BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews

BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews: Is this Bug lantern Any Good?

BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews: A Healthy Environment Breeds A Healthy World!

Because of their bites and the potential for infection, insects and bugs can afflict the wealthy and the poor, making a living and sleeping extremely difficult. Regardless of the design of the house, they can readily develop in any location where there is water, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, and they also multiply in areas where we put our trash. 

They breed, hatch eggs, and give birth to thousands of offspring, making our lives uncomfortable. Those who live close to swamps and streams are the ones who are most affected, especially at low and during rainy seasons.

Due to their disturbance and the ability to transmit lethal diseases through the fluid they ingest from dead objects or other potentially harmful substances, insects and buds can be exceedingly bothersome. 

The proboscis, a mouthpiece mosquitoes use to suck blood when feeding, can be extremely painful and may easily pierce any flesh. The saliva also causes the human body to react quickly, causing a lump and itching. Making one feel both cozy and sad. 

The West Nile virus, dengue, malaria, and the Zika virus are some of the most well-known illnesses of mosquitoes. 

All these viruses can potentially cause fatal health issues in extreme circumstances.

According to the World Health Organization, the primary source of malaria, a disease that kills both adults and children, is the bite of a mosquito species known as anopheles. Globally, the anopheles mosquito is responsible for 219 million malaria cases and more than 400,000 fatalities annually. The majority of these fatalities are among children under the age of five. Putting the health of our next generation at risk.

Because it can be uncomfortable, being bothered by insects and other bugs at night has prevented many people from working.

To demonstrate that this problem is widespread and not just a problem for one particular group of individuals, dirty drains and gutters can also contribute to the cultivation of insects and pests.

About BlitzyBug UV ZAP LIGHT  (BlitzyBug Review 2022)

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BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews

BlitzyBug is a UV-free light used to drastically reduce the number of insects and bugs wherever they are swarming. It contains an intense, alluring LED light that may draw insects close to it from a distance. 

To stop the insects from biting and harming the humans nearby, they are drawn to the portable gadget, which zaps and kills them.

Blitzybug is a pest control product in the United States that effectively zaps insects. However, many people believe mosquitoes are the primary insect Blitzybug targets; other small flying insects and bugs can also be easily trapped and destroyed inside the apparatus.

Although the zapping is exceedingly silent, BlitzyBug is designed to function flawlessly indoors and outdoors. Days pass between charges before the battery needs to be recharged.. It works in any season, and the brush with it makes cleaning the light’s protective shell after each usage a breeze.

BlitzyBug can be used inside the home, outside, or both, and still function better than you imagined. Unfortunately, most other similar devices and chemicals do not eliminate bugs or other insects.

BlitzyBug eliminates the pests near the user without using chemicals or UV lamps. Instead, the technology uses a different type of light to draw in insects and buds because it generates the light that all bugs and insects must quickly become drawn to be zapped when they get close to the device. 

Users can acquire the protection required for hours with a small, light construction. The only method to obtain this unique technology is through the government, as it is patented.

The purple light core of the BlitzyBug is what makes it so powerful. Every insect will migrate toward the bluish-purple light that this core emits, which zaps any nearby insects. The insects are quickly neutralized by a high-voltage current, killing them so they can’t keep flying around and biting people in the covered area. 

The BlitzyBug device also has a robust protective shell made of cutting-edge components that can withstand splashes and mistreatment and a high-tech design that adds aesthetic appeal to any space it is placed in.

If you wish to apply insecticide, you don’t need to leave your apartment

Many people frequently leave their homes to go somewhere else or even stay in a neighbor’s house because of the hazardous effects of the chemicals used to make pesticides and other bug-controlling agents, especially the choking scent that can stop breathing and even result in death. 

Many of these compounds are extremely dangerous to the skin when they come into contact with it, jeopardizing the lives of children. The BlitzyBug is a convenient tool you may use while cooking and still be completely safe.

A multipurpose tool that has environmental illumination capabilities

In addition to being used to destroy bugs and insects, BlitzyBug can also be utilized for cosmetic reasons for light illumination. 

The BlitzyBug device contains an integrated contact light that you may use to brighten your surroundings. You can place the device on a flat surface using its little grips when not in use.

BlitzyBug has demonstrated that an object can be used to kill insects and other bugs without having a strange appearance. Blitzybug kills mosquitoes discreetly, effectively, and consistently while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Blitzybug Product Specifications

Product name: BlitzyBug

Function:         Wireless mosquito bug zapper

Light:              360° UV light

Battery run time: last for days

Charging Type:  USB Type charging

Charge time:  Up to 8 hours

Unit size:      125 x 52 140mm

Grid voltage:  750V

Input:              5V-2A

The features of Blitzybug

Blitzy bug Review
BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews

Blitzybug is a fantastic tool that kills hundreds of insects and bugs in minutes and has a highly portable design. It stands out and is ideal for indoors and outdoors thanks to several great features. Here are a few characteristics you’ll want to know about.

