Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022: All You Need To Know About This Electric Flying Flashing Boomerang Orb

Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

The invention of mobile phones and computers was a huge breakthrough in the technological world. These devices help individuals around the world communicate, pass time and carry out countless activities. With time, these gadgets became a huge addiction for individuals across different age groups. Over time, research has disclosed that consistent and continuous exposure to the blue light emanating from these screens can lead to vision problems. Consequently, there’s a heightened need to participate in off-screen activities that not only build engagement but also guarantee the safety of both the old and young.

What is Aurabi Boomerang Ball? 

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Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is a rechargeable omnidirectional orb with colourful LED lights designed to build physical engagement. The orb is a flying device that utilizes drone technology to help individuals create fun moments when indoors or outdoors while also reducing stress and improving mental health activities. This circular or spherical orb serves as an alternative way to keep individuals; both young and old away from their mobile devices and screens. With this ball, kids and families and friends can have fun indoors or outdoors. Fun games such as catch the ball, throwing games, crack up, keep away, flinch, say and catch, amongst other games can be played with this boomerang ball. 

One interesting fact about the Aurabi Boomerang Ball is that it has a lightweight design with durable properties that attests to its suitability for long-lasting use and safety. Its drop-resistant technology is uniquely structured to prevent damage to the environment and also enhance the safety of the user(s). Additionally, it supports indoor and outdoor use and is a great tool for fighting boredom.

The ball has exciting features, benefits and importance and we shall highlight all of these in this article.

Features of the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

Rechargeable Batteries

This boomerang ball makes use of rechargeable batteries in its operation. It supports super fast charging while supporting a long time of use when compared to the duration of being charged. Remember you can always take a break while the device is charging and continue playing when the device is fully charged. The device can be fully charged in 25 minutes and can be used in 10 minutes. To charge the device, simply connect the USB charging cord to the charging port and connect it to a power source. 

Drone Technology

As mentioned earlier, the orb uses drone technology to function. This technology enables the ball to fly up to 100 feet while also spinning and suspending in the air with outstanding capabilities of returning to the user. This makes it a fun tool for one or more people. While flying and spinning, the ball also can flash colourful lights to build up a fun atmosphere. 


The ball features a ball-resistant technology that makes it indestructible. Once it is tossed, the ball spins and rotates in the air either towards the thrower or towards the other players. Its drop resistance technology is sponsored by the drone technology used in the operation of the device. Being drop-resistant, the device is not easily damaged.

LED Lights

The ball uses a multicoloured LED lighting system. These lights flash interchangeably in attractive rotation and spinning. With this lighting system, the ball is suitable for entertainment at different times of the day and can help spice up the atmosphere to a more fun and illuminated scene. In dark or dimly lit places, the ball can create an aesthetically pleasing environment with eye-friendly and eye-catching lighting that creates endless fun for the players. 

Manually Operated Orb

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is operated manually. The device is powered by mechanically shaking the device. The built-in motor powers the device rather than an AI-enabled technology. Simply trigger the motion of the device by shaking the ball. 

Size and Weight

The boomerang ball has lightweight designed and thus can be carried around by anyone regardless of age or size. It weighs about 26kg, is a bit larger than a baseball and can be handheld and thrown. It has a friendly and ergonomic design that supports use by kids of different ages and sizes as well as adults. This handheld orb is the solution when seeking to create fun with friends and family. 

Magnet Dome

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball also has a magnet dome used to attract and direct the orb during games. With this magnetic dome, players can flip, toss, direct and redirect the multicoloured ball in any direction of their choice. The magnet dome can be also used to pass the ball to other players and land the ball as well.

How does Aurabi Flying Flashing Boomerang Orb work?

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is very easy to operate due to the drone technology used in the design of the object. When activated, the ball displays colourful lights and sounds that make games with the ball more interesting. The ball can fly towards any direction l, can withstand the effects of bumps and crashes and is also drop-resistant. 

To operate the object, simply follow the steps:

  • Unpack the product from its package. Always ensure that the product has not been tampered with.
  • Turn the device on by pressing the button on top of the object
  • To activate the device, hold the boomerang ball upright and shake it
  • Practice some wild tricks by tossing the ball in different directions

Game ideas with the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

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Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

Boomerang Style

A boomerang always returns in the direction in which it is thrown. One of the first games you can try out with this game is the boomerang game where you can toss the ball into the air and watch it come back to you. This is an example of solo games you can play with this ball. Choose a reasonable distance between yourself and a barrier (for example a wall), toss the ball and watch it return to you. Remember you can always try this both in indoor aks outdoor spaces. This game is also called the down under. 

