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Easy Slippers Review 2022:  Are Easy Slippers worth the hype?

Easy Slippers Review 2022:  Comfort or elegance? and what if you could have both in footwears? In the present day market, footwears make a significant contribution to the collection of clothing. Each manufacturer tries to pull one stunt or the other to promote not just sales but utility and satisfaction of their footwear product. However, the equation of comfort and style has been what manufacturers grapple with over the years. Indeed, only few footwears have these properties, especially as a combination. 

The construction of footwears calls for professionalism just like any other piece of clothing or, maybe, slightly more. Too tight or too loose footwears could be extremely uncomfortable to wear particularly for long periods of time or if we’re to be on the walk. Poor-fitting footwears have been a culprit behind a number of feet problems including bunions, swollen feet, plantar fasciitis and foot corns & warts, etc. If you have any of these conditions or you simply need a footwear that prioritizes comfort without compromising style, it may be time to look in the direction of Easy Slippers. 

Easy Slippers company ia highly acclaimed company that makes a unique type of shoe resembling high-breed slippers. It is especially recommended for people who look for comfort and style at the same time. What would you rather do? place an order or go back to wearing your old shoes that make walking a painful experience? This review explores the design and features of Easy Slippers as well as its pros and cons. You can purchase Easy Slippers using the link in this article. Let’s get right into it.

What is Easy Slippers? (Easy Slippers review)

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The Easy Slippers are a slip-on type of shoes that are well structured to give you comfort and relieve you of common problems associated with feet’s health. Usually, feet problems originate not from one source but many and could be due to an underlying medical condition. Whichever be the case, putting on the right shoes – one that offers comfort and fitting – promotes  feet health significantly. In fact, some of the feet problems that we experience resulted from unfavourable footwears.

Easy Slippers are a customized footwear with an ergonomic sole that serves multiple purposes. They are an innovative design for indoor and outdoor use. If you stay on your toes the whole day or if your motion requires you to walk several steps, these slippers are for you. Don’t give yourself bunions or plantar fasciitis in an attempt to save money. Easy Slippers are affordable (at least for the wonderful job they do). Moreover it could cost much more to treat these conditions medically if you develop them. Add to the fact that you’ll suffer discomfort and pain in the course of the condition.

Easy Slippers are one of the orthopedic slippers made specifically for people who find walking difficult due to different medical conditions affecting the feet. However, anyone who desires a blend of comfort and style without a compromise of quality should add Easy Slippers to the cart. 

The silicone-based flexible sole of Easy Slippers offers a firm grip on the ground and prevents slipping and falling. This is unlike socks that are potentially dangerous to put on particularly when walking on tiled and wooden floors. In addition, this special sole design adds graceful movement to the wearer.

Built with customers in mind, the Easy Slippers make comfort a priority. There are velcro bands to allow tightening and loosening in a way that makes the slippers neither too tightly hugging the feet not too loose. In addition, the various sizes available and the various designs and fittings as well as modifications all support the fact that Easy Slippers are vastly accommodating. 

Easy Slippers are one of the products curated by Ecomerzpro, a company involved in the production of gadgets for a better living. The company says a 100-percent hassle-free guarantee accompanies the product. You can return the product within a period of 30 days after purchase for a replacement or refund.

Design of Easy Slippers (Easy Slippers review)

Easy Slippers review

Easy Slippers’ construction features a closed, breathable type of shoe that tends to cover your foot almost to the ankle. These slippers come in different sizes ranging from 37 to 47. They also come in different designs and colors to match different occasions. There are  more than 5 colors to pick from, including black, beige, light & dark blue, light & dark gray, and a gray & black mixture, all to give you a nice fitting. 

The shoes, though stylishly made, have a simplistic design, with minimal seams that give it a consistent smooth look. They are easy to slip on just like sleepers and quick to fasten, with a velcro band, hook-and-loop fastener, which is ideal for situations where careful handling of the feet is needed.

