ColorGlow solar light Review 2021: All you need to know about this brightology solar light!

ColorGlow Solar light Review 2021:Transform Your Basic Dark Yard into a Charming & Colorful Oasis Instantly

Being indoors too long definitely had us craving for some outdoor freshness, how about you?

Maybe it’s time to spice up that garde, patio or porch of yours to fully enjoy Autumn’s cool air!!

Here’s an idea, why don’t you decorate with ColorGlow lights today. Cologlow gives your home a charming personality. Never Dull and always to entertain?

Overview of ColorGlow solar light?: color glow lights Review 

ColorGlow Lights Reviews

ColorGlow is a solar-powered and cost-effective option to bring an array of colorful light to your home. These powerful lights can be installed within minutes without the need for a costly technician or complicated wiring systems. ColorGlow is a beautiful and reliable light source that beautifies your home all-year round!

Color glow lights are a quick fix for your outdoors. You can make your home shine in different colors like what Scott did with color glow solar lights.

Color glow lights can match your Christmas festive mood.

ColorGlow is a beautiful option to bring an array of colorful light to your home. These powerful lights are installed in minutes without the need for costly landscape installations or complicated wiring systems. With ColorGlow, you are able to quickly install onto fences, patios, stairs, perimeter walls, & anywhere else you’d want to illuminate with a rainbow of hues! ColorGlow lights are equipped with high grade solar panels that convert energy from the sun to keep these beautiful shades glowing all night long, with no upkeep! Plus, ColorGlow features 7 unique hues and shifting modes so you can create a custom landscape that will elevate your outdoor space instantly and effortlessly!

Stylized an award winning yard today! Grab a color glow light at a discount price today!!

What are color glow Technical Specifications: brightology color glow lights review 

  • Solar Panel: 2V / 100mA 
  • Light Bulb Type: LED 
  • Lumens: 6 
  • Power Source: Solar-Powered 
  • Battery: 1.2V/Ni-MH  600mAh rechargeable battery for each light 
  • Lighting Body Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Charger Time: 6-8 hours in daylight 
  • Working Hours: Up 10 Hours Fully Charged 
  • Assembly Details: Adult assembly required, tools not provided 
  • Color: Gradient White + RGB  
  • Protective Qualities: Weather Resistant

What does each box of colorglow lights contain?

Each ColorGlow box comes with:

  • 4 ColorGlow lights, 
  • 4 Mounting Bars, 
  • 8 Anchors, 
  • 8 Screws.

Features of colo glow lights: Color glow light Review

Image10 UGCHomeowners
Color glow lights
  • Make Your Home Look Like Colorful Paradise: Tons of homeowners think they need to spend a fortune to fix their dark and boring yard. But ColorGlow gives your home a unique glow for a fraction of the cost. When it turns on, your home will instantly transform into a getaway retreat.
  • Create a Custom “Color-scape”: Instead of just one boring color (usually white), ColorGlow covers the area with 7 beautiful colors. You can create any mood or atmosphere you want with the click of a button.
  • Unique Holiday Light: Looking for a little Holiday cheer? or Halloween spook? What about some 4th of July energy? The 7 colors give you unlimited customization to match the season!
  • Use ColorGlow Anywhere:
ColorGlow solar light Review 2021
Colorglow solar light Review 2021

Just pick a place where the ColorGlow lights will get sunlight during the day to charge. You can line each side of your fence, the side of your house, or light up pathways. The possibilities are endless with ColorGlow lights.

  • Give Your Home a Unique Look: ColorGlow is more than a “quick fix” for a dark home. It’s a complete transformation in your home’s curb appeal. The type of transformation that will have neighbors turning their head and wondering where you got these stunning lights.
  • Super Simple Installation: Most lights take hours of tedious labor to set up. ColorGlow was designed to be super simple. Just pick a spot around your home that needs a life of colorful light. Then just screw in the two included screws and that’s all. Seriously. Once night comes, sit back and enjoy the colorful spectacle.
  • No Annoying Wires: ColorGlow is 100% solar powered. There is no need to hire an electrician who might charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to wire them in. Plus, there will be no ugly wires running up the wall looking like an eye-sore. Just a beautiful rainbow of light that beautifies your yard.
  • Saves You Money: Since ColorGlow is solar-powered, there is ZERO electricity used. You can rest easier knowing your upgraded home lighting isn’t draining your bank account.
  • Turns ON and OFF Automatically:
Image2 CustomScape
Color glow lights review

We’re all busy, nobody wants to worry about turning on and off their outdoor lights. No worries though, ColorGlow turns on and off by itself. The sensors know when it’s dark and it activates ColorGlow automatically. No need to fumble with a complicated light switch or go outside to turn them on.

Why do I need color glow lights?: colorglow solar light Review 2021

ColorGlow is helping thousands of homeowners get a “shock” of glamorous light. Just look at what Brenda is saying, “Product is top notch. Color options, brightness, installation is easy and easy to operate”. Then there’s Timothy who told us, “This brand is fantastic! Easy to install, just 2 screws. Fast charging. Last night was our first night with 72 of these installed.

How does ColorGlow lights work?

Image8 SaveMoney
Color glow solar lights

ColorGlow lights are equipped with high-grade solar panels that convert energy from the sun to keep these beautiful shades glowing all night long, with no upkeep! Simply install your ColorGlow to an area where it can get direct and unobstructed sunlight during the day, turn on the device, set your preferred light option, and the automatic sensor function will activate the light at night for you!

