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Spinaltrax Reviews 2022:  Is Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction Any Good? 

Spinaltrax Reviews 2022:  Is Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction Any Good? 

As one advances in age, there are certain instances where the individual comes down with some complications most times as a result of how their lifestyle in the past (the active phase). For instance, someone who had been a workaholic all day long that he or she finds little or no time to rest might not only come down with anxiety issues but on the aspect of the physical, they experience so much pain and stress. This pain depends on the nature of work the person bases on which determines the affected area. A day-in-day-out farmer would most likely experience some level of arthritis and lower back pain majorly because the muscles that are working actively at that position is what’s been strained more. However, this doesn’t remove the fact that our bodies are actually built very differently and most individuals would naturally come down with lower back pain at some point in time in their life. Just like the women develop arthritis as mid age as in their 45-50’s around some parts of the world. This for a fact is becoming so widespread. Studies have even proven that this lower back pain is the most frequent cause of employment-related impairment and this results to one of the major reasons why people miss work in the US. This was actually put forward by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). You could have strained your back while cleaning your home or working in the yard. Or your back might hurt as a result of an old sports injury or a persistent illness like ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis. In all these, one needs to find a solution to this excruciating pain felt as we can’t really afford to put our lives on pause permanently because of this acute or chronic pain. 

Moreover, the lower back is like one of the essential part of our ability to function efficiently. It supports the weight of the body in the lying position and also provides mobility for many of the movements we engage in on a daily basis. For example, the lower back is responsible for rotating the hips when we walk and drives the muscles in the pelvis, legs, and feet. Unfortunately, one of the most frequent causes of missed work days is this lower back discomfort which has been said initially and this is becoming highly prevalent. This pain needs to be addressed quickly as it will likely mean that if not looked into, we might not be able to function properly as we should and this could result in a dangerous permanent condition. The pain is quite overwhelming and so are the treatments very high and expensive. So, approaches have been made to find the safer and yet cost-effective therapy that one can use to alleviate this lower back pain to the barest minimum. This is by applying the SPINALTRAX product which helps to correct the adverse effects of lower back pain while you are carrying on with your daily activities. The lower back pain could be chronic when on excessive strain by stress in supporting the upper body’s weight, during routine activities like lifting and twisting. The Spinaltrax product works to support the lower back and helps to reduce the burden vested on it. The discomfort being felt from the lower back pain arises most times because of age as said earlier. Other defining causes could be sudden accident and a physical activity-related wear and tear. 

Spinaltrax is a perfect product which basically helps you treat and avoid lower back discomfort, no matter what the reason may be. Another bodily condition which is typically amongst Americans is back discomfort as eight out of ten Americans have had back discomfort at some time in their life and this pain is often seen at the lower back region. What we have a product here that’s ready to address all these back pain issues and alleviate the pain drastically. The Spinaltrax product is a very quick solution and support tool that gets you going at all times. Among some of its treatment techniques is the Lumbar traction which has been shown to be most effective and this lumbar traction is a way of applying a stretching force to the lower back to broaden the intervertebral foramen and distract apophyseal joints. This review will reveal in details the benefits, features of Spinaltrax so you would be in the know of everything concerning this product when you want to purchase.


What is Spinaltrax? (SpinalTrax reviews 2022)

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SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Reviews

Spinaltrax Lumbar traction device is an all-in-one lumbar treatment system for lower back pain relief. Normally, this product is used to gradually and delicately push on a broken or misaligned bodily component. Many a time we used weights, pulleys and ropes are used. These instruments aid in exerting force on the tissues close to the injured region. What Spinaltrax Lumbar traction device does is to serve as a stabilizer and supports the body component while it is being guided back into position. In a bid to strengthen and stabilize any bone fractures like a broken leg or arm as the case may be, you lessen discomfort which is associated with a fracture prior to surgery; and repair scoliosis-related bone abnormalities, rectify tight, restricted muscles, joints, tendons, or skin, extend the neck, and avoid unpleasant muscular spasms. SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device remains your best all-in-one lumbar therapy solution for reducing lower back pain to a minimum level. The system also offers a variety of treatments intended to treat and manage lower back pain as well as keep the lumbar region healthy and active. And because one can’t just stay stagnant for life as a result of the back pain discomfort. The lower back plays a crucial role in how well we can perform. The lower back supports the upper body’s weight in addition to giving us mobility for many of the actions we do every day. Amongst all these, the lower back controls the pelvic, leg, and foot muscles and rotates the hips as we walk.

