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SafetyCam Reviews 2022: Is SafetyCam personal Camera Any Good?

SafetyCam Reviews 2022: Is SafetyCam personal Camera Any Good?

Most of the time, people who have gotten into problems have had to spend their hard-earned money to pay for things they didn’t understand since there was insufficient supporting documentation. 

Many women have endured significant abuse from their husbands or boyfriends, resulting in their early death. Yet, those men have escaped punishment since there is no evidence of their crime, allowing them to deny it. 

Little kids are being mistreated by their so-called guardians, teachers, and friends, and because no one is speaking up about it, they are left to die in silence. 

The increasing rate of rape among young girls nowadays, along with other horrifying experiences that put people’s lives in danger, has made life even more miserable.

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are now completely guaranteed, thanks to SafetyCam.

What is SafetyCam?

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SafetyCam Reviews 2022

SafetyCam is a clip-on body camera that can capture HD video and audio. The camera includes infrared night vision, automatic motion detection, and 1080p recording. 

It is a high-quality, lightweight, portable personal body camera for security. 

One-touch capture is available on the camera. Click the icon to begin recording. Use SafetyCam to capture images, audio recordings, and video.

SafetyCam is a body camera designed to be worn on your person, much like how police wear body cameras. The extremely technologically clever SafetyCam keeps you secure at all times, even when you’re asleep, by detecting motion and recording when necessary.

It includes a powerful battery that allows you to record data for hours and a USB connector for charging your smart device. 

Additionally, SafetyCam has a MicroSD slot that enables the addition of a microSD card to expand the amount of memory that is accessible and allows you to retain your evidence even if the device has been lost or stolen. 

Unlike other cameras, it offers two-way audio, allowing the user to speak and listen through the high-definition camera. As a result, you don’t need to buy an extra microphone or speaker to use the two-way function.

SafetyCam Reviews 2022: Specifications of SafetyCam

  • 6X Zoom Wide Lens For 130 Coverage
  • Auto Motion Detection Recording
  • 1080 HD + IR LED Night Vision
  • Weatherproof, Lightweight & Durable
  • Clip & Magnet Mount For Ease of Use
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Motion Detection
  • Micro SD Slot
  • 130 Wide Angle

How does SafetyCam work?

An innovative top-personal body security camera called SafetyCam may be attached to anything and record your surroundings. 

The camera resembles an oversized pen in terms of size. The camera can be secured to a backpack or your front pocket. Additionally, you can use it elsewhere or hang it from a chain around your neck or the front of your automobile.

When SafetyCam detects motion in front of the lens, it automatically starts recording video; alternatively, you can start recording video by pressing the device’s button. SafeCam has HD audio capabilities. 

SafetyCam records recordings day or night. The camera has an infrared lens that enables clear nighttime recording. Placing a filter between the camera’s lens and sensor can brighten images taken in low light.

SafetyCam Features 

SafetyCam Reviews 2022.jpeg
SafetyCam Reviews 2022

Recording with automatic motion detection

All our SafetyCam recorders have a part for recording when motion is detected. When it detects movement, the SafetyCam evaluates video footage from cameras. The SafetyCam examines each image frame and compares it to the preceding one. It is assumed that motion has occurred if it notices differences. 

When motion is detected, start recording video; when action is no longer seen, stop recording.

This eliminates hours of useless, irrelevant videos that use up a lot of memory and storage. Additionally, it prolongs battery life and saves energy. 

Motion detection’s primary function is to identify intrusions and issue a warning to your control panel, which notifies your monitoring center. When you’re asleep or otherwise not paying attention, sensors are still at work. 

It automatically begins capturing video when something moves in the field of vision.

It is a straightforward procedure

There are three buttons on it for taking pictures, recording audio, and recording video. All you have to do to begin recording is switch it on and push the button. 

You don’t need a professional’s assistance because it has a light that lets you know when to stop charging and when it is charging, as well as a blue light when it is recording.