Benefits of using color glow lights: ColorGlow lights Reviews 

  • Endless Ways To Customize Your Space: Install ColorGlow lights along patios, fences, eaves, rooftops, and more! Install as many ColorGlow lights as you wish to create your own custom colorscape
  • No Wires, Plugs, or Batteries Required: ColorGlow lights are 100% solar powered and utilize energy harnessed by the sun during the day to keep them shining bright all night long (up to 8 hours). ColorGlow also features dusk-’till-dawn technology that switches your lights off and into charging mode during daylight
  • Easy Installation and Use: Your ColorGlow set comes with 4 lights and everything you need to mount and install your new lights quickly. Simply utilize mounting bars and provided screws to anchor your lights anywhere you choose.

How do I install my ColorGlow lights?

Before installation, ensure that ColorGlow is affixed to an area where it can be exposed to direct sunlight without obstruction from trees or other shadows. This will ensure that the device will stay fully lit throughout the evening. To install on walls, eaves, fences, etc: Affix one mounting bar to your desired location with two of the provided screws. Attach ColorGlow light securely to the mounting bar using one of the provided anchors. Turn ColorGlow mode to ON and set your preferred light option. Allow it to completely charge during the day. At night, the automatic sensor will turn on your ColorGlow and illuminate your home.

Advantages colorglow light 

  • Easily Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal Without Spending A Fortune
  • Irresistible Vibrant Hues and Unique Lighting Modes can Wow Your Guests and Double as Holiday Lights
  • 100% Solar Powered: No Added Power Bills or Ugly Wires
  • Upgrades Porches, Fences, Patios, Decks, Walls, Staircases, & More!
  • Comes in different color modes that meet varied preferences
  • Built-in 4 mounting bars allows for quick and easy installation
  • Features dusk-till-dawn technology that switches the lights off and into charging mode during daylight.
  • Disadvantages of color glow lights
  •  Only available online 
  • Limited offer available 

Where can I use ColorGlow?

Image4 UseAnywhere
Color glow lights

ColorGlow is a perfect light source to illuminate different parts of your home. Use its white light to brighten up your fences, eaves, garden, porch and walls, or perk up your yard, pathways or garden with its various colorful and fun lights.

Frequently Asked Questions: Color glow lights 

What is the colorglow light return policy?

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Please refer to our return policy at the bottom of the page for more details.

How do I purchase color glow lights?

Here’s How To Get ColorGlow

Right now,ColorGlow is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you’ve seen how easily you can transform your house and yard to create your own personal colorscape… all that’s left is these two steps.

Click in the official ColorGlow website here

Enjoy your bright beautiful home with color glow lights.

What are the light features of ColorGlow?

ColorGlow offers a gradient white light that can be used to light up the exteriors of your home, or add subtle glow to walls and fences. It also features 6 colorful lights: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Turquoise …And 3 light settings: Color Switch Mode (7 color rotation), Quick Rainbow Shift, and Slow Rainbow Shift.

How long does it take to charge ColorGlow?: color glow light Review 2021

To ensure that your ColorGlow charges fully, allow it to soak up full and unobstructed sunlight for 8 hours during the day.

How long does the ColorGlow’s light last?

When charged to its full capacity, your ColorGlow will illuminate your home with vibrant hues for up to 10 hours at night.

My ColorGlow only lights up for a few hours at night. How do I fix this?

To ensure that your lights stay vibrant for up to 10 hours at night, make sure that you charge it fully during the day under direct and unobstructed sunlight. Check for leaves, branches or other shrubberies that may possibly obstruct the sun from fully reaching the solar panel of your ColorGlow.  If needed, reposition your lights in an area where it can get direct sunlight so it can charge fully during the day.

My ColorGlow isn’t lighting up at night, what do I do?

The automatic sensor of your ColorGlow activates the lights of your lamp once it detects darkness outside. It is possible that another light source is preventing this function from activating that is why your lamp is not lighting up.  Check to see if any lamp post, house lights, or other exterior lighting are near the area of your lamp and reposition your ColorGlow if needed to solve this issue.

What batteries does it use?

ColorGlow uses 1.2V/Ni-MH 600 mAh rechargeable batteries for each light.

Is ColorGlow light weather-proof?

Yes! ColorGlow is built to endure different weather conditions to bring you vibrant illumination throughout the year.

What material is ColorGlow made of?

ColorGlow is made with durable and high-quality plastic to ensure you have long-lasting and reliable lights for your home.

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Colorglow solar light review 2021

What are people saying about color glow lights 

Below are verified customer’s reviews on color glow brightology light:

By Shanon Griffen – 

I love these lights, first off they were so easy to install and secondly they are solar, no outlets needed. I love the fact that they are not extremely bright but give you that warm glow of light and I can switch their color as my mood feels.

Karen s: 

These lights are the best thing I have ever done to my yard, they look great and my friends don’t believe how affordable they were.

Victoria m:

I am shocked by how good my house look now, thanks to color glow lights 

Finally thought: ColorGlow solar light Review 2021

Colorglow lights

Color glow solar lights gives you: 

  • A renewable energy source 
  • A flexible installation process 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Lesser carbon footprint production 

What is there to lose? Make the switch with us today, with ColorGlow lights and get the immediate color and glow to your fences,Walls,steps etc.. with 7 different hues to choose from, you’ll have an endless choice of customization.

Out with the bulky outdoor lights and in with this sleek, little ball of light, ColorGlow. ?

No wires, no batteries, no hassle because it’s solar-powered and easy to mount anywhere. 

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