Easy Slippers are made of high quality fabrics, which are highly flexible with just enough resistance to resist damage from outdoor terrain. On the inside, they are also soft and breathable.

The Velcro closure design gives room for adjustment in case of swollen feet or injury. They are also easier to complement with orthopedic devices than most other shoes in the market.

Their 3D molded soles are designed with an aim of providing a relaxation to the lower face of your feet. The soles are also highly flexible and have a firm grip, to prevent slipping. According to the brand, the soles are designed with high stability, and provide the feet with clinical standard support. Easy Slippers have a breathable design and soft lining inside which make them ideal for both hot and cold environments. Easy Slippers find application in both indoor and outdoor use.

What makes Easy Slippers so special? (Easy Slippers review 2022)

Easy Slippers are a customized pair of footwears with properties that make them comfortable for the wearer.  These footwears are special for several reasons.

  • Ergonomic design

Easy Slippers perfectly fit users. These slippers morph with the shape of the feet to optimize comfort. Additionally, the Velcro fastening allows tightening or loosing to desired tightness level. This way, you can adjust the tightness so that wearing this shoe becomes very comfortable. This feature offers special benefit to people with  foot diseases such as foot corns & warts, bunions, swollen feet, plantar fasciitis and so on. 

  • Breathable material

The upper part of Easy Slippers is made of a breathable material. As a result, this helps relieve the high-temperature trap in the shoe, thus cooling your feet. The shoes are also designed so that you do not feel cold during the cold season; this is the correct type of footwear to be in around your chimney. Their structure also helps to manage swollen feet and make use of other types of foot health devices should you have any.

  • Special interior lining 

The inside of Easy Slippers is special in that it has a soft lining. This provides enough cushioning while preventing sagging of the footwear. The soft lining gives the wearer’s foot utmost comfort.

  • Flexible sole

The sole of Easy Slippers is flexible to support easy, graceful muscle movement. It is made of a silicone-based material that offers a firm grip on the ground and at the same time allowing free movement. Walking on tiles and wooden floors has not been made safer. The flexible sole provides utmost protection from slips and falls.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Easy Slippers have varied uses inside and outside the home. Most homes are floored with tiles or wood. Both materials have a smooth surface and offer little friction therefore one has to be extremely careful when walking on them. The question is “can we always be too careful?”. At times we need to hurriedly grab breakfast or pick up an item in the living room. It is easy to slip and fall in these situations. This is why you need Easy Slippers to provide enough anchorage and yet easy movement on floors.

People can also use the shoes outside confidently as they have a firm sole that offers adequate support to feet when walking. These shoes work for moderate use and should not get used in heavy use like hikes and factories. They help users stay comfortable even when out and about. People can easily use them for social gatherings as they have an aesthetic appeal that draws in those around them. They have a flattering, laid-back design that works well for male and female wearers.

  • One-for-all footwear

Easy Slippers come in different designs, fittings and modifications.The different designs make it easy to make the proper selection. The shoe is well structured to the inside giving the best comfort and breathability that anyone would look out for in any shoe.

These slippers also have a size range of 37-47 and come in more than 5 colours. If you desire a matching outfit (and almost everybody does), Easy Slippers are made for you.

  • Stylish Unisex design

The construction of Easy Slippers makes them gender-neutral. They can be worn by both males and females and the size range accommodates all ages. 

  • Easy-to-wear slippers

Like any other type of footwear, the easy slippers are worn by sliding the feet into them. The makers and marketers of this shoe highly recommended buyers to get their fitting; this is to experience the comfort of the footwear more.

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Who are Easy Slippers designed for? (Easy Slippers review)

Easy slippers are applicable for anyone looking for a type of shoe that offers comfort, flexibility, and guarantees foot therapy. The easy slippers do not limit the use for any gender or even age.  The manufacturer has also used a velcro fastener design on these shoes to allow users to put them on and take them off easily. They can adjust the tightness of the slippers depending on how loose they want them.

