Voltzy Power Bank Reviews

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews: Is this Solar PowerBank Any Good? 

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews: Is this Solar Power Bank Any Good? 


Voltzy Power Bank Reviews – We have all relied on the use of power banks to power our devices at one point or another and that’s because we don’t take electricity everywhere we go! But we can take those portable power devices with us. Power banks provide us with another reliable source to charge our devices regardless of where we are. It gives us that confidence we need whenever we are on the go. This is one of the major importance of using a power bank as they ensure that we remain connected wherever we are. Now choosing the kind of power bank to purchase is another hassle. We can decide to purchase any of the different kinds of power banks on the market today but the solar power bank comes in a different package. 

The Solar power bank is designed to power our devices that are electronically powered. However, unlike other kinds of power banks, which need a wall outlet to be recharged, this kind of power bank can be charged by simply placing it in the sun. Yes! They provide us with unlimited charging regardless of where we are so we can prevent a dead phone. With this, you can embark on trips that require you to spend an extended period away from electricity without having to worry. 

Choosing a solar-powered power bank is an excellent choice, especially if you intend to spend some time away from home or electricity. This kind of power bank takes its energy from the sun and would be available to power your devices as long as you have access to the sun. It provides a convenient way for users to stay connected wherever they are while also helping users save money, providing easy compatibility with all types of phone and mobile devices and keeping the fun going. Say goodbye to low batteries or dead phones and embrace the provisions of the solar power bank. You can now go for several days without looking for electricity to power your mobile devices as long as you get energy from the sun.

What is the Voltzy Power Bank ?

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank Reviews 

The Voltzy PowerBank is a battery back that harnesses the power of solar energy to power different kinds of mobile devices. This power bank draws energy from the sun to oral kinds of devices such as phones, tablets, iPad, AirPods, Kindles, e-readers, and the like. The device is designed to enable fast charging features that make your life easy and fun. While you are on an adventure, at the store, or simply at a quick stop, you can make use of this solar power bank on the go. Unlike solar panels, the Voltzy Power Bank does not require any installation. All you have to do is take the power bank wherever you go and charge your devices when need be just as you would plug it into an electrical wall outlet. Hence, you can avoid the extra costs of solar panel installation and energy storage issues and enjoy standby power on your devices. 


What are the Features of the Voltzy Power Bank?

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank Reviews     

Below are the unique feature of Voltzy PowerBank

  • Inbuilt Solar Panels: The Voltzy Power Bank functions like a traditional battery pack but its solar panels are inbuilt, that is, they are designed in the technological makeup of the power bank. The device works by converting sunlight into direct current electricity used to power your devices. These solar panels are powered by the sun and they can be simply chatted by placing the power bank in direct contact with the sun. Once this is done, the device would begin its charging process.
  • Multiple USB Ports: The Voltzy Power Bank comes with two USB ports that can be used at go. That is, you can charge two devices simultaneously using this solar power bank. One interesting fact to note about Voltzy Power Bank is t the fact that it supports the charging of two devices at a go, the charging speed does not slow down. Charging works the same way, all you have to do is connect a cable to the other USB port.
  • Shock, Water, and Impact Resistant: The Voltzy Power Bank is designed to withstand the effects of bumps,  accidental drop falls and drips kicks. Also, the power bank is designed to be water resistant and as such, it can be used in wet conditions. It can also withstand effects that may result from falling into puddles of water as it is water resistant. The dust proof casing is another feature of this power bank that helps to prevent dust from getting into it. 
  • Flashlight: The Voltzy Power Bank is designed with an emergency flashlight that helps you navigate around dark areas. The device also has an SOS light. These lights are positioned at the back side of the power bank to allow the user to increase visibility even while charging their phones. This is an outstanding feature of this power bank as you can go on late-night adventures with a powered phone while using this device. The flashlight gives off soft lighting without creating a binding effect which is powered in the same way; through the sun!
  • Sleek Design: The Voltzy Power Bank is designed portable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. You can easily carry the device while travelling without any inconvenience. The design of the power bank also makes it easier to grasp, preventing it from slipping out of your hands. The shock-resistant case adds to tej beauty of the device while also helping to prevent damage to the device. Voltzy Power Bank also has a rubberized outer cover to prevent slipping and damage to the power bank. 
  • Clip and Carry Loop: This feature allows users to attach the power bank to their backpacks or belt holes. The loops on the top of the device are very easy to use. All you have to do is unhook the loop with the handle and attach it to your belt hole or backpack. The device also has a single carabiner and a double carabiner to allow for easy movement. 

How does the Voltzy Power Bank Work?

