll have the

light you need especially when you need it the most. The emergency light bulbs are rechargeable and can stay lit of up to

6  hours with its innovative battery backup system. In the event of a power outage, the home emergency LED bulbs will light your

home. The lights are self-charging with 3-4 hours of charging



I added these in 6 lamps around my house so all rooms would have light. I sent the other 2 to my parents for their bedroom lamps. They work great!

– Thomas C

Unlike a flashlight or lantern, this 60w bulb can light a room! The light is warm, not the cold blue of emergency lights. It is rechargeable, has a portable attachment, or you can just screw it into a lamp at home and, if the power goes out, it lights up (if the switch on the lamp is turned on). Great gift idea!

– Kevin H.

Worked like a charm during a power outage. I put one in the kitchen and it lit up everything. The one in the bathroom was so bright it looked like I almost had the regular light on

Tracy Wolfson

The one thing that isn’t mentioned is that there are no extension cords to run from the generator. Eliminates trip hazards during a blackout, SERIOUSLY!!

Jordan L



We Understand  that quality and affordability are important to you. We are the direct manufacturer, that means no markups and you get direct service.

How long do I charge the lightbulb before first usage?

The Surge Emergency Backup Light may work when you remove them from the package but it’s best to charge them for the full six hours before using them as backup lighting. They work immediately when screwed into a socket.

Where can I use the Surge Emergency Backup Light?

The surge bulb technology works best in a light socket controlled by a single-pole light switch. One light, one switch. This means they will not function properly in multi-unit switches and dimmers such as ceiling fans, or single lights controlled by two switches.

Do these lights remain on when the switch is flipped ‘off’ or if there is an outage?

The Surge Emergency Backup Light uses smart technology to detect when the power has gone out due to an outage. So when they are plugged into the appropriate power socket and the switch is turned to ‘off’, they will not power on unless there is an outage

How long does the Surge Emergency Backup Light last?

LED lights have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. A fully charged EBULB by Surge will give you up to 6 hours of light during an outage.

Can I order the Surge Emergency Backup Light in bulk?

We’re happy to assist you with larger orders than we have on the site. Bulk orders are available by contacting our Customer Success Team at


Surge emergency bulbs you can only purchase from the manufacturer’s website. following methods of payment are accepted: Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex) as well as a Paypal account are accepted. You will fill in your information and submit when you visit the website through one of the links in this post.


Below are the prices: 

1 surge bulb cost $34.95

4 surge bulbs cost $69.97

8 Surge bulbs cost $109.99

Finally Verdict: Surge emergency bulb Reviews:

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Surge emergency bulb Reviews

Ever needed a bulb that you needed to stay turned on 24 hours a day, even if the power went out? Neither have I, but I can envision some scenarios where that might be important. A dark corridor connecting subway platforms, perhaps? The good news: surge  emergency LED bulbs offer a potential solution.

The name really says it all: The surge emergency  bulb Battery Backup is outfitted with a built-in battery that powers the bulb, working in automatically if the power goes out. The bulb can still be turned on and off at the switch. 

The surge  Emergency Power LED Light Bulb built-in, self-charging battery is always ready to light your way when an emergency strikes,  you can confidently replace all of the regular light bulbs in your home with a surge emergency  bulb and know that you’ll always be prepared with on-demand light whenever the power goes out unexpectedly.

  • In Entrances: No more tripping over shoes or bags.
  • In Staircases: Prevents bone-breaking trips and falls.
  • Outside or in the Garage: Safely park and get inside your home.
  • In Bathrooms: Shower and shave with confidence.
  • In Your Study: Continue reading (or writing!) your favorite bestseller.
  • In the Kids Rooms: Play-time remains safe, calm, and uninterrupted.
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