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BLAUX THERMOMETER REVIEWS– Temperature measurement is a very important routine to take note daily not just that of the body but some things surrounding. For instance, as a baker, as basic as it might look you need all your ingredients to be at adequate room temperature in order to give you desired result. This also applies to us too when we feel a little bit unstable in health and find out that the body is hot. You would want to a quick, accurate and safe way to take someone’s temperature. Most times without contact if you sense that the individual might have come down with a communicable disease. Fever is often the first sign of illness, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to get too close to someone who may be ill. There are these different kinds of thermometer like the digital and so forth but a no-touch thermometer allows you to take someone’s temperature from a distance to help keep everyone safe. 

Though rare to see, just very few thermometers would work in such way and here’s to the – BLAUX THERMOMETER. A very easy and accurate thermometer with a very fast lightning less than a second. Blaux Thermometers are forehead thermometers that use infrared. As a result of its fast, safe, hygienic, and convenient quality, its usage increased even more during the covid-19 pandemic. Since it isn’t in contact with the body, it is an excellent tool for infection control. It has a color-coded display that makes it easy to see whether you have a normal body temperature, a mild fever or a high fever. Just hold it up to the person’s forehead to get a reading in less than a second. 

Moreover, one good thing about the Blaux thermometer is that you can take multiple readings to track fevers over time. It has over 64 readings feature and because of this, one can store up to 64 readings. This thermometer is a must have as it is somewhat of a first line First aid treatment you indulge before taking the individual to the hospital if the condition gets worse.

About Blaux Thermometer –  Blaux Thermometer reviews

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Blaux Thermometer Reviews

Just like earlier stated, the Blaux Thermometer can be used to measure body temperature as well as the temperature of solids and the surrounding environment. It is in close proximity to the object to be measured but not in contact with it. This Thermometer is best for babies as it eradicates the possibility of the baby acquiring infection easily. 

Blaux thermometers are top-quality infrared thermometers. Accurate readings are achieved with this Thermometer because it uses the latest infrared technology. In order to use the forehead thermometer, direct it from a few centimeters(cm) away to the forehead of a person. Do you have a child who is so much hyperkinetic or fussy that won’t want to stay one place while you take this temperature reading? Then this is for you.

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Features of Blaux Thermometer (Blaux Thermometer reviews)

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Blaux Thermometer Review
  1. Easy to use: 

There isn’t any technicality on how to use the thermometer. As a matter of fact, Blaux thermometer can be used by anyone.  You just hold the device a few centimeters close to the forehead of the person, and the readings will be captured. Just a push of a button and it is activated and ready for use.  

        2) Colour-Coded Display:

The Thermometer comes with three reading colors. When the temperature reading is captured, individuals might notice one of the three colors: green, yellow and red. Any temperature that is accompanied by the color “green” implies that it is a safe reading, whereas “yellow” and “red” signify slight and severe fever respectively. This system is sure to bring relief to people as it gives a clear indication as to when one might either require immediate medical assistance or additional safety measures.

        3) Adjustable settings: 

Blaux Thermometer has some few adjustable settings. It has a setting that chooses between the Celsius or Fahrenheit degree. You can also adjust your settings to whatever unit you prefer and modify the color-coded indicators.

       4) Sufficient and Convenient storage:

For people who may require ongoing temperature checks, Blaux Thermometer has been designed to support a storage of up to 64 readings. If there is a day where an individual simply forgets to jot down a reading, all it takes is referring back to the device’s memory component.

Specifications of the Blaux Thermometer (Blaux Thermometer reviews 2022)

The Blaux Thermometer measures temperature unit in both °C and °F.

•Measurement speed is as low as a couple of seconds.  

•It has a comfortable grip for hand. 

•The thermometer is AAA battery powered. 

•Blaux thermometer has indications with different colors for normal/high/light fever. 

•It has a button (such as “MODE”) to set temperature measurement type i.e. body or surface. 

•Blaux thermometer has a battery indicator to display its status. 

•It has a memory capacity able to hold at least 64 previous measurements. 

•It has an “auto shut off” feature when user forgets to power OFF the device. 

Blaux thermometer gives out readings almost instantly. It takes just about a few second to produce result. It has indicators that lets you know when a person is running a fever or is hypothermic and vice versa. It is advantageous when you have to take the temperatures of many people; it is quicker and absolutely more convenient. It can record the temperatures of many people while still maintaining high degree of accuracy.  

How does the Blaux Thermometer work? (Blaux Thermometer reviews)

The Blaux Thermometer is easy enough for anyone to use and all you do is turn it on, select either Body or Object mode, point it in the right direction, press the button, and wait for the number to pop up on the digital screen. To make it even easier, the background screen will turn one of three colors to let you know what is going on: green tells you that there is no fever, yellow says that the person has a slight fever, and the red background tells you that the fever is very high. Blaux Thermometer allows you to test the temperature of not only people but also objects such as food, water, soft drinks, and even medications, so it is a very versatile and unique digital no contact thermometer.

You might probably want to know if this measures in Celsius too. Absolutely! You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius anytime.