Voltzy is a high-level power bank with many unique advantages that sets it apart from other kinds of battery packs. First off, the solar power source makes it a more convenient and conventional choice for users as they can still power their phones and other devices even if they are cut from electrical power. Thus, persons who go on multiple days of camping, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and other activities without contact with electricity can still connect to the rest of the world and keep their phones charged. Additionally, the developers of the Voltzy Power Bank refer to the device as a “power plant” due to its ability to keep other devices connected while it receives its power from the sun. All you have to do is keep the device in contact with the sun to charge it. 

Additionally, the Voltzy Power Bank is made with high-quality materials and powerful batteries that ensure that it lasts a considerable period. The strength of the battery is strong enough to charge your phones and other devices. The battery itself is strong enough to allow for a long period of usage running into many years. This is unlike other kinds of power banks where the batteries weaken after just a few months of usage. With the Voltzy Power Bank, you can go years with a strong battery. Coupled with its sturdy build and rigged rubberized outer cover, the device is suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities without getting damaged. The shock absorption ability of this power bank is another notable Feature that helps to guarantee the safety of the user. 

For safety, this power bank is designed to ensure not only the safety of users but also the safety of the battery of the user’s devices.  The device is very safe to use. Unlike the traditional power bank that is noted to be dangerous, the Voltzy Power Bank helps to prevent all kinds of battery failures and guarantees maximum safety for its users. There are several ways to charge the device, you can decide to place it on your backpack while going about other activities or place it on the dashboard of your car to charge it. 

This power bank is designed with futuristic features that help to save a lot of energy while on the go. It supports charging a wide range of devices such as smartphones (android and iOS devices) iPads, tablets, and the like and this can be referred to as a universal power bank. Its features such as an 8000 mAh battery and an emergency flashlight are some of the attributes that set it apart from other similar devices. 

How to Use Voltzy Power Bank 

Below are the easy steps to charge any device in 1-2-3 Steps! 

Step 1

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Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank Reviews

Rain or shine, position Voltzy in any location where it can charge itself by absorbing solar power.

Step 2

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank Reviews

Plug Voltzy into any device with a usb port to instantly start charging.

Step 3 

Voltzy Power Bank Reviews
Voltzy Power Bank Reviews

Call and connect with family, friends, or emergency responders in your greatest time of need.

Where to Purchase the Voltzy PoweBank 

The Voltzy Solar PowerBank should be purchased from the official website of the company. However, buying the product from the official website of the company attracts benefits as buyers can benefit from the discounts available.

Price of the Voltzy Power Bank

  • One Voltzy Solar PowerBank costs $29.95
  • Two Voltzy Solar Power Banks cost $59.90 at $29.95 per unit
  • Four Voltzy Solar Power Banks cost $99.80 at $24.95 per unit.


After selecting your order, proceed to provide your shipping details and wait for the delivery of your order. 


Benefits of using the Voltzy PowerBank

  • Easy to Use: This is one of the most outstanding benefits of this powerbank. It does not require any special instructions to make use of it. All you have to do is connect your charger to the USB outlet and connect the cable to the charging port of your phone. The device supports charging two devices at a go and supports a wide range of devices such as iOS devices, Android devices, speakers, iPads, tablets, Kindles, e-readers, AirPods, and the like. 
  • Battery Indicator: The Voltzy Power Bank has a battery indicator that shows how much of the power bank is charged. The battery indicator is located at the top front of the device. It is a five-level battery indicator with the fifth power level indicator as the highest battery level. This helps an individual to know how much of the battery power has been used and how much of it is left. It also serves as a way of notifying the users when to charge the power bank. With this, you don’t have to guess how much of the device is charged or how much more charge is needed but know exactly when to charge the power bank before it runs out. 
  • High Battery Capacity: This device is designed with an 8000 MAH battery that supports hours of charging other devices. The device can charge up to 24 cell phones on a single full charge. The battery also supports the full charge of two devices at a go using its dual USB outlets. Voltzy PowerBank also fills up quickly when placed under the sun and supports the durable usage of battery power. 
  • Safety: The Voltzy PowerBank is designed with several safety features that make it suitable for use by all kinds of individuals. Firstly, the power bank is designed with shock absorbent and water-resistant properties to enhance the safety of users and also features a flashlight that helps you navigate your way in the dark. The presence of the SOS strobe flashlight is another safety feature that helps users to reach others in the case of emergencies. Battery leakage prevention is another safety feature of the device. 
  • Durability: The dirt and rain doy proof is one of the features of the device that helps to guarantee long time usage. The watertight housing structure allows the device to function properly even if it is dropped in a puddle or water splashes on it. The IP67 waterproof rating supports increased usage during wet conditions without getting damaged. The device has a tight rubberized grip that enhances its suitability for the outdoor environment by increasing grip on the device. Unlike other traditional power banks, these power banks support years of use. 
  • Convenient Source of Charging: This solar energy power bank provides a convenient way for individuals to charge their mobile devices. The power bank is designed for people that are always on the go and comes in handy especially when there is no access to an electricity supply. Not only is it portable and lightweight, but the power bank also has a sleek design that fits easily into your luggage. The device can fit into one’s pocket, or backpack, or can easily be held while charging while on the go. Additionally, charging the device is very easy, all you have to do is keep the power bank in contact with solar energy. 