Back and Forth Style

This is another game you can play with the boomerang ball. You can decide to play this game solo or with a group of friends. This game involves tossing the ball to a friend or player and allowing the ball to be tossed back in your direction. You can practice different throwing and catching styles with your friends or you can decide to practice on your own. This back-and-forth throw style would keep you involved in relevant body movement to help you create the right amount of fun. This can also be done indoors or outdoors.

The Climb

Oh yes! The boomerang ball can be tossed up high. It can climb up to 100 feet high. To okay this game, select a location with a reasonable height and participants should be placed on the lower and upper levels. Remember that this game can also be done alone or with friends. When playing with friends, toss the ball and see how far the ball can climb up and don’t forget to take turns with friends to catch and throw the ball. Also, watch out for how the ball falls after being thrown.

The Master of Illusion

This game has the intent of displaying the psychedelic capabilities of the ball and is best played alone. The Master of Illusion games aims to defy gravity; to do this toss the ball into the air and place your hand beneath the ball just as it spins around and around. Ensure that your hand follows the ball as it spins around and watches it defy the laws of gravity. 

Magnetic Direction

To play this game, simply use the magnet dome to direct the ball in any direction of your choice. You can play the ball, land the ball, toss the ball, float the ball, and even flip the ball. Players can also use their magnet domes to direct the ball from one player to another. 

Importance of using the Aurabi Boomerang Ball 

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is designed to keep kids and adults from spending too much time on their phones, television, computer systems, tablets, and other smart devices which can lead to cognitive, bodily and social harm when exposed to such devices for long periods. It does this by providing fun games for persons of different ages and classes to participate in. 

With this ball, participants can engage in physical activities, reduce mental stress, and prevent damage to their eyes which often comes with prolonged screen usage. The ball is also very easy to use with a portable and indestructible design. The ball, designed to foster physical engagement supports use by a person of different ages and sizes and thus can serve as a fun time family game, fun time with friends, and even personal fun time. 

The ball also is durable with a drop-resistant design that ensures its long-lasting use, hence need for constant replacement of the device is eliminated as well as damage to the environment is also stamped out. Whether you’re in your office, house, playground, on a picnic, or in your backyard, this ball is designed to help improve your hand and eye coordination.

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is very safe, portable, lightweight, and durable. Simply purchase this rounded object to partake in countless rounds of merrymaking. 

Benefits of Choosing and Using the Aurabi Boomerang Ball 

Indoor and outdoor use

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, in bright and dimly lit places as well as during night times. The ball can provide fun for family members and friends, especially during picnics, family times, and other activities. Its versatility of use makes it the best choice for playtime at any time of the day in places such as parks, backyards, and even in your bedrooms and sitting rooms. 

Portable and lightweight

The ball has a lightweight design which allows persons of all games and sizes to play with this device effectively. The size is round and sizeable to be held on one hand but for persons of different ages and sizes. Moreso, the lightweight design helps to make games with this ball more enjoyable. Everyone can easily carry this ball around without any hassle while games are ongoing. The ball is also drop-resistant and hence improves the safety of the users during games. Additionally, with its portable design, it can be easily carried on trips from one location to another without any stress.

Suitable for all ages and sizes

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is not age-specific as all age groups can partake in the fun this ball brings. This ball was designed with intention of keeping persons of different ages always from their screens and encouraging their participation in physical activities, that is, all persons can participate in games with this ball. Kids and adults can enjoy the swift fun moments while playing with the ball and build exciting and fun memories. 


The ball is designed with durable yet safe elements that guarantee the safety of the users and the environment during usage. The ball has a drop-resistant feature that makes it indestructible. Its design is such that there is no damage when tossed on objects and people. In addition, the ball helps to keep individuals away from the harmful effects of the screen and is a safe way to build physical engagement with the young and old.

Omnidirectional Movement

The ball provides all-around fun for players thus it moves in an omnidirectional manner to achieve dynamism during games. The ball can move forward, backward, up aks down. It can also float and glide and move back in the direction of the player. 

Colourful orb of dun

The ball produces a multicoloured display of light when tossed around. This helps to ignite an attractive spark to games played with this ball while allowing suitability for use in almost dark and dimly lit places. The LED light used in the design of this ball is very friendly to the eyes and helps to create a very friendly game environment. The ball can create amazing and entertaining stunts and glides 

Easy to Use

This ball has very easy-to-use features as it is designed for both kids and adults. Anyone can operate the device without using a manual or seeking help. Simply press the button on the top of the boomerang ball, shake it and toss the ball into the air. The device is user-friendly and safe to use. 


The device is made with high-tech features that are attractive and suited for durable use. Although the ball is breakable, its drop-resistant feature ensures that it can be used for a long period without getting damaged. The ball is built with high-quality materials and processes that make it sturdy and able to withstand the effects of crashes, bumps, and scratches. 

Is the Aurabi boomerang ball worth the buy?