  • People struggling with foot-related injuries and diseases can benefit from this loose-fitting, soft interior that allows users the freedom of movement. 
  • Easy Slippers greatly appeal to people who look for comfort and style at the same time.
  • Easy slippers can be used for different purposes; you can consider rocking them for outdoor engagements and your chores in the house. They are made in the proper structure, making it easy for the user to wear them for a long time without getting enough of them. 

Buying several easy slippers in different designs would make you enjoy their use and application with different outfits.

How to maintain Easy Slippers (Easy Slippers review)

There’s no fun in telling that any product poorly maintained is prone to untimely damage. The same holds true for Easy Slippers. However, how often we clean our slippers depends on the frequency of use and for what reason we use it.

These factors determine whether the wearer washes their shoes every week or once a month. Slippers used in controlled conditions should at least get cleaned once a month. However, users should clean their slippers anytime they have accumulated a little dirt to prevent discoloration or too much dirt accumulation. It becomes harder to clean the shoes if they collect dirt.

Using the slippers outside requires users to clean them before using them inside the house to prevent germs in the home. Cleaning should emphasize the sole area to eliminate any dirt clinging to the underside. Shoes used solely inside the house can get cleaned every few weeks. Some slippers can get machine washed, though Easy Slippers benefit from light scrubbing.

To properly clean this footwear, it is recommended to use a heavy-duty detergent and warm water to soak the slippers for about 30 minutes. Soaking works on any stains or dirt and loosens them for easy removal. People can use a firm bristles brush to rid the soles of soil if the shoes have gotten used outside. After using the soapy water, users can rinse off the slippers in clean water and pat down with a towel to remove excess water before laying them out in an airy place, preferably outside. The footwear should be kept in a dry place to prevent the growth of fungi and microbes on them.

What are the benefits of having Easy Slippers? (Easy Slippers review)

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Easy Slippers Reviews

Generally, Slippers offer wearers comfort in their homes that socks cannot give them. They also protect the wearers from harm from falls or items falling on their feet.

Slippers also prevent the entrance of dirt into the home as they act as a substitute for shoes someone wears outside.  They also keep the wearer’s feet warm in cold seasons like winter or chilly evenings. Keeping the feet warm helps the body guard against opportunistic diseases like colds and the flu.

Easy Slippers give their users a soft and comfortable fit from the soft interior. The inner material offers users a gentle treatment, soothing their feet from the strain. These shoes also have a velcro fastener that gives users the option of having the footwear loose-fitting or tight. The slippers work well for people with foot conditions like bunions, swollen feet, and other conditions requiring delicate treatment of the feet.

These slippers offer a non-slip sole that helps users stay upright and not slip and fall. These soles have a super grip that allows usage of these shoes outside the house. The slippers also have breathable fabric that keeps the feet properly aired even in hot weather. The footwear works well for summer and still has the inner material that keeps feet warm if it gets cold.

Why you should have Easy Slippers (Easy Slippers review)

  1. Versatile design

The versatility of the design allows you to pair them with any outfit. You can wear them at home, in the streets, and even at work.

  1. Easy to put on

These slippers have a firm Velcro strap that is easy to fasten and even easier to open, allowing you to take off these slippers easily. The strap has a wide strap that helps you change from your regular slippers to these easy slippers.

  1. High-quality material

The slippers are light weighed, flexible, durable, and breathable, making it easier for sweat to evaporate from feet. These slippers can be worn even if your feet have additional orthopedic devices or if you have swollen feet.

  1. Comfortable

With Easy Slippers, your comfort comes first. The goal of these slippers is to allow you to walk easily even if you have medical issues related to your feet. These orthopedic slippers are comfortable so you can walk for a long distance and stay active throughout the day. They ensure that your aching and soring feet find relief while you continue working so you do not have to face discomfort.

  1. Useful indoors and outdoors

You do not have to limit the usage of these slippers indoors because they have a non-slip sole that allows you to walk even on rough surfaces such as roads.