Customers’ insights of the Voltzy Power Bank

The Voltzy Power Bank is a highly recommended choice by a huge number of buyers. Several users appreciated how handy the device is, especially when there is no electricity. It helps them stay connected with their friends and family regardless of where they are while also preventing them from getting bored. The power bank is very intuitive to use, charges quickly are durable, and is safe for use. The design is attractive and very convenient to hold due to its portability and lightweight. 

One unique feature that most customers appreciated was the flashlight and the SOS strobe flashlight which helps them navigate especially while in the dark. Additionally, the ability to charge multiple phones at a go with this power bank is an added advantage which helps not only to keep one phone charged but the device of a friend or family member. The power bank is water and shock-resistant, dust-proof with numerous safety features for both the users and their devices. It is suitable for durable use and does not weaken the phone battery of the user after an elongated usage. 

Voltzy Power Bank comes recommended by a high number of buyers. 

Below are some of the customers testimonies: 

Very Convenient

I love that I can just leave it on the dash of my car when I go to work and it will charge all day in the sun. It makes it so convenient for me because it’s always charged! Ronda T. Verified Buyer

Super Handy! I use this thing all the time.. you know when your phone cable isn’t long enough to reach the outlet.. gone are those days! I just walk around the house with my phone fast charging while connected to Voltzy, it is so handy! Chris J.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Voltzy PowerBank

What is contained in the package?

The package contains the Voltzy SolarPower Bank, a charging cable, a certificate of warranty, a compass, and single and double-lock carabiners.

Who is the Voltzy Power Bank designed for?

The powerbank is designed for individuals who are continuously on the go but want their devices powered. Being a solar-powered device, users who do not have access to electricity can make use of the power bank. This includes persons on camping trips, adventures, and the like. 

How can the device be charged?

 The Voltzy Solar PowerBank can be charged by placing it directly under the sun or on very bright light. You can also charge the device indoors by plugging the device into an electrical outlet. To do this, connect the charging cable included in the package to the charging port of the device and connect to an electrical power source.

How quickly can the powerbank charge my device?

The Voltzy powerbank is very fast and efficient. The maximum time to power the device takes about 30 seconds. 

How long does it take for the Voltzy PowerBank to get fully charged?

Using solar energy, it takes up to three days to charge the device fully. Ensure that the device charges fully before it runs out of power. An electrical charge takes a couple of hours.

How can I activate the flashlight and the SOS strobe light?

The flashlight can be activated by a single press of the button on the side of the power bank. The SOS strobe light can be activated by double pressing the same button on the side of the power bank. 

What happens if the device is submerged underwater for a long time?

The device has a waterproof or water-tight design that prevents water from damaging it. Thus it can withstand the effects of water splashes or even falling into a puddle. However, users must avoid submerging the device in water for a long period. The powerbank should not be used for activities like swimming. 

How often should the device be charged when not in use?

The Voltzy Power back should be charged once every three months when not in use. You can use an electrical outlet or solar energy while charging. 


Recommendations and Conclusion: Voltzy Solar PowerBank Reviews 

The Voltzy Solar Power Bank provides a reliable source of power for users to charge their devices. The device supports the charging of devices such as mobile phones, speakers, kindlers, AirPods, e-readers, and the like. It also has unique characteristics that set it apart from the traditional power bank such as its ability to power itself from the energy produced by the sun while also supporting charging from electrical outlets. 

Buyers and customers of the Voltzy PowerBank can attest to its durability and safety. It has a water-tight design that prevents damage especially when it comes in contact with water. Its impact and shockproof design always help to guarantee long-term usage. The flashlight and SOS strobe flashlight are additional safety features. Always ensure that the device is fully charged before embarking on a trip, but don’t forget that you can easily place the powerbank under the sun to recharge it when the need arises. The charging indicator notifies the battery level of the power bank and when it needs to be recharged. 

The product is affordable and is currently available at a discount on the official website of the company. Hurry now to purchase yours while discount offers are available.


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