Kerile Review 2023

Kerile Review 2023: Is kerile Multifunctional Keychain flashlight Any Good?

Kerile Review 2023: Is Kerile Multifunctional keychain Flashlight Any Good? 

Flashlights come in handy in a lot of unexpected situations and carrying a cumbersome torchlight can be strenuous. Portable torches are emergency tools that can be used to immediately illuminate a particular place and help you navigate your environment easier. Acquiring a powerful and long-lasting torchlight suited for versatile use can be challenging, especially when also looking for a durable and safe torch. The Kerile flashlight is a shock-resistant and powerful light suitable for various activities. 

What is Kerile? (Kerile Reviews) 

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Kerile Review 2023

Kerile is a portable multifunctional keychain flashlight suitable for various purposes. The flashlight comes in handy in various situations such as during a power outage, camping nights, car breakdowns, and other foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. With this mini battery-powered torch, users can carry out different activities such as reading, fishing, bicycle riding and so on. The Kerile flashlight is a pocket-sized torch, designed with soft and low-consumption LED bulbs and serves as a multipurpose tool as it can also be used to open cans and bottles. This torch has a magnetic base with three lighting modes to help the user moderate the brightness while also featuring a folding handle to support hands-free use

There are no age restrictions for using the torch, and neither are there limitations regarding the versatility of use. A flashlight is a rectangular-shaped object with strong magnetic features that allow users to attach the torch to other items. This flash also has a folding stand and a high compatibility rate with tripods. As a battery-powered device, the torch uses a 500MaH rechargeable battery and a type C charging cable. To charge the device, simply connect the charging cord to a power source and connect it to the charging port of the torchlight. The battery when fully charged can be used for hours before running down. Additionally, the Kerile flashlight can be used in multiple ways as its features are designed for convenient use. 

Features of the Kerile Multifunctional Flashlight


This flashlight is designed with powerful bulbs that can light up small and large areas. With this, the torch can come in handy in dimly lit places and areas with a total blackout. The flash emits 500 lumens with low-consumption LED bulbs that help to enhance the length of usage. The bulbs used in the flashlight are suited for an emergency, nonemergency, and work situations. Users can regulate the lighting strength with the three power modes available. 

Three Power modes

This powerful and pocket-sized torchlight has three different levels of lighting modes. The three levels indicate high brightness, soft light, and strobe light. The different levels of lighting hella the user to adjust the lighting to suit the activity being carried out. For example, the pocket light can be used for moving around in the dark, the soft light can be used for lighting up places for a long time, carrying out small tasks, and reading. The high-power light can be used for lighting up lathe areas sharply and clearly. This lighting mode offers high security, improved visibility, and can help light up an area when there is no electricity. 


This flashlight is designed with a keychain to allow for convenience when moving around. The keychain makes it easier to carry along as users can attach the torchlight to key holders, backpacks, pockets, and belts. 

Long-lasting Battery 

This high-power flashlight is designed with a 500MaH battery that can last for hours. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged when connected to a power source when using the type C charging cable. The flashlight also makes use of low-consumption bulbs that helps to ensure a long duration of use. 

Bottle and Can Opener

This portal flashlight can also be used to open cans and bottles. On the top of this portable flashlight are two different openings that can be used to open bottles and cans. This opening can also act as a carabiner, especially when going on physically engaging activities such as mountain climbing or racing. You can store items like keys, ropes or other smaller items in this opening while going about your activities. This feature makes it handy for outdoor activities. The flashlight is made with durable materials that ensure that it is strong enough to serve as a bottle opener.

Magnetic Features

On the back of the flashlight, there is a magnet base attached that makes the flash stick to other metals and magnetic items. This torch is designed to come in handy in all situations, it’s magnetic features help users to easily move around with the torch. You can decide to attach the flash to other magnetic properties for easy keeping and locating. The magnet is strong enough to maintain a connection with other metals without slipping off. The neodymium magnet supports connection with any metal it comes in contact with. 

Suited for Tripods

The Kerile flashlight can be easily mounted on a tripod. It features standard screw holes on the bottom that can be attached to tripods. The flashlight has 99 percent compatibility with tripods so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. With this feature, users can mount the flashlight on a tripod and carry out different activities. It also improves illumination as the height of the tripod can be increased to give visibility to other areas. Simply follow the instructions in the manual to mount the flashlight on the tripod. 

Folding Stand

This flashlight is designed to stand on its own too. It features a folding stand that can be easily placed on any surface to allow for hands-free use. The folding stand is a one-piece metal that places the torch against a surface to keep it in an upstanding position. With this, the torch can be placed on car bonnets or workbenches to give a direct focus to areas that need visibility. The folding handle is designed to be placed in a 180-degree position to project its focus in a wide direction.