Rather than giving a straight-up answer; these are some of the upsides to the Aurabi boomerang ball.

This omnidirectional ball is suitable for use by persons of different ages and sizes. There is no age limit placed when using the ball and everyone can partake in the fun that this ball brings. The drone technology used in the design of this ball makes it a befitting object to keep the fun ongoing, the ball is flexible with mind-blowing tricks to keep kids and adults active and offline. Additionally, the ball is easy to use and players can get the hang of how to use the ball in seconds.

The boomerang ball is very affordable despite being user-friendly, safe, and durable with a multicoloured LED design that illuminates brightly during games to create a fun-filled atmosphere. It is a drop-resistant orb suited for indoor and outdoor use with a portable size and a lightweight design, making it easy to carry around easily. 

The device is a manually operated orb suited for indoor and outdoor use with supercharging features and mind-blowing tricks. The ball can fly up to 100 feet high and also descends easily. The device charges in 25 minutes and can be used for a 10-minute non-stop fun.

Kids and adults can make play games with the ball without any hassles. There are a limitless number of games to play with the ball and they are not age-specified!!! Hence, users can engage in physical activities while also engaging their minds and improving their hand and eye coordination. 

With this, the Aurabi Boomerang Ball is definitely worth the buy, it is affordable, durable, and safe for use. 

Where to buy the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is only available on its official website, this is to prevent the sale of fake or substandard products. There are only a few pieces of this boomerang ball available on their website and delivery is on a first-come-first-serve basis, hurry now to purchase before the stock runs out. Simply locate the official website of the company and enjoy the amazing discounts and friendly policies such as a hassle-free return policy, 50% discount, and no hidden fees. 

Shopping on the website is easy and convenient. Follow these steps to place your order. 

Price of the Aurabi Boomerang Ball:

  • One Aurabi Boomerang Ball costs $59.99 with a discount rate of 35 per cent 
  • Two Aurabi Boomerang Balls cost $119.99 with a discount rate of 35 per cent 
  • Three Aurabi Boomerang Balls cost $134.99 with a discount rate of 51 per cent 
  • Four Aurabi Boomerang Balls cost $164.99 with a discount rate of 55 per cent 

All orders are on a 30-day money-back guarantee. After your order is placed, fill in your contact information, make your payment, and await your order. Buyers are eligible for full replacements and refunds. 

Aurabi Handheld Electric Flying Flashing Boomerang Orb Customer’s Reviews 

Gets my kids off the couch and off of the internet. 5 stars for that alone!” Oliver K. — Tacoma

“Forget the kids, my friends and I take a couple of these to the park in the evenings and we love how colorful and fun they are.” Beate G. — Anaheim

“In less than one week I learned more tricks than both my mom and dad. It’s so much fun.” David P. — Fort Lauderdale

Frequently Asked Questions on the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

What is contained in the pack of the Aurabi Boomerang Ball?

A pack contains the Aurabi boomerang ball, a magnet dome, an instruction booklet, and a charging cable.

Should the device be charged before use?

Yes. Always ensure that the device is fully charged before use to enjoy a full play time of 10 minutes. 

How is the device charged?

To charge this device, simply connect the USB charger to a power source and connect it to the charging port of the orb. Charging takes about twenty-five minutes and the ball can be used for about 10 minutes.

What is the lifespan of the ball?

The ball is made of highly durable materials and can last for a long time. The drop-resistant feature of the hall also makes it less prone to damage resulting from bumps and crashes. Although the ball is breakable, it is designed to withstand the effects of damage. 

How do I turn on the device?

This boomerang ball is very easy to use, to turn on the device; click on the button on the orb, shake the ball, and toss it in the air. The orb would float and spin in the air in an omnidirectional manner. You can use the magnet dome to direct the orb.

Can kids hold the ball in their hands without dropping it?

Yes. The ball is portable, lightweight, and weighs 26kg. Hence kids and adults can hold the ball conveniently. 

What should I do if not satisfied with the product?

In the case, of any defect to the product, customers can conveniently return the product, however, this must be done within 30 days of receiving the product in the original packaging of the product. A full refund or replacement is also available. 

Conclusion – Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

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Aurabi Boomerang Ball Review 2022

Looking for a fun way to pass time offline? Try out the Aurabi boomerang ball. This omnidirectional ball is designed to create an exciting and fun game time. Simply hurry and make a purchase for this orb and create memorable moments with family and friends. The orb operates on drone technology, is suitable for kids and adults, supports indoor and outdoor use, and possesses fast charging abilities. Use this ball during game time to build physical engagement as well as hand-eye coordination. You can also enjoy amazing discounts and offers when you purchase on the official website. 

You Do Not Want To Miss Out On This Wildly Engaging Flying Gadget – Selling Fast!

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