TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023: Should I Buy?

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023 – All you need to know 

With its Blue LED working in synergy with the Sonic Technology, TrySnow LED Toothbrush removes even the toughest of plaques and makes your teeth as white as ever! 

Have you ever had to hide your smile after listening to a joke just because you couldn’t confidently display your teeth?

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TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023

Whenever we smile or grin, our teeth naturally come to notice. However, some people don’t want others to see their teeth because they believe it is not clean or white enough.

Again, some of us have sensitive teeth that cause a lot of discomfort after using manual brushes or with strong mechanical scrubbing. The result is a horrible brushing experience.

This is why you need the TrySnow LED Toothbrush, an electric toothbrush designed to make your teeth clean and white through safe, efficient brushing.

No fuss, we’re going to tell you all about this revolutionary toothbrush in this TrySnow LED Toothbrush review.

From our testing of the toothbrush and from customer testimonials, here are what you stand to gain by using the TrySnow LED Toothbrush:

  • For cleaner & Whiter teeth
  • Perfect for people with sensitive teeth
  • Gives users a fresher breath
  • Removes even the hardest tooth plaques
  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums
  • Fast action (after 1-7 sessions)
  • Affordable with 15% discount
  • Saves cost (no need to visit the dentist!)
  • Prevents tooth diseases from developing
  • Toothbrush for both the young and old
  • Boosts your confidence!

What is TrySnow LED Toothbrush?

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023

TrySnow LED Toothbrush is a state-of-the-art electric toothbrush that employs a unique technology to make your teeth cleaner, whiter, and healthier.

The manufacturer says TrySnow LED Toothbrush is the “Apple of Oral Care” and we can’t agree more because this toothbrush works in an amazing way to give you an unbeatable brushing experience.

One thing you can’t get from manual brushes is regulated pressure when using the brush. The extent of cleaning depends on you to either scrub harder or softer. But this isn’t the best because you can inadvertently apply undue force that could lead to bleeding of the gums, for instance.

To avert this, the manufacturer equipped TrySnow with four brush modes that provide you with just the right amount of pressure needed to make your teeth sparkling without any harm.

As an electric toothbrush, TrySnow LED Toothbrush depends on electric power. This is supplied by the built-in rechargeable battery that powers the device for several days depending on the frequency of usage. 

The product package features a charging base into which the toothbrush is docked to enable charging via USB.

It is recommended that you use TrySnow LED Toothbrush for four sessions at 2 minutes per session (2 minutes being the American Dental Association’s recommendation for optimal tooth cleaning and plaque removal).

With a simple design, even your 8-year-old can use TrySnow LED Toothbrush. You only have to fill the LED Brush heads with the TrySnow magic teeth whitening powder and you’re good to go.

You’ll get results typically after 1-7 sessions of brushing depending on the extent of plaque deposit.

To safeguard it from bacteria, dirt, and other particles, the toothbrush comes with a Brush cover that caps the brush area. Ensure this is in place after using the product.

You know that TrySnow LED Brush is fully charging from the red status light at the lower half of the gadget. When fully charged, you get a green light and get ready to make your teeth as white as ever!

Try Snow Teeth Whitening Official Website

But, can a blue LED actually clean the teeth? (See how TrySnow LED Toothbrush works!)

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TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews

You may wonder how this supposedly mind-blowing technology works.

From a scientific standpoint, blue light is a high-energy ray in the visible light spectrum (not UV!). So, how come it cleans the teeth?

Apparently, the LED light itself doesn’t clean the teeth or make them whiter. However, it can activate the agents of the toothpaste including carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to speed up the reactions to the whitening process. 

Contrary to what people think, TrySnow LED Toothbrush doesn’t use UV which is potentially dangerous. It uses blue light. 

In addition to the blue light technology, this top-tier toothbrush employs Sonic technology by delivering tiny and rapid sonic vibrations at 30,000 times per minute. 

What do these vibrations do? Perhaps you don’t know but plaques frequently form in your teeth, and that’s where the vibrations act! 

The vibrations help break up the plaque that builds up on your teeth. Additionally, they activate the fluids in your mouth, turning them into powerful cleaning agents that can get into the cracks and crevices between your teeth, as well as below the gum line. 

Obviously, TrySnow LED Toothbrush is at the forefront of the electric brush technology with a working mechanism far from what you find in regular toothbrushes.

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Features

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TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023

We’ve already mentioned some of the features of TrySnow LED Toothbrush that make it unique. Now we want to see them in more detail.

  1. Four(4) Brush modes

Some of us have very sensitive teeth that cause us pains or bleed upon moderate mechanical pressure. 

If you fall into this category, TrySnow LED is all you’ve been looking for.