Why you need the Kerile flashlight

Kerile Review 2023

Have you ever been in a dimly lit place or suddenly thrown into a blackout? If yes, then you need this lightweight multipurpose flashlight. This flashlight can be easily held in the hands or pockets. The flashlight is portable and can be held easily by kids and adults. The flashlight also functions as a can or bottle opener, a keychain, and as a carabiner, serving a multipurpose at any time and place. 

You can take this flashlight to any place including parties, work, camps and excursions. It is also very easy to use and comes at a discounted price of 50 per cent. The tool also has a magnetic base with a strong neodymium property that makes it easily connect with other metals. For hands-free use, the tool supports compatibility with tripods to give wider visibility to dark areas. 

The Kerile flashlight is rechargeable, it uses a type C charging cable, hence you do not need to constantly or continuously purchase batteries to power the device. The battery is long-lasting and can go for a long duration of time after being fully charged. 

The tool is water resistant with a shock-resistant feature that helps to ensure the safety of the users and also guarantees long-lasting usage.

Benefits of using the Kerile flashlight 

Portable and Powerful

Despite being a pocket-sized flashlight, the lighting capacity of this is powerful. This device is regulated on a three-power-level switch that allows users to regulate the brightness radiated by the torch. With this activities such as changing tires, reading, climbing, fishing, camping, and other emergencies can be done with this torch. The light can create visibility for large areas and help you find your way around in dark or dimly lit places. With its 500 lumens and portability, you can take this torch with you anywhere and at any time. 

Versatile positioning

This torch can be positioned in different ways. The torch has a 180-degree folding design that allows users to place it on a surface while carrying out an activity. The tool can be placed on a flat, smooth or rocky surface and will stay in place due to its structural and folding design.  Additionally, the flash also has screw holes that support up to 99 per cent of tripods which is a high compatibility rate. Some users often use this portable light as headlights for their bicycles and electric scooters while other users such as mountain climbers can use the flash as a keychain, or carabiner to hold items. The device also has a magnetic base which allows attachment to other metal surfaces. 

Long-lasting and Easy Power Regulation

The Kerile flashlight can last for a long time, especially when fully charged. The torch also has three levels of power regulation to suit the activity being done. The lighting levels are strobe light, soft brightness at 30 per cent, and high brightness at 60 per cent. Users can regulate the brightness of the flash with the regulator easily using the knob on the side of the torch. The light strobe also features warning lights that notify the user when the battery is getting low it needs to be recharged. 

Waterproof and shock resistant

The Kerile flashlight is water and shock-resistant, hence would not get damaged when exposed to water bodies. These heavy-duty features help to guarantee the safety of the device while making use of the flash. However, the device should not be submerged under wanted for a long period. The flashlight can survive splashes of water and use in rainy circumstances without going off, however, the tool should not be submerged under water for a long time.  Its shock-resistant features also prevent damage to the torch resulting from bumps and crashes. 

Comforting lights

The lights are very comforting to use when in use. That is why there are three levels of regulation to suit the activity. When navigating in the dark, the strobe light can be used, for reading and other related tasks, the comforting light or soft light can be used, while for bright illuminations, the high brightness level should be used. These lighting levels provide maximum visibility, security, and stability during usage. 

Three-in-one Flashlight

This flashlight can be easily referred to as a multipurpose flashlight due to the versatility of its use and the various kinds of functions it performs. Firstly, this tool functions as a torch, this is its primary function. It provides high-level visibility to both large and small areas at three power-level regulations. Secondly, the tool also functions as a key ring and carabiner which helps the user to place the light in other locations such as belt holes, backpack straps, etc. The keyring function also comes on handy as users can hold items such as light ropes and keys. Additionally, the Kerile flashlight functions as a bottle and can opener. This comes in handy, especially during camps and excursions. This multifunctional tool is just the perfect tool for different indoor and outdoor activities. 


The Kerile flashlight works on a 500 MAH battery that can be easily recharged. To recharge this device, simply connect the torch to the Type C charger and connect it to a power source. The device employs the supercharging mode and can be used for a long period. Always ensure that the device is fully charged before embarking on trips with the flash or making use of the tool. This would help to ensure a better usage time. The battery of this device is inbuilt, so purchasing batteries are not required. 


The Kerile flashlight weighs about 45 grams. Despite being a very handy and versatile tool! This makes it easy to carry along. The size and weight of the tool make it an easy fit for pockets, backpacks, toolboxes, belt holes, and straps. With its lightweight and portability, everyone can hold this torch without any inconvenience. It can easily fit into any space like tripods, bicycles, and bikes and support use at any time and place. 

Multipurpose use

The Kerile flashlight is not suited for a singular activity, rather it can be used for a plethora of activities such as reading, writing, mountain climbing, biking, excursions and trips, indoor and outdoor games, home repair, auto emergencies, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.