Wide Lens 6X Zoom For 130 Coverage

Users can choose from a wide variety of focal lengths with this wide-angle zoom lens. When you want to capture as much of a scene as possible, wide-angle lenses are typically utilized. It aids in capturing your areas of interest. 

Zoom lenses have the benefit of eliminating the need to switch lenses to get a composition that is either tighter or wider. Having a clear view of the situation in front of you as well as not just the area surrounding you might be helpful.

MicroSD slot 

Additionally, SafetyCam has a MicroSD slot that enables the addition of a microSD card to expand the amount of memory that is accessible and allows you to retain your evidence even if the device has been lost or stolen. 

After recording, you can take the MicroSD card out and put it on your phone, computer, or another viewing device. Additionally, it has a powerful internal storage system that enables you to continue recording for as long as you like.

1080p HD video

A group of HDTV high-definition video modes known as 1080p features 1,920 horizontal pixels across the screen and 1080 vertical pixels. 

Compared to normal definition, high-definition video has a higher resolution and quality. It enables you to produce photographs of higher quality for the viewer. 

HD caliber With 1080p HD recording, every detail in pictures and videos is evident.  

Safety Cam lets you take pictures and videos by recording video in 1080p HD.

Powerful with a long battery life

Hours of continuous recording are possible with the 560mAh battery before it needs to be recharged. Before creating this smart device with such a powerful battery that will never let you down in an emergency, the designer of SafetyCam took into account the difficulties many people encounter with light in some restricted places.

IR LED Night Vision

Although infrared light is undetectable to the human eye, wearing an IR illuminator makes the wearer visible to people who can see in the dark. 

Infrared light is used by IR or night vision cameras to illuminate objects in the dark. Infrared light is everywhere around us, even if we can’t see it. IR cameras can see in the dark by detecting these invisible infrared wavelengths. 

Infrared LEDs are essential for recording in low-light conditions and for night vision. 

The capture of activity at night on or around your property. It also increases the safety of your home. An obstruction to intruders’ vision. IR optics with a 6X zoom allows clear recording in the dark for nighttime security.


suitable for all seasons and built to tolerate weather exposure without losing quality. The camera functions in even the most extreme settings because it is water and shock-proof. With an IP68 rating, it can withstand a typical downpour.

Durable yet light in weight

The 200 g clip-on camera records secret footage by attaching it to clothing and automobile components. You can easily take it with you wherever you go because it is quite sturdy.

Simple to Use Clip and Magnet Mount

This clamp simply clips onto my shirt, my pants, and various automotive parts. It can be attached to almost anything. It is simply hooked on and even fastens to your office desk or car dashboard. 

It includes a strong magnet at the rear that makes it possible to attach it to metal objects.

Uses for SafetyCam

  • Dissuade attackers 

The safety car is an extremely potent weapon that scares off intruders, forcing them to flee since even in low light, their photos can be plainly seen, and their voices can be immediately identified no matter how they try to mask them. 

  • Make claims of self-defense credible

With your SafetyCam, you may easily defend yourself if someone attacks you and denies the truth. You can demonstrate that your attack on this person was justifiable by using a body camera like SafetyCam. 

SafetyCam helps one not to engage in a fight that can risk his or her life when he has something to show for it.

  • Keep a log of interactions with law enforcement

The SafetyCam’s creators appear to endorse the practice of documenting interactions with law enforcement. Depending on the circumstances, SafetyCam may clear you of any accusations made by the police. Additionally, you can use it in your car to protect yourself from any unjustified traffic violations or when someone damages your vehicle.

  • For the military and police

SafetyCam can assist you as a law enforcement officer in documenting everyday contact with the public. In police work across the nation, body camera footage is becoming more and more significant (or even legally mandated).

  • Take Notes on Daily Life

To utilize SafetyCam, you don’t need to have a cause in mind. Some individuals use the camera to document daily activities. You may, for instance, use the camera to document a climb, a stroll around the city, or some other kind of activity. 

You can give it to your daughter who lives somewhere. It’s also beneficial for older people who live alone.