  1. Perfect for all kinds of situations

At home, in the street, for a stroll… Their design and comfort make Easy Slippers versatile and ideal.

  1. They are incredibly easy to put on and take off

Their velcro fastening and their wide space make it easy to change from your usual footwear to these slippers.

  1. High-quality materials make them flexible, durable and highly breathable: perfect for wearing even with very swollen feet or with additional orthopaedic devices.
  1. The inside of the slippers is soft and comfortable, and the 3D-embossed soles stimulate the soles of your feet and help you relax.

Downsides of Easy Slippers (Easy Slippers review)

  1. Available online only: These slippers are available for purchase from the official website only and cannot be purchased from stores.
  2. The slippers are limited in stock

How can I purchase the easy slippers? (Easy Slippers review 2022)

You can purchase the Easy Slippers by logging into their website, details regarding the purchase and payment, and provided on the site resources. The shoes range in different types, which allow you to make the best selection.

Easy slippers pricing (Easy Slippers review)

Purchasing these slippers has never been easier. It is available for purchase on the official website. All you need to do is:

  1. Add the product to your cart.
  2. Fill in your shipping and payment details.
  3. Receive the product at home and get the utmost comfort with these orthopedic slippers.

The easy slippers are at times sold at discounted prices as follows;

  • One easy slipper @ 100.16 dollars
  • Two easy slippers @ 165.19 dollars
  • Three easy slippers @216.05 dollars
  • Four easy slippers @266.89 dollars
  • Five easy slippers @ 317.75 dollars

Return policy (Easy Slippers review)

Ecomerzpro offers a 30-day period after purchase to return the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (Easy Slippers review)

Can the slippers get used outside?

These slippers serve users both indoors and outdoors. They have a good, firm sole for outdoor use and trendy designs to blend with different clothes. They use a breathable fabric for the upper part to stand outdoor challenges while keeping the inner part soft and gentle on the feet.

What shoe size does this shoe come in? (Easy Slippers review 2022)

Easy Slippers come in a variety of shoe sizes to fit different people. The velcro strap also allows people to make the shoe have a loose or tight fit, depending on preference.

How easily can someone walk in these shoes?

These shoes have light material that makes them easy to walk in. People with foot problems can enjoy how light and soft these shoes feel.

Can they be worn in summer?

Yes, they are very breathable.

Easy Slippers review 2022- Are they heavy?

No, their materials are very light, so they are easy to wear.

Do they slip?

No, their silicone rubber sole protects against slips and falls.

Easy slippers Customer’s review 

T*****Verified Buyer

I am thrilled with the purchase of this product! It meets all expectations, plus shipping is fast and it comes in a well-protected box. I was looking at reviews for other brands and none of them fully convinced me. I finally came across this brand and this product and saw that almost everything was positive.

M*****Verified Buyer

It was the first time I was buying something like this and until now, I had always felt loyal to certain well-known brands that also happen to be more expensive. The difference in price and the good product reviews compared to other similar products is what made me decide to finally try it. After several weeks of use, I must say that I am extremely satisfied. Very good purchase, I highly recommend it!

S*****Verified Buyer

I bought this product when I saw the 50% discount for it. The truth is that I had been looking for something like this for some time and despite not knowing this brand, I decided to take a chance. One of the best purchases I’ve made.

P*****Verified Buyer

Excellent quality for the price and fast delivery. The website offers many advantages for older people… Good prices, and the order arrived the day promised. I bought two units since this was the best price/quality ratio among all my options and I will definitely be back for more.

Bottom line (Easy Slippers review)

Easy Slippers Review 2022

Overall, the Easy Slippers review has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers, with most customers giving it a high rating owning to how useful it has been to them.

The easy slippers are best designed for people with foot problems and require orthopedic devices for comfort and stability. The shoes are designed so that they can confine any device in them. The slew of interesting features including but not limited to the shoe’s inner lining and breathable material make Easy Slippers a comfortable and stylish product which has received many positive feedbacks from customers.

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