This flashlight is designed for long-lasting use. Asides from the durability of the battery and low-consumption bulbs, this pocket-sized torch can give good value for money. It is designed with high-quality durable materials that guarantee long-lasting use. It is also water resistant and shock absorbent with a collapsible bracket that helps to keep it in place. The frame is sturdy with a strong magnetic base that connects to any metal. 

Downsides to the Kerile flashlight

  • There is limited stock available on the official website. Orders are delivered based on first-come-first+serve 
  • Discounted offers are for a limited period of time.

How to use the Kerile flashlight

This flash is very easy to use. After unpacking the product, follow these steps;

  • To turn on the device, press the power button on the side 
  • Use the power regulator to select the brightness that suits the area and activity
  • Place the device where it is best suited. You can decide to place it on a surface, connect it to a metal, place it on a tripod or attach it to your backpack, strap it, or hold it. 

Where to buy your Kerile flashlight

The Kerile flashlight is a very portable and multipurpose tool suited for indoor and outdoor uses for various activities such as biking, mountain climbing, excursions, climbing, and so on. To purchase your flashlight, simply visit the official website to make a purchase. Buying from the official website is important to avoid buying a substandard or fake product. Currently, the website also offers a 50 per cent discount on all orders made.

Kerile Multifunctional Flashlight Customer’s Reviews 

I’m a plumber and this flashlight has made me money! Now it takes me much less time to get my work done and I can do more throughout the day. I am delighted, highly recommended – Luke

I’m retired and lately I’ve been “fixing” everything around the house. My brother-in-law recommended it to me and the truth is that since I tried it, I use it a lot to do my work. Now everything is easier! –Brett

My son gave me 3 and I use them all! I have one at home to go down to the basement, another one I always carry with me in the car and the last one is in the toolbox and I use it whenever I have to fix something at home. It’s great to have both hands free. – Frank

Frequently Asked Questions on the Kerile Flashlight 

What would I find in my order?

The Kerile flashlight, a type C charging cable, and an instruction booklet.

How can I change the power level mode?

You can change the power level mode of this device by simply clicking on the power button. The power button turns on the device and can also be used to move between the three different power levels. Press and hold the button to shift between the different levels of brightness

How often do I have to change the batteries?

The Kerile flashlight works with rechargeable batteries and hence does not need to be changed. To charge the battery, connect the type C charging cable to the charging port of the device and connect the cable to a power source. Once connected, the charging indicator would appear. 

How often do I charge the flashlight?

The product should be charged before the first use. Consequently, the torch should be charged when the battery runs down. Ensure that it is fully charged before use. 

What colour of lighting is used?

The Kerile flashlight radiates a bright white light. 

What is the weight of the flashlight?

The flashlight weighs 45 grams or 0.045 kilograms

How can I attach the flashlight to the tripod?

To attach the flashlight to the tripod, connect the opening (screw holes) at the bottom of the flash to the tripod. The opening supports compatibility with almost all kinds of tripods.

Can the flashlight be submerged underwater for a long period?

No. The flashlight is water resistant but should not be submerged under water. However, the flashlight would not get damaged from splashes of water or if placed underwater for a short period. 

Can I purchase the Kerile flashlight from a local store?

It is advisable to purchase the flashlight from the official website of the company, this is to avoid buying substandard or knockoffs. Additionally, buying from the official website attracts benefits such as a 50 per cent discount and free shipping for orders above one unit. 

Are shipping costs excluded? 

Shipping costs for orders above one unit are eligible for free shipping on the website of company. However, shipping fees are applicable for orders of less than two units. 

Can I get a refund after receiving my order?

Yes, refunds are available if customers are unsatisfied with their purchase. All returns must be made within 30 days of receiving the product. However, products must be returned in their original packaging without any damage done to the product. 

Conclusion – Kerile Review 2023

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Kerile Review 2023

The Kerile flashlight is a must-have tool for every household. It is a lightweight, portable, and affordable torch that comes in handy in emergency and non-emergency situations and is also suitable for both kids and adults. The flashlight is brimming with features that make it a multipurpose tool. These features include a magnetic base, bottle opener, water-resistant features, rechargeable batteries, a 500-lumen bulb, tripod compatibility features, three power level lighting, a keyring, and a foldable design. 

The flashlight is very easy to use and can be used for indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, reading and writing, excursions, mountain climbing, biking, fishing, automobile emergencies, and other activities. The folding handle of the flashlight allows it to be placed in various positions on different surfaces (smooth, rocky, or slippery) 

Hurry and purchase your flashlight from the official website of the company to benefit from the huge discount rate and free shipping offers. The offer lasts for a limited period of time. 


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