Specifications of Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction

a) Material quality: A combination of ABS + PC

The Spinaltrax lumbar traction comprises Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS).

b) Power: 12V 100-240V AC/DC Adapter

The power or capacity of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very high and commendable. 12V 100-240V AC/DC Adapter can be hardly seen in other similar traction products.

c) Heating Temperature Range: 45℃- – 65℃

The Spinaltrax lumbar traction temperature regulates its temperature at about 45°C to 65°C. The temperature of the product is equipped to alleviate pain relief instantaneously.

d) Vibrating Speed: 3000RPM/Min

3000rpm/min vibrating speed is very good. Other conventional products do not make up to half of this vibrating speed and this put SpinalTrax at an edge.

e) Adapter Cable Length: 1.5M

The cable length of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is 1.5m. This allows for flexibility. It will give you space to adjust to positions that are suitable.

f) Product Size: 48 * 26cm / 15.7 * 8in (L * W)

Measuring by length and width, the Spinaltrax lumbar traction has the size stated above. The size makes the product suitable for all individuals.

g) Product Weight: 1180g / 2.6LB

The product is lightweight. 1180g or 2.6lb is quite handy. The Spinaltrax lumbar traction being lightweight makes the product compatible and portable. Thus, it can be used for any activity both outdoor and indoor.

What can I find inside the SpinalTrax?

When you purchase a spinaltrax lumbar traction, you are sure of getting the following:

– 1x SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device

– 1x Set of External Electro Pads.

– 1x User’s Manual

– 1x Power Adapter (UK/US/EU/AU) and the Complete SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction System.

Features of Spinaltrax  (SpinalTrax reviews)

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SpinalTrax Reviews 2022

 EMS Massage therapy

The EMS Massage therapy is like a vibration massage treatment. This EMS (Electrode massage pads) can be used to massage any part of the body (arms, legs, shoulders etc.), offering direct stimulation to relieve tension. The aim of vibration massage treatment may be utilized to relieve lower back discomfort, tension, loosen up tense muscles, and improve blood circulation. By promoting numbness in the region, vibration massage aids ease lower back discomfort. The device offers a variety of health advantages while producing a massage feeling akin to a hot stone massage. The thermotherapy function not only soothes lower back discomfort but also eases muscular spasms, lowers inflammation, speeds up recovery, and promotes blood flow.

Advanced Dynamic Intelligence therapy

The intelligent dynamic traction may reduce mechanical strain on a nerve caused by a dislocated disc or by promoting disc or joint healing by altering the disc-nerve interaction.

The SpinalTrax Lumbar traction intelligent dynamic traction system handles all the work, unlike conventional lumbar traction devices. Because of this, the SpinalTrax is far more efficient and secure than other subpar solutions on the market. It also utilizes the decompression therapy to relieve pressure on the spine and restore the natural lumbar curvature. In addition, the dynamic dual air traction enables the back muscles to relax and reduce tension to increase the range of motion.

Low Frequency Pulse Electrotherapy

The Spinaltrax works to target the spine to improve blood circulation, prevent sciatica flares, improve range of motion, speed up healing and even prevent disuse atrophy. In order to assist activate damaged muscles or nerves and reduce pain, the SpinalTrax contains electrode massage pads that may be applied externally.

The repetitive muscular contractions caused by electrical pulses from the electrode massage pads replicate neural impulses, increasing blood flow and speeding up the repair of injured muscles. You may apply the feeling to any region of your body, and it is really soothing. can be applied to places without any discomfort or injuries.

How to use the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction (SpinalTrax review)

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SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction

Below is how you can carefully use the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction.

To get ready for Treatment

While the wheels are pointing up, you place the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction device in its case on a hard surface or bed. When the casing has been unzipped, you remove the wheels. The case lid should be opened with the head of the bed or treatment area in mind. Then, you take out the hand pump from the mesh storage area. Next to the gadget, you place the pump. Each harness’s buckles should be opened. You place the bottom harness so that it just touches the top harness. You need to have a clock or a handy wristwatch to time your treatment

For the Traction application

You position the bottom harness of the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction device while laying down so that it is about 1 inch over the top of your hips. Place the pillows, wedges, or bolsters beneath your knees, back, and/or head, if preferred or as directed by your physical therapist.

Firstly, you fasten the bottom harness over your exposed flesh. The belts should be adjusted as tightly as feasible without hurting. Next, fasten the top harness in the same manner.

Utilize the pump to provide traction as directed in the user’s handbook manual. Ideally, the weight of the lumbar region should be anywhere around 50 and 150 pounds. And 20 to 30 minutes is the ideal treatment time. Observe the guidelines and processes laid forth by the physical therapist.

– Things to avoid while using the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction device

Desist from taking antispasmodic medications too quickly. This is because many have anticholinergic or sedative side effects. You should avoid using lumbar traction as it hasn’t been shown to be any more effective in treating back pain than a placebo. Don’t provide back braces, lumbar pillows, or orthotics for the lower back. They have no known advantages yet. Lumbar supports shouldn’t be regularly advised for the prevention of low back pain since they haven’t been shown to decrease the incidence of low back pain in industrial workers.

Only suggest bed rest when the discomfort is unbearable and for no more than two days. Resting in bed does not hasten healing from severe low back pain; in fact, it may even slow it down.

