Colorize Reviews: is this brightology light any good?

Colorize reviews : How these Solar Lights Turning American Yards Into a Mini Paradise for a Fraction of the Cost! 

Overall, colorize brightology Reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers. Some customers gave the colorize light a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating.

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What people are saying about colorize brightology light!

This DIY Light Is The Perfect Home Upgrade

I had doubts about how good these Colorize lights would look given their low price.

So far I was disappointed by other solar lights but gave these a try anyway. When they arrived I set them up and waited for night time.And wow, they looked amazing. My house got covered in stunning light. I can’t believe that all came from solar power.

It didn’t take long, and my next-door neighbor asked me where I got them from. At that moment I felt proud of myself and my yard.

Spending time in my yard is so much more enjoyable now. These lights have a calming effect, but they also elevate the mood when you use the flashing modes. Anyway, I have to say this is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my yard!

Bottom Line: If you want to truly make your yard beautiful and bright, then you need to get Colorize. No annoying installation,  zero maintenance cost, and absolutely stunning

Overview of colorize lights: colorize brightology light review 

Colorize Reviews.jpeg
Colorize Reviews

Colorize is a Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting. No batteries required, no wires, takes 5 minutes to install, no electrician needed, make your home look beautiful in minutes

Don’t Let Your Home Look Terrible at Night

So how can you get to enjoy those precious after-work hours hanging with your friends or family outside… 

Without buying boring lights and paying a professional thousands of dollars in installation fees.

These New Solar Lights Leave Guests and Neighbors Staring In Awe

These new lights are the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to get an “eye-catching” yard. Instantly increasing the curb appeal and making your yard a conversation starter with any guests.

Colorize Will Make You Instantly Fall in Love With Your Yard

Finally, you can enjoy spending time outside with your friends and family, enjoying and feeling proud of how beautiful your yard is.

Colorize is the ultimate DIY lighting upgrade for turning your yard into a mini-paradise, without paying a fortune.

Features of colorize: colorize Reviews 

  • Solar Powered
  • Easy Setup No Wires and Saves Money
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lights 
  • Water-Resistant
  • 4 Color Plus Multicolor
  • Upgrade Your Home
  • Easy to Install
  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • Makes your home unique
  • Solar-powered
  • DIY Setup

How Do Colorize Lights Work?: colorize lights reviews

Colorize has 4 color options and 2 modes to match any mood you want in your yard. Don’t worry, you can also set it to white for an elegant home upgrade as well! 

Colorize harnesses the sun’s energy during the day by using its super-efficient solar panels. Once it gets dark outside, it automatically turns on with the dusk to dawn technology. 

Colorize is Super Easy To Install

All you have to do is take them out of the box, flip a switch to choose the color mode you want, and place them into the ground wherever you want. 

No complicated wiring or annoying battery replacements. Just steak it into the dirt or grass. Then enjoy the new-found beauty of your yard!

You don’t have to worry about the elements either, Colorize is IP44 water-resistant so it can withstand surviving outdoors in the rain

Benefits of colorize light: colorize Reviews 

Below are the 10 amazing features of colorize DIY light 

  • Makes Your Home Look Like A Getaway Retreat: 

Many homeowners think they need more lights to fix their dull and boring yard. Look, any fixture can shine a bright light onto your home. Colorize takes a different approach by actually giving your home a warm ambient glow. Every time Colorize is on, your house will look like a vacation resort by the beach

  • Create Your Own “Color-scape”:

Instead of just one boring light (usually white), Colorize showcases your home with 8 beautiful color modes. They are red, green, blue, white, color-changing rainbow. No matter what mood or atmosphere you want, Colorize will give it to you at the click of a button.

  • Perfect Holiday Light:

Looking for a little Christmas cheer? Halloween spook? Or 4th of July energy? The 4 colors do more than just please the eye, they actually celebrate with you! Tip: To kick the festivities up a notch, put them on “color-changing rainbow” mode.