  • Ultraviolet-wavelength LED lighting

It contains a highly potent LED light that readily attracts insects and bugs to the gadget, where they are all instantly zapped, leaving your area completely bug-and insect-free.

  • Available rechargeable power sources

It comes with a 1-meter USB cord, so you can use your laptop, power bank, PC, or car charger to charge it. You may also set it directly from your wall socket by mounting the USB on a head charger; you may also charge it now through your wall socket.

Additionally, it has a robust battery that can keep up with you for days while operating optimally.

  • Purple LEDs

The Blitzybug Zap employs purple LEDs instead of ultraviolet light, which some bug zappers use to attract pests. The maker claims that purple LEDs draw insects to the device, providing you with an efficient mosquito defense. And science has demonstrated that violet light is an excellent option to reduce problems with flying insects.

  • Simple to use and transportable

A Blitzybug is an intelligent device that can be used without a professional’s assistance. It does not take up any space and is incredibly portable. You can take it wherever. It can be displayed standing up, on the floor, or a wall. 

Because of its modest weight, one may carry it around effortlessly or take it to their place of employment if necessary, without even realizing they are carrying it.

It can be utilized everywhere

Thanks to its fashionable appearance and versatility, you may use it everywhere, even in the office and on your farm. It has a highly sophisticated appearance may offer good attractiveness to any area you keep it in and highlight the beauty of the location with its LED light.

  • Water-Resistant.

Where there is constant access to water, insects and other creatures tend to flourish more. Because water can fade chemicals, making them less effective, it has been challenging for many.

A clever portable device called Blitzybug is made with water-resistant materials so that you may use it outside even when it’s raining. This specific characteristic set it apart from other comparable devices sold on the market and made the same claims.

  • Noiseless gadget.

Blitzybug is a silent device, so when it’s on, you scarcely even notice it—you see the light it emits. Blitzybug doesn’t emit any noise that could be bothersome when it’s on or disturb your peaceful sleep.

The benefits of Blitzybug

  • BlitzyBug are attracting and killing bugs right away.

Many insecticides or similar tools only target or eliminate specific insect or bug species. The insects were driven away rather than killed, so they will come back when they are no longer there.

  • User-Friendly.

The recently released device from BlitzyBug is simple because it features simple controls that don’t require installation or assistance from a professional setup. As long as they follow the instructions in the booklet, anyone can use this device.

  • No hazardous chemicals were used.

Many insecticides are highly deadly and dangerous for the skin and oral contact. Many people choose insect bites over endangering their children’s health. However, BlitzyBug was expertly designed so that even a newborn who comes into contact with it will be completely safe.

Pros of BlitzyBug’s device

  • BlitzyBug is a silent device except for its gleaming led light. 
  • It was created with high-quality materials and had no choking fragrance. 
  • The gadget is very classy, hip, and stylish.
  • The BlitzyBug device provides safety and comfort.
  • It is a very skin-friendly, non-toxic device.
  • It features a powerful battery that will last for days.
  • This device is water-resistant.
  • It is incredibly transportable and straightforward to keep up with. 
  • BlitzyBug is an environmentally friendly insect and mosquito repellent. 
  • The tool can be a light source, insect repellent, and bug killer.
  • BlitzyBug is the most power-efficient and is easily inexpensive.
  • It can be used somewhere besides your car and place of employment.
  • It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Cons of BlitzyBug

  • Most times the demand is usually more than the available. 
  • Orders placed too late may delay shipping.
  • It is only sold on the official website and cannot be found in aa retail store.

Pricing of BlitzyBug

Because decent insecticides are expensive to buy and, most of the time, the results aren’t worth the price, killing insects and other pests has long been a significant struggle for many. The BlitzyBug is a brand-new gadget meant to be incredibly accessible to everyone.

You can get 0ne device for $52.99 (with free shipping).

You can get Three devices for $101.99 (with free shipping).

You can get Five devices for $124.99 (with free shipping).

Affordable pricing never equated to poverty, as many believe, but served as an excellent test for the world.

How can you get a BlitzyBug?

By clicking the link below, you can visit the official BlitzyBug website and make your purchase. We promise to reimburse all of your money.

How to use BlitzyBug effectively

  • Following the purchase of your device from the official website. 
  • The USB cord for charging is visible when you open the package. 
  • A battery charge should last around 4-5 houses. 
  • When the battery is fully charged, a tiny red light on the device turns green. 
  • Turn the spinning button on the top of the device until it clicks to activate it. 
  • Clicking can be heard when the purple UV (ultraviolet) illumination is turned on. 
  • The device can be hung wherever you keep it or on a basic, flat table. 
  • To clean this device, open the final chamber and use the provided micro brush to remove any remaining pieces of dead bugs from the grids and coils.
  • By following the methods outlined above, you can confirm that BlitzyBug is easy to use and doesn’t have any adverse effects.

How does BlitzyBug get rid of insects and buds?

Although the zapping is exceedingly silent, the BlitzyBug is a clever device designed to perform perfectly indoors and outdoors. The battery lasts for days before needing another charge. It functions in any season, and the brush with it makes cleaning the light’s protective shell after each usage a breeze. The noise level is low, so even if the user leaves it running all night, their sleep won’t be disturbed.

