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Huusk knives (United States) Reviews: All You Need To know Before Buying

Huusk knives (United States) Reviews100% Authentic Japanese Knife

Everyone gets that special feeling when they are in the kitchen and each kitchen utensil gives them what they got them for. From the spoon to the frying pan, pots, kettles, but the mood changes when you get to the knife and find out that the knife is giving you the opposite of what you expect, it is such a disappointing feeling.

Knives are good alternatives for foodstuffs that the chef does not want to grind. He can decide to slice the pepper, onions, and some other related foodstuffs to his meal.

Now, imagine trying to chop or dice a carrot and realize that your knife is blunt, or it has rusted. It demoralizes you, it makes the enthusiasm you started initially with go sour.

I can relate too, I have been in a situation whereby I tried to give a good impression of how skilled I am with cooking to my friend, only to realize that my knife is blunt and it ended up messing the whole food, from the shapes of the carrot to the shapes of the meat and then the onions and tomatoes. It was a terrible experience, the blisters it gave me on my palms are a story for another day. 

Thanks to Huusk Knives which makes cooking easy and fun! It doesn’t just give you what you want, it gives you more than you expect. The features of this knife make it a choice for every chef out there.

And you know where it’s made from? Japan! 

Japanese knives are known to be one of the best knives. This is a review of the most popular chefs. Now you can imagine how awesome this knife is.

Talking about it gives me a special joy because it’s one of the best knives I have used and for the fact that it changed the wrong impression I made the last time I made food for my friend with a blunt knife, to him awning and praising my cooking skills, makes me want to send a gratitude package to the producers of this knife.

 Huusk Knife is worth it.

About Huusk Knives

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Huusk knives (United States) Reviews

Huusk Knives are knives made by Japanese blacksmiths to perform kitchen operations. It is designed to give the chef comfort and pride in his cooking skills. These knives replicate traditional, carved Samurai Swords. The Samurai swords are swords that are said to have dominated the battlefield of Japan for over a thousand years. A sword that can split a tree into two halves, technological in structure. So beautiful in creation. There is no weapon in the world regarded as sharp as the Samurai sword. It is the ultimate sword in the world. 

So if the Huusk knife is designed to replicate the traditional Samurai Swords, then it’s fair enough to call it a “beast” in the kitchen, because it will perform all kitchen cutting functions effortlessly. 

Husk knives are said to be the sharpest knives to ever exist because they can cut through food items with ease and give ultra-thin slices. 

With Huusk knives, you can’t make mistakes in the kitchen.

Too good to be true?

 These knives are made in a way that allows the user to grip them firmly because of the laser-carved index finger hole for exceptional control and easy to give your foodstuffs the best cut ever. You don’t have to be scared of the knife slipping off your hands and probably injuring you because of this beautiful feature that most knives do not have. 

Not just that, these knives are made of good quality, they are durable and can be resistant to corrosion due to the quality of steel used. This steel is called the Japanese Stainless steel, the same kind of steel that was used for Samurai swords for centuries. These knives were made to be even sharper than other knives.

The Huusk knives are durable, extremely sharp, lightweight, and flexible, due to their sharpness, it’s called razor-blade knives which means they are sharp as razors.

Each Huusk knife takes about 138 steps to get done and not just that but also takes over two months to be complete before it goes through rigorous testing. They are handcrafted and specially made by this blacksmith for the love of cooking, they aim at satisfying the need of making a sumptuous, appetizing, and attractive meal.

So even if the user is a newbie when it comes to cooking, the Huusk knife makes him a professional cook without putting so much stress and effort.   

Husk knives are highly rated among world-class chefs because it has been tested and trusted, they have compared this knife to other knives and came to the conclusion that it satisfies all of their needs when they use them for cutting.  Since there are many modern ways to make these cuts such as using a chopper or cleaver, Huusk knives perform better because of how sharp the edges are. Some chefs even confessed that they got positive remarks from their managers after they started using these knives. 

Knives are more than decorative elements or aesthetics in a home. They are used for many different methods of cooking practice, this is why there are so many different styles of knives nowadays and different kinds of blades too. Different blades have different purposes, and no culture quite respects these different opportunities like Japanese culture.

Today, Japanese knives, with their curves and razor-sharp blades, keep advancing. The Huusk knife, handmade in Japan, is at the lead of the lists, with beginners and both professional chefs praising its capability, functionality, and thin sharp blade. Japanese knives are one-of-a-kind, no doubt.