Benefits of using the SpinalTrax product (SpinalTrax reviews 2022)

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SpinalTrax Reviews 2022

Spinaltrax works in a such a way that people who experience lower back pain don’t get hindered from performing various vital activities. Basically, any product that works to alleviate the pain and also enables one to go about their normal daily activities is highly essential. Spinaltrax products are unique and better than others lumbar traction products in the market in so many ways and here are some of the amazing benefits of this product.

  1. Portable and Lightweight:

Spinaltrax Lumbar traction is a very lightweight and portable device. Its portability shows how it could be carried about easily in case you want to travel to another environment with it. It’s not bulky in any way. This product is portable to the core so no need to worry about how to move it from one place to another. 

2) Simple to use:

There’s no stress in using the SpinalTrax device, no complicated procedures nor does it inflict any pain when using it. The Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very easy to use and the process of applying the product also simple too.

3) Rhythmic Dynamic air traction:

The air traction of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very unique compared to that of other lumbar tractions. It works by reducing all kinds of muscle fatigue and swelling, increases blood circulation by dissolving any blood cluster, and helps to give you immediate & lasting relief to the lower back pain.

4) Dual high-power 3000rpm multi-frequency vibration:

Spinaltrax lumbar traction has a frequency vibration of about 3000 RPM which makes it very top-notch. This is what makes the product very effective when it comes to relieving lower back pain.

5) Comfortable Ergonomic design:

Instead of one to attempt making the body conform to a traction device, the SpinalTrax lumbar traction ergonomics is being designed to match the shapes of the body at about 26⁰. Lately, we have realized that good ergonomic design improves your wellbeing as well as job effectiveness of the product which in turn increases your productivity.

6) ABS & PC materials that support more than 450lbs of weight:

The Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS) known as the technical thermoplastic is by the mixture of ABS and PC. The specific ratio of PC to ABS in the mix, the molecular weight of the polycarbonate, and any thermoplastic additives in the blend all affect the unique balance of qualities. The final parts heat resistance is strongly impacted by the PC to ABS ratio. Spinaltrax lumbar traction uses these materials which make lower back pain relief quick and effective.

Pros of using the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction (SpinalTrax review)

– The SpinalTrax vibrating speed is very fast and also effective.

– Affordable to purchase.

– It is built and equipped to fit your body shape properly

– Spinaltrax lumbar traction has a long lasting battery capacity.

– SpinalTrax is user-friendly and there’s no complication whatsoever while using it.

– Simple to use

– The company offers a free shipping delivery once you place an order or purchase for the Spinaltrax lumbar traction on the product website.

Cons of using the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction 

– It can only be purchased online from the manufacturer’s official website

– It is often limited in stock 

– It might also be suitable for those who do not like a vibrating effect.

Where can I purchase this Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction

 To purchase the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction, you have to simply check online through the official website to place an order. The Spinaltrax is not accessible in any retail locations although you might probably find these products at some online stores but the manufacturer’s official website remains the best place as other sites might keep you at the risk of purchasing substandard or counterfeit products. Moreover, you can equally get this product at a discounted price from the official website.

You can make payments using various methods using Google pay, visa, MasterCard or PayPal. The manufacturer also offers you a 60-day money back guarantee when you shop from the official website just in case you are not so satisfied with your purchase. The company offers you an opportunity to return it and receive a full refund so far it’s in good shape and within the 60 days limit.

Pricing of Spinaltrax 

  • Best value = $179.95

You save up to $85.

  • Ultimate neck and back relief bundle = $374

You save up to $115.95

  • Supreme whole body relief bundle = $534.95

You save up to 155

Return Policy (SpinalTrax reviews)

The company offers you a 100% money-back guarantee on your SpinalTrax product within a period of 60 days from the time the product was shipped to you. This is if you are not really satisfied with the product, you can place for a refund or a replacement of it.

Frequently asked questions about SpinalTrax (SpinalTrax reviews 2022)

Question: How often should I use the SpinalTrax Lumbar traction to get best results?

The individual making use of the SpinalTrax can work with it at home for about three to six times a day, and the therapy sessions take about 10 to 20 minutes normally. By placing the SpinalTrax on a flat surface and turning it on, you select auto mode 1-2. The device increases vibrations, positional distraction enables frequent, intermittent nerve root unloading, which is thought to have beneficial therapeutic benefits.

How long the SpinalTrax take it to work?

About 20% of individuals who make use of the SpinalTrax begin to experience pain reduction within first week and within another 2-3 weeks, about 40% of individuals feel better and so on.

Final verdict (SpinalTrax reviews)

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SpinalTrax Reviews 2022

Pain can be so excruciating and staying in pain is disconcerting. This is why SpinalTrax proves very important, a product that can ease your pain to a minimum. This review was written clearly to state how this product works, the usage and the technicalities involved in alleviating this lower back pain. Its unique features make this product to stand out from other conventional traction products. Everybody who has any form of pain on their back and needs it relieved should try and purchase the SpinalTrax lumbar traction and you are sure to have bid a good farewell to all forms of constant lower back pain. 

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