  • Put Them Anywhere

Just pick a place with soft ground and lots of natural sunlight. You can line each side of your driveway or walkway, glamorize your patio, or light up your garden. They also give large trees and flower bushes a mystical aura. You can really have fun with this. Just use your imagination.

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

Any light can fix your dark spots. But Colorize is more than a “quick fix”. It’s a complete shift in your home’s curb appeal. While your neighbors have boring white lights, you’ll have a rainbow selection of colors. Your home will turn heads and make jaws hit the floor.

  • 20-second Installation:

Other lights take hours of backbreaking labor and complicated work. Not Colorize. Just pick a spot in your yard that needs extra TLC and stake them into the ground and walk away. That’s it. Seriously. At night time, just look out your window and enjoy your home’s brand new look.

  • No Messy Wires:

Colorize is 100% solar powered. It’s solar panels absorb the natural sunlight and preserve them for later. No need to hire an electrician who’ll charge you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to wire them in. There will be no ugly wires running up your wall and causing an eye-sore. Just a beautiful rainbow of light that beautifies your yard.

  • Saves You Money:

Again, Colorize is 100% solar-powered. So it doesn’t hook into your power grid and eat your electricity. You can breathe easier knowing your home is being splashed with wonderful colors and your bank account won’t get drained.

  • Turns ON/OFF By Itself:

Look, we’re all busy. We get home from a long day of work but it doesn’t stop. Kids, pets, spouse, cooking dinner, etc. It’s easy to forget you took 20 seconds to install a beautiful solar light. But no worries, Colorize turns on by itself. The built-in sensors know when it’s dark and it activates Colorize automatically. No need to fumble with a light switch or go outside to turn them on. Just look out your window and enjoy the light show.

  • Thousands Of Homeowners Are Crazy About Colorize:

Colorize is providing thousands of homes with a “shock” of glamorous light. Just look at what Mike is saying, “We have a large painted mural on our back wall behind our pool. These four solar lights really brought out all the colors and made it look extra alive”. Then there’s Carolyne who told us, “They really light up the house and we get a lot of compliments from the neighbors.”

What are the Specifications of colorize 

  • Solar Panel: 5V
  • Colorize Dimension: 5.4 x 9.4 (DxH)
  • Brightness: 6.5 Lumens
  • Light Colors: Light Colors
  • Lighting Body Material: Plastic
  • Assembly Details: Adult assembly required, tools not provided
  • Protective Qualities: Protective Qualities
  • Package Quantity: 6
  • Light Bulb Type
  • Power Source: Power Source
  • Battery: 1200mAh (+/-5%) Lithium Ion, included for each
  • Smart Light Sensor Function : Auto-charge during day, Auto on at night
  • Color Box Dimension: 37cm L x 14.1cm W x 14.2 H

How to use colorize: colorize Light review 

STEP 1: Choose your location

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Position Colorize lights along a walkway, landscape or another area of your yard where they can be exposed to direct sunlight, with no obstructions (such as trees or bushes).

STEP 2: Charge your lights

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Press the button to the ON mode. Continue pressing ON button to set in function of your choice, including: white, red, green, blue, and color shifting rainbow light. Set color choice prior to letting the unit charge.

STEP 3: Let Colorize illuminate your landscape

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Colorize’s dusk activated function will turn the lights on automatically in the evening, giving your landscape up to 8 hours of beautiful rainbow light!

How Will You Make Your Home Stand Out This Holiday Season?

Ever felt like your house looks a little dull from the outside? You want to install some super bright, colorful lights but hiring an electrician would cost you an arm and a leg


  • The Pool Area

Is your pool looking dull at night? Adding just a few of these around your pool will make it stand out and look gorgeous.

  • Landscaping & Gardens
hhWWRUHEI7dI 4RqutDlwg62YnAU Y0klSCpMiH 6a2vQLmDtAOxXgYhIw2HwNmjvD9uM6NaAXJJGaNVc6WevepUjg1phLy1gvzyXr3Hh FNLkP ItVXR5HsfvhLo 78auE08m0q

A poorly lit garden or landscaping area is a turn off at night. Colorize™ fills your garden, fences, pools, BBQ areas with stunning & colorful light! Be warned: Your neighbors might start asking where you got them!