With Huusk knives you can never make an unappealing meal nor get bored in the kitchen.

Thanks to the Japanese blacksmiths.

Japanese knives

Japanese knives are one of quality performance and artistic beauty. The Huusk Japanese knives are made of Tamahagane type of steel. The word “Tama” is said to mean ” Precious” while the word “hagane” means steel.

Tamahagane is made of iron sand found in Shimane, Japan.

Tamahagane is a special type of Japanese steel. It has a higher content of carbon, which makes it possible to produce a stronger blade. It contains about 1.5%  carbon Steel or lower and also contains steel ore which comes from the iron sand used. This combination is what creates the traditional Japanese steel, Tamahagane

Japanese knives are one of the best collections of knives when it comes to quality and durability. Some of the unique qualities such as being lighter, balanced in the hand, hardness, thinness, and ease to hold an edge for a long time make it even more special.

This is why it’s great to choose a Huusk knife to be in your collection of knives, if not the only one.

Parts of a Huusk Knife

  • The wooden Handle: The handle of a Huusk knife is made of wood, and oak wood specifically. It’s crafted in a fashionable curved form that allows the user to firmly grip it and do their cutting operations. 

The special thing about the handle is the wood it is made from- an oak wood. An oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world and it symbolizes Longevity, strength, stability, and endurance. In summary, it just symbolizes strength and resilience.

So when it’s said that this Knife is crafted out of love, it’s undoubtedly true.

This wooden hand adds to the durable feature of this knife compared to other knives that have plastic handles that can fall and break making it difficult to grip firmly during cutting.

  • Blade: Huusk knife has been given a review as being a ruthlessly sharp boning knife hand-forged by a Japanese blacksmith. 

The blade is made of high carbon Japanese steel and comprises a unique hold cut out to allow for maximum control. 

This knife is the best for kitchen use and blends perfectly with nature when used outside the home.

It’s a wonderful view to behold when placed on the dining table, it is appealing to the eyes due to its stylish structure.

The technique used in making Huusk knives

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Huusk knives (United States) Reviews

There are several types of knives steel for kitchen knives as well as manufacturing techniques.

There are the Stamped steel knives and the forged knives. The stamp steel knife like the name suggests presses the knife shape out of a sheet of steel and might be cut with lasers. It’s taken off, hardened, ground, sharpened and polished 

The 2nd major method which I use in making Huusk knives is the Forging method. That’s why it’s said that these knives are hand-forged and undergo about 138 steps and rigorous testing before it’s made available for the final consumers.  This is the process you take a solid bulk of steel (the tamahagane) and compress it, in order words force the steel molecules together.

Generally speaking, this is a much better steel-making technique for knives. Thus, Huusk knives are hand-forged which makes them an excellent choice for the kitchen when it comes to cutting foodstuffs.

Uses of Huusk Knives

Huusk knives are multi-purpose knives.

Being an all-in-one knife, this beauty is the best for a wide variety of tasks such as dicing, slicing, and chopping.

Whether you require perfect cuts for your vevegetables or a tough edge to cut slice through meat or dice cooked meat.

So these are some of the uses of Huusk knives.

  • Huusk knives can be used as paring knives: Since Huusk knives functions as paring knife, it is great for peeling fruits and vegetables, scraping the backs of mushrooms, slicing a single garlic clove, or shallot. It can be used for controlled detailed cutting such as cutting shapes or vents. Japanese knives, Today, with their unique curves and razor-sharp edges, are attaining popularity. The Huusk knife is at the lead of the trend, it is handmade by the Japanese which makes both  amateur and professional chefs  rave about its beauty, thin sharp blade functionality, and durability.
  • Huusk knives can be used as carving knives: These knives function as carving knives because they can be used for slicing and carving dense meats. Slicing knives are also used for cutting roast vegetables and thinner slices of fruits. They are used for carving thin uniform slices from meats, and poultry and can sometimes be used for filleting very large fishes.
  • Husk knives can also function as Bread knives: Husk knives can be used for slicing bread into thin equal proportions. The blades of bread knives can cut soft bread without crushing it.
  • Huusk knives can be used as steak knives: Huusk knives are used in roasted chicken, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, Hanukkah brisket, and even big vegetables. 

Now it is obvious that Huusk knives serve varieties of purposes while being sharp and durable.