All users of the BlitzyBug are protected from pesky insects in any situation and season. Additionally, customers don’t have to worry about the dead insects lingering in the vicinity after cleaning them off the device between uses. Because there is no chemical emission, the gadget is always 100% safe to use around adults and animals of all ages.

Why is this BlitzyBug insects and bugs killer better option than the others?

Unlike others, Blitzybug is the best because it is entirely non-toxic. 

 It is not necessary to hire an expert to use Blitzybug. 

 Blitzybug can function flawlessly both inside and outside.

Frequently asked question about BlitzyBug

How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders will be shipped within 48 hours after order confirmation. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number after your order is shipped. You may track your package via the tracking link provided. Thank you for your business!

What is BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

It is a practical lantern used to kill mosquitos and other insects. It is portable, lightweight, and weather resistant. Hang it anywhere. Perfect for outdoor patios, backyards, RV’s, and camping trips, each bulb clears 60-175 square feet area of annoying and dangerous mosquitos, providing a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment. No more stinky, toxic bug sprays or smoky coils to mess with!

How much area does BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern cover?

Up to 175 square feet.

How effective is BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

The purple LED light is extremely attractive to insects, so they will follow the light to just end up zapped by the electric coil, all with no-hassle for you.

How do you use BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

The controls are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance and easy to clean out. Simply use the included brush to clean coils as necessary.

How does BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern work?

You can either stand the device on a flat surface or hang it up high – whichever way you prefer. BlitzyBug is simple – all you have to do is charge the device by plugging in the included USB cable (a red light indicator will flash letting you know it’s charging), then press the black button on the top of the device – you should hear a ‘click’, and the light will switch on. The purple light wave band will attract bugs and insects to the electric coil in the center of the device, where they will meet their doom. A protective grid will prevent children and pets from accidentally getting hurt, but they are wide enough for insects to pass through (DO NOT touch or clean the coils when the device is on!) Leaving BlitzyBug to operate for at least two hours will rid your personal area of any mosquitoes or other flying insects. Safe and easy!

Is BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern portable?

Blitzybug Reviews
BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews

Yes, it is completely rechargeable with an internal 2,000mAH rechargeable built-in battery. Place it wherever you like, hang it up high, and even take it with you on trips. BlitzyBug is so easy to carry and so compact that you’ll end up taking it everywhere.

How do you charge BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

You can charge it easily, whenever you can, with a USB charger provided. One charge is enough to last you through the entire day, so you can relax knowing that mosquitos won’t bother you.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 6 hours of bug zapping power.

What type of cable is needed?

Micro USB charging cable is included.

How long is the lifespan of the bulb itself?

10,000 hours.

What are the dimensions of BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern?

5” x 3.5” inches. Approximately 6.2 ounces.

How do you clean BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lanterns?

Simply use the included cleaning brush to remove any insects from the coils.

Does BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern emit any chemicals or smell?

No, there are no chemicals or smells with this lantern.

BlitzyBug safe?

Yes! Bug sprays and anti-mosquito candles emit an unpleasant smell, as well as contain lots of chemicals. Meanwhile, BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern contains no toxic materials and is safe to use in your home

Will Blitzy Bug still work if the LED light is damaged?

The LED light attracts them to the device, where they will be instantly killed. Given the high-quality materials used in construction, it would be pretty challenging for the LED light to malfunction.


Kaitlin – Mobile, AL“Summer days in the south can be very hot and humid. Mosquitoes thrive in these conditions. BlitzyBug has provided relief from the bites I would have suffered, as well as protection for my skin.”

Tammy – Jacksonville, FL“Our side-by-side outdoor kitchen has been invaded by flies and ants, leaving us no choice but to keep all food and drinks away from the table. BlitzyBug is a device that allows us to enjoy our outdoor spaces without the worry of any bugs or mosquitoes buzzing around the food and drinks.”

Richard – Seattle, WA“Fishing in the Cascades is a favorite pastime for me and my dad. Unfortunately, there are always uninvited guests buzzing around us constantly! BlitzyBug is a game changer. I can stay out there all day catching fish after fish without being bitten to death by diseased mosquitoes.”

Blitzy Bug Reviews Conclusion

BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews.jpeg
BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern Reviews

The product from BlitzyBug is an excellent bug barrier that might successfully get rid of insects and other dangerous critters. To protect you from the different risks associated with mosquito stings, the creators of this device utilized Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs, which attract insects and destroy them with their high voltages. 

This cutting-edge technology has a larger rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB port and powers it efficiently while consuming less electricity.

Despite being relatively new, the product has already established a solid reputation in the pest control industry thanks to its full results. It takes high voltage to kill all pests in a matter of seconds rather than sputtering harsh chemicals.

The device’s key selling point is the union of an LED light with a suction fan. The device draws bugs to the LED light. When insects get close enough to the Blitzybug trap, a suction fan attracts the insects inside, where they are then killed by dehydration.

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