  • Dark Pathways:

Accidents happen, tripping & falling on a dark pathway can cause serious injury. Light the way and stay safe with Colorizes™ “striking” LED lights.

Pros and cons of colorize lights: colorize lights review 

  • Transform Your Dark & Boring Yard into a Bright Paradise that Impresses Your Neighbors
  • Small, Simple, & Convenient – No Complicated Wiring, Batteries or Professional Installation Required.
  • Make Your Home the “Life of the Neighborhood” in Just a Few Quick Minutes
  • These Are Perfect For Your Patio, Your Pool, Your Garden, Pathways And More!
  • Super Easy-To-Use – Just Place it Down & it Immediately Begins Absorbing the Suns Energy when Night Falls it Automatically Turns on!

Cons: colorize reviews 

  • Colorize is only available online 
  • Limited offer available 

How can I purchase colorize?: colorize Reviews

Here’s How To Get Colorize?

Colorize is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you know how to protect your home and family without expensive installations, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the official Colorize website here
  • Enjoy your bright beautiful home

Frequently asked questions about colorize: Colorize review 

Do I need batteries or wiring to use colorize?

No, Colorize only uses it’s solar panels to charge. It doesn’t need any batteries or complicated wiring for it to work.

How many colorize do I need for my home?: colorize lights Reviews

We recommend getting at least 12 for your home. 4 lights can typically cover one area such as a small garden or porch.

How long will it take for my Colorize order  to arrive?

Your Colorize will arrive in 8-15 business days.

Can colorize stay out during Snow? 

Colorize lights work in tough conditions. Some of our customers have told us their lights have been through heavy rain and they still work just fine! You need to store them if there’s snowfall. They won’t work if snow covers them. 

How Do Colorizes turn on at Night?

Colorize uses dusk to dawn technology to automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. And when the sun comes up, bright rights turn off and start charging with their solar panels.

Are colorize waterproof and safe sprinklers?

Yes! Colorize lights work in tough conditions. Some of our customers have told us their lights have been through heavy rain and they still work just fine!

How long do colorize lights stay on?

Colorize’s dusk activated function will turn the lights on automatically in the evening, giving your landscape up to 8 hours of beautiful rainbow light!.

Colorize Customer reviews United states 

Rosalee B.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating

I Love my Lights, they’re Beautiful. I’m sure I’m going to order more.

Tracy S.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating

Order was fast and onOrder was fast and on time. They look beautiful in the yard and on the deck. Color is gorgeous

Kim M.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating

Love them in the front yard. They’re really well mail.

Nikita G.Verified Buyer

Love my lights! I have Love my lights! I have a received numerous compliments

April Mendoza from American 

Got mine in less than a week. So easy to install. Will change to red or green or rainbow during the holidays! Will get some more!”

“I bought 24 and took about a month to receive them … My yard is the brightest!! I absolutely love them and so do my neighbors, oh and the holiday colors are so pretty ?” Review from Katrina Tinsley

Finally verdict: Colorize solar lights Review 

How Homeowners Get a Stunning Yard For a Fraction of the Cost

Most people spend time at home after 7 PM, right when it gets dark and their home looks like an “eye-sore”.

So very few homeowners ever actually get to enjoy their yard. It’s always just pitch black and creepy.

The problem is, most wired lights are way too complicated to install by yourself and hiring an electrician will cost you hundreds of dollars.

And most solar lights are either not bright enough, or make everything look dull and even more depressing… 

Colorize lights will save you from endlessly changing your outdoor lights for every holiday that comes! 

They have a wide range of colors and lighting modes that can fit the year’s festivities. 

Your Colorize is waiting! 

30-day satisfaction guaranteed

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