Outstanding Features of Huusk Knives

  • Ergonomically designed: The producers of these knives prioritize the comfort of their users that’s why they made this utensil ergonomic. This feature allows the user to use this knife without the hands getting fatigued.
  • High-grade material: Japanese blacksmiths are known for their quality knives. Huusk knife in order words is not designed from just any kind of steel but the Japanese stainless steel. Which is one of the best raw materials used when it comes to making a durable and quality knife.
  • Razor-sharp blade: They replicate the traditional carved Samurai Swords. The Samurai swords are known to be one of the sharpest swords in the history of Japan. This means that the Huusk knives have very sharp edges and they cut surfaces of food items and even more so easily and effortlessly. This means they don’t go blunt or dull as quickly as other cutting kitchen utensils.
  • Provides a perfect grip: Unlike the normal knives we have seen in our society today, the Huusk knives have a special feature that differentiates them from other knives and this is the presence of a laser-carved index finger hole for a firm grip. So the user can place their index finger in this hole while cutting, slicing, or dicing. This creates balance for the user while showcasing their culinary skills.
  • Not weighty: The Husk knives are light enough to be used in the kitchen. They are so flexible, because of this feature, it is highly recommended for cooking enthusiasts, Amateur chefs, and professional chefs.
  • All-purpose knife: The Huusk knives are multipurpose knives. They can be used in the kitchen and even outdoors, they can be used on vacations and while camping. This knife has been tested on scraping and cutting wood and it amazed the users how a kitchen utensil can be sharp enough to cut woods. Not just that, but it can be used as a carving knife, paring knife, bread knife, and even steak knife.
  • Rust Resistant: Huusk knives do not corrode. There are small clothes it’s packaged with so that after use, the clothes can be used to wipe the blade neatly before placing it on the knife shelves. A lot of knife companies do not have this in mind while making their knives. But Huusk knives producers understand what it takes to elongate the life of their knives.
  • 100% lifetime warranty: The Huusk company gave a guarantee to replace any of their knives purchased by their customer and it’s faulty or not giving them what they expect. But this will happen if only the knife was purchased from their official website as there are fake knives out there posing as Huusk knives. Once you purchase it from their websites, there is nothing to be scared of.
  • Presence of the Tsuchime Finish: Most knives we use today are made to have smooth surfaces with the aim of making this kitchen utensil shiny. But then, smooth surfaces can slow down cutting processes as vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes usually stick on these surfaces and don’t easily fall off, but with an uneven surface, they easily fall off. This is the reason why Huusk knives have fine uneven surfaces to make cutting faster.

Benefits of Huusk knives

  • Affordable: Huusk knives are very affordable. For a knife to have such unique features, it is expected to cost a fortune, yet these knives can be afforded by both the rich and the average man. 
  • Attractive: Huusk knives have an irresistible appealing structure. It can’t be hung in the kitchen or placed on the dining table without being noticed. It adds to the beauty of any place it is placed.
  • Makes cooking faster: with Huusk knives, cooking can be easier and faster. You can meet up with an arrangement if you are expecting some guests at home and promise to make the meal available before they arrive. You won’t have to toil or waste so much time because the Huusk knife will make all the slicing, carving, dicing, and chopping faster.
  • Makes cooking Fun: There is nothing that gives extraordinary joy than when you buy a kitchen item and realize it gives you what you got them for. It makes the whole cooking fun! Because you get to cut your carrots the size you want them, your tomatoes as thin as you want them, and your meats as shaped as you want them. After making your meal and having a glimpse of what you made, you get satisfied and happy. 
  • Safe: since the producers of Huusk knives prioritizes the safety of their customer, they included that unique feature that allows the index finger to be placed in the laser carved hole for a firm grip. This ensures the safety of the chef.

How to make use of a Huusk knife

The Huusk knife is a simple kitchen utensil to use, this is due to its simple, innovative, and ergonomic design.

Simply grip the oak wood handle with your preferred hand to use this knife and place your index finger in the carved hole on the blade part. You can use your other hand to hold whatever it is you want to cut, whether meat, fish, tomatoes, or garlic, most times you don’t even need the support of your other hand because this knife is sharp enough to cut food items while retaining their moisture content. 

 You can easily use a rocking method because of the carve hole feature   to finely chop onions or other related foodstuffs. 

Since this knife is weightless it can be taken around and easily be used to cut foodstuffs.