Benefits of using Blaux thermometer (Blaux Thermometer reviews) 

1) Accurate and Exact readings: 

It is able to detect the accessing contraption wherever near your child’s body as you’ll precisely get correct reading more accurate to the other standard thermometer. This Thermometer can detect both inside of a body surface and also outer parts. In detecting inner surface to check for something like fevers.

2) Different mode settings:

You can set the Thermometer to the supported size of assessment either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You would make these adjustments by pressing the button found on the head piece.

3) No-touch contact Feature:

As this Blaux Thermometer uses infrared waves which distinguish the temperature of the body at any particular time and gives result within seconds. So it’s more of an ideal tool for hygienic purposes.

Pros of the Blaux Thermometer

– It is very lightweight and compact in size.

– Blaux Thermometer has a very fast working process when compared to other contact-based thermometers. – It gives readings in a few seconds

– It has a high degree of accuracy when compared with contact thermometer types. 

– Measure moving objects.

– Stores up to 64 measured results.

– Completely User-friendly

– It’s affordable

– It uses a no-contact means of taking temperature readings, this is made possible as a result of infrared technology

-It has both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.

Cons of the Blaux Thermometer

– It is quite not easy to your own temperature.

– Can only be purchased from the official website.

– It is limited in stock.

Why should I go for Blaux Thermometer over the other thermometers?

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Blaux Thermometer Review 2022

The very fact that measurements can be taken from a close distance but not touching the object or person to be checked makes it so much safer and in the case of hygiene. 

Blaux Thermometer can also be used for other purposes which surpasses just checking of body temperature. It measures room temperature, food and temperature of domestic appliances.

One other major reason for its high demand is the colour background display that demonstrates the degree of the disease. Just like states above when there’s a red light, it shows extreme fever and green light shows that the individual is totally fine and vice versa.

Where can I get the Blaux thermometer?

The Blaux thermometer can be gotten from the official website directly from the manufacturer. This is the most genuine place one can get this product as they have been cases of people who complained that they didn’t get their product mostly because they purchased it from third party sites. It is worthy to reemphasize that the official website is the only place one can get this original product as anything you see at physical stores or any other online site might be substandard.

Purchasing directly from the official website also offers you a Money-back guarantee should in case you don’t like your package.

Pricing of Blaux Thermometer.

One Blaux thermometer costs 69.99$

Two Blaux thermometers costs 139.99$

Three Blaux thermometers costs 156.99$

Four Blaux thermometers costs $191.99

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. So, it is advisable to get yours now if you are interested in buying this life saving thermometer.

Return Policy

The company provides a 30-day Money-back guarantee to individuals who might not love the product after purchase or has some issues with it which is extremely rare. As far as you contact the customer service within 30 days from the day you receive the package, a refund would be accepted if all the protocols are passed through.

You can contact the customer service through the following



U.S and Canada (Toll-free) : (855) 756-5448

Frequently asked questions about Blaux Thermometer

What’s the maximum distance I can take a temperature reading from the target?

It is usually determined by checking the distance-to-size ratio and the diameter of your target. Mainly a function of the optics. For the Blaux thermometer, a distance of few centimeters from the object should be maintained, and the device pointing perpendicularly to the object measured.   

How do these infrared thermometers work?

Firstly, infrared radiation is one kind of radiation just like that of ultraviolet radiation and visible light. So infrared thermometers utilizes optics that collect the radiant infrared energy from the object and focus it onto a detector, which converts the energy into an electrical signal and being amplified as heat energy and displayed.

How long will it take to receive Blaux thermometer?

Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than 30 days plus or minus some delivery delays that could occur.

Blaux Thermometer customer’s report and testimonies 

Here’s What People Had to Say About Blaux Thermometer

Joy Q. – Lexington, KY

My daughter always used to get sick and because she’s really sociable, she would always pass it onto her classmates, and pretty soon, the entire class would get sick! But with Blaux Thermometer, I can easily tell if she’s starting to get a fever, and aside from taking care of her at home, I don’t have to worry about her being “patient zero” at her school!

Jack T. – Provo, UT

I just had my first son and both my wife and I worry if he gets sick. Neither of us liked the idea of using an old school glass thermometer that was unsanitary or could break and leak poisonous mercury everywhere. Luckily, my brother told me about Blaux. Now, we can safely measure his temperature and also don’t have to worry about him crying his eyes out every time we try and ram a piece of glass down his throat.

Devin M. – Philadelphia, PA

My daughter’s immune system isn’t the best and my father in law is also getting up there in age so I can say we’re a bit of an at-risk family. With Blaux, we can monitor for any signs of infection easily, accurately, and quickly, and it really gives my wife and I peace of mind.



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Blaux Thermometer Review

Technology has it made possible for us to have a lot of advancements in the different products and devices which are in existence at this age. Before now, physicians just presume the temperature of the body with a touch to the neck but with these thermometers now especially our Blaux Thermometer.  You get exact precise readings. This thermometer is lightweight so could be carried around if the need be. Your family need this thermometer for daily temperature monitoring during both cold and hot seasons to detect some variations that may occur.

This review has given you more than a glimpse of everything you should know about this thermometer and how it works, so you can order up now directly from the manufacturer at their official website to get what you actually want. There’s a 50% discount ongoing too, so rush before it runs out. 

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