Other critical applications listed on the SafetyCam website include workplace monitoring, first responders, security workers, and roadside safety.

Overall, SafetyCam is promoted as a tool to safeguard your rights and keep you safe.

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Pros of SafetyCam

  • Simple capture, excellent audio, and video clarity. 
  • Every woman needs to have this product for protection and safety. 
  • Lightweight, portable, and portable describe SafetyCam. 
  • Everything about it is user-friendly. 
  • They are fairly inexpensive. 
  • It is incredibly easy to use and does not need expert guidance. 
  • Its design is modern. 
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee included.

Cons of SafetyCam

o Only the official website may be used to make a purchase.

o It is not available at local or supermarket stores.

Pricing of SafetyCam

You can get one SafetyCam for $70.99 (with free shipping).

You can get two SafetyCam for $104.99 (with free shipping).

You can get three SafetyCam for $139.99 (with free shipping).

Where to buy SafetyCam?

You can purchase your SafetyCam by going to the official SafetyCam website by clicking the link below. We guarantee to return all of your funds.

How Does SafetyCam Work?

A high-resolution personal safety body camera called a SafetyCam can be attached to anything and record your surroundings.

The camera resembles a huge pen in size. The camera can be fastened to a backpack or your front pocket. You can also use it in other places, such as hanging it from a lanyard around your neck or attaching it to the front of your bike or car.

When SafetyCam notices motion in front of the lens, it instantly begins to capture video. You can also start capturing video by pressing the device’s button. SafetyCam has the option to record both audio and video or only audio.

The official website states that SafetyCam catches video day or night. To guarantee clear recording in the dark for safety at night, the camera incorporates an infrared lens. With a filter positioned between the camera’s lens and sensor, infrared cameras, also referred to as night vision cameras, use infrared light to illuminate images in the dark.

Overall, SafetyCam is made to be a covert body camera, perfect for security guards, law enforcement, and general public use.

Commonly Asked Question about SafetyCam

Can SafetyCam capture while driving?

It will capture excellently clear video and photographs when you mount it on the dashboard of your automobile.

Does SafetyCam have to be left on all the time in order for it to readily auto-record when necessary?

No, it will automatically turn on and begin recording as soon as it hears a voice that is unfamiliar to it.

SafetyCam customers Reviews and Experiences 

I never leave home without it!My call center job needs me to come back late at night. I always have the Safety Cam clipped to my purse. It just makes me feel so much safer. The battery life is really good too!- Lisa Mason

Got me out of a wrongful speeding ticket.I use this as my dashcam and it really helped me get out of a wrongful speeding ticket when a cop tried to be aggressive. The footage that automatically got recorded work as solid proof! In today’s uncertain times, I recommend having this handy!- JLLong

Battery life & super high quality video.I got this for my mother who lives alone and she always has it on her when going out. It makes her feel much safer. I did my research before buying this and this product hd all the top features and was much cheaper than the other products out there.- Clint K.

Must have for these uncertain times!As a part of a human rights group, I like to be prepared as things can get out of hand very quickly when we have demonstrations. This device ensures that I am able to record all that goes on. Apart from working as evidence, it also keeps wrong-doers at pay as they know they are being recorded.- Nathan Gomez


Due to the current situation, where riots, thefts, and accidents are on the rise, Safety Cam is a small, covert, and simple-to-use clip-on body camera that enables you to capture audio, video, and images and keeps you safe. The tool aids in preventing authorities and attackers from leveling false allegations. 

SafetyCam aims to provide a lightweight, covert, and simple-to-use clip-on body camera that can capture voice, video, and still images.

The SafetyCam’s creators promote the product as a personal safety tool. You can record your surroundings using the camera to increase your safety. You can utilize SafetyCam to disprove someone’s assertion that you did something when, in fact, you did not. 

Additionally, you can mount it on your car or bicycle while driving to record interactions with law enforcement or incidents of road rage. 

To guarantee a long recording time, you can plug it in with a USB cord. It is useful for recording meetings and seminars to listen to them afterward. It can also be utilized at work.

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