What makes a Huusk knife stand out

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Huusk knives (United States) Reviews

There are a variety of kitchen knives in the market, the producers are advancing and they aim at satisfying the need of the chefs worldwide with each knife they produce, but there hadn’t been anyone who went the extra mile to proffer solutions to the needs of most of these users than the Huusk company. Huusk knife is a very portable and convenient kichen knife that is about 27.7cm and 10.9 inches, the blades are 16cm or .63 inches while the weight is about 280 grams or 0.64 pounds.

With this knife, you can slice thinly with minimum pressure.

There are many knives made by Japanese blacksmiths like the Santoku- which can cut fresh meat and vegetables. Kirittsuke- traditionally used by executing chefs, also comes from the samurai sword-making, Bunka, petty knife, Nakiri, Usuaba, Yanagi, Kaimuki, Sujihike, Honeski, Hankotsu, and the rest. These knife collections are good knives but Huusk knives seem to be one of the knives that receive a lot of praise from world-class chefs and get people jaw-dropping. This can only mean one thing, they do exactly what the producers claim they do. Like cutting so easily, even papers, tomatoes. They just give pretty fun slices.

How to sharpen a Huusk knife

  • Sharpening with a water stone: One of the best ways to sharpen a knife is by hand with a water stone. You can soak your water stone for about  30minutes, when you do this, you will see a lot of bubbles, this simply means that your stone is absorbing some water.

When you stop seeing bubbles, you will know that it’s soaked pretty well. You can keep a towel below it, to keep it from sliding. Make sure your stone is a little wet. Now push the knife from the tip away from you and towards you consecutively.

Turn the stone over and do the same on the fine side, after that you can feel the knife with your thumb to know how sharpened it feels.

  • Honing: You can run your knife over the steel, this method is faster than using a water stone but it’s not better compared to the use of a water stone because it thins the blade a little bit, but it sure gives you a sharper knife.
  • Manual Sharpener: This is a device that comprises two ceramic or metal blades in it that you can drag your knife through, it can be used for knives that are not too expensive because it shaves metals down to get it sharpened. It is quite noisy, but it gives sharpness, but not the best. So it’s safe to avoid using your Huusk knife on this.
  • Electric Sharpener: This device has two abrasive wheels in it. It has the left and the right side, when you turn it on, continue to run your knife through it, until the device turns off. This is not an ideal method for sharpening a Huusk knife anyway,  but it sure sharpens the knife.
  • Ceramic plate: Run your knife through the back of a ceramic plate. It’s said to make a knife sharper when it’s done.

So amongst these methods of knife sharpening, using a water stone remains the best in sharpening your Huusk knife.

How to take care of a Huusk knife

  • Huusk knives are undoubtedly very sharp knives, but it’s not advisable to use these knives in cutting cans or chopping bones, these are the reasons why we have cleavers and can openers.
  • It’s not good to use your Huusk knives on hard surfaces like metals. It makes the knife go blunt and you would want to sharpen them again.
  • Putting your Huusk knife in a dishwasher ruins the temper of the knife. It’s not also safe to put them in a salt sink.
  • If you want to wash your Huusk knife, use a sponge and soak it in warm soapy water, run the sponge on the top of the blade and the sides to ensure safety. If you drop your knife into soapy water, use a clear glass tray or bowl and put it into the water, ( without filling), it will push the soap suds out of the way and allow you to see the bottom of the sink properly, this also ensures safety.
  • After washing your Huusk knife, use the clothes provided, to dry the water properly to avoid rusting.
  • Store them properly, using the magnetic strip or a knife roll, or even a knife block.

Who can use a Huusk knife?

Huusk knives can be used by anybody. It can be used by professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and even amateur chefs. 

This is a unique kitchen utensil that should be a must for anyone who wishes to have their best time cooking and also wishes to be known for making appetizing meals.

It’s normal to have collections of knives in the kitchen and find out that all of them were a waste of money, but one Hurst knife in your kitchen covers everything those other knives are needed for.

Huusk knives are multi-purpose knives so it’s unfair to use these knives alongside other knives that are not worth it in the kitchen.

Huusk knife is a beast in the kitchen, it works efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

So if you are tired of those sets of boring knives in your knife collections and wish to make another choice, consider getting a Huusk knife, it will make you a professional chef and a cooking enthusiast pretty soon.

Do Huusk knives work? Are they worth the investment?