It has 4 different options that serve different functions: the Clean option provides deeper cleaning of the teeth and gum; the Whiten option helps add some extra whitening to the process; Polish helps your teeth shine even more while the last option “Sensitive” serves people who have sensitive teeth.

  1. Blue LED & Sonic technology

The Blue LED and sonic wave synergy is at the heart of TrySnow’s operation. It is hard to get your teeth clear of plaque if they’re deposited for long or in large quantities. Hence, you need an efficient toothbrush like the TrySnow LED Toothbrush. 

Blue LED activates the ingredients of the toothpaste for better cleansing while the sonic waves shake off plaques, help in activating fluids, and fill the cracks and crevices in your teeth. 

  1. Battery-operated electric toothbrush

One problem with having electric gadgets is getting to recharge them. Some don’t use batteries and depend on direct electricity from the wall socket whereas the battery-operated ones use a lot of energy and don’t last at all.

With TrySnow LED Toothbrush, the story is different because you can use this gadget for several days after a single recharge.

To recharge the device, you simply have to plug it into the charging dock and connect to the power source via the micro USB.

  1. Built-in 2-minute timer

The American Dental Association recommends for optimal tooth cleaning and plaque removal a 2-minute-long brush session. And TrySnow LED Toothbrush is built with that standard.

This ToothBrush runs for a session of 2 minutes, automatically turns off for 30 seconds (within which it gives pulses) and then turns on again for another 2 minutes. 

Through four such sessions, your teeth get the optimal cleaning and become much whiter.

  1. Refillable LED brush heads

The Toothbrush has a removable head which slots into the body of the gadget. Simply fill its head with the toothpaste for as many times as you’d want to brush.

Ideally, a head should be used for 3 months after which you have to replace it. 

In the package, you get two brush heads meant to last for 6 months.

  1. Brush cover 

Bacteria are everywhere. Unless you store your brush in an autoclave that runs all-day, you can’t get them out of your brush. But who does that?

To safeguard your teeth from bacterial infection and also from dirt, use the brush cover included in the package to cover the brush.

  1. Status lights

Whether or not TrySnow is working the status lights will tell you. When it’s plugged in properly, the device shows a red light and when it’s fully charged, you get a green light.

67% discount for 1 unit of TrySnow LED Toothbrush. Order now!

How do I use the TrySnow LED Toothbrush?

To use this ToothBrush is easy. The full details are contained in the User Guide (part of the Package).

Note the following:

  1. Make sure the device is charged up before use.
  2. Place the Brush cover after use and store in a clean, dry place.
  3. Do not allow the charging base or cord to sit in water.
  4. TrySnow LED Toothbrush is for use with 5V only.

TrySnow LED Toothbrush: what do I get in the package?

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TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023
  • TrySnow LED Toothbrush (x1
  • Brush head (x2)
  • USB charger (x1)
  • User Guide (x1)
  • Charging base (x1)

Is there an age limit to the use of TrySnow LED Toothbrush?

No. The Snow LED Toothbrush is suitable for everyone. 

Children, teenagers, younger adults, older adults as well as the aged can use this ToothBrush without any assistance.

It does not require any special skills nor do you need to be grounded with technology before using it.

When do I see results? (TrySnow LED Toothbrush review)

Results from Snow LED Toothbrush vary depending on the user, particularly due to the amount of plaque deposition and how long it’s been there. It is generally a fast process, however.

From testing and customer feedback, your teeth can get a whole lot whiter after 1-7 sessions of using this gadget.

Is TrySnow LED Toothbrush really worth my money?

Should you invest in TrySnow or continue with your manual brush? The choice is entirely yours.

One thing is certain though. TrySnow LED Toothbrush uses scientifically proven methods to make the teeth whiter and cleaner. 

Customer feedback is mostly positive, suggesting that these people are getting value for their money. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t make it in the market anyway.

Why choose Snow LED Toothbrush over other teeth cleaning gadgets?

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023

The benefits of using the TrySnow LED Toothbrush are so numerous that we didn’t see them all in a single gadget.

Choosing TrySnow LED Toothbrush above the rest offers you the following benefits:

  • For cleaner & Whiter teeth — TrySnow LED Toothbrush employs blue Light and sonic technology to make your smile whiter!
  • Perfect for people with sensitive teeth — People with sensitive teeth no longer have to run helter skelter looking for teeth cleaning agents. TrySnow is for sensitive as well as normal teeth. Choose the best mode for you from any of the four modes.
  • Gives users a fresher breath — Food particles and bacteria are usually found in plaques and are the cause of mouth odour. 

You don’t want to throw your friends into discomfort or feel embarrassed when they laugh at you or complain of your bad breath. TrySnow LED Toothbrush is go-to cleaning gadget that can save you from this awkward moment. Hurry now!

  • Removes even the hardest tooth plaques — Plaques deposited for longer times are harder to remove. However, use of TrySnow for several sessions can get rid of this and restore your teeth to the normal color.
  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums —  The problem with dirty teeth is that bacteria home in your mouth and destroy both the teeth and gums. You don’t want this and you should get a TrySnow LED Toothbrush to prevent it.

By removing Plaques which home bacteria, TrySnow preserves your teeth and gums.

  • Fast action — You’ll get results in typically 1-7 sessions. TrySnow works at an incredibly fast rate to restore the status of your teeth.
  • Affordable with 15% discount — You can get TrySnow LED Toothbrush at $126.65 which is 15% off the normal price ($149). Save more by buying more units!
  • Saves cost (no need to visit the dentist!) — Apart from being affordable, TrySnow LED Toothbrush gives you healthier teeth and obviates the need to spend several dollars on the services of a dentist.
  • Toothbrush for both the young and old — TrySnow is for your grandpa and also for your 8-year-old. It is for everybody.
  • Boosts your confidence — Nothing beats the experience of smiling whenever you want to. Laugh out loud because you’ve got the whitest of teeth!

Advantages of the Try Snow LED Toothbrush

  • Reduces the need for and the frequency of dental appointments
  • The TrySnow Whitening Toothbrush has 4 options of use which helps personalize your brushing experience
  • Best results are guaranteed
  • It comes with an extra brush head
  •  Has sonic technology which delivers deep cleaning with high-speed vibrations
  • Effective removal of built-up deposits of food particles and plaques
  • Gives healthy teeth and gum with reduced gum inflammation
  • Blue LED light technology which helps with stain removal and teeth whitening
  • Has a 2 minute smart timer which promotes healthy brushing habits
  • Pairs well with the whitening toothpaste
  • It has a long-lasting battery life with a charging base
  • Provides users with quick results.
  • It is safe to use
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • Special offer of 15% discount on sale price
  • Free shipping applies

Disadvantages of the TrySnow LED Toothbrush

  • There is limited stock of TrySnow Whitening Toothbrushes.
  • Requires the TrySnow whitening toothpaste for maximum function and to effectively speed up the teeth whitening process.
  • The special promo offer by the manufacturers of the TrySnow LED Electric Toothbrush lasts only for a limited time.
  • TrySnow is only available on the official website. 

Pricing and Where to Buy Snow LED Toothbrush

TrySnow LED Toothbrush is available on the official website. The special promo offer by the manufacturers of the TrySnow LED Electric Toothbrush lasts only for a limited time.

  • 1 pack of the Snow Whitening Toothbrush costs $126.65 ($149)
  • 2 packs of the Snow Whitening Toothbrush cost $211.65 ($249) – save $49 on the cost
  • 4 packs of the Snow Whitening Toothbrush cost $424.96 ($499.95) – save $96.05 on the cost

What are People Asking About Try Snow Whitening Toothbrush?

Is TrySnow LED Toothbrush dangerous to use?

No. It is safe. However, the manufacturer warns not to allow the charging base or cord to sit in water.

What happens if the Toothbrush doesn’t satisfy me?

You can return the TrySnow LED Toothbrush within 30 days of buying the product if you don’t like it.

How long does it take for my teeth to become white?

You have to use the Toothbrush for 1-7 sessions. However, for very tough plaques, it may require longer use.

When do I replace the brush head?

A single brush head is recommended for use for only 3 months. 

How do I order the product?

Head over to the official website and place your order.

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Consumers Reports 

ACTUALLY A REPLACEMENT- I had trouble with my first one. But let me say how wonderful customer service was. I took pictures of the problem. Sat down and called and within 10 minutes my replacement was on its way. Excellent! I really missed it while waiting for the new one. My teeth are whiter and feel much cleaner and polished.

SENSITIVE TEETH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!- I have tried everything ! Every toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste I can get my hands on. It absolutely hurts to brush them. I can’t drink anything cold at all. With Snow I have no pain. I even think they may be whiter? ? I absolutely can not whiten my teeth or they hurt for a month. Now I’m experiencing pain free brushing and a whiter smile ?

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023: Any las

TrySnow LED Toothbrush Reviews 2023
TrySnow LED Toothbrush Review

If you want super-white teeth without gambling over cleaning agents, the TrySnow LED Toothbrush is what you need. 

It is a breakthrough technology product that uses Blue Light and Sonic waves to brighten your smile. Apart from that, it comes at an affordable price, perfect for anybody trying to save money on toothbrushes while getting value from them.

67% discount for 1 unit of TrySnow LED Toothbrush. Order now!


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