Yes, Huusk knives are the best when it comes to kitchen cutting operations.

The reviews alone can convince you that people got value for what they spent on.

Just take a look at the outstanding features, the dimples it possesses to facilitate cutting, the laser carved index finger hole, the fact that its cost-efficient, how weightless it is, the curved blade that allows rocking while cutting, the durability, the fact that it doesn’t corrode like other knives. These features are too good for just a single knife.

So if you ask me if it’s worth the investment, I will say YES, it’s worth it.

What makes Huusk Handmade knives better than their competitors?

Huusk knives through so many reviews have proven that they are better than their competitors in so many ways. Just the step used in making this kitchen utensil is one of the best, steels- the Japanese stainless steel, this knife is also replicate of the Samurai swords that were as sharp as razor, the handle is made with the almighty oak tree which is known for its strength and resilience, this means that you do not have to be worried about a spoilt plastic handle that makes it difficult to grip a knife.

 These knives unlike other knives are handmade like they are single-handedly made one after another, each one undergoing about 138 steps and rigorous testing before it’s available for users.

Huusk knives are not your regular kind of knives, they are special knives that you will never regret when you acquire them.

Pros and cons of Huusk knives

It’s good to know the pros and cons of Huusk knives before you consider buying them.


  • Durable: Huusk knives are durable knives that can be used for a long period, all you need to do is to sharpen them once in a while and you are good to go.
  • Affordable: purchasing a Huusk knife does not exceed the average man’s budget. There is also a special discount for each package purchased.
  • Razor-sharp blade: The Huusk knife is a very sharp knife that can perform all kitchen cutting conveniently, effortlessly retain the moisture of the vegetables, meats, or fish.


  • Huusk knives are only available on the official website.
  • Sells off very fast because of the high level of demand.

Huusk Knives FAQs 

Are Huusk Knives manufactured solely for professional chefs?

No, Huusk kitchen knives are not manufactured solely for professional chefs. The blacksmiths made their Japanese knives to give everyone from amateur chefs to professional chefs a knife that is convenient, safe, beautiful, and creative. The Huusk knives encourage cooks of all skill levels.

What are the content of Huusk Knives?

The Huusk knives are made of Japanese stainless steel and the handle is made of oak wood.

Are Huusk Kitchen Knives safe to use?

Yes, Huusk knives are safe to use. Dull knives are dangerous knives, they are responsible for blisters on the palms and fatigue while cutting. But Huusk knives are very sharp making cutting efficient and safe.

What is the use of the hole in the blade?

The laser-carved index finger hole in the blade is designated to give the user more balance and to be in total control while cutting. It also ensures safety as the knife will hardly slip off the hands once the index finger is placed in the hole.

What should I do in case  I receive an impaired Huusk package?

 If you received a faulty item, kindly email customer support. Be sure you purchased it from the official website, if so, detailed information regarding the faulty knife is necessary to help them analyze the issue. Once the support team  verifies that your knife is under warranty and they will  give you a new one if the warranty conditions are met. 

How long will it take to get my refund?

GGenerally, refunds takes about up to 14 days to process once received, and can take a maximum of five days to show up in your balance.

How much does the Huusk kitchen knife cost?

If you are looking for a place to buy this kitchen knife at the best price, the website is the best place. 

When you go to the website, you will get it for only $29.95 instead of $59.90. If you purchase more than one knife, the price lowers further because of the discount that is offered. 

The cost of shipping it to your doorstep is $8.95. Below is the breakdown of the deals that are given exclusively on the Huusk Knives website. This doesn’t mean that the shipment charges have been added to the prices listed below:

 A  Huusk Knife costs $29.95  

 2 Huusk Knives costs  $49.94  

3 Huusk Knives costs $65.94  

 4 Huusk Knives costs $79.92  

With these wonderful discounts, it would be fair if you purchase your own handcrafted, wonderful Huusk kitchen knife and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Final verdictHuusk knives Review 2022

 Dull knives are dangerous and take a lot of pressure to cut foodstuffs, and it’s likely going to slip and fall and you are going to hurt yourself.

The benefits of the Huusk kitchen knives cannot be overemphasized.

The fact that they make cooking fun, simple and interesting makes it a great alternative for other knives out there.

It’s also a multi-purpose knife so it can be used for a lot of things, it’s affordable and safe.

And yes, it’s the